December 18, 2014   2:10 PM introduces new eZine official electronic publication, The Nikonian, just got a notable upgrade. Not only did the design change significantly, improving the readability and aesthetics, it also includes an important new feature - from now on you will be able to view full size images.

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December 17, 2014   2:15 PM

The 20mm f/1.8G AF-S FX Nikkor Review

Nikon continues to progress in the design and performance of its lenses as shown here for the newest 20mm lens versus the previous design and the current best Nikon (zoom) lens which can also take a photo at 20mm. It is remarkable, to say the least. Read more and see how it performed in the test.

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December 8, 2014   11:54 PM

Nikonian Northern Exposure #19

Seeing the World through Allen Myers

allenGetting out in Wolfville in November I met Allen Myers who was in town for the Devour Film Festival in Wolfville. Allen's film Col Di Rocca was shown, made in Vendemmai Italia. Allen was hanging up his outdoor exhibit which immediately caught my attention! Allen Myers is a unique and talented photographer, film maker, writer and humanitarian. On January 15th, 2006, he made a life changing decision to change something in the world. With a backpack of clothes, a camera and a journal he headed to Turino Italy which was the first of many destinations.

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Nikon D750 Initial Impressions - User Review

Mike Hagen looks at Nikon's newest DSLR camera and tests it in sports photography and beyond. Look at his observations and what made him say, that "there is so much to like, that I am officially giving it one of my highest camera recommendations ever."

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December 3, 2014   12:34 PM

New Think Tank backpacks for Nikon systems

Think Tank Photo just announced that its new Perception backpacks for Nikon D5300 systems are now available. The Perception series comes in two colors, black and taupe, and three sizes.

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November 25, 2014   8:30 AM

Black Friday Offerings from Think Tank Photo

In celebration of the coming holiday season, our friends at Think Tank Photo have announced a couple of fun special offers.

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Nikonians PhotoProShop Holiday Specials

Gift-Box-SQ-THU.jpgHappy Holidays from the founders, moderators and staff at 

Our traditional Nikonians PhotoProShop gift giving list has grown each year and for 2014 we have new items for your friends, family (and even yourself).

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November 18, 2014   10:33 AM

Digital Tidbits: Photoshop CC Perspective Warp

Adobe released recently a number of updates for Photoshop CC,including the new Perspective Warp feature. This is a tool that allows you to modify the perspective of elements within a picture while not impacting other parts of the picture. A common situation where this presents itself is in architectural photography where a building needs perspective correction. In this article from his Digital Tidbits series, Mike Hagen will show you how to correct the perspective of your photo in 9 simple steps.

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November 12, 2014   12:54 AM

National Parks photo adventures added

Michael-Mariant-SQ-Academy_120.jpgNikonians Academy instructor Michael Mariant has a brand new 2015 schedule taking you to America's National Parks.

Michael is based on California's Central Coast where for over 20 years he has explored the diverse Western States, from the mountains of the High Sierra to the plateaus of the Great Basin and the deserts to the south, capturing the stunning landscape in traditional black and white fine art prints.

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September Contest Congrats

Contest-Sep2014-THU-SQ.jpgNikonians Contest Coordinator David Summers (dm1dave) has posted the results of the September Contests.

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