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November 23, 2005

Fantasea FD-50 Housing for Nikon D50

Fantasea Line Releases the FD-50 Housing for Nikon D-50 Digital Camera

Fantasea Press Release Fantasea Line, distributor of the world's most popular and affordable underwater photographic products, announces the release of the FD-50 waterproof camera housing for the Digital SLR Nikon D-50. The Fantasea FD-50 is a compact, lightweight, injection molded polycarbonate housing with ergonomically designed handles, making it easy to hold and use. The FD-50's interchangeable port system accommodates a wide variety of SLR lenses, allowing photographers to capture the widest variety of superior underwater images.

The Fantasea FD-50 is more than just an underwater camera housing since it provides protection for the D-50 against damage from rain, snow, dust, sand and dirt. It is a valuable tool for many commercial, industrial, and medical applications, because it is resistant to most liquids and sprays.

The FD-50 housing features a unique o-ring and gasket seal and is rated to a depth of 200 feet (60m). The D-50 "slides" into the FD-50 housing on a specially designed tray. Once inside the housing the latching buckles on the back door are snapped shut sealing the system with a sound watertight seal.

Overall Size: 210 x 270 x 200 mm (LxWxH)
Total Weight Approx 2.45 Kg (Housing only)
Buoyancy (with camera) Slightly positive
Among the key features and controls for the FD-50 housing:

* On/Off
* Mode Select
* Menu
* Exposure compensation
* WB
* Image Quality controls
* Playback and Trash
* Multi Selector control
* Main Dial command
* Sync socket for 5 pin sync connector
* Monitor zoom
* Magnified Optical Viewfinder
* Light control for LCD screen
* Exchangeable Ports System (including wide angle and macro ports)
* Bulkhead and hotshoe connector for strobe
* Visible main O-ring for final pre-dive check
* Double O-ring design on all controls
* Standard five-pin Nikonos type TTL connector flash sync
* Stainless steel latches

The suggested retail price of the FD-50: USD 999
That includes standard port (18-70 mm zoom lens) and pre-paid flood insurance policy from D.E.P.P. for one year.

Posted by covey22 at November 23, 2005 8:23 PM