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June 10, 2014

April Master Your Vision contest congrats

Nikonians Contest Coordinator David Summers (dm1dave) has posted the results of the April Master Your Vision forum contests.


Check our six-image legend below and scroll down for the names of the winners and the photo links. The links will lead you to explanations behind some of the photographs and an overall look at the competition.

Congratulations to:


1- Wildlife – “Happy Accidents” winner Kelly Morris  (Morris_in_MT) of Montana, USA with his image titled “High Key Loon

2- Landscape – “Green” winner Scott Sternberg (Bump57), from Illinois, USA, with his image titled “Roaring Fork Creek...”

3- Macro – “The Eyes Have It” winner John McGarry  (jtmcg) of Connecticut USA with his image titled “Old Blue Eyes.”

4- Sports – “Sports Equipment” winner Chris Casey (CCasey924), of Virginia, USA with his image titled "Train"

5- Travel – “Walking” winner Barbara Colbert  (britbear), of Illinois, USA with her image titled “Alms Procession”

6 - Online Assignment – “Cover Shot -  Field and Stream Magazine” winner Mark Morrison  (Lunastar) of Minnesota, USA with his image titled “Spring Hunting DogTraining.”

Interested in submitting your photos? Check David's contest guide for more information.  

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