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The constant challenge in post-process, for me anyway, is to do just enough. When faced with a large job, even batch file support makes it very tedious to wade through dozens, never mind hundreds of frames. And yet, I can always count on the photographic muses to whisper in my ear and say, "No, don't delete that one just yet. Let's just see what we can do with it." And inevitably, one image is saved for the special extra mile of creative post-work.


It's finally getting warm. And here is the result of my first studio session, courtesy of the fully equipped Blue Line Studio in Lincoln RI. The proprietor, Ray, is an outstanding photographer in his own right and was graciously very helpful that evening to yours truly. Thanks Ray!


It's sunny, nearing fifty-five degrees outside and it's hard to believe that winter might finally over. I took a last vestige type of frame while shuttling back and forth trying to find parking near the Boston Museum of Science while were still deep in the grips of the cold. This is from the Land Boulevard bridge near the CambridgeSide Galleria where I finally found a place to park. I call it "The Commute."


The Beginning

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