Going Birding, Part 3

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I had hoped to blog more during the trip, but early mornings and late nights can be brutal.  So here I'll give a little teaser of how the trip went and then follow up later with a more detailed report.  Rick and I will also be discussing the trip in this week's Image Doctors podcast (Thursday, March 19th).

Thursday at the Alligator Farm was fantastic; we shot from 8-10:30am and then again in the afternoon from 5-7:30pm.  The rookery was full of great egrets, which were building nests, and snowy egrets.  All the birds were in breeding plumage.  We shot again at the Farm on Friday morning, but we then discovered that Merritt Island NWR was closed due to the rescheduled launch of the space shuttle. That meant we had to re-think our itinerary and come up with a Plan B quickly.
Plan B, we decided, would be to head to the west coast and stay in Bradenton, FL where we could be within a short drive of two locations: the Venice Rookery and Ft. Desoto.  We shot both  locations on Saturday.

Here's some images from the St. Augustine Alligator Farm to hold you over until I get the galleries posted on my website

Great egret

Snowy Egret

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