Tripod and heads three years later

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Wow, got to start thinking about this blog a bit more!

After browsing the Nikonians forums, I thought I might expand on my tripod system, which has evolved a very tiny bit since last time. But first, what goes onto it: my D200 is long gone, and I sold my D300 and all DX lenses in March 2012, which leaves me with a D700 and my array of lenses, plus the occasional shot with the F100, FA or Nikkormat FTn.

What has changed was in October 2009, and thats the head on the small Gitzo GT1540T legs. I still have the Foba, but its in my closet and sits there (and Id be ready to sell it, should I find a soul to buy it!), because I have replaced it with a Markins Q3T. The head works smoothly, and the combo is sturdy enough that I trust it entirely up to 200mm if normal caution is applied. By this I mean use a remote control, mirror lock-up and weight attached to the tripod.

Here's a shot taken recently with the small legs, and a 28/3.5PC on the D700


The bigger Manfrotto setup is still there, unchanged, and I do use it too, although not nearly as often as I would like, for want of time. My only caveat about it is that I have heard that hydrostatic heads by Manfrotto, such as the one I use, can be subjects to fluid leaks which render them totally inoperable. I have not encountered that, I hope not to in the future.

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