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August 31, 2006

The Image Doctors #22

This week, join the Image Doctors as they discuss the new Nikon 105mm AFS-VR micro lens and offer their suggestions for putting together a landscape photography kit. This podcast is brought to you by Roberts Imaging.

Click here to download the Image Doctors #22 (NPC-ID-2006-08-31.mp3; 44:44; 20.6MB; mp3 format)

Show Notes
2:04 Listener Mail: A discussion about mirror lock-up
9:27 Nikkor105mm f/2.8 AFS VR Micro "mini review"
22:50 Putting together a landscape photography kit

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Posted by drjay32 at 5:05 AM

August 30, 2006

Coolpix Connect: Send Your Photos Wirelessly

Nikon and T-Mobile have partnered to provide a new service called Coolpix Connect; aimed at Nikon Coolpix S7c owners that allow photos taken to be sent wirelessly using T-Mobile's HotSpot nation-wide network.

By activating the camera's wireless mode when located near a T-Mobile HotSpot, owners will automatically be signed up and receive a year's complimentary subscription. The subscription includes 50MB of photo storage for up to two weeks at a time; and e-mail recipients of the photos will receive a thumbnail and link to a customized web page where they can view the full-size image.

Posted by covey22 at 8:55 PM

The SD14 Teaser Ad

Apparently the demise of Foveon is premature; witness the latest marketing teaser ad for the Sigma SD-14 Digital SLR. While the style of the site appears to be similar to the Nikon D80 multi-week campaign, no specifications were mentioned. You can expect to to see the camera at Photokina in September.

Posted by covey22 at 8:41 PM

August 27, 2006

Additional support for Photokina needed

Nikonians is exhibiting at Photokina Sep 26th - Oct 1st and we need additional helpers. If you are interested in helping out for half day and not afraid of walking :-) please let us know in this discussion thread.

Posted by bgs at 9:40 PM

August 26, 2006

Coolpix S10 - The LetsGoDigital Preview

Following the slew of newly announced Coolpix cameras, our colleagues at Letsgodigital have a preview of one of the arrivals, the Nikon Coolpix S10, whose appearance harkens back to the days of the swivel 950 and 995.

"In practice, the Nikon Coolpix S10 is a handy digital camera to work with. I liked it and although the Nikon S10 is not the smallest Megazoom camera on the block, the format and features are such that the camera adds up to a very interesting combination. I have pleasant memories of the useful innovations with which Nikon scored top points in the past and it reminds me of a time when creativity gained more importance in digital photography."

Posted by covey22 at 9:30 PM

Nikonians News Flash #16


This week Jessica fills you in on the latest news about Nikon's newest, including the delayed release of the D80, where to find a great comparison of said D80, and how to win a FREE Nikonians t-shirt!

Download Nikonians News Flash #16 (NPC-NF-2006-08-26.mp3; 11:29; 10.6MB; MP3 format)

Nikonians News Flash #16: 26-August-2006

In The News:

The Nikon D80 hits our comparison page. Check it out to find out how it measures up to the other Nikon DSLR bodies.

5 New CoolPix cameras can be seen at this year's Photokina event in Cologne. Did I say "this month"? I meant, of course, September. We still need volunteers for the 26th through 28th of September. If you want to help out, just contact Bo...known as bgs on Nikonians!

Due to tons of pre-orders, the Nikon D80 release has been pushed back to September 15!

For all you bird watchers/photographers, check out the latest PDA software package from National Geographic.

From the Forums:

Photographers Wanted. Both DigiMan and hotshots are looking for work! If you need a photographer or help with some projects, check out their threads!

And finally...listen to the podcast to find out how you can win a free Nikonians t-shirt!!

As always, thanks for tuning in and email me at

Posted by odle2 at 11:17 AM

August 24, 2006

Nikon D80 Release Pushed Back to Mid-September

The release of the Nikon D80 in Japan is pushed back from September 1st to September 15th, due to "orders which exceed expectation." (note: the link is in Japanese and we are relying on machine translation) This appears to affect the kit offering with the new Nikkor AFS DX 18-135 lens , which is usually the most common type of bundling initially available when a new consumer DSLR comes on the market.

Posted by covey22 at 6:17 PM

Collection of Nikon Reviews

Did you know that you can easily reach all of our Nikon reviews under
Some of the reviews you find are the Nikon D50, the Nikon D70, the Nikon D80, the Nikon D200 and the Nikon D2X reviews.

Further Nikon resources you may want to consult:

Posted by bgs at 3:42 PM

Nikon will bring five new Coolpix cameras to Photokina

Nikonians visiting the 2006 Photokina in Cologne, Germany will have five new Coolpix cameras to check out. Our friends at LetsGoDigital have the latest news on the five new Coolpix models at their Photokina Report site.

The Coopix line-up now will include two new "L" (Life series) and three new "S" (Style series) cameras aimed at the consumer market.
The new models include the L5 and L6 in the Life Series and the S7C, S9 and S10 in the Style series.

Here's the official Nikon Press release:

MELVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers stand in front of a
digital camera counter telling themselves they want an easy to use camera
that takes great pictures. Nikon today unveiled two new "L" or Life series
cameras and three new "S" or Style series cameras with the consumer's
picture taking needs in mind. These new cameras incorporate existing Nikon
technologies that have excited so many new digital camera users and added
additional useful features to enhance the overall photography experience.

"Developed with the consumer in mind, Nikon has combined exceptional
features with world-renowned quality design and style at attractive
prices," says Bill Giordano, General Manager Marketing, COOLPIX for Nikon,
Inc. "From entry-level to advanced technologies, our designers and
engineers have done an outstanding job of adopting design styles and
intuitive technology that directly address what the consumer asks for - a
camera that looks great and performs just as well."

Every camera in the COOLPIX family is equipped with Nikon's In-camera
Image Innovations to fix common photo problems. This system includes
Face-priority AF*, which automatically finds and focuses on a subject's
face, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, which automatically corrects red-eye, and
D-Lighting, an innovation that automatically corrects images with
insufficient light. The cameras are also equipped with Blur Warning, which
alerts the user when an image is blurred, and Best Shot Selector, a feature
which automatically identifies and saves the sharpest image from a series.

In addition, every new COOLPIX camera features TV Quality Move Mode**
(recording movies at up to 30 fps with sound), Noise Reduction - to produce
better results during low-light conditions; a broad choice of White Balance
selections and a convenient Help Button, which is never further than a push
of a button away, giving easy-to-understand explanations for all functions
throughout the menu.

Continuing the Life series digital cameras, Nikon has introduced the
COOLPIX L5 which combines high-quality features like a 5x Zoom-Nikkor glass
lens, an incredible, bright 2.5 inch LCD and the same advanced Lens Shift
Vibration Reduction (VR) found in many Nikon DSLR lens systems. Lens shift
VR technology allows the user to make the most of the 5x zoom. Adding to
the convenience are three unique Nikon image innovations accessible via a
One- Touch portrait button, which activates Face-priority AF, In-Camera
Red-Eye Fix and D-Lighting. The L5 runs on two AA-batteries which power
this 7.2 effective megapixel camera and is compatible with the widely
available SD memory card.

Nikon's L6 digital camera adds powerful imaging performance, easy
operation and outstanding battery life that allows the user to shoot with
greater confidence for better-looking results. The L6 boasts 6.0 effective
megapixels and a 3x Zoom-Nikkor glass lens, making it a cinch to capture
everything from pleasing portraits to expansive landscapes with
true-to-life color and fine detail. The L6 can take an unprecedented 1,000
pictures on a single set of the included Energizer(R) e2(R) Lithium(R)
AA-batteries, the most of any camera in its class.
Highly convenient, such extended battery life is ideally suited for
travel or when capturing important events, such as a wedding, where you
can't afford to run out of power.
The COOLPIX L6 offers light sensitivity beyond conventional compact
digitals, with settings up to ISO 800. This means users can shoot pictures
in lower light without having to use a long exposure. It also allows users
to select higher shutter speeds for the capture of fast-moving subjects.

Nikon unveils the new COOLPIX S9 for style-savvy consumers who want a
fashionable camera at exceptional price. The S9 blends beautiful aesthetic
attributes and advanced imaging technology. The S9 is a 6.1 megapixel,
easy- to-use camera in a slim, stylish body. The camera is equipped with a
3x Zoom- Nikkor ED glass lens to ensure sharp, creative freedom and a 2.5
inch LCD screen to compose and share images.
For ease of use, the COOLPIX S9 makes it seamless for consumers to
access Nikon's In-camera Image Innovations through a One-Touch Portrait
Button, located on the top of the camera.
The COOLPIX S9 offers a Stop-Motion feature for creating fun,
stop-motion animated video shorts. To use the feature, the consumer simply
needs to pose an object that they want to animate, take a picture,
re-position the object and photograph again. Opaque versions of previous
shots are shown on the camera's LCD to assist users when positioning and
repositioning their object. Once shooting is completed, the S9
automatically creates a Quicktime(TM) video of the object's movement

The new COOLPIX S10 features an incredible 10x optical Zoom-Nikkor
glass lens, Vibration Reduction (VR), 6.0 effective megapixels, a 2.5" LCD
and an innovative, compact swivel design allowing the long-zoom camera to
fit into a shirt pocket. The powerful 10x, optical zoom combined with
Nikon's VR and innovative body design gives digital photographers
unprecedented freedom and creativity with the ability to take pictures from
a wide range of angles such as overhead, from the hip and even self
With the advantage of Vibration Reduction (VR) capability, the COOLPIX
S10 allows users to overcome camera shake to take sharper, more stable
pictures in a range of shooting situations. The S10 includes a
High-Sensitivity option up to an impressive ISO 800.
Furthermore, the COOLPIX S10 adds new entertainment to photography with
Nikon's Pictmotion function that lets users combine images, movies, music
and visual styles for automatically produced audiovisual shows, in-camera.
It's easy for everyone to gather and watch Pictmotion shows together
because the LCD of the COOLPIX S10 has an impressively wide viewing angle
of 170 degrees.

The new COOLPIX S7c combines high-quality imaging performance and style
with impressive new photo sharing technology to make the S7c the most
technologically advanced compact digital camera that Nikon has ever
The S7c is a 7.1 effective megapixel camera with a 3x Zoom-Nikkor ED
glass lens with a One-Touch Portrait Button that acts as a shortcut to
three Nikon In-Camera Image Innovations. The COOLPIX S7c also offers
Vibration Reduction (VR), Pictmotion and a High-Sensitivity mode up to a
1600 ISO and the new Stop-Motion feature.
The S7c incorporates Wireless transfer, which enables a photographer to
send pictures from the camera's memory to a computer or printer wirelessly.
The COOLPIX S7c is also compatible with Nikon's all-new COOLPIX CONNECT
service that lets users take pictures and then e-mail them to friends
across the world in mere seconds.
Nikon and T-Mobile(TM) have partnered to give Nikon customers the
amazing ability to email pictures directly from the new COOLPIX S7c. The
first time you connect your COOLPIX S7c in one of the 7,000 T-Mobile
HotSpot locations, your one year of complimentary T-Mobile Camera Wi-Fi
service (for digital cameras) will be automatically activated*. Simply turn
on your COOLPIX S7c, choose Wi-Fi mode to automatically connect your camera
to the T-Mobile HotSpot or open access network, and you can email pictures
directly from your COOLPIX S7c. You are connected right out of the box!

The new COOLPIX camera line-up will be available nationwide September
2006. For more information about this and other COOLPIX cameras, please
* One year of T-Mobile HotSpot service begins from the first time you
automatically connect in a T-Mobile HotSpot location. Does not include
access at Wi-Fi roaming locations. This offer expires on September 30,
T-Mobile and HotSpot and design are federally registered trademarks and
the magenta color is a trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG. (C) 2006 T-Mobile
USA, Inc.

About Nikon:
Nikon, At the Heart of the Image(TM). Nikon Inc. is the world leader in
digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is
globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and
performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic
equipment. Nikon Inc. distributes the Nikon Total Imaging System of
consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, Nikkor optics, Speedlights
and System Accessories; Nikon COOLPIX(R) compact digital cameras;
COOLSCAN(R) digital film scanners; 35mm film SLR cameras; Nikon software
products and Nikon sports and recreational optics. At the heart of every
Nikon camera is Nikon's Exclusive Feature System, making it easy for anyone
to take amazing digital pictures. Through the Nikon Spirit Initiative(TM),
the company, plays an active role in supporting aspiring and advanced
photographers through a variety of philanthropic organizations, educational
programs, events and workshops. For more information, dial (800) NIKON-US
or visit, which links all levels of photographers to the
web's most comprehensive photo learning and sharing communities.


Posted by flashdeadline at 2:50 PM

August 23, 2006

Birders Delight: Nat Geo Field Guide now on PDAs

Wildlife photographers who want to know more about the avian they have in their viewfinders no longer need to lug about paperbound manuals. National Geographic has made information on more than 1600 birds accessible from your PDA. Based on their best-selling Field Guide to the Birds of North America, the National Geographic Bird Software puts an interactive field guide in your Palm OS-capable PDA, complete with details such as ranges and song and call playback.

Posted by covey22 at 4:56 PM

The Mill Starts Up Again: Canon DSLR with Anti-Dust?

Photokina is still over a month away, but the products rumor mill is already starting to grind. Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital are reporting the existence of a 10MP Canon EOS 400D with a dust-removal system. This, of course, begs the question - WWND - What Will Nikon Do? Nikonians will keep you posted on the latest developments...

Posted by covey22 at 4:17 PM

August 21, 2006

LetsGoDigital Photokina 2006 Coverage


In anticipation of the biggest photo show in Europe, LetsgoDigital has launched their Photokina 2006 page. Be sure to visit their report section for the latest from the trade-show floor in Cologne.

Posted by covey22 at 10:11 PM

August 20, 2006

Nikon D80 comparison page

We have compared the Nikon D80 with the other Nikon consumer and prosumer DSLR bodies, the Nikon D50, Nikon D70s and the Nikon D200.

You can find the Nikon D80 comparison table in our Nikon review section.

Posted by bgs at 10:36 AM

August 19, 2006

Boost Your Benefits: Our Supporting Members are Winners

Give us your best shot and win big.

If you haven't joined the growing ranks of our supporting members, you're missing out on valuable chances to gather international praise and recognition while winning valuable equipment along the way.

The easy part is joining our greatly appreciated list of supporting members.

A Silver level membership is only $25 USD per year, and for only 7-cents per day it instantly provides your exclusive opportunity to enter our continuing series of Nikonians photo contests.

The fun part comes as you take a shot at winning our Nikonians Photographer of the Year honors.

Last year, our winners in both the color and black and white categories each earned a Nikon D70s camera kit, complete with an 18-70 DX zoom lens, and a one year Gold Membership with Second place winners earned Tamrac Expedition 7 camera bags and one year Gold Memberships.

Their good fortune was a mix of being in the right place at the right time with their best photos and you have the same opportunity with an upgrade to our supporting member roster.

You can find full details and instructions for upgrading on our home page. Just look for the Nikon camera under two checkered flags on the left, and click on the "Guided Tour" link.

Posted by covey22 at 7:14 PM

Nikonians News Flash #15


This week Jessica has loads of info for you: Nikon Awards, How to get rid of tourists, the latest on Capture NX and the Capture NX Workshops, The Sigma 50-150mm f2.8 EX DCV HS, Contests and more

Download Nikonians News Flash #15 (NPC-NF-2006-08-19.mp3; 11:19; 10.4MB; MP3 format)

In The News:
Nikon D200 voted European Camera of the Year by EISA! Capture NX also won an award for the European Photo Innovation of the Year

Tourist Removal by Snapmania. Get rid of those annoying disruptions to your vacation pictures!

New Sigma Lens!! The 50-150 f2.8 EX DCV HSM has been announced! Read more here:

Member Benefits:
Join our webring. Get your site listed along side other really awesome Nikonians websites.

Enter Contests, Win Cool Stuff!
2005 winners:
How to enter 2006 Contest:
Guided Tour:
Upgrade link:

From The Forums:
Joey is looking for Nikonians in the Fairfield, CT and Weschester, NY areas.

Tell your stories about the
â€Å"unfriendly skies”

Nikonians Capture NX Workshops

And check out the Nikonians Photo Glossary!!

Email me at

Posted by bgs at 4:59 PM

August 17, 2006

Got your own site? Then push it

If you have your own website, make sure it is listed in the official Nikonians webring, containing many Nikon related sites. By being listed, you will get additional visitors on your site. You need to be a registered member to list your site.

Posted by bgs at 8:26 PM

The Image Doctors #21

In this week's episode, Jason and Rick discuss breaking out of the photographic "doldrums". If you've hit a creative block with your photography, this episode will help you get out of it. The Image Doctors also sum up their recent "raw converter" review project and offer their thoughts on the various products, and talk about the Nikon D80 announcement.

Click here to download The Image Doctors #21 as an mp3 file (NPC-ID-2006-08-17.mp3; 41:35, 19.1 MB)

Show Notes:

1:35 Nikon D80 announced with two new lenses
Preview the D80 at Lets Go Digital
Read the Nikonians editorial about the D80
D80 specs at Nikon USA
New 18-135 DX lens
New 70-300 AFS VR G lens

12:12 Raw Converter Wrap-up: summary and conclusions
20:10 Breaking out of a creative rut

[iTunes] Subscribe to the Image Doctors directly in iTunes.
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Posted by drjay32 at 3:28 PM

August 16, 2006

Nikon D200 Named European Camera of the Year

Confirming it's astounding success in a heavily competitive marketplace, the Nikon D200 was named European Camera of the Year by EISA for "...[setting] a new standard in this class of camera." The D200 wasn't the only feather in the cap. Nikon also received the European Photo Innovation of the Year award for Capture NX's U-Point technology. Congratulations to Nikon for these spectacular recognitions of engineering and marketing success!

Other notable awardees were Tamron's SP AF 17 - 50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD for Consumer Lens, Canon PIXMA iP6600D for Photo Printer, Adobe's Lightroom for Photo Software, Sandisk's Extreme IV for Memory Card and Jobo Giga Vu Pro Evolution for Image Tank category.

Posted by covey22 at 3:18 PM

August 15, 2006

Former Nikon Researcher Accused of Espionage

It would appear the infamous "Cold War" between the East and West still lives on in some corners of our world. Several sources are reporting that a former Nikon researcher and a Russian citizen are accused of espionage.

The researcher, whose identity was not released by authorities, is accused of stealing a "variable optical attenuator" or VOA from his employer. The VOA is a fiberoptic device used in communications networks and is classified as dual-use; it can be used for both military and civilian purposes. His contact was a known member of the GRU, the military intelligence branch of Russia.

The GRU spy supposedly started "cultivating" his Nikon contact as far back as 2003, but fled on July 2nd of this year when Japanese authorities uncovered the plot and approached him for questioning. The former Nikon employee has not yet been charged. Nikon expressed disappointment with the incident but indicated they were fully cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

Posted by covey22 at 3:50 PM

Sigma 50-150mm f2.8 EX DC HSM

Sigma continues building it's lineup of DC (Digital SLR only) lenses with the new 50-150 f2.8 EX DC HSM. Providing a 75-225mm field of view with an APS-C sensor, the latest lens is half the weight of the Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 EX DG HSM full-frame lens and takes smaller 67mm filters.

Posted by covey22 at 3:42 PM

Tourist Removal Tool

In what must be one of the quirkiest developments in photo post-processing, Snapmania is marketing their Tourist Removal technology which claims to be able to parse out objects such as people or vehicles. The catch, however, is that the tool is online only and you must sign up for a Snapmania picture hosting account.

Posted by covey22 at 3:30 PM

August 14, 2006

Behind the Lens #7: Interview with Arnold Crane

Go behind the lens with photographer Arnold Crane in this informative interview. Mr. Crane is one of the last living links to some of the greatest master photographers of the 20th Century, including Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Man Ray.

Click here to download Nikonians Podcast #7 (NPC-2006-08-14.mp3; 41;23; 19MB, MP3 format).

Arnold Crane has been a photographer for the last 62 years, although he started out as a trial lawyer. Arnold's passion for photography has taken him to all corners of the globe. He is a member of the White House Press Photographers Association, and he is well known for his black and white female nudes. Arnold's most important contribution to photography, however, began after a chance meeting with Edward Steichen, curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in the late 1960's. Steichen, after seeing some of Arnold's candid shots of Man Ray, suggested that he photograph "all the photographers". And so, a project thirty years in the making was born.

Arnold's book, On the Other Side of the Camera, was published in 1995 and captured the master photographers at work. The cover photo of Man Ray is one of the true classics of our time! Our roving Nikonian, Jason Odell, caught up with Arnold Crane recently at his home in Chicago, IL, where they sat down for an informal interview.

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Posted by drjay32 at 5:33 AM

August 12, 2006

Nikonians News Flash #14


This week Jessica gets into the nitty gritty of why Nikonians are. Find out the driving force behind the community, and learn what you can do to support us!

Download Nikonians News Flash #14 (NPC-NF-2006-08-12.mp3; 11:33; 10.6MB; MP3 format)

Get gear from the PhotoProShop:

Support our Sponsors, such as ThinkTankPhoto:

Become a Member!

In The News:
Check out the preview of the new Nikon D80 camera! Nikonians and have a joint review for all!

Also check out the Nikonians information on the D80, and jump on the users group in the forums!

Insurance for Members!! Don't live in fear of your camera equipment breaking! Silver, Gold, and Platinum members of the Nikonians community can take out affordable insurance with coverage that cannot be beat!

Turn your passion for photography into a job, and really support the community. Check out the positions available at

From The Forums:

Mike, in Alberta, is looking for Nikonians in the Edmonton area. Get in touch with him in the forums.

And….Banner-Free Friday was brought to you by the PhotoProShop!

Email me at newsflash (a t)

Posted by bgs at 6:41 PM

August 11, 2006

Criminals Beware: Fuji Introduces S3 Pro UVIR

Evildoers and miscreants be warned: law-enforcement could be watching you through the new Fujifilm S3 Pro UVIR, a dedicated Digital SLR capable of taking photos in the Ultra-violet and Infrared spectrums without special filtration equipment.

Posted by covey22 at 6:22 AM

Protect your Investment: Our supporting members get more

If you haven't joined the growing ranks of our supporting members, you're missing out on a great bargain of an insurance opportunity to protect your gear.

Nikonians, your friendly home for Nikon enthusiasts on the Internet has arranged for insurance coverage for our supporting members that will give you peace of mind when you hit the road.

It's called NikSecure, and it provides excellent coverage while you and your equipment are in transit or on travel. We've learned from experience that's when most equipment damage issues may happen, and we have arranged for the most affordable insurance program to cover your investment.

NikSecure is your affordable solution. It is exclusively provided to Nikonians members with a membership level of "Silver", "Gold" or "Platinum" and it provides coverage for equipment valued at up to $20,000 in U.S Dollar rates, for a one time annual premium that amounts to a mere fraction of the cost.

It's available starting from our Silver level members who are only supporting us for $25 USD per year (less than 7-cents per day). Your contributing membership registration will provide instant access to NikSecure.

Take a moment to judge for yourself. Go to the Nikonians home page and look at the bottom for the NikSecure logo. Think about your personal inventory and the value of having it covered. Once you see the plan that fits you best, don't forget it's available to you with just a Silver membership.

Posted by covey22 at 5:56 AM

August 9, 2006

Letsgodigital and Nikonians: The D80 Preview


LetsGoDigital - the premier online magazine for digital photography has released an extensive preview of the new Nikon D80 and they have asked us to provide our Nikonians perspective.

After reading the preview, be sure to check out the buzz in our D80 Users Group forum, and Nikonian Armando J. Heradia's article "Matching the Wish List" in our Resources at Nikonians.

Posted by covey22 at 8:45 AM

August 8, 2006

Working with your hobby

If you are interested in "working with your hobby", photography that is, then check out our open job positions, available both in the USA and in Germany. We are looking for additional support in various areas.

Several of the positions are well suited for home office. If you need more information about a certain position, use the email address found in the job description (PDF file) to get in touch with us.

Posted by bgs at 8:56 AM

August 7, 2006

Good News for D200 Owners: FCC Approves WT-3

We have some great news for D200 owners: the much-awaited WT-3 wireless controller/transmitter accessory just received FCC approval. This may be the final hurdle that Nikon was waiting to complete before sending this add-on out to store shelves.

Posted by covey22 at 7:09 PM

Nikonians News Flash #13


After a brief hiatus, Jessica is back with the latest updates on career opportunities with the Nikonians community. Over 50,000 members strong, the community needs your help in a few areas.

Download Nikonians News Flash #13 (NPC-NF-2006-08-05.mp3; 7:47; 7.8MB; MP3 format)

For more information on the position of Media and Content Sales Rep:

For the information on the Affiliate Program Manager:

And for the low-down on the Order Fulfillment Manger:

Also, if you're a photographer in the NYC area and are willing to donate a bit of time...and pictures...for a UK-based DJ who is raising money for a children's charity, please contact Nikonian gwpics. He's looking for someone who's available for the NYC Marathon. No running, just photography.

Join Jessica next week for the latest news from the Nikonians Community!

Posted by bgs at 3:39 PM

August 6, 2006

Next Virus Threat: Your Coolpix?

The online publishing firm has a fascinating but technically-laden article on how Wi-Fi enabled Coolpixes can be used as a potential entry-way for viruses and other malicious programs to enter your computer.

Editorial Note: It would appear that the greatest vulnerabilities are at the point of establishing the picture transfer. The camera shares the benign nature of it's non-Wi-Fi equipped peers in picture-taking mode. But the article does show the greatest issue with gadgets today: interoperability between appliances sometimes requires more security and safety oversight.

Posted by covey22 at 1:01 AM

August 4, 2006

DxO Labs Annouces DxO Optics Pro V4

Coming soon: A Nikonians Review on this product!

New York, NY and Paris, France (July 7, 2006) DxO Labs today revealed details of the next version of its flagship application DxO Optics Pro software which improves the image quality of Digital Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras and advanced digicams. DxO Optics Pro is the award-winning digital image enhancement tool incorporating revolutionary optics, noise and exposure corrections in an easy-to-use, feature rich application for Mac and PC users.

"In just two years, photographers worldwide have come to expect breakthrough solutions to image enhancement challenges from DxO Labs," said Luc Marin, vice president of the Photography Business Unit at DxO Labs. "DxO Optics Pro v4 brings a wealth of true innovations to photographers in search of ultimate image quality solutions."

DxO Optics Pro v4, slated to be available on Macintosh and Windows platforms in September 2006, includes four main areas of exciting new functionality:

NEW: Unique DxO Color Engine with breakthrough features
Thanks to the new DxO Color Engine, DxO Optics Pro v4 provides photographers a complete color adjustment toolbox including two revolutionary features:
*New unique Multi-Point Color Balance tool to easily perform optimal color balance for a given scene.
*New Color Rendition feature offering multiple color renderings and modes for images. In particular, the Color Rendition profile of one camera can be applied to images taken with another camera.
Many other color features are included and in particular the ability to import third party ICC color rendition profiles.

NEW: Third generation DxO Optics Engine comprehensive image geometry control
Now in its third release, DxO Optics Engine, a core component of DxO Optics Pro, expands functionality to include horizon adjustment (rotation), keystoning (perspective) correction as well as a new exclusive Volume Anamorphosis correction feature. This groundbreaking feature automatically brings three-dimensional objects that appear deformed by ultra-wide angle lenses back to their correct proportions. The effect of this unique correction is particularly dramatic for images including human beings. As with previous versions, DxO Optics Engine automatically corrects lens distortion, vignetting, lens softness and chromatic aberrations including purple fringing.

NEW: Improved Performance and Optimized Workflow up to 500% faster
Remaining focused on providing automatic image enhancement, DxO Optics Pro v4 marks a radical overhaul of the application’s ergonomics as well as many important enhancements to the workflow. Both image adjustment and image processing speed have been key priorities in the development of DxO Optics Pro v4 resulting in speed increases of up to 500% compared to the previous version. DxO Optics Pro v4 will also be optimized for Mac/Intel processors.

NEW: Core DxO image enhancement features to be available as Adobe Photoshop Plug-In
Now, DxO Optics Pro features will always be available within the most popular photo-retouching application. Once installed in Photoshop, the new DxO Optics Pro Plug-in will allow users to directly access core DxO image correction features when opening RAW or JPEG images.

Availability and upgrade policy
DxO Optics Pro v4 is planned to be available for Windows, Intel Mac and Macintosh in September 2006. All purchasers of DxO Optics Pro v3.55 after June 20, 2006 are eligible for a free upgrade. Pricing of upgrades and full versions of DxO Optics Pro v4 will be announced at a later date.

DxO Optics Pro has been chosen as 2006 "Best Photo Software" by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA).

About DxO Labs and its DxO Technology
DxO Labs is a software and intellectual property licensing company focused on research in applied mathematics for still and video image processing. We provide advanced technologies and reliable, off-the-shelf solutions to achieve excellence in all aspects of image quality for companies and consumers in the imaging business:
*Digital camera vendors;
*Professional and serious amateur photographers;
*Photography journalists and imaging experts;
*Mobile imaging: cameraphone vendors, camera module manufacturers, sensor and processor vendors.
We guarantee state-of-the-art technology in image processing thanks to our significant research efforts. DxO Labs' ambition is for the "DxO" brand to become recognized as the consumer's trusted mark of excellence in image quality.
For more information, visit DxO Labs online at
Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc.

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August 3, 2006

The Image Doctors #20

The Image Doctors talk flash. Rick and Jason devote all of this week's episode to discussing the use of electronic flash. Check out our Show Notes for useful links!

Download the Image Doctors #20 as MP3 (NPC-ID-2006-08-03.mp3; 42:00, 19.3MB, MP3 format)

Show Notes:
1:00: Boost Your Benefits at Nikonians-- upgrade to a Silver Membership today and keep our podcasts on the air!
3:58: Using TTL flash for digital and film cameras
Useful Links for Flash:
Nikon's "Speed of Light" DVD (hosted by Nikon Pro Joe McNally)
The Teddy Bear Test (by Nikonian J. Ramon Palacios)
The Creative Lighting System with a D200 (by Nikonian Darrell Young, a.k.a., "Digital Darrell")

[iTunes] Subscribe to the Image Doctors directly in iTunes.
[RSS] Add the Image Doctors feed to your RSS aggregator and have the show delivered automatically to you.
[Vote] Vote for us on Podcast Alley!

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Blue Pixel's Pro Digital Workflow Featuring Kevin Ames

Blue Pixel will be kicking off their Digital Pro Workflow seminar in Washington DC on September 17. Featuring noted photographer and author Kevin Ames, the multi-city workshop tour will teach photographers everything they need to know about a post-process workflow; including downloading, metadata, archiving, color management, printing and more.

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August 2, 2006

Flash: Nikon Capture NX Upgrader Sighted!

Nikonians has been hot on the trail of the Capture NX release, and the Upgrade site for legacy Capture 4.4 owners has been sighted on Nikon Mall USA! (for the Secure SSL version of the Upgrader page, change the HTTP to an HTTPS and hit your GO or Reload button)

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Nik DFine Special News

We're bringing you the latest news on Nik Multimedia's DFine noise reduction and optimization program, including awards from CHIP Foto-Video Magazine, D200 support, discounts and more. Click here to see details.

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Boost Your Benefits - Our Supporting Members Get More

If you haven't joined the growing ranks of our supporting members, you're missing out on valuable benefits.

Nikonians, your friendly home for Nikon enthusiasts on the Internet has a 7-cent solution that will expand your sharing experience with our more than 50,000 members in over 140 countries.

The solution begins instantly after you register as a supporting member. A Silver level membership is only $25 USD per year (less than 7-cents per day). That registration will provide instant advantages above the Basic level.

Our Want to Buy and Want to Sell Forums are a great example. All members are free to look for great bargains in these forums, and if they wish to take advantage of any of those bargains, all they need to do is upgrade to a Silver (or higher) level. That upgrade can easily pay for often pay itself once you've sealed the deal on a piece of gear you've been searching for.

You can find full details and instructions on our home page. Just look for the Nikon camera under two checkered flags on the left, and click on the "Guided Tour" link.

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August 1, 2006

Alien Skin Software announces new plug-in for Photoshop for making massive enlargements

blowUp-boxshot.jpgAlien Skin Software has announced the release of their newest plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users. "Blow Up" is a resizing tool which, according to Alien Skin's website, is "better than bicubic interpolation and any other third party solution".

A free 30-day trial download is available from Alien Skin's website. Current owners of other Alien Skin products are eligible to purchase Blow Up at a discounted price.

Posted by drjay32 at 4:36 PM

D80 Countdown spawns Nikonians Hot new forum

The buzz over Nikon's highly publicized new camera release countdown has generated a need for the new Nikonians D80 Users Group forum.

With just over a week to go to the unveiling of the new camera, the new Nikonians forum has already logged more than 15,000 views and 300 replies in just 10 discussion threads.
The creation of the D80 forum follows a similar move last year, when the D50 was merely the topic of widespread Internet chat. The Nikonians D50 Users Group was established before any of our members even had the camera in hand.
The concept worked well for our Nikonians members, who were then able to follow through from the speculation phase to actual purchases and then the inevitable "how-to" questions. This same approach is now available to our future D80 users.

Posted by flashdeadline at 9:30 AM