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November 30, 2009

How XMP is used in Annotate

Our Annotate software uses the XMP (eXtensible Meta Platform) notation that was developed by Adobe back in 2001 to store the coordinate-bound annotations (comments) and virtual crop information in a non-destructible way in an image.

XMP metadata can be embedded into almost any file format that is being used today. Annotate V1.10 stores the XMP information into the JPG file's header and future releases will support NEF and other raw formats as well, storing the meta data with the same XMP data structure.

You may already be using XMP to store metadata in your image withouth even knowing it -- if you are adding keywords to your photographs, these are written using the IPTC Core schema in XMP format.

XMP allows anybody to extend it by declaring so called "schemas" describing the structure of the stored data. There is a range of photo editing software that is already using XMP to store metadata, and that is aware of some of the existing schemas (the currently supported schemas include Dublin Core & Extension, IPTC Core and PLUS)

Some catalogs and editing software are storing metadata using sidecar .xmp files that are stored next to your jpeg/raw images. These sidecar files contain the metadata describing the image, but they can get lost if you move the image, send it to someone via email or upload the image to a web gallery.

When developing Annotate, we have extended the XMP schema to be able store metadata about the image bound to coordinates. This way, the annotations you make using Annotate are stored as XMP image metadata in the same way as the keywords or tags you make in your favorite image workflow software.

The main difference between keywords and annotations is that annotations are bound to coordinates, while tags describe an image as a whole. You can think about annotations as keywords bound to coordinates.

Annotate stores XMP metadata describing the annotations directly in the image (as opposed to sidecar .xmp files). When you e.g. share an image with your friend by sending it to him via email, the meta data is kept inside the file. It is possible to send an email directly from Annotate. To learn how, see our wiki on how to send images via email.

The approach of storing your comments in the image in XMP format has many advantages. The annotations are non destructive: Your original image is unchanged. Furthermore, as opposed to drawings made in Photoshop, annotations are included in your images as text. And text can be processed by your computer. For example, a computer can quickly search for specific annotations in large volumes of your image catalogue.

An example: Someone is annotating a photograph with 10 people in it. Using keywords you would only enumerate the people, while annotations will identify the persons accurately. When you are searching based on keywords, you will find the photograph, but you may not know who is who. When searching in annotations, you will find the image and immediately know who is who in the photograph.

A search feature will come in a future version of Annotate, but you can start annotating your image collection right now.

Posted by bgs at 4:16 PM

November 29, 2009

Nikonians News Flash #138


This week Ray passes along the latest photographic news pertaining to Nikon:
-Nikon availability update
-Nikon Camera Control Pro and Capture NX2 updated
-NEC develops noise reduction technology
-Lensbaby contest announced
-Free Nikonians Annotate software available for download
-Swarovski announces EL42
-Nikonians cap giveaway

Download Nikonians News Flash #138 (NPC-NF-2009-11-29.mp3;
4:10; 3.82MB; MP3 format)

Program Notes:
Nikon availability

NEC noise reduction

Lensbaby contest

Nikonians Annotate 1.10 ready for download

Swarovski EL42 announced

Nikonians cap winners- Furthest from Mineapolis,MN USA
Brian Hatch -Afghanistan
Ernst Du Toit-New Zealand
Dennis Lai-Australia
Peter Neale-Australia
Wayne Lorimer-New Zealand
Matthew Kuperus Heun-South Africa

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for listening.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

Posted by rayvaldovinos at 9:29 PM

Nikon Delivers Windows 7 Compatibility for Capture NX

As a holiday gift, Nikon has delivered Windows 7 compatibility for Capture NX2 and Capture Control Pro 2 users. Mac users were not left in the cold, as Capture NX 2.2.3 also supports Mac OS 10.5.8 and Control Pro 2.7.0 works with OS 10.5.8 and 10.6.1 (links to Nikon USA downloads).

Posted by covey22 at 7:31 PM

Let Nikonians Help Your Holiday Shopping!

Still looking for that perfect gift for your favorite shutterbug? Let Nikonians help you with your Holiday Shopping! Every Nikonians member has access to the Rewards program, with exclusive deals and discounts on some of the finest and discriminating photography products from established and highly reputed retailers.

Just as an example of some of our discounts:

  • USD 200 off the amazing OnOne Suite filled with time-saving plug-ins (expires 12/5)
  • A free Gorillapod with select Nikon camera and lens purchases from Berger Brothers
  • 25% discount on Photomatix's amazing HDR software
These are a small sampling of the amazing deals, products and discounts that Nikonians members have exclusive access to. Be sure to visit the Rewards page and start checking off your holiday shopping list today!

Posted by covey22 at 7:13 PM

Optical Quality Re-Invented - The Swarovski Optik EL42

Ten years ago, Swarovski redefined elegance and ease of use in hand held optics with the world's first wrap-around grip binoculars. Today, the EL42 Optik range is setting new standards yet again, with the the revolutionary SWAROVISION technology.

Equipped with high-end features such as field-flattening lenses to minimize distortion, flouride elements to enhance color and reduce fringing and large eye relief to allow 100% vision even with spectacle users, SWAROVISION brings the hand-held binocular to an entirely new level of standards.

The ergonomics of the Swarovski Optik EL42 series has also been enhanced. Two turns of the focusing wheel brings you from Infinity to the close-up distance of five feet (1.5m) and the legendary wrap-around grip allows ease of handling, even with thick winter gloves. At a feather-light 28 ounces (795 gr), the EL42 series does not compromise weight for it's amazing optical performance.

Click here to learn more about the Swarovski Optik EL42 and other outstanding optical products. The Optik EL42 will be available January 2010.

Posted by covey22 at 6:52 PM

November 26, 2009

Share image comments - Annotate photographs

With Nikonians Annotate software (free download), you can easily share comments on images without destroying the original. The new version 1.10 is free and makes it possible to annotate and share multiple images easily. We have now an online help on Annotate in our wiki.

You ask why you need to store comments in the image header and not to draw them directly on the images?

Your comments are stored in the image as text. Unlike hand drawn comments on the image, text can be processed and indexed by your computer, which will allow you to quickly search within annotations to e.g. find people in your photo catalog. Advanced search functionality is coming in future versions of Annotate!, but you can start tagging people in your photographs right now!

Creating comments with Annotate! is fast. Try Annotate! yourself and see how fast it is to comment on specific parts of the image.

Annotate! is lightweight. You do not need to use complex digital photo editing software to put simple comments in your images. You will find out that loading an image in Annotate is as easy as dragging the image from a web page opened in your web browser.

Annotate! can also run in your system tray, waiting to be used anytime you need it to e.g. take a screenshot or crop images.

Download annotate and start annotate today :-)

Posted by bgs at 11:27 AM

ID#105: The Image Doctors

Jason and Rick have the opportunity to discuss modern aspects of film scanning with Gerhard Wolff from Lasersoft Imaging, and then discuss how to shoot panoramic images.

Download The Image Doctors #105 (NPC-ID-2009-11-26.m4a; 58:06; 14.1 MB; MP4 format)

  Show Notes: November 26, 2009

Interview with Gerhard Wolff from Lasersoft Imaging, makers of Silverfast scanning software (

32:20 Shooting Panoramas

For the MP3 version of this podcast (audio only) click here (16.7MB).

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Posted by drjay32 at 6:00 AM

November 23, 2009

Nikonians News Flash #137


This week Ray passes along the latest photographic news pertaining to Nikon:
-Nikon DSLRS outselling Canon
-Snow Leopard versions of Camera Control 2, Capture NX2, Nikon Transfer and View NX
-New wireless flash control announced
-8 new Zeiss F mount lenses announced
-NX2 compatibility issues with Windows 7
-Sigma announces photo scholarship
-Berger Brothers offers Nikonians special
-Get a free Nikonians cap
-October winner announced in Nikonians photo contest
-Yosemite in the Winter photo workshop
-Nikonians Thanksgiving Sale-Just days left

Download Nikonians News Flash #137 (NPC-NF-2009-11-22.mp3;
6:10; 5.65MB; MP3 format)

Program Notes:
-Nikon vs Canon
-Snow Leopard
-Pixel Enterprises LTD Wireless strobe transmitter
-8 Zeiss F mounts
-Windows 7 and Capture NX2
-Sigma Photo Scholarship
-Berger Brothers Nikonians Special
-Win Nikonians Cap e-mail your info
-Nikonians October Winner
-Yosemite Workshop
-PhotoProShop Thanksgiving Sale

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for joining me.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

Posted by rayvaldovinos at 1:23 AM

November 22, 2009

A gift of learning can save you money

RN-NikoniansPressLogo_100.jpgIf you're looking for that special gift for a friend or relative (or even yourself) don't forget the special membership discount vouchers that come with the NikoniansPress books series.

Four-Book-Vouch_250.jpgMastering the Nikon D5000, by Darrell Young -- our fifth in a series of books in the joint venture between NikoniansPress and publisher Rocky Nook -- will start shipping soon and this might be a good time to get your pre-order discounted price in time for the holidays.

This is our fifth in a series of books in the joint venture between NikoniansPress and publisher Rocky Nook and all five include a special Nikonians 50%-off voucher discount for a one year Gold Membership in the Nikonians community. This will save you $37.50 USD.

Check out all four titles already published::
Mastering the Nikon D90, by Darrell Young
Mastering the Nikon D300, by Darrell Young
The Nikon Creative Lighting System: Using the SB-600, SB-800, SB-900, and R1C1 flashes by Mike Hagen.
Mastering the D700, by Darrell Young and James Johnson.

Posted by flashdeadline at 10:04 PM

Nikonians Featured Blogger

Nikonians featured blogger is Rick Paul. Learn how to take your photography passion into becoming a business. Follow Rick's own first steps moving his business forward. More in Rick's blog.

Posted by bgs at 2:21 PM

November 18, 2009

Shoot yourself -- win a Nikon and $100K

Your_Day_80.jpgWell, you don't really have to shoot yourself literally. All you need to do is submit a video of 140 seconds or less with the theme "Your Day" and you can win.

Your_Day_300.jpgNikonians in the USA 50 states and the District of Columbia age 18 or above are invited to enter Nikon's "A Day through your Lens" video contest with a deadline of December 15th at midnight.

Nikon's contest announcement explains the theme:
So what's it like to be you? Capture the essence of your day in a video of 140 seconds or less. It can be funny, touching or profound. It can be about everything you did, everything you didn't do, the day's biggest dilemma or its most telling detail.

The contest promotes Nikon's HD-video capable D5000 camera, but the neat part is you can shoot your entry with any video-capturing device that can produce videos in one of the following formats: flv, avi, mpg, mpeg, mpe, dat, vob, wmv, asf, mp4, mov, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, dv, qt, rm, or rmvb.

The grand prize is $100,000 and a Nikon D5000 D-SLR kit. This contest has an audience viewed popularity feature, which means if your video gets a pile of audience reaction you could win $25,000 and a Nikon D5000 D-SLR kit.

You can find the rules and submission guidelines here, and follow the contest at the Nikon Festival site.

As a heads up -- If you have thoughts of sweetening your video submission with a favorite track from your favorite iPod collection, you could be disqualifying yourself immediately:
"Note: Please do not use music, brand images or talent that you do not have permission to use in your video. If you're going to put music on your video it's best to use music that is in the public domain or music that you have created."

Posted by flashdeadline at 6:50 PM

7-Week New Members Photo Contest has started

Our recently completed photo contest which awarded prizes to new members was so popular that we're launching an extended seven-week Phase V which will last for the rest of this year.

In this fifth edition of the New Members Welcoming Photo Contest We are giving out one Photo Mechanic by Camera Bits (currently valued at $150 USD, with a media price of $160), once every week for a series of four weeks.

Then, the following three weeks we are giving out a GPS unit courtesy of buyGPSnow.

Each week we will select a winner.
The first winner will be announced Monday November 23, 2009
The final winner in this series will be announced January 4, 2010.

Winners will be announced at the Nikonians Photo Contests Forum.

Posted by flashdeadline at 3:33 PM

November 16, 2009

Carl Zeiss Announces Semi-Pro Lens Line for Nikon

Carl Zeiss has announced a line of lenses for "the semi-professional" market. Labelled ZF.2, this family of manual-focus lenses will mount and meter with Nikon F-Mount 35mm camera bodies.

While no samples were available at press time, the optics line-up covers popular focal ranges from 18mm to 100mm. The CPU now reports EXIF information to the mounted body such as exposure based on selected aperture; which eases the photographer's workload in managing settings. Overall, the price and maximum aperture reflects the targeted enthusiast market. Zeiss quotes an MSRP of approximately USD800 to USD2100 depending upon the model making the threshold somewhat more accessible to the prosumer.

Posted by covey22 at 9:06 PM

Forum updates in the coming days

We are updating the forums and the reviews sections on Nikonians in the coming days.
More details will be posted as the updates are rolled out.

Posted by bgs at 2:59 PM

Berger Brothers Nikonians Deal

Berger Brothers is offering a great deal for Nikonians Members on the hot selling Nikon D3s and the latest Nikkor lenses like the 85mm f3.5 VR and the revised models of the 70-200mm f2.8 VR II and 18-200mm VR DX II. With every purchase of any of these items, you get the Joby GorillaPod Tripod free - a USD50 value. All these items ship free, so get started on your holiday shopping today!

Posted by covey22 at 1:58 PM

Nikonians News Flash #136


This week Ray passes along the latest photographic news pertaining to Nikon:
-It's coming-The D4
-Canadian prices decline
-D3S orders starting to ship, 70-200 VRII lenses also
-D3 no longer available everywhere
-EyeFi adds FTP support
-Nikon announces DSLR Video contest
-Nikonians eZine 43 ready for download
-Get a free Nikonians cap

Download Nikonians News Flash #136 (NPC-NF-2009-11-15.mp3;
4:26; 4.06MB; MP3 format)

Program notes

D 4 Rumors

D3S orders are shipping

D3 fades to black

Bibble 5

Nikon DSLR video contest

Nikonians eZine 43

The caps have been won!
Ron Batchelder and Jay Horsley are the winners.

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for joining me.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

Posted by rayvaldovinos at 2:42 AM

November 15, 2009

Kids capture photog's eye and contest win

Congratulations to Nikonians Gold Member Voltaire Malazarte (Alaz), of New York, USA, winner of the Best of Nikonians - 2009 Images Photo Contest October segment with his image "Children of lesser God."

NPOY_Oct-Win_350.jpg Voltaire's photo is a Black and White conversion of street children jockeying for better positions at the famous Magellan's Cross historical site, in Cebu, Philippines.

He used his Nikon D700 and AF-S Zoom-NIKKOR 28-70mm f/2.8D IF-ED lens at 52mm. The exposure was 1/60 sec at f/8, using ISO 200. The Black and White conversion was made using Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Silver Efex Pro from Nik Software.

Voltaire's prize for making it into the semi-finals is a StreetWalker camera backpack from Think Tank Photo.

Night shooters next in line
The contest, open to all Silver, Gold and Platinum Nikonians Members, results in monthly winners being announced, with each moving on to the finals at the end of the year.
Our November segment is currently under way (and the deadline is Tuesday, Nov. 30). Please remember that the main subject for this segment is "Night Sky." The December theme will be "My Best Shot."

For detailed information on entering, check our contest rules.

Posted by flashdeadline at 8:52 PM

November 14, 2009

Nikon Film Festival - 100K for 140 seconds!

Now who wouldn't want to get paid big bucks for 140 seconds of work? The Nikon Film Festival celebrates outstanding media created using the latest hybrid cameras like the D300s, D90, D5000 and the D3s flagship. The winning video will garner USD100K (the audience favorite gets a consolation USD25K), but you've only got until 15-December, so get your best clips together and mind the time limit!

Posted by covey22 at 6:05 PM

November 13, 2009

Nikonians eZine 43 features ANPAT

Photographer_78.jpgOur latest edition of THE NIKONIAN is available for free download and it focuses on the biggest event of the Nikonians year, the Annual Photo Adventure Trip (ANPAT).

TheNikonian43-Cover_369W_261H.jpg The 9th ANPAT was held in Alaska in Early September and some of the members who participated were kind enough to submit images and impressions of their adventure.

We round out this ANPAT edition with a preview of a Nikonians Academy workshop next April which will enable Nikonians to experience the unique specialty of the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, Montana, USA. They will be photographing Triple D's wildlife models just outside of Mariposa, California. The Triple D Game Farm is a must-visit site for photographers seeking to capture images of wildlife from all corners of the Globe.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:05 PM

November 12, 2009

ID#104: The Image Doctors

It's time for Rick and Jason's annual Holiday Gift Ideas episode! Sit back and relax as the "doctors" fill your head with photographic pleasantries.

Download The Image Doctors #104 (NPC-ID-2009-11-12.m4a; 52:47; 12.9 MB; MP4 format)

  Show Notes: November 12, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas 2009

39:55 Ideas for a rainy day

For the MP3 version of this podcast (audio only) click here (15.3MB).

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Posted by drjay32 at 6:00 AM

November 10, 2009

Nikonians News Flash Extra #2

NewsflashExtra.jpgIn this second Nikonians News Flash Extra, Ray interviews Nikonians Academy faculty member Michael Mariant:

Download Nikonians News Flash Extra #2 (NPC-NF-2009-11-11.mp3;
16:33; 15.1MB; MP3 format)

Michael_Mariant_150.jpg His interview includes:

• Following Michael's ladder to the top
• Staying relevant
• Equipment obsolescence
• Skill requirements
• 2010 Nikonians Academy Workshop rundown

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for joining me.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

Posted by rayvaldovinos at 2:55 AM

November 9, 2009

Nikonians News Flash #135


This week Ray passes along the latest photographic news pertaining to Nikon:
-Coolpix S100PJ in top 10 products of 2009
-D300S prices take a dip
-Photoshop releases mobile app
-New ThinkTank bag released
-Epson announces four new fine art papers
-Free shipping from Blurb
-PhotoProShop Thanksgiving Sale continues
-Ray models his Nikonians attaire
-Michael Mariant announces an extraordinary Nikonians Workshop experiance

Download Nikonians News Flash #135 (NPC-NF-2009-11-08.mp3;
6:27; 5.91MB; MP3 format)

Accolades for S1000PJ

Adobe Photoshop Mobile

New Think Tank bag

Think Tank free gift with Nikonians purchase

New Fine Art paper from Epson

Blurb Free Shipping

Nikonians PhotoProShop Thanksgiving Sale

Ray the happy and well dressed podcaster

Nikonians Academy and Michael Mariant

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for joining me.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

Posted by rayvaldovinos at 1:20 AM

November 4, 2009

Epson adds new range of fine art papers

Epson-Logo_78.jpgEpson has announced four new fine art papers. The new papers are described as photo and museum grade and will be available in cut sheets this month and rolls in early 2010.

They are all acid free, 100% cotton rag media, with extremely-high color gamut and black density in your choice of four fine art finishes:
Hot_press-cold_press_proof_300.jpg►Cold Press Natural — Natural textured.
►Cold Press Bright — Bright textured.
►Hot Press Natural — Natural smooth.
►Hot Press Bright — Bright smooth.

The Epson announcement includes sizes and prices in British Pounds (£).
U.S. Dollar ($) prices are also available (click the "Fine Art" Tab near the top and the new papers will be the first ones listed) .

Posted by flashdeadline at 8:26 AM

November 3, 2009

DxO Labs unveils New DxO Optics Pro 6

DXO_78.jpgDxO Labs has added to their automatic digital imaging enhancement software line-up with the introduction of DxO Optics Pro 6.

The DxO software, designed for enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers shooting in JPEG or RAW format, is recognized for its unique automated optical corrections (distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberrations, lens softness) and its state-of-the-art RAW conversion.
The new version announcement includes links for downloading free trials of the software, which can tackle such issues as noise removal, exposure optimization, keystoning correction, color control and dust removal.

The software includes support for a long list of Nikon Cameras.

According to the DxO Press Release (Nov 3):
New features in DxO Optics Pro 6 include, among others:
► Workspace customization for easier access to the photographer’s preferred tools;
►Detachable and multi-line “Project” window for multi-monitor display and full-screen image preview;
►Correction comparison between several candidates (for selecting preferred photo rendering);
►Streamlined access to DxO Presets for increased productivity;
►Automatic detection and download of missing DxO Optics Modules;
►More ergonomic user interface for better accessibility.

Availability and exceptional introductory price For Windows:
DxO Optics Pro 6 for Windows Standard and Elite editions are scheduled for release in early November 2009 from both DxO Labs’ e-store and selected resellers, and will be available at an exceptional 33 % discount until December 31, 2009:

►Standard edition: $ 109 instead of $ 169 (or a savings of $ 60)
►Elite edition: $ 199 instead of $ 299 (or a savings of $ 100)
All customers who purchased DxO Optics Pro 5 after June 1st, 2009 are entitled to a free upgrade to version 6. All other users benefit from the following 40% discounts until December 31, 2009.
►DxO Optics Pro Standard (any version) to DxO Optics Pro 6 Standard: $ 44 instead of $79.
►DxO Optics Pro Elite (any version) to DxO Optics Pro 6 Elite: $ 69 instead of $119.
Prices exclude sales taxes and VAT.

For Mac:

DxO Optics Pro 6 for Macintosh is scheduled for release in early 2010. A Macintosh intermediate release,
DxO Optics Pro 5.3.6, fully compatible with Snow Leopard, is scheduled for end of November. It will also include support for additional camera bodies.

Posted by flashdeadline at 3:36 PM

November 2, 2009

Think Tank Photo boosts Urban Disguise capacity

Think Tank Photo has just released a major addition to their Urban Disguise line. The Urban Disguise® 70 Pro is a huge shoulder bag that can carry up to a 70-200 f2.8 lens attached to any camera body.

UD-70-Pro_300.jpgThink Tank's Press Release describes the new bag: For the photographer carrying two regular or pro size DSLRs with lenses attached to each camera body – or even a 70-200 f2.8 lens attached to any camera body – Think Tank Photo announces the release of the cavernous Urban Disguise ® 70 Pro. This is a briefcase style gear bag for traveling in style and protecting camera equipment without attracting attention as an obvious camera bag. The interior accommodates a host of camera configurations that enable photographers to keep all their gear secure in one bag.

It features:
● Secret pocket -- On the inside of the front pocket is a “secret” zipped pocket. It is designed to hold airline tickets, passports, and other irreplaceable items.
● Attaches to Rolling Bags -- The Urban Disguise 70 features a slot that allows it to be secured to a roller. A tab on the bottom prevents it from accidentally unzipping.
● Stretch pockets -- The pockets on either side of the bag stretch to hold items like cell phones, strobes, and even smaller water bottles.
● Business card slot -- The back of the bag has a slot big enough to hold many business cards so you can give them away to clients and friends.
● Rear zippered pocket – Ready access to magazines, notebooks, plane tickets, and other essential items.
● Shoulder Harness -- With Think Tank’s Shoulder Harness (sold separately) the shoulder bag converts into a backpack.


“This design concept is the culmination of years of observation of photojournalists and other photographers who have jury-rigged their bags to decrease their public exposure,” said Think Tank Photo founder and lead designer Doug Murdoch. “Whether it is a professional who wishes to maintain a subtle presence in potentially dangerous situations or a serious amateur who wishes to lessen the risk of having their gear ripped off, the Urban Disguise’s design allows the right gear to be carried with less fear.”

Nikonians Special Reminder
Don't forget that if you use our special order form for Nikonian members Think Tank Photo will send you a free gift with your order.

Posted by flashdeadline at 5:34 PM

November 1, 2009

Nikonians News Flash #134


This week Ray passes along the latest photographic news pertaining to Nikon:
— WiFi on board Nikon's next generation DSLRs?
— Nikon Instant Rebates
— Nikon releases iPhone app
— Phase One releases Capture One5 Pro
— Inventor of the first digital camera honored
— OnOne launches Plug-in Suite 5
— Nikonians Annotate V1.05 released
— Nikonians Thanksgiving Sale ends November 29th
— Tammy McBrien wins Nikonians photo contest for September

Download Nikonians News Flash #134 (NPC-NF-2009-11-01.mp3;
5:58; 5.46MB; MP3 format)


iPhone app

OnOne Plug-in Suite 5

Annotate 1.05

Nikonians PhotoProShop Thanksgiving Sale

September photo contest winner

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for joining me.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

Posted by rayvaldovinos at 2:18 AM