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January 24, 2012

Essential image processing techniques

ImageProcessing_200.jpgImages have always been manipulated. That is a fact. And there was always an argument about it. That is a fact too. Another fact is, usually those, who didn't know how to manipulate their pictures were those against manipulation, screaming it is not a proper photograph, because something wrong has been done to it in the post process. It's been manipulated! Yet another fact is, this argument is stronger in our post-film era, because photographer's darkroom is easily accessible to the wide masses. And at least, for us who know what the post process actually is, post process is a part of photography and it's always been. That is a fact I like the most, let me explain why.

There were so many things what you could and still can do in the good old-fashioned darkroom. If you spend long enough time under the red bulb sniffing chemicals and you know what are you doing, results are impressive. Helmut Newton or Ansel Adams would say so, ask them. If you don't know what are you doing, it'll be so time consuming and frustrating that you'll soon start to believe in "proper" photography without any post process, because you really like the dull tones, washed colours and low contrast the way you've captured them. Yeah, post process is for those who don't know how to shoot! And there is a great parallel with modern darkroom, or as we are not the stinky weird people who lock themselves in the basement any more, shall we say lightroom?

Personally, I hate to sit in front of the computer and editing pictures for hours. I consider myself as a photographer, not a graphic designer. Don't get me wrong, I love Photoshop, but the less time I spend in front of it, the bigger the love is. And that is the magic of it. Light, colour, lens correction, sharpening, BANG! That's it. You don't really need to know all that 3D modelling which it could do. At Essential Image Processing Techniques Workshop which Nikonians Academy Europe has organised for you at 18th of March 2012 in Utrech, NL, Hayo Baan, the Head Instructor of Nikonians Academy Europe, will show you how to enhance your images in no time. You will work on your own computer, with software of your choice (Capture NX2, Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom, Photoshop) and with your own pictures. You'll soon find out it's easy and you'll be pleased with your results.

To motivate you even more, here is my own 5 minutes exercise:


Posted by pkuzmin at January 24, 2012 6:02 PM