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August 23, 2013

theQ - Shut up and Shoot

mustangQ.jpgWell it seems that there's something new, and flashy in the digital camera world that is definitely taking a few nations by storm. theQ camera, is the world's first social camera, uploading your photos and videos to the internet, automatically. Storage you say? Well, with their unlimited amount in theQ Lab, there's no worry about ever running out of space. They say you can cope with any lighting conditions thanks to theQ ring flash (lights up too, which looks pretty nifty). Not to mention, it's waterproof and as they say, idiot-proof also. So, does it really stand out to any other waterproof cameras, and features that can be found on the market? Let's have a look.

More will come on a full review, with full usage and scopes described to the max, however, for now, let's have it be known for what it claims to do, and see how the interest has grown and why.

cupcake.jpgSo how did theQ come to be? Well, they attest that like many great stories, theQ's started in a bar. While the founders Joe, Brandon, and Andrea were on a night out drinking, they were discussing how displeased they were with their digital cameras. They all came to the conclusion that they could create one that they all like. These three talented folks knew next to nothing about making cameras, or running a business, but, with enough ambition, drive, and passion not to mention A LOT of hard work, they came up with setting up their Headquarters Office in Sweden, and Hong Kong and were well on their way - all in a year. With a unique design, interesting functionality, their team comprised of artists, photographers, musicians, skaters and designers allowed for a chic, modern design, with the "Q" incorporated in the design. See if you can spot it.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 11.02.30 AM.pngFirst off, the camera comes in an array of 9 colours, making this very customizable to your personality. I personally like the Mustard Yellow - probably because I'm a Nikon lover at heart; black and yellow being the brands prime colours, as we know, but also do take a liking to the Peppermint, offering a light robin's egg shell colour - very light and breezy. I'm a pretty cheery person, so I think these colours pretty much suit me and my moods best.

ice,baby_Fotor_Collage.jpgNow, the simple specs on this camera aren't too extraordinary, however for those quick shots, while out and about, giving a bit of a hipster/vintage feel to photos, it's suitable for the die hard #IHaveToPostMyEveryMoveInSocialMedia and simply having the ease of sharing among so many, worldwide. It's very lightweight with only weighing 120grams and measuring 65mm (2.6") in height, 100mm (4") wide, and 16mm (0.64") in depth. Personally speaking, I like a camera with a little more weight, just so that I don't feel like i'm going to lose it, mid shot, but it's definitely got "heavyweight quality and lightweight size"! (in a good way). The camera pixels itself are at a max of 5, offering manual rotation, LED ring flash to really customize to any lighting conditions, and it also offers three capture modes -- Outdoor, Indoor, and Night; as well as 9 new filters. With a 24MM wide lens and F2.4 Aperture, you'll have enough coverage to shoot wide and be able to manually rotate for focusing and getting that macro you want. A neat little feature I find it has, which makes for great ease when you just can't remember where you were at the time of the photo taken, is a simplified Geo-tagging. While uploading to theQ Lab, you'll be able to let everyone know where you were (if you want), making it as memorable as possible.

gallery-img-9.jpg The camera's Micro SIM memory card (same data-enabled Micro-SIM cards in your Smartphones) itself holds 2GB. Now, this seems small, compared to what standard cameras can offer, but surprisingly it does store up 1000 still images. The power and battery consist of a Li-polymer battery 800mAh, and allows for an average of 200 pictures per charge. theQ comes with a USB to computer system or adapter making it easy to take with you and charge on the go. ***Note, this isn't to extract photos from the Micro SIM to your computer -- photos are stored in the online Q Lab. In fact, the only time theQ stores pictures internally is when it can't find a data signal. Might be a bit of downside, considering theQ is a 3G connected camera, thus it only works together with a SIM and a data service, meaning - Call your local carrier for more services and prices. OR! What if I take out my Micro SIM card from my phone, which has an unlimited data plan…hmmmm. Well, either way, I think that's about the only serious downside, if you don't have an extra data plan external from your Smartphone. The display however, is something the team at theQ hasn't skimped out on. With a wide 2.7 inch (6.75 cm), and a resolution of 320 x 240, it's surely enough to see your images and make the mods you need.

theq-camera-explode-view.jpgWhat I like about this camera is that it's not only suitable for those quick shots here and there, but hey! If you decide to go for a little dip in the pool, lake, ocean, or accidentally fall in an aquarium, you're safe! It's rugged ratings being waterproof 1Px7 - 1 meter (3.3 feet) underwater for about half an hour and is dustproof 1P6x. So, besides making it fun for those funny faces underwater, or those National Geographic wannabe River Monsters Documentaries, you can be worry free through a mild sandstorm.

theQ Lab offers a simple way to interact with all your Social Media networks with the push of a button, and if you're not quite ready to have the world see your creations - maybe you haven't applied the right filters yet, or just want to sit on it, no need to worry... With an unlimited amount of storage online, you can save them automatically to your private archive and come back to them at a later time. You can also, download the images from online to your computer (I know, a little redundant, but considering it is a Social Media camera, it's prime goal for that was to upload images right then and there, simple). If we could just extract the pictures from the camera AFTER we had a great night out on the town, well.. that would defeat the purpose of it being socially immediate, we could very well use our "normal/non-social point and shoots". It's to represent the immediateness like status updates, check-ins etc. No one goes out for a 5 hour evening spent at the Fair, only to come home and check yourself into that Fair on Facebook -- lame. Clearly, it's a right here, right now, see what i'm up to camera (without the phone...and waterprooflyness :P ).

So, I bet we're all wondering what this little bundle of joy costs? It's a fair price, to say the least, for all it's tiny, light, colourful, and jam packed mechanisms - $199.00. Careful now, you might want to test them out prior, but they can only be found online, and not in stores. Hopefully this doesn't scare consumers away, but they really do make for an interest live-pocket-snapper that's with you on the go, and offers instant social media interactions and more.

For more information, or to purchase your very own please visit their site.


Posted by Ronny89 at August 23, 2013 10:55 AM