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February 25, 2014

Nikonian Northern Exposure # 13

Although we travel to many differant part of the world with my photography and Benda Music Therapy . When we were in Mexico . We got a  message that Brenda Mother past away . This podcast is dedicated to her mother  Ms  Floy Taylor

This is about how  photo therapy can  help you deal  with grief and lost 

brendar emenbering her mother smallfloy small


Listen to the podcast


Posted by pspence at 5:46 PM

New Nikon flagship unveiled- The D4S

D4S-THU.jpgNikon's long awaited next generation flagship DSLR has finally come out from behind the secrecy curtain.

The Nikon D4S should be on the streets in early March at a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $6499.95 USD. It features improvements in performance as well as ergonomics over the Nikon D4.

Here are the highlights:
D4s_58_1.4_front34l.jpg• Incredible Speed and Performance through the entire workflow
• Shoots 11 fps at full resolution with AE and AF functionality
• New Group Area AF uses 5 AF sensors as a single focus point
• New RAW SIZE S format increases workflow speed
• Transfer files 10x faster with 1000 Base-T wired LAN
• 30% faster image processing and energy savings
• Stunning Nikon Image Quality
• Newly Developed 16.2 MP FX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 processing
• Enhances upon the proven 51-point AF system and 3D Color Matrix Metering
• Astounding Low-Light Performance; ISO range from 100 to 25,600, expandable to 409,600
• Professional Video and Audio Capabilities
• Capture stunning 1080/60p video
• 2.7x Crop Mode can extend the reach of NIKKOR lenses
• Improved ergonomics, comfort and durability
• Available in early March 2014 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $6,499.95 (USD)

Additionally, Nikon has announced a beta version of Capture NX-D, new software for processing and adjusting RAW images captured with Nikon digital cameras. RAW images (NEF or NRW file extension) captured with Nikon D-SLR cameras, Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, and Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras can be loaded into the application for processing and adjustment of images.

Berger-Bros.jpgSpecial Note: Our friends at Berger Bros. Camera are set to help you obtain the new Nikon D4S by taking pre-orders. Continental USA customers can call Brad Berger @ 1-800-542-8811.

Check here for a Nikon D4 / D4S comparison:

Once you have checked the comparison chart, we invite you to our Nikon D4S unveiled discussion thread in the English Café, where we will be sampling Nikonians reaction for use in our General Newsletter for this week. Tell us what you think of this new flagship.

Here is the full press release:

MELVILLE, NY – Announced today, the new Nikon D4S establishes itself as the premier HD-SLR available to professionals; unrivaled with its combination of incredible speed, accuracy, low-light performance and exceptional image fidelity. Designed for the most demanding photographers and multimedia professionals in the world, the Nikon D4S improves upon the revered D4 to give users enhanced image and video quality, improved autofocus (AF), faster performance during and after capture in addition to an astonishing ISO range.

D4s_back.jpgNikon’s D series of flagship cameras continues to push the boundaries of professional image quality, speed and features. The newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format sensor works in conjunction with the new EXPEED 4 image processing engine to deliver new levels of still and HD video quality and performance. A new Group AF function and overall improvements build upon Nikon’s proven 51-point AF system, while the camera breaks convention with an ISO range that goes to an incredible 409,600 ISO (Hi-4) for maximum versatility in nearly any lighting condition. Overall speed and response is also enhanced, capturing full resolution at an astounding 11 frames-per-second (fps) with auto focus and auto exposure (AE), while benefiting from an overall 30% increase in processing power.

“By announcing the development of the new Nikon D4S earlier this year, Nikon has been able to work openly with professional photographers in the field to hone the cameras’ core capabilities into an unparalleled tool that makes otherwise impossible images a reality,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “The challenges of today’s professional multimedia photographer go beyond simply capturing amazing content. After the shutter clicks, the workflow enhancements that the D4S provides will give Nikon users an obvious edge in the stands, the studio, on the sidelines or in the field.”

Extreme Speed and Accuracy Give the Edge in the Field
D4s_58_1.4_top.jpgWhether shooting extreme action sports or elusive wildlife, the Nikon D4S has been engineered to be the ultimate combination of speed and accuracy, giving photographers the power to capture even the fastest moving, unpredictable subjects with confidence and control. The proven Multi-CAM 3500 FX AF sensor module’s thoroughly recalibrated AF algorithms quickly zero in on its intended target— no matter how near, far, or abruptly a subject appears in the frame. Additionally, the D4S includes a new innovative Group AF mode. When selected, this mode utilizes five AF points to provide increased stability while tracking subjects, and enhanced accuracy by reducing instances of background focus. In situations where the background is bright with strong contrasting colors, photographers can now feel more confident, knowing that small, distant and fast-moving objects can be rendered sharper, faster and more frequently. Nikon’s AF Lock-on technology is also upgraded, shortening time in reverting from focus interruptions, such as a referee running into the frame.

Hundredths of a second can make the difference when capturing the decisive shot that graces the front page, the double-truck spread, or the client’s mantel. With this in mind, the Nikon D4S also improves tracking on high-speed continuous shooting at a blazing fast 11 fps, with continuous AF/AE. Because missing the shot is just not an option, Nikon’s EXPEED 4 plays an integral role in the D4S’ seemingly instantaneous response and swift performance, while enhancing energy efficiency. The camera now features a processing time that is a full 30% faster, in addition to a 200-shot buffer (JPEG) at full resolution at the maximum continuous mode.

As a proven flagship for the world’s most demanding photographers, the D4S retains the features that made its predecessor the professional’s choice in the first place. The Nikon D4S HD-SLR aligns 15 cross-type sensors in the center to detect contrast data in both vertical and horizontal planes. In addition to detecting each AF-NIKKOR lens with an aperture of f/5.6 or lower, the camera also utilizes nine cross-type sensors that are fully functional when using compatible NIKKOR lenses and a teleconverter with a combined aperture value up to f/8, a great advantage to those photographing sports and wildlife from extreme distances.

The Advantage of Superior Image Quality
D4s_58_1.4_back34r.jpgAt the core of the Nikon D4S is a newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format CMOS Sensor (36 x 23.9mm), engineered to deliver an immersive dynamic range, with exceptionally low noise. This newly developed image sensor works in tandem with the latest generation of Nikon’s powerful image processing engine, dubbed EXPEED 4, to bolster image quality, color and sharpness in both stills and video. The benefits of EXPEED 4 go well beyond high-speed image processing to provide evolved real time noise reduction, along with depth and clarity gradation rendering. The resulting images exhibit a wide tonal range, with true and faithful colors.

Thanks in part to the new EXPEED 4 processing engine, the Nikon D4S now shatters the perception of what’s possible with available light photography, giving users a native ISO range from 100-25,600 expandable from 50 ISO (Lo-1) to a staggering 409,600 ISO (Hi-4). This amazing ISO range rewrites the rulebook for available-light shooting, and is especially useful for professional sports shooters, photojournalists, as well as military and law enforcement agencies. The powerful EXPEED 4 image-processing engine incorporates an entirely new algorithm for even higher ISO noise reduction and color fidelity, resulting in an enhanced overall sharpness and clarity without sacrificing subtle textures and luminous details. The enhanced ISO is also a major advantage for other professionals including wedding and portrait photographers, who can now confidently capture the darkest reception, a candlelit ceremony, or create crisp studio portraits with flawless fidelity.

Other advanced Nikon technologies also contribute to the superior image quality of the Nikon D4S, including a new enhanced standard Picture Control tone curve that gives greater depth and clearer color rendition, especially on skin tones. For additional versatility, users have the ability to toggle Face Detect AF on or off while shooting through the viewfinder, and white balance calculation has been further refined for accuracy, while spot white balance is employed for easier presetting with more options.

Nikon’s exclusive 91,000-pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering III system returns on the D4S to help capture true-to-life colors while solving the most challenging exposures, from sun-lit snow to stadium lighting. The system works by meticulously analyzing the variables within each scene and recognizing factors such as color and brightness values with unprecedented exactness. This data is then interpreted and compared against the camera’s on-board database to implement various settings, resulting in vibrant images with faithful color reproduction and balanced exposure.

Faster Workflow During and After Capture
While shooting speed and response matter in the moment, workflow speed has become increasingly important in a more competitive landscape. The D4S delivers upon the need for that speed with features that are engineered for today’s professional:

New RAW SIZE S files: In addition to shooting JPEG, full size RAW (NEF) and TIFF files, the Nikon D4S also has a new file setting to enhance workflow, RAW SIZE S. This setting allows for shooting 12-bit uncompressed Nikon NEF files that are approximately half the size (2464 x 1640) of standard uncompressed RAW files and are more easily manageable—speeding up the entire workflow process.

Faster transfer rate: When connected via LAN, users can now transmit files using Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T LAN). This significant decrease in transfer times means more time to shoot, and less time transmitting files.

Improved battery life: Despite its processing power, the D4S is remarkably power-efficient. With the addition of a new EN-EL18a Lithium-Ion battery, the D4S can easily outlast the action with up 3,020 (CIPA rating) shots in single mode and 5,960 shots (Nikon testing) in continuous mode.

Dual card slots: The D4S uses both CF cards as well as the super-fast XQD card format to achieve the fastest possible transfer and write times.

Video Features Fit for the Modern Production Environment
D4S_ME-1.jpgWith an increase in potent processing power, the D4S ups the ante when it comes to multimedia workflow and content capture. A versatile tool on location or on set, the D4S offers enhanced video quality and video-friendly features, in a compact and lightweight HD-SLR form factor. In addition to the innovative video attributes from the D4, the D4S offers the following new features:

Full HD video in variable frame rates: Users have the choice of various resolutions and frame rates, including a new 1080/60p option for increased flexibility in post. Users can also shoot at 1080 30p or a cinematic 24p, as well as various other NTSC and PAL frame rates and resolutions. By utilizing the B-Frame data compression method, users can record H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC format video with unmatched integrity for up to 29:59 minutes per clip.

Selectable image area: Users now have the ability to select an image area in Live View mode to match the glass or shooting style. To best suit the scene, FX, DX (1.5x) and 2.7x cropping is available.

Expanded ISO range for video and auto ISO control: D4S’ FX-format image sensor and EXPEED 4 work hand-in-hand to render a natural transition between bright and dark scenes, all while delivering rich tones, sharp edges and minimized noise, even at high ISOs. The D-Movie mode has a wide standard ISO range — from 200 to 25,600 to shoot in nearly any lighting. Furthermore, the ISO can be pushed up to an ISO 409,600 (Hi-4) equivalent. Additionally, D4S lets you maintain manual exposure for controlled shutter speeds and aperture settings while the camera automatically dictates the ISO maximum sensitivity from 400 to Hi-4. For assignments with dramatic shifts in lighting, this can be a remarkably useful tool.

Uncompressed 1080 60p: For the purest video quality, the D4S allows direct output of uncompressed files via HDMI. Output can be recorded to an optional outboard digital video recorder, making for an efficient editing workflow.

Manual control: Like the D4 HD-SLR, D4S offers full manual control when shooting video for maximum creative versatility.

Simultaneous recording: When recording to an external digital recorder via HDMI, the D4S can now simultaneously write to the CF or XQD card. This function is ideal for creating backups and recording while live-streaming content.

Improved sound: The range of audio frequency is now selectable, with options such as Wide Range and Voice Range. Wind noise reduction and audio levels can be changed during recording.

Smoother exposure transition during time-lapse and interval-time shooting: Creating breathtaking time-lapse movies is even easier with the D4S. The camera renders exposure transitions with unprecedented smoothness. Such scenes have been difficult to capture in manual or auto exposure mode, but now users can apply an auto exposure to achieve professional-grade time-lapse and interval-time shooting.

NIKKOR lens compatibility: The highest caliber optics are vital to creating HD images and Nikon is the world leader in optics manufacturing with a legacy spanning more than 80 years. Nikon has a vast NIKKOR lens system, with more than 80 lenses including 65 FX-format lenses with a variety of focal lengths and features, including VR vibration reduction.

Pro Grade Construction and Controls
D4S-2.jpgAs a flagship camera for professionals, the D4S is engineered to excel in the world’s toughest environments, while giving pros the features needed to get the shot. The shutter has been tested to 400,000 cycles, and the camera chassis is constructed of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy. Additionally, the camera is sealed and gasketed from moisture, dust and electromagnetic interference to resist the elements.

While shooting, users will appreciate a slightly modified control layout and ergonomics for faster and more comfortable shooting. Subtle changes increase grip and comfort, making the camera easier to hold for a wider range of hand sizes and more comfortable during prolonged use. Photographers will also benefit from composing through a bright viewfinder with 100% coverage. The D4S also features a newly designed mirror-moving mechanism, which uniformly and effectively absorbs mirror slap to minimize viewfinder blackout time. Even at 11 fps, this innovation makes it easier to track a fast subject through the optical viewfinder.

The wide and bright high-resolution 921k dot, 3.2-inch LCD screen of the Nikon D4S lets users easily change menu settings, compose and review images. Photographers have the ability to customize the color of the LCD monitor to better match studio monitors or personal preference. Additionally, the LCD monitor retains its auto-brightness function that automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor to increase visibility and conserve battery life.

Price and Availability
The Nikon D4S HD-SLR will be available March 6, 2014 for a suggested retail price* (SRP) of $6499.95 USD.

Posted by flashdeadline at 5:47 AM

February 20, 2014

The Window Light

Many photographers use costly lighting equipment to create a pleasing look of their images. In this article our Nikonians author, Jan Stimel, explores the power of the window light and how it can be creatively used. (Upgraded members)

Posted by Ronny89 at 9:57 AM

February 19, 2014

Nikonians Academy ready for Spring

Death-Valley_SQ_125.jpgHere's your opportunity to put Winter in your rear-view mirror and look forward to Spring. Nikonians Academy instructor Michael A. Mariant's Death Valley in the Spring photo adventure begins March 13th and he still has some seats left.

This 4-day adventure focuses not only on the "where" to take the pictures, but also on the "how" to take pictures.

Death-Valley_284.jpgIt includes photographic education throughout the workshop at each location, building on the previous locations techniques and lessons to culminate in a comprehensive lesson in composition, modified exposure, light controls, Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS), and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography to name just a few.

Masters Series three-city sweep
d600_shooting-menu_250.jpgSteve Simon and Academy Director Mike Hagen bring the Masters Series to New York City, Los Angeles and Fairfield, New Jersey in the coming weeks.

The Masters Series tour begins March 25th when Steve Simon begins his New York City workshops on March 25th. He'll then head for Los Angeles (beginning April 1) while Mike Hagen's workshops commence in New Jersey on April 3.

Each workshop leader brings the popular core Masters curriculum, with Steve Simon's slate capped by his popular The Passionate Nikon Photographer workshop.

Course titles include:
► Master the Nikon D600, D610, D7000 & D7100 - In Depth 1
► Master the Nikon D600, D610, D7000 & D7100 - In Depth 2
► Master the Nikon D800, Df and D4 - In Depth 1
► Master the Nikon D800, Df and D4 - In Depth 2
► The Passionate Nikon Photographer Two-Day Mastery Workshop (Steve Simon)

Nikonians Academy returns to Europe
Urban_175.jpgRichard Hulbert's Urban and Street Photography workshop heads for Germany and the UK next month. The Berlin workshop begins on March 20 and the Cambridge, UK workshop starts on March 27.

This workshop series is designed to improve your photography regardless of whether you consider picture taking a hobby, or you are a serious enthusiast, or a professional photographer, or earn your living as a member of the global real estate, design, and construction industries.

There are rules for photographing buildings and other man-made structures, and knowing these rules will make you a better photographer. Mastering these rules will allow you to learn how "break" them in a deliberate, meaningful way.
You will learn how a basic understanding of street photography will assist in your architectural and urban photography. You will discover how the fundamental principles of travel photography will enhance your architectural and urban imaging.

Posted by flashdeadline at 1:28 AM

February 17, 2014

Creative writers & workshop leaders wanted

Nikonians-Logo-cropped-125x96.pngNikonians is expanding its team of creative writers (for blogs and articles) and of workshop leaders for its Nikonians Academy team. If you are interested in joining our international team, check out the job postings at Nikonians.

Posted by bgs at 3:36 PM

Photographing Birds-in-Flight and other quick moving subjects – Lenses, Camera Settings and Technique

The Nikonians Wildlife Photography forum has a vast number of superb images of Birds in Flight (BIF) and you will surely be tempted to try it out. It is a fun challenge to get an image with the subject completely in focus, frozen in the air, and yet with an excellent background. Not easy at first, however with frequent good practice you will soon surprise yourself. In this article you will find lens recommendations and field-proven camera settings.

Posted by Ronny89 at 9:15 AM

February 14, 2014

Nikonian Northern Exposure # 12

sister deeppeter on the street of bogotastreet man 3peter on jeep

Bridging the native Mi'kmaq cultures of Canada and the aboriginal people in Colombia,

Peter's passion and spiritual journey is apparant in his photographic vision; a connection

to this powerful roots of his identity. Peter?s descendants in Newfoundland were the

Beothuck people and thought to be extinct; as a Qalipu Mi?kmaq he finds meaning from the

relationships of the earth and people and this translates into the powerful and stunning

images he will present. Most of us have lived through an experience where we faced some

challenges and hardship. In exploring our questions and reflecting on our relationship with

the world we can embrace meaningful insight. In loss and living, spirituality has provided

necessary meaning to capture the resilience and passion which guide his artistic vision.

Click here to listen to Peter Podcast

Posted by pspence at 2:50 AM

February 13, 2014

c't Digital Photography magazine discount for Nikonians

digital-phot_175.jpgA special reminder if you haven't checked up on your Nikonians Rewards page lately.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members are now eligible for a 20% discount on c't Digital Photography magazine subscription (plus free digital edition).

c-t-photo-mag_250.jpgSince 2011, Heise Zeitschriften Verlag has been publishing c’t Digital Photography magazine.

Written for serious photo enthusiasts and professional photographers, the magazine features well-illustrated and comprehensive articles, workshops and tips from prominent and internationally recognized photography experts.

Furthermore, each issue includes a DVD containing content corresponding to the featured articles.

Instead of simply writing about new products, c’t Digital Photography is committed to providing its readers with in-depth and thoroughly researched content on topical subjects.

Published quarterly, each issue is available in print and digital format.

Your gateway to this 20% Nikonians subscription discount (and other specials) is just one click away: Your Nikonians Rewards Page.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:55 PM

February 12, 2014

Academy slate extending to 2015

CostaRicaSQ_125.jpgNikonians Academy Director Mike Hagen has been adding new workshops to the schedule, including dates clear into next year. One of the highlights will be the Costa Rica Photography Adventure 2015 led by Jim Stamates. This is your chance to enjoy 11 Days and 10 nights in beautiful Costa Rica, while warming up in the middle of winter. CostaRica_300.jpg

This is an Eco Adventure.  It includes photo opportunities from mountains to beaches, from rural towns to rain forests, wildlife, birds, beautiful scenery, hanging bridges, butterfly garden, culture, volcanoes, and a sunset boat tour that past participants exclaim is a major highlight. 

This expedition is for everyone. If you are a photography enthusiast then you know that rain forest photography is challenging. Jim will help you get great tropical images.

Coming This Month Urban_250.jpg

Richard Hulbert's Urban and Street Photography Workshop begins in Dallas, Texas starting February 20, with only two seats left.

This workshop series is designed to improve your photography regardless of whether you consider picture taking a hobby, or you are a serious enthusiast, or a professional photographer, or earn your living as a member of the global real estate, design, and construction industries. 

There are rules for photographing buildings and other man-made structures, and knowing these rules will make you a better photographer. Mastering these rules will allow you to learn how “break” them in a deliberate, meaningful way. 

There is no requirement for fancy equipment at this 4-day workshop. Any and every brand of camera will work, so we strongly encourage participants with Canon, Pentax, Sony and other camera brands to attend. 

The principles taught will also apply to point and shoot cameras, new mirrorless cameras and even camera phones. We’re serious. Bring your iPhone or Android and see what you can create.


Also beginning February 20th, Michael A. Mariant launches the Yosemite in Winter: A Season of Contrast photo adventure. This workshop will focus on the numerous locations in the Yosemite Valley that are complemented by the snow season.  

It is well as timed for one of the few rare scenes in Yosemite that happens only once a year for about 10 days in only the perfect conditions: the backlit illumination of Horsetail Fall by the setting sun, called 'The Firefall' (as immortalized by the original 1973 Galen Rowell photo). All three sunset opportunities of the workshop will devoted to capturing this elusive visual phenomenon.

Looking forward to March Death_Valley_Spring-284.jpg

Michael A. Mariant's Death Valley in the Spring photo adventure begins March 13th. This 4-day adventure focuses not only on the 'where' to take the pictures, but also on the 'how' to take pictures. It incorporates photographic education throughout the workshop at each location, building on the previous locations techniques and lessons to culminate in a comprehensive lesson in composition, modified exposure, light controls, Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS), and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography to name just a few.


On the International front, Richard Hulbert brings his Urban and Street Photography workshop to Berlin on March 20 and Cambridge, UK on March 27.


Steve Simon takes the Masters Series to New York City beginning March 25. His course schedule includes:

► March 25 - Master the Nikon D600, D610, D7000 & D7100 - In Depth 1

► March 26 - Master the Nikon D600, D610, D7000 & D7100 - In Depth 2

► March 27 - Master the Nikon D800, Df and D4 - In Depth 1

► March 28 - Master the Nikon D800, Df and D4 - In Depth 2

► March 29 - The Passionate Nikon Photographer Two-Day Mastery Workshop

Posted by flashdeadline at 12:03 AM

February 11, 2014

Nikon COOLPIX line expands

Nikon has announced six new COOLPIX compact cameras. The current slate of COOLPIX offerings now includes more models with Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS technology. 


The new models push the super zoom category with the longest zoom in a COOLPIX camera (60x) and feature a new threshold in wide apertures (f/1.8), plus additions to the rugged all-weather line. Budget conscious COOLPIX fans will also have a prime candidate in the new COOLPIX S32, which hits the streets at below $130 (USD) retail while adding waterproof and shockproof functionality.

Here are the highlights, courtesy of the Nikon USA Press Room:



• Longest zoom in a COOLPIX camera, 60x optical zoom (wide-angle 24mm to 1440mm)

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing with family and friends

• 921k dot, high-resolution 3-inch Vari-angle LCD display

• 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor ensures sharp images even in low-light settings

• Full HD 1080/60i video, full manual controls and an electronic viewfinder

• New Moon and Bird Watching Scene Modes

• Available in February 2014 in Black and Red for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $499.95 (USD).



• Astounding 42x optical zoom (24-1000mm range)

• 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor ensures sharp images

• Full HD 1080/60i video

• Full manual controls (P,S,A,M) and built-in electronic viewfinder

• 3-inch LCD display to help frame every shot and video

• Optional Wi-Fi connectivity with WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter

• Available in February 2014 in Black for a suggested retail price of $449.95 (USD).



• Impressive 30x optical zoom packed into an extremely compact, yet stylish body

• Capability of reaching 60x using Dynamic Fine Zoom

• Lens-Shift VR to help reduce the effects of camera shake

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing with family and friends

• Built-in GPS technology helps track users’ travels and pinpoint the exact coordinates where an image was captured

• 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor produces top quality images and Full HD 1080/60i videos

• High-resolution (921k-dot), 3-inch bright OLED monitor helps frame every shot

• Available in February 2014 in Black and Red for a suggested retail price of $349.95 (USD).



• Powerful performance and advanced optics in an ultra-compact body

• Versatile 5x wide-angle to telephoto zoom range and wide f/1.8 max aperture lens

• 1/1.7-inch, 12.2-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor for superior image quality

• Full manual controls (P,S,A,M) and RAW (NRW) image capture

• High-resolution, 921k-dot, 3-inch LCD monitor on a sleek portable design

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing with family and friends

• Available in March 2014 in Black for a suggested retail price of $379.95 (USD).



• Waterproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof compact camera ready for any adventure

• Equipped with GPS technology, mapping and an Electronic Compass

• Helps track a user’s journey and navigate their expedition

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing of images and HD video

• 16-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing Full HD 1080/60i video

• 5x optical zoom (10x with Dynamic Fine Zoom) with Hybrid VR

• Fast f/2.8 maximum aperture and about 6.9 fps continuous shooting

• Nikon’s Action Control function allows seamless operation, even with gloves on

• Bright 3-inch high-resolution OLED monitor

• Can also be mounted to a chest harness for a unique, in-action point-of-view

• Available in March 2014 in Orange, Blue, Black and Camouflage for a suggested retail price of $349.95 (USD).



• Family-friendly and durable compact camera for any member of the household

• Waterproof (up to 33 feet) and shockproof (up to 5 feet)

• 2.7-inch LCD display and easy-to-use graphic user interface

• 13.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and 3x optical zoom

• Friendly feature set including Motion Detection, Smart Portrait System, Scene Modes and Effects

• Available in March 2014 in White and Blue for a suggested retail price of $129.95 (USD).

Posted by flashdeadline at 10:38 PM

February 6, 2014

Unfettered shooting: The newest dimension in camera freedom

Nikonians author Ján Štimel relates the story of his experiences while exploring what he calls a big innovation in our ever-expanding digital age. He was already enjoying the new found freedoms of huge image storage in single cards (as opposed to 36-exposure rolls of film for instance), and the ability to preview his shots split seconds (instead of hours or days) after taking them. Now, he was able to control his camera settings without touching the camera. It's unfettered photography. If his article was to become a blockbuster action movie, he would probably call it "Photography Unchained." Interested in more?

Posted by Ronny89 at 3:05 PM

February 4, 2014

Congratulations to our December Contest winners

Dec-Contest_SQ_120.jpgIt's time for some well-deserved congratulations.

Dave Summers (dm1dave), Nikonians Photo Contest Director, has compiled the latest list of winners, and provided links to the original entries.

Check our nine-image legend and scroll down for the names of the winners and the photo links.

When you check those links you will be directed to background information on each image and also see the many other noteworthy entries in each category.  


December Master Your Vision forum contests

1.   Wildlife – “Best or Favorite 2013” winner Rick Moran (slokoki1) from Florida, USA for his image titled Bad Day for Mr. Fish

2.   Landscape – “Best Landscape of 2013” winner Joshua Williams (kidsthehall45), from Illinois, USA for his image titled S-Pier Sunrise

3.   Macro – “Best Macro & Close Up of 2013” winner Geoff Baylis (GBaylis), from Lightwater, Surrey, Great Britain for his image titled Match Flame

4.  Sports – “Cover Shot” winner Richard Jordon (rjjj629), from Ohio, USA for his image titled Cyclocross

5.  Travel – “In the Marketplace”  winner Brian Tilley (briantilley), from Paignton, Great Britain for his image titled Buying Nuts at Bath Christmas Market


 Special Edition Contest - Your Top 5 Shots of 2013

6.   Segment One - Winner is Gary Sutherland (gazzas007), from New South Wales, Australia  for his image titled Harris Hawk

7.   Segment Two - Winner is Mark Smith (lastdaylight), from Texas, USA for his image titled Somewhere in Canada

8.   Segment Three - Winner is David Eyestone (txstone12), from Texas, USA for his image titled White Gull - Roman Pantheon, Rome Italy

9.   Segment Four - Winner is Liz Gray (lizgray), from Texas, USA for her image titled Surprise Bride

Editor's Note: If you noticed the last three winners were all from Texas, USA, and you were wondering if we had some sort of typographical glitch. No glitch --- they all coincidentally hail from Texas. 

Posted by flashdeadline at 11:02 PM

February 3, 2014

Congrats to Berger Bros.

Berger-Magic_SQ_125.jpgCongratulations to our friends at Berger Brothers, who have a few milestones in mind as they begin the new year. For starters, the Long Island, New York based camera store will be celebrating their 64th year (established in 1951).

Berger-Bros.jpgIt all started with a store specializing in musical instruments and sporting equipment, but soon the Berger family developed (literally) an interest in photography. They shifted to featuring cameras, lenses and photography related accessories. This shift in store inventory came precisely at the time when the domain of photography was rapidly expanding to serious amateurs and average households.

Berger Brothers helped boost that expansion by offering the latest in the new cameras coming from all corners of the globe. While helping with the growth of the home and amateur photography arena, they maintained a firm foothold in sales and service to the professionals of the day.

Berger-150.jpgBuilding on their reputation of customer service, Berger Brothers advanced to today's digital age under the stewardship of Brad Berger, who is now entering his 41st year at the helm.

His philosophy through those years can be found on the Berger Brothers Web Site history page:
"Brad has expanded our inventory, but has never forgotten what the family drilled into him from an early age - customer service comes first. The Berger Brothers dream has never been to be the largest camera store in New York. Just the best."

In addition, one more milestone:
This year marks the fifth anniversary of the partnership with our Nikonians community, which is now best known as our popular Ask Berger Bros Camera Forum!
Through the past five years, Brad and his team have supported our community with purchasing specials, photography articles and informative links to training videos.

Now serving their third generation of customers in two locations (plus a Photography School) as well as the wide world of Internet sales and service, Berger Brothers is handily keeping up with modern technological improvements, and defiantly refusing to give up on old-fashioned standards:

To quote Brad: "We still believe in offering a good value, in standing behind the sale, and that courtesy and customer service comes first - that if you're happy with your purchase you'll come back."

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Story from the Field: The Eagle That Refused to Die

Mike Hagen’s new favorite bird in Tanzania is the Tawny Eagle. Read this inspiring story to find out why.

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