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February 25, 2015

Size does matter

Bo-JRP-THU-SQ_120.jpg has always been a user-driven community. Whenever our members show interest in enhancing our site, we take notice. 

Our founders have acted on your needs --- co-founder J. Ram?n Palacios (jrp) recently announced an upgrade you may have missed.

Here are the details:


Responding to our members needs and wants in regard to:
? Uploading of larger images, both in size and weight for better image appreciation and no degradation from compression for posting, and to ...
? Easier viewing of images on portable devices, a segment that is growing rapidly,
we have implemented the following changes:

Previous specs
As of recently, we were able to post images in the forums of up to 1,200 pixels wide and/or tall, with a maximum weight of 300KByte.

New specs
Those dimensions have now been expanded to 1,800 pixels X 1200 pixels (for horizontal compositions) and 1,200 pixels tall for vertical compositions with a maximum weight of 1,000KBytes (1MByte).

If you want your images to be appreciated by most members without scrolling we do recommend your images to be not taller than 900 pixels whether in vertical or horizontal composition to accommodate the full image in the most common resolution size of monitors in use by our members.

These new specifications will be updated everywhere in the forums and at the corresponding wiki section for uploading images.

For those with smaller monitor resolutions or on mobile devices, our system will automatically show an 800pixels wide version of the image for more convenient viewing.





Meanwhile, from co-founder Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs), we have received even more good news in the ?size? department:

Here are the details:

We are going to change the sizes of the previews used in our galleries. This has no effect of the full size (original) images.

Currently, for every image uploaded to the galleries we are creating 1) A so called "thumbnail", an image having its largest side set to 150 pixels and 2) a "medium sized preview", having its longest side set to 400 pixels.

Both of these image types are going to increase in size as follows:

? Thumbnails from 150 pixels to 250 pixels. These images are used e.g. on the homepage of the galleries and in overviews of the content of galleries.

? The medium-sized previews from 400 pixels to 800 pixels. These images are used as previews for the full size images in the galleries, for the image linking (imglink) in the forums and as previews in the image sliders in e.g. the wildlife forum.

All new images uploaded to the galleries are affected immediately by this change, getting the larger thumbnails and previews generated. Existing images in the galleries on the other hand, will be getting new thumbnails and medium sized previews generated over the next few weeks.

Until all thumbnails and previews have been regenerated, you will see a mix of the smaller (older) thumbnails and previews and the new, larger ones.


We invite you to join the Silver, Gold and Platinum members that help make these enhancements happen; upgrade. Join your personal web site to the Nikonians WebRing
Make sure you check our workshops at The Nikonians Academy and the product catalog of the Photo Pro Shop

Posted by flashdeadline at February 25, 2015 7:47 PM