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March 8, 2016

Congrats Jan 2016 Photo Contest winners


Nikonians Contest Coordinator David Summers (dm1dave) has posted the results of the January 2016 contests. Congratulations to our winners!

In two categories (Wildlife and Landscape) we had double winners.

Our member driven competitions are unique in many ways.
Unlike most other photo competitions the workings of our contests are transparent.

Check our winning images legend below and scroll down for the names of the winners.

The image titles include links to the winning entries along with a look at the competition in each category.


1. Wildlife - "I'm Watching You" theme winner Christine Gallagher (CRHGallagher) from Alberta, Canada with her image titled Chilko Valley grizzly.

2. Wildlife - "I'm Watching You" theme winner Michael Kawerninski (qanik) from British Columbia, Canada with his image of an owl.

3. Landscape - "Black and White Landscapes" theme winner James Keenan (Lomcevak) from Californian USA with his image titled Devils Tower, WY.

4. Landscape - "Black and White Landscapes" theme winner Russell Whittemore (rosewood_ltd) from Ohio, USA with his image titled Near the Moulton Barns, Grand Teton NP.

5. Macro - "Things That Sparkle" theme winner Richard Dubiel (Dubes) from Ontario, Canada with his image titled Sharpening a chisel.

6. Digital Artistry - "Texture" theme winner Mike McLain (AUMike) from Alabama, USA with his image titled Geranium Pods.

7. Travel - "Vivid Colors" theme winner Barbara Colbert (Britbear) from Illinois, USA with her image titled Channeling Shiva.

8. Online Assignment - "Fire" theme winner Mark Rice (Markapicting) from Maryland, USA with his image titled Candles.

Interested in submitting your photos? 

If you want to participate, please be sure to enter one of the monthly competitions listed in David Summers' contest guide.

The Online Photo Assignments category is coordinated by Rob Migliaccio (rmigliaccio) from Rhode Island, USA. You can check his assignments updates here.

You still have time to enter the March Assignment. The theme is Hands

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