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May 17, 2016

Weekly Hot-5 - May 17 - 2016

WH5_Monte_Sq.jpgWhat's "hot" this week in our forums?

Our editorial staff and Moderating Team members run across much more topics and images than the average member, and we realize a lot of very interesting material deserves to be highlighted and shared in our community.

The Weekly Hot 5 and Trending Blog encourages you to join in the discussions, or have a look at a photo that we think will inspire you to grab your Nikon gear and capture equally outstanding images.

We start with this image from the I have been published forum:

WH5-SQ-1_75x75.jpg------------------------------------------------------ Congratulations to Silver member Lindrel Thompson (lindrelt) from Texas, USA for scoring his first cover shot.

Cover-Pelican_200.jpgHe posted his cover of the Galveston Monthly Magazine.

Lindrel tells us: "The picture was taken at Pier 19 after some returning fisherman released leftover bait fish.

I saw a flurry of Pelicans splashing and fighting over the fish.

Not until back home and reviewing the pictures taken at a fast shutter speed did I realize what had happened.

While Brown Pelicans dive for fish, the White Pelican scoops them right out of the water with their impressive pouched bill!"

Have you had an image of yours appear in print or published on a web-site (not your own of course)?
Share the good news with us in our I have been published! forum.

WH5-SQ-2_75x75.jpg------------------------------------------------------ Reading and writing posts, articles and critiques at does more than just share information.

In many ways, members have embraced the original concept of our founders, making Nikonians not just a knowledgeable and friendly environment but a family environment.

We like to call it a community, and as such we should also have a look at the backgrounds of some of our fellow members.

Monte_325.jpgModerating Team member Marsha Edmunds (meadowlark2) has started an ambitious series of articles aimed at providing that background.

The series title is "I am Nikonians" and at the heart of each article will be Marsha's goal of letting us know more about these family members we share our time with during each visit to

Check out the first edition, featuring Silver member Monte Comeau (BCRose) from British Columbia, Canada.

In the coming months, don't be surprised if you get an email from Marsha, asking you to participate.

WH5-SQ-3_75x75.jpg------------------------------------------------------ Silver member Steven Greenbaum (Steve6344) from Florida, USA is looking for suggestions on saving large files in Photoshop.
The answers so far may help fellow members with a similar problem.

WH5-SQ-4_75x75.jpg------------------------------------------------------ We have brisk and informative conversation going on regarding Nikon Batteries.

EN-EL15-Battery_325.jpgSilver member (Richard Walliker) from Wales, the United Kingdom kicked it off my asking about high battery drain with the Nikon D500.

His question has evolved into a deeper look at who is actually making batteries for Nikon use, and numerous comments about assorted battery life experiences from fellow members.

Some are happy and some are not.

WH5-SQ-5_75x75.jpg------------------------------------------------------If you post your raw NEF photograph in our NEF processing skills forum, we will help you improve it. The forum is open to all members on Silver or higher membership.

NEF-forum-Bird_325.jpgA good example is this photo of a Goldfinch, taken by Gerry LoSardo (JerryLoSardo) from Maryland. Gerry invited our members to have a look and tweak it for sharpness.

Gerry tells us:
"I recently purchased a Nikon 300mm AF-S II (non-VR) and a TC20EIII and have begun the long (but enjoyable) process of learning how to use this lens/TC combo. My post processing efforts in LR (see attached jpeg) have resulted in an image where the bird is too soft, so I'm trying to see if I can create a sharper image."

Remember, don't upload JPEG images. Just RAW images.

Posted by flashdeadline at May 17, 2016 8:17 PM