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May 2, 2016

Weekly Hot-5 - May 2 - 2016

Firmware-SQ_120.jpgWhat's "hot" this week in our forums?

Our editorial staff and Moderating Team members run across much more topics and images than the average member, and we realize a lot of very interesting material deserves to be highlighted and shared in our community.

The Weekly Hot 5 and Trending Blog encourages you to join in the discussions, or have a look at a photo that we think will inspire you to grab your Nikon gear and capture equally outstanding images.

We start with this image from Chernobyl (yes, the site made famous 30 years ago):


------------------------------------------------------ Gold member Chernobyl_325.jpgPeter ZF (tintil) from the United Kingdom used his Nikon V1 camera in a location most of our members would probably avoid.

His images are now being viewed by our members as well as subscribers to the Wordpress Discover channel.

Check it out.

WH5-SQ-2_75x75.jpg ------------------------------------------------------ One of our hottest topics in recent weeks has centered on the new Nikon D500.

Nikoscope-logo_200.jpgNikonians founder Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs) recently posted a quick tip for those who want to track the many comments and opinions of our community regarding this camera. He provides a link that uses NikoScope configured to look for the most viewed posts on the D500 for the past three months.

And if you are interested in another camera, it's a simple adjustment to the search parameters. This link for instance does the same thing for the Nikon D810.

Point of this tip? -- NikoScope is your friend. Give it a try!


Nikon-v-Tamron.jpgBrian Bats (brianbat420) from Hawaii, USA is purchasing a Nikon D600 this week and by the time you read this he will probably already have picked his lens option.

But, the question he raised regarding his top contenders brought up some interesting advice.

Our members weighed in with their experience-based opinions this past weekend while Brian decided between a Tamron or Nikkor lens.


Firmware-hack_325.jpgSilver member Tom Egel (tegel) from Michigan, USA heard from a sales agent that some Nikon DSLR shutter counts can be reset with a software hack.

He asked our members if this was possible, and the replies so far lean towards scepticism.



Gold member Stuart McClay Smith (StuMcSmith) from Ohio, USA lives near a portion of a local marathon.

marathon_450.jpgHe took his Nikon D5, monopod supported, out to capture some images and he shares some with us.

He also shares his impression of the camera at work, with special attention to FPS (frames per second) bursts.

Check it out.

Posted by flashdeadline at May 2, 2016 4:44 PM