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May 23, 2017

New camera, new book, new questions


Here are some of the topics and news items we're tracking for our community this week. ---

New book coming with member input weighed in, lens storage issues, rip stop nylon for portraits--- PLUS more....

1 -- New camera, new book, new questions

Nikonians author Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell) has opened a virtual Pandora's Box while researching his next book in the Mastering Series

He knew that before he embarked on this new project.  Our members have not been too kind when reading about a new DSLR with apparently more features missing than actually added

The camera is the new Nikon D7500, and although Darrell does not have his in hand yet, he's looking for our input:


I have preordered the new Nikon D7500 (from Berger-Bros.com) and have been examining the camera's features on the Nikon site. There are some exciting things and some negative things that I want to talk with you about before I write our upcoming NikoniansPress book Mastering the Nikon D7500. I value your input on the camera. 

What do you see that is positive and/or negative about the D7500? Is there a particular feature you like or dislike? I am looking for positives about the D7500, although I recognize a few negatives. What are your thoughts?

Editor's note: Darrell's research shows he's ready to tackle what may be the most negatively "pre-reviewed" new model since the Nikon DF. He's asking for input because he's noticed our comments so far seem to be missing some goodies. I talked to him at length before posting this, and I can assure you he's not a "fan-boy" looking to ignore negatives in favor of positives, simply to publish a book.  The new book is already in the pre-order pipeline, so if you want it reserved, orders yours today.

2 -- Right side up? - or down?

Silver member Mark Stephan (Mark37814) from Tennessee, USA wants to know how you are storing your lenses. It's not as much the storage location as deciding "which side up?

Here's the question:

I own a bunch of lenses, both AF Nikkors and many 3rd party lenses. I use a set of shelves in my bedroom closet for storage and easy access. Do I need to keep the front lens element facing up or down? 

Currently all of my lenses including heavy primes and zooms are stored with the front element facing up. With my non AF-S lenses should I keep the lens aperture opened all the way (f/1.4, 1.8, 2.0 etc) or closed to the smallest aperture (f/16, 22 or 32) like my G lenses? 

I know this is a silly question but I want to store my lenses in a way that doesn't hurt functionality later on. 

Do you have a preferred method? Let us know, and don't forget to mention why. 

3 -- Ever lose any equipment?  Gear lost forever? - Maybe not!


Each IDmyStuff® label set includes includes 29 labels, in 3 sizes.  Big enough for a 400mm lens to small enough for a filter ring.

3 lines of text on each label, plus a gift or coding message for each set.  Up to 30 characters per line.  Super weatherproof outdoor vinyl with sign grade adhesive, UV resistant colorfast thermal resin printing, laminated with tough polyester. 7 different colors--code your gear by types, storage locations, or application purposes.

Just $9.95, including shipping in USA. (International: $4.95 flat rate shipping per order.)  20% off orders of 3.  30% off orders of 10 sets or more.  Typical turnaround--order to delivery--is one week or less.

4 -- Share your favorite photo storage solution

New member John O'Connell (JBOC) from Virginia, USA needs help deciding on a photo storage sharing site for his club.

Johns asks:
I have been using Dropbox for members to put their monthly theme shots in and if they come up something they like better they can pull back their shot and drop in another.

I would like to have a site where each month's work can be stored for members viewing.

I can't figure out how Flicker can be used by many and any advice would be appreciated.

We've already received comments on sites we've rarely considered. Before you share your advice, don't forget that John's usage is specialized for members of a club, (as opposed to picture sharing with family and friends. 

5 -- Can rip stop nylon improve your portraits?

Have you ever considered using a light panel made of rip stop Nylon?

Portrait photographers have been using light panels made of translucent materials for years.

The versatility factor alone is worth a try.

Silver member Robert Metheney (bobpilot) from Utah, USA has been performing trial runs with the material and he's posted examples.

He has received a few suggestions (mostly about the color of the fabric) and now he's ready for the next step:

Several colors are available. Blue, Black, Charcoal gray, red, hunter green, burnt orange, brown, and a few more that I don't like. My next project, with his mom's approval, is a portrait of a teenager. He wants something modern. He showed me some examples, not of himself, and some had light gray backgrounds, and some had dark backgrounds. We can do both. 

I'm thinking burnt orange then I can light from behind and make it brighter or darker, move it from orange to dark brown.

I am not good at picking background colors. Any help will be appreciated. 

6 -- Don't get p****ed

Silver member Mike McLain (AUMike) from Alabama, USA was first to mention an unusual friend request:

Note to everyone....appears that a scammer has obtained email addresses of members of Nikonians. The body of the email I received from this scumbag references Nikonians.org. Not good. 

Not good indeed Mike, and you were not alone. When I got mine I briefly pictured Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren but my suspicious nature immediately pointed to a phishing scam.

Silver member Fred Brickenkamp (FredB D3) from Florida, USA went a few steps further and looked into some background. 

He reports: This is both a dating scam and an attempt to get people's money (help me get my father's estate, and I'll share with you). 

Many members have also been targeted, and our founders are planning for enhanced preventive measures. 

7 -- Boundless creativity in digital darkroom

Moderating Team member Dan Wiedbrauk (domer2760) reminds us to check out the current digital artistry competition because it is filling up with some amazing images.

Have a look, and let the current submissions give you inspiration to join the competition. 

The May challenge is-- Lines.

This contest features images that have been significantly manipulated for creative effect. The final output can be realistic, surreal, abstract, or fantastic. 

Show us your digitally manipulated images of lines and objects in lines. Any photographic subject is acceptable so long as it meets the Nikonians terms of use. We want to see wall-worthy line abstracts, objects/people in lines, clothes lines, blurred movement lines, architectural lines, or any liney thing that tickles your fancy. Let your inner artist lead the way. 

This is a digital manipulation contest, so tell us a little something about how you achieved the visual effect. 

Editor's note: the image used to illustrate this item was chosen at random, and does not indicate any favoritism to this entry. I'm not on the judging team. Not much time left to enter this May competition. 

8 -- Pushing for perfection

Silver member Bob Levesque (BOB_LEVESQUE) wants to shoot fast action events under challenging light conditions. He needs a good camera and some good advice. 

He has that camera, but now it's time for some advice.

Here's the question: 

This is my first attempt at shooting boxing (also my first outing with my new D750, Nikon 28-300 3.5/5.6 VR, No flash). 

Settings: AF-C, "Group", Manual 1/1000 sec, f/5.6, ISO Auto, face detection ON, focal length used usually 300, shot from the stands (not ringside). 

Read and followed all the tips in the owner's manual, other publications and local camera expert. 

PROBLEM: Even with Face-detection on, and AF-C/Grp, most of the shots were focused on the Rope around the ring instead of the boxers faces. (see attached shot) 

What did I do wrong?

Help and advice much appreciated as I intend to shoot a lot of low-light, fast action events, (boxing, roller-derby, gymnastics...etc.) which is why I bought the D750 to start with.



That's it for this week. Make sure you grab your favorite camera and capture some images to share with family and friends (especially us at Nikonians). -- Tom Boné (flashdeadline)

Posted by flashdeadline at May 23, 2017 10:54 PM

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