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July 18, 2017

Nikon continues providing D750 flare fixes


Here are some of the topics and news items we're tracking for our community this week. ---
Members chat on newest D750 flare advisory- How to fix and avoid stuck filters- Mirror lens pros and cons--- PLUS more....

1-- Nikon continues providing D750 flare fixes

Silver member Glenn Koury (Glenn_K) alerts us that Nikon is still sorting through a flare problem with the Nikon D750.

Glenn opened a discussion on the topic, and it includes a link to the Technical Service Advisory issued last week. Further discussion shows many of our members are not reporting problems, but everyone is keeping a close eye on this topic.

Here's a sample:

• In my case, I got my new D750 in November 2014. It was affected by the flare advisory (the first D750 advisory), and so I sent it in for repair and got my white dot in the tripod socket. When the shutter advisory came out in 2015, I checked and my camera was not affected. Now, under the updated advisory, my camera is affected.

• Thanks for the notice. I'm packing my D750 now. Losing count - this is I think the fourth time I am sending it back for one thing or another.

• Mine is not on the list but I think that is bad for me - if it breaks I will have to pay to fix it. Cameras on the list have lifetime coverage for the problem. I don't think that is right. I think all D750 should have lifetime coverage for this well-known problem unless someone can prove that there are upgraded parts in the cameras not on the list.

Are you personally familiar with this issue? Did you notice strange flare problems? How did you address the situation? Join the discussion 

2 -- Stuck filter? - Solutions discussed

Silver member Dennis Steal (Djsteul) from Alabama, USA had a bad time with a stuck filter and he's looking for advice on avoiding the same problem in the future. Sounds like a simple thing, but this situation involves a lot of careful thought about the value or danger of using certain grease products.

Do you have a solution for avoiding or fixing stuck filter challenges? We need your input.

Here's a sample of discussion points so far:

• I can see a number of problems with using grease for this purpose. One is that greases tend to migrate when nice and warm. They can also attract and hold dust particles and it doesn't take much in the way of foreign bodies to lock up a fine thread like this.

• Filter wrenches are my first choice. A flat rubber lid opener can also work nicely. If you are looking for grease - which I normally would not use on a lens - use a tiny bit of synthetic bicycle grease. 

• Stuck filters are almost inevitable. And of course that will happen at the worst possible time. So, you need to always have something for that at hand, in your bag. Like others, I use Filter Wrenches. Dirt cheap and efficient.

The discussion includes comments on filter wrenches and a large assortment of grease products.

Do you have stuck filter stories? Join the discussion 

3 -- Ever lose any equipment?  Gear lost forever? - Maybe not!

Label ALL your gear... BEFORE you go out to shoot! 

Each IDmyStuff® label set includes 29 labels, in 3 sizes.  Big enough for a 400mm lens -- small enough for a filter ring.

Three lines of text per label, plus a gift or coding message for each set.  Up to 30 characters per line. 

Super weatherproof outdoor vinyl with sign grade adhesive, UV resistant colorfast thermal resin printing, laminated with tough polyester. 7 different colors -- code gear by types, storage locations, or application purposes. 

Just $9.95, including shipping in USA. (International: $4.95 flat rate shipping per order.)  20% off orders of 3.  30% off orders of 10 sets or more. 

Typical turnaround (order to delivery) is one week or less.  

4 -- Mirror lens basics - Cheap, but useful?

New member Dave Bowcock (davebow) from England, The United Kingdom, is wondering if he should purchase a mirror-lens. The price is right, but will he be satisfied with the results? 

Here's the question: 

Hi all, I've recently bought a D300, with the idea of experimenting with older, less costly lenses. I recently came across mirror lenses! Is it worth considering adding one of these to my kit, pros and cons? 

Tanks in advance. -- (note to self- stop going on fleabay !!) 

Dave's question resulted in a number of replies showing successful usage of these lenses, along with warnings that it takes plenty of patience and knowledge of the limitations involved. 

Moderating Team member Brian Wong (blw) added a comprehensive assessment on the topic, including the image used in this article, showing that mirror lenses can even be used for sports photography. His post is a must read. 

If you were to advise him on this challenge, would you recommend a mirror lens? Join the discussion 

5 -- iPad Pro for safari trip - best choice?

Gold member Thomas Savidge (MauiKane) from Hawaii, USA has a big trip planned, and he wants to cut down on his photo-gear weight. He's already close to an answer by thinking of an iPad Pro, but now he's wondering if this would be a wise choice. 

Here's the question: 

I'm heading back to Africa in 2018 and luggage weight limits are severely reduced since some travel will be by smaller bush planes. In the past, I've taken my 15" MacBook Pro but that takes up quite a bit of space and is not the lightest computer around. I am considering the new 12.9" iPad Pro to conserve on weight and size. I want to be able to upload images (RAW) to the iPad, do some basic culling and editing, as well as export a backup copy to an external hard drive or thumb drive. For purposes of my upcoming safari, I don't need the full capabilities of a computer. 

One big issue I am running into is the iPad's lack of ports for connecting external devices. Also, many external hard drives need a power source and the iPad doesn't have enough power to run both itself and an external drive. 

Does anyone use an iPad while in travel status for photo storage, editing, etc. without also having a laptop computer along? How can I make that situation work? If I got the small 12" MacBook laptop, I wouldn't be gaining much, if anything, on weight or size savings by buying an iPad. 

Any suggestion? - Let us know. 

6 -- Backup systems for Nikonians

Gold member Robert Horner (Broadway Bob) from Alabama, USA seeks a reliable and user friendly backup for Windows systems and our members are sharing their hands-on advice. 

Bob's situation: 

I have a Windows 10 PC and am currently doing backups to a Western Digital My Cloud NAS (3TB capacity). I am using LR CC and have about 40,000 photos which are backed up along with the LR Catalog. I am looking for a better solution since I do not like the Western Digital software (confusing) and am having a problem with it). Their tech support is not very responsive and they seem like they want to just give quick email solutions to issues. If I ask any follow-up questions, it takes another 2 days for a response. 

I am considering going to a Drobo system, but they don't have backup application software (as I was told by their sales dept.). I like to have backups occur on an automatic continuous basis as files/folders are created. I would need about 2-4 TB of storage for now. I could connect either as NAS or directly to my desktop via USB 3.0. Any suggestions? -- Thanks! 

We already have some suggestions. Check them out--and if you have experience with any of these products, let us know 

7 -- Model shooters, help Jessica improve her technique

Are you participating in the Post for Critique forum?  If so, you would be able to help one of our newer members, Jessica Piper (Prettypegagirl) from South Africa. She posted a model-shoot with the hopes of improving her technique.

Here's her question:

A very recent photo of today with my daughter playing model, any critique, what am I doing right and or wrong. Where do I need to improve? 

One reply includes: 

I like it - with a tweak here and or there... First off, I like the B&W treatment. And, your daughter is adorable (so that really helps too!). I think the only thing(s) that bothers me is that her knees are cut off with so much floor showing... I'd rather see all of her and cut the floor off. maybe pull the camera back a little so that you capture her in her entirety, including her sweater tail that seems to be almost all in the picture.

I'd start with that and see where you go from there (if anywhere). 

If you are experienced in model photography and have constructive advice, let Jessica know.

8 -- Fireworks finale - 2017 an outstanding year

Our thanks to members participating in this year's Fireworks discussion.

In case you are looking for advice for next year, make sure you copy this link and save it for future reference.

We had some amazing images posted and as a special bonus, we had excellent tips and tricks shared. 

Special thanks go to: 

• Silver member Frederic Hore (voyageurfred) from Quebec, Canada 

• Silver member Jon Etkins (jetkins) from Texas, USA  

• Gold member Laddie Crisp (laddad) from North Carolina, USA 

• Gold member Greg Karnaze (gregckar) from Texas, USA 

Check out their contributions to this topic. And don't forget to add your best shots from 2017. Make sure you add as many background "how-to" details as possible.  


That's it for this week. Make sure you grab your favorite camera and capture some images to share with family and friends (especially us at Nikonians). -- Tom Boné (flashdeadline)

Posted by flashdeadline at July 18, 2017 10:30 PM