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August 31, 2017

Some members cannot access us

BGS0684-110.jpgWe have recently been notified that some members cannot access us and see an 500 error page or a blank page in their browser, trying to access certain areas of the community.

We believe the problem relates to the infrastructure in use between us and you, since some members are plagued by this no matter which browser they use, but the issue disappears when they use another provider.

We have now made some re-configurations on our side, changes that might be relevant to the issues experienced by some. So, if you have experienced recent problems accessing the community, please try again.


Posted by bgs at 12:58 PM

August 25, 2017

Get the Nikonians photographer's card

Nikonians-PhotoID-preview-110.jpgHow do you get your own, personalized Nikonians photographer's (ID) card?
Our popular card is available for all members on a Gold or Platinum membership.

Tom Boné with some gear and his first generation Nikonians photo card.
Even if Tom has pro credentials, the card is not a legitimate ID.

If you want to be as good looking as Tom Boné (flashdeadline) wearing your very own Nikonians photo card, then just visit "My Profile" and click on the "Membership" tab.

When in the "Membership" tab, click on the link
Go to create your photographer card ID

Fill out the data and hit submit. We are manufacturing the cards every two months, so please be patient :)

Posted by bgs at 2:25 PM

August 22, 2017

Nikonians FAQ: Issues with login?

_BGS9598_1-Los-Cabos-Mexico-110_tonemapped.jpgEvery so often, some members of Nikonians report having issues logging in to the site. This often relates to a few, common problems. Remedies are listed in this blog, but if they did not help, just contact us.

Waves hitting the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico in the early morning hours. Nikon D300

If you have issues to login to Nikonians, this should help:

1. If you are using Safari as your browser and you see a 500 error after successful login, please enter
in the browser's address field and press the return key

2. Do not use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Especially older versions are not supported by us. Microsoft Edge is probably a bad idea as well.

3. Stick to one browser you like. e.g. Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Firefox or Safari. This is especially true if you want to keep bookmarks organized and if you care about "remember my password" features.

4. If you are using an additional security/firewall software on your computer, make sure is set as a trusted site or granted similar trust. Security software can easily block parts or all of Nikonians to work properly in your browser.

5. Make sure cookies from Nikonians are stored and kept in your browser (cookies must be enabled in your browser for Losing/deleting the cookies from us means new login required.

6. Ensure JavaScript is enabled for in your browser/security software. Without JavaScript, you cannot use Nikonians.

7. When you login at, checkmark "Remained logged on when I return later"

8. Once you are logged in, change your password to something you can remember. You do that under "My Profile".

More help can be found in our FAQs

And, enjoy the community! :)

Posted by bgs at 9:05 AM

August 21, 2017

New Nikonians Member? Where to start

BoStahlbrandt-BGS3463-Waiting_For_Old_Faithful-110.jpgNikonians has a lot to offer and it might feel a bit intimidating to new members. If you are new to Nikonians, please take a few minutes, sit down with your favorite cup and read through the following guide, it should hopefully be helpful :)

Waiting for Old Faithful on the ANPAT16, 2016

Remember, if you have any problems with anything pertaining to the community, its forums or articles, please make a post in the About Nikonians forum, where many helpful members and the team are available to support you.

If you rather want to have a 1:1 response, e.g. the matter is about your membership and is of no interest to others, please contact us through the contact form instead.

Enjoy the community!

Posted by bgs at 2:46 PM

August 18, 2017

How to easily add months to your membership

photographers-dunes-bgs7935-200c.jpgThis is something that many members miss, so let me wrap it up here. If you invite another person to join Nikonians, they will get a 20% discount on their new membership and you will get two additional months added to yours as a small "thank you" for helping spreading the word.

How does it work? It is simple, really:

1. Go to "My Profile" and click on the tab "Invitations"

2. Type in the person's email to be invited

3. Click the "Generate voucher" button

4. Now you can either click the link "Send" to send out the voucher as an email to the person, or you can print it out to personally hand it over.

There is no limit on the number of invitations you can make and you can keep track on them easily in the list shown on the "Invitations" page.

Thanks for spreading the word about the community :)

Posted by bgs at 2:20 PM

The notification window is your friend

heart-menu-with-myprofile-link-110.pngNikonians notifications, shown by the small heart symbol beside the "My Profile" link in the top right corner, indicates when someone likes a post you have made. If you have been recommended by another user, that shows on the heart icon as well. Clicking on the heart and your list of recommendations and likes are shown.

Coming Monday 20-AUG-2017, we are expanding on this functionality, including two more kinds of notifications:

  1. If someone comments on an image of yours in your gallery, you will be notified about this in the notification window
  2. If you are the author of an article and someone comments on your article, you will be notified about this in the notification window as well

We are including more types of notifications in the "heart window" over time.

Posted by bgs at 1:44 PM