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February 2, 2019

The Best of Nikonians Photo Contest Judging

bestof2109-110px.JPG How do we choose images for The Best of Nikonians Contest Photo Contest?

The contests that we run in the forums throughout the year are the preliminary rounds for our premier event, The Best of Nikonians Photo Contest. Each winning image is added to the Best of Nikonians Contest galleries.

The December contests winners are the final images to be eligible for the current years' contests. The voting for the December contests are carried out in January, so judging process is scheduled to begin on the first day of February each year.

Who makes up the jury?

The jury in for the Best of Nikonians Contest are members of the Nikonians Masters Society, a select group of highly experienced, advanced photographers, representing a wide range of photographic disciplines.

How are the images evaluated?

The images are presented to the jury without members names or any other context. Images are evaluated on their own merit as stand-alone images without bias as to the subject matter, technique, or difficulty of getting the shot.

Jurors will assign a numerical sore between 10 and 50 for each image.

A score of 50 - Indicates an Exceptional Image. This is not necessarily a perfect image, but a work of photographic excellence. The image should not have any oblivious flaws and a high level of impact on the viewer.
A score of 40 - Indicates a Very Strong Image. These images are technically correct and impactful. Image elements should work together to keep the viewer engaged. Any flaws are minor and/or hard to identify.
A Score of 30 - Indicates an above average image. These images demonstrate a strong composition and solid technical skill.
A Score of 20 - Indicates a good image. This image will have no major flaws. It will have limited impact and may not keep a viewer engaged.
A Score of 10 - Indicates a poor or weak image.

The final scores are determined by scoring each image on five criteria. Each criteria is scored 1-10, then all are then added together for the final score.

- Overall Impact:
This is about how did you feel about the image at your first look, before a close examination...
What impression does it make on you? - from dull to exhilarating, mysterious, captivating, etc.
Does the image have emotional appeal?
Was you first impression of the image '' or 'good' or 'very good', or 'Wow'?
- Color/Tone:
If color, how does the use color impact the overall image?
Are the colors and tones appropriate for the subject matter?
If black and white, is the image toned appropriately for the subject matter?
- Composition:
Does it keep the viewer engaged? Are you drawn to the subject?
Does the image have good balance?
or Does it feel awkward or uncomfortable to view?
- Technical Execution:
Look for... Proper exposure, appropriate depth of field, quality of lighting, good focus, distractions.
- Story/Message:
Does the image tell a story?
Does the image convey a message?
Does the image stand on its own, without a title, caption or other explanation?
Can you interpret the intent of the photographer?
Does the image advance awareness of a subject or an issue?


The top ten scoring images will be designated as equal winners.

If any one member has more than one image in the top ten, then their highest scoring image is selected and any other are removed advancing the next highest scoring image.

In the end we will have ten images by ten separate members announced as winners.

Winners will be announced in mid February each year.

To see all of the eligible photo from each years competition, go to the Contest Categories in our galleries.


Posted by dm1dave at February 2, 2019 11:47 PM