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November 26, 2023

Monthly Update 26-NOV-2023

Jetty at Cholpon-Ata Lake

This months latest Editor's Choice images and top discussions at Nikonians.

You'll find more, excellent images on the Editor's Choice page

Jetty at Cholpon-Ata Lake

Jetty at Cholpon-Ata Lake by JiangMX -
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Editor: Nice view of this jetty during sunset, with excellent light on the water.

Early Morning

Early Morning by Dockmure -
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Editor: Feels like a movie candidate. The street lights and the lines work very well.

New River Gorge Bridge

New River Gorge Bridge by mc5522 -
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Editor: Fantastic fall color. I can't think of a better place to shoot in the fall. Super work!!

Zion National Park

Zion National Park by Bob Chadwick -
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Editor: Great landscape with a wonderful sense of depth.

Favorite place in the Olympic Mountains

Favorite place in the Olympic Mountains by harrygc -
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Editor: Great choice to frame the falls with the trees. It gives a great sense of place.

Gerber Daisy

Gerber Daisy by Gupta -
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Editor: Excellent partial of this Gerber Daisy, wonderful colors.

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth by jhr -
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Editor: Excellent art work, beautifully captured.

This months top forum postings

Nikon D500: Nikon D500 - SnapBridge - Remote Start Video Recording by
JP4N 17-Nov-23 09:03 AM (GMT)
Hi, everyone. I was able to connect the Nikon D500 to SnapBridge using Bluetooth and WiFi. Clicking on the Remote Photography option required WiFi, and I was able to connect as well. Once in the remot...

Nikon Z9 / Z8: The Z9 adventure begins by
ch96066 11-Nov-23 10:07 PM (GMT)
I have learned over the years that it is better in gear to go for what you lust (or may lust) directly rather than through meandering 'upgrades'. This is especially so if the gear involved has made a ...

Wildlife: Florida Sandhill Cranes at Sunset by
Second Hand Pat 31-Oct-23 11:36 AM (GMT)
My photo buddy and me went to a local park to see if the sandhill cranes were returning for the cooler weather to roost in the shallows of a local lake. When we first arrived we didn't see any birds s...

Landscape: Making the most of Fall! by
natpat 29-Oct-23 07:30 PM (GMT)
Our Kentucky fall weather has been one of the driest that I can remember in many years. Our colors have come and gone so quickly but I have tried to capture a few special moments with the Z6ii and mak...

Glamour & Portrait, Studio & Still Life: Lighting to minimize wrinkles on portraits? by
chasmeister 31-Oct-23 11:28 PM (GMT)
I need lighting advice that will help minimize the visibility of wrinkles on a portrait of a woman in her late 70s. I have some experience doing headshots of young actors for theater programs where t...

Architecture & Industrial Photography: Vancouver House I by
Pics905 05-Nov-23 11:22 PM (GMT)
Vancouver House is a high-end luxury condominium which was built on a site which was considered undevelopable by the City of Vancouver due it being adjacent to (and parts of it are actually below) a m...

PJ, PR & Street: How do I look? by
Labsmom 05-Nov-23 11:16 PM (GMT)
I caught this family in Oaxaca. The young lady spent a long time combing her bangs just so before she finally chose this headdress of flowers, followed by a bunch of selfies! Debbie ...

Sports: Anyone photographed skeet shooting? by
Nikon32250 10-Nov-23 02:38 AM (GMT)
I may be shooting a skeet shoot in the near future. I have never tried this type of photography. If anyone has photographed this sport, I would appreciate a few tips and suggestions. I imagine one wou...

Stage, Clubs, Concerts & Nightlife: One Dark Night by
pixures 22-Nov-23 12:51 AM (GMT)
On the evening of October 27, I had the privilege of photographing "One Dark Night", aka "A Rock Symphony of the Macabre" - Featuring the awesome guitarist Neil Zaza and his Band in partnership with t...

Micro, Macro & Close-up: Ten second exposure delay mode possible? by
Peregrine8 30-Oct-23 02:09 AM (GMT)
I am shooting a D7100. I have been using the d10 Exposure delay mode under the Custom Setting Menu for flower closeups, etc. to minimize camera shake. Is there any way to set up the camera to for a lo...

Panorama: Cliff Face by
DeanAZ 10-Nov-23 09:29 PM (GMT)
Here is a megapixel pano from down in the Glen Canyon from my fishing trip a few weeks ago. I loved the stress fractures and tension in the cliff face while shooting across the river at a nearly flat ...

Travel: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia-A Series of Images by
ctnorm7 30-Oct-23 06:49 PM (GMT)
A series of images made on a recent visit to beautiful Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. As always comments & suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for looking. Norm https//

Aviation: F-35 and Thunderbirds by
smitheroosky 30-Oct-23 11:43 PM (GMT)
A few more shots from the Orlando Air Show this weekend. Punching through a vapor cone https// When 20 frames a second is almost not enough! //www.nikonia...

Infrared & Ultraviolet: Cape May Point, NJ by
Cavy2 31-Oct-23 05:58 PM (GMT)
Took my new camera out for a shoot. Z7ll with Full Spectrum conversion by LifePixel; 24-70/4S Z Nikkor; 590nm Super Color Filter. #1-3 Cape May Lighthouse #4 Surfer's Beach #5-7 Abandoned Cape May WWI...

Astrophotography: The Moon and Venus, early AM, Nov 9. by
ajdooley 09-Nov-23 01:42 PM (GMT)
The Moon and planet Venus were in conjunction this morning. One view is what you saw if you had a long telephoto -- the other is what it looked like as you went out in the pre-dawn. Both Nikon D850 ha...

Digital Artistry: Congratulations Gary! by
dm1dave 01-Nov-23 05:11 PM (GMT)
Please join me in congratulating Gary Feinberg (gfeinberg) for his winning image in the September Digital Artistry contest - "No-Living Things." The winning images will be been added to the and ...

Post for Critique: Subject Isolation by
elec164 14-Nov-23 03:30 AM (GMT)
When a catastrophic fire forced the Jubilee celebratory mass to be held at a local church; it turned out to be quite a find. There are numerous areas of interest to shoot. There is one alcove I found ...

B&W / Film & Digital: White Sands New Mexico by
LostHwy 07-Nov-23 09:56 PM (GMT)
https// ...

A Picture I Took: Fall in the Poconos by
Cavy2 07-Nov-23 11:43 AM (GMT)
Taken in and around the Raymondskill and Dingmans Falls area. https// https// https//

Family & Pets: Let me introduce you to Murphy by
silverhair2048 02-Nov-23 08:32 PM (GMT)
Here's a shot of Murphy down by my feet. Which is not his favorite area to be in by the way. He prefers to be along side me. I sent a sample of his saliva into the DNA lab and it came back (If I can r...

Behind The Image: Behind The Image - Editor's Choice - Boathouse Fog by
DaddySS 03-Nov-23 10:05 AM (GMT)
To begin with I suppose, I love images of docks, and boats - there's a sort of implied anticipation in the images, especially in good light. Did they just dock, what happened during their time on the ...

Photo Assignments: Nov/Dec Assignment - Holidays and Celebrations by
dm1dave 01-Nov-23 07:04 PM (GMT)
November/December Assignment - Holidays & Celebrations Please read the before you submit a photo for this Assignment. As we are entering the holiday season, we what to see images that reflect your cel...

Macro & Close-Up Contest (Monthly): November contest - Books, Letters, and Numbers by
dm1dave 03-Nov-23 02:48 AM (GMT)
This month's challenge theme is "Books, Letters, and Numbers" This month's contest theme is "Books, Letters and Numbers" Show us some close-up or macro shots consisting of some component of a book...

Wildlife Contest (Monthly): Nov Contest - Winter & Wildlife by
dm1dave 02-Nov-23 01:42 AM (GMT)
November theme is - Winter & Wildlife As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, let's see some examples of wildlife surviving in the cold conditions. Example 2023 November - Winter & Wildlife D...

Digital Artistry Contest (Monthly): November contest - Letters, and Numbers by
dm1dave 03-Nov-23 03:01 AM (GMT)
This month's challenge theme is Letters and Numbers. Lets get creative and make some digital images featuring letters or numbers. Example -- Entrants must be Silver, Gold or Platinum members -- Post...

... and, that's it, folks!

Your Nikonians Team

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Posted by bgs at 5:49 PM

November 22, 2023

Creating a video?

video-storytelling-projects-cover-110.jpgAre you thinking about creating a video? Maybe a new youtube or vimeo venture?
Team member Obregon has reviewed four books on this topic and this is interesting, short reading.

The four books are:
- Introduction to Documentary, 3d Ed. by Bill Nichols
- Sound Design for Film by Tim Harrison
- Video Storytelling Projects by "RC" Concepcion
- Film Editing: Emotion Performance and Story by Julie Lambden

Introduction to Documentary
"At the risk of revealing my own insecurities, the most valuable lesson I learned from this book is that my own videos fit into the traditional definition of documentary."


Read review Introduction to Documentary
Buy on Amazon (supports the community)

Sound Design for Film
"Although I'm pretty competent with shaping the visual portion of motion pictures (film or video) in order to create a mood, I'm a little last certain when it comes to the audio portion. I can record accurate audio that sounds more or less like what you would hear if you were standing next to me. I have a hard time shaping the sound either at the time of recording or in post processing so that it sounds like anything but exactly what I heard. (It's not always easy to do that, and I probably use more audio equipment for sound than the average person.)"

Read review Sound Design for Film
Buy on Amazon (supports the community)

Video Storytelling Projects
"There are books that teach how to use tools like cameras and software and other books that show how to structure the video. This book is a good combination of the two for elementary videography."


Read review Video Storytelling Projects
Buy on Amazon (supports the community)

Film Editing: Emotion Performance and Story
"Someone asked today how to get started in film making. I was startled. There are so many crafts and skills involved. I found the question hard to answer, but I knew that it was important to understand editing. Lambden is certainly a good starting point on a long journey."


Read review Film Editing: Emotion Performance and Story
Buy on Amazon (supports the community)

Posted by bgs at 1:20 PM

November 12, 2023

Is your photo ID up to date?

We are running a new batch of the popular, classic Nikonians Photo ID's prior Christmas 2023.
Cut-off date for this batch is 06-DEC-2023. You can apply for yours online.

Posted by bgs at 1:27 PM