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May 9, 2024

Forum subscription emails have changed

neowise_iss_lomcevak_dsc8602-mini-sq_110.jpgWe have now changed the format of our forum subscription and topic subscription/notification emails. They used to be plain text, now they are HTML, with quite a lot of additional information and different logic behind the creation of the content, which we believe will be helpful to you.

We started a beta group 22-APR-2024 who've been very helpful identifying issues during the development.
The top items that have changed:

1) Now HTML and not plain text. You can select the format (and revert back to plain text) in your "My Profile" and
"Preferences" tab.
2) Forum subscriptions no longer contain each new post, but aggregate multiple replies into a single entry in the email and show a number how many additional replies a topic has.
3) "New post" has changed its meaning. If you are using the manual "Mark forum as read" it will now be taken into account if a post will be included in the email, or not. If you are not using that feature, new posts = since last time you received the email.

Here is a complete list of changes:
1) Send forum subscriptions as HTML instead of text. Old behavior: Sent only as plain text.

2) If member has "MARK time stamp for READ NEW messages" option in use, do only include forum posts that are newer than the last time the member marked the forum in question as have been read. Old behavior: Did not consider the marking forum as read option.

3) No posts included will be older than 90 days. Old behavior: Only date of last time email sent was considered. This new aspect should typically have no effect, rather a precaution to not create too many emails.

4) If a member has a lot of subscription messages, divide the subscriptions into multiple emails. This is same behavior as before, splitting is done at approx 8500 characters per email. When an email is split into several, indicate in each: a) If there is a continuation expected after the current email, and b) that a continued email is indeed a continuation. This part is new. The old email did not really show this in the content and the subject only contained a counter.

Use the "To message" links to jump directly to the oldest, unread message. Click on the topic itself to open up the whole thread.

5) If the topic is new, do only include the topic itself, not replies. If there are new replies to a topic and the topic is not listed, include a link to the topics newest reply and use an HTML anchor to point to the reply (letting the browser scroll to that message). If there are multiple replies to a topic, only include the first reply. If topic subject is clicked, opens the complete thread.
Old behavior: Included each and all replies, making larger threads quite impossible to follow in the forum subscription email.

6) Shows a counter after topics and replies to indicate there are more replies. Uses format "(+ N)" where N is the number of additional replies. Shows a direct link to the oldest unread message, opening in a view where only that message is shown and the other messages in the topic are collapsed. Old behavior: this did not exist.

7) Does not include skeleton topics where the topic has been moved (the message states that the moderator of the forum has moved the topic). Old behavior: included these messages.

Comet Neowise is joined by the International Space Station in the evening sky over north San Diego County. Image by lomcevak

Posted by bgs at May 9, 2024 1:55 PM