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December 6, 2016

Call for Entries - New Contest offers $10,000 in prizes

Lensculture-Awards-SQ_110.jpgYou are invited to participate in the First Ever Nikonians Photography Awards!
The Nikonians Photography Awards 2017 is an opportunity for photographers of all levels to enter their work and engage with peers in the photo industry, be eligible for awards including an online exhibition of your photos, and get professional reviews and critics of your work.

Prizes include $10,000 in camera gear, online learning programs and exposure of your work to a global audience. Our international jury panel will select 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as 25 finalists. You are invited to enter your images.

Enter this new Nikonians Photography contest now.
Deadline: Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Submission of images will include a modest entry fee.

This contest is open to all types of photography:


Get a Free Professional Review
For the Nikonians Photography Awards 2017 we are proud to be working in partnership with LensCulture, to provide each application you make with an optional free Professional Review.

LensCulture believes that every photographer who applies to the Nikonians Photography Awards deserves thoughtful feedback on their work. These professional reviews deliver insightful, critical feedback plus recommendations for improving your practice and preparing your work for such opportunities as competitions, grants, juried exhibitions, and other calls for entries.


Ken Geiger - Director of Photography, The Nature Conservancy
Brendan McCabe - Photo Editor, Smithsonian Magazine
Michael Yamashita - Photographer, The Photo Society
Alexander Strecker - Managing Editor, LensCulture
Mike Hagen - Photographer, Author and Owner, Visual Adventures
David Summers - Director, Moderator and Photo Contests Director, Nikonians


1st Place - $5,000
2nd Place - $3,000
3rd Place - $2,000

Lensculture-Awards-Gear_175.jpg1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning photographers will receive vouchers to purchase the camera equipment of their choice from B&H Photo Video. Cameras, lenses, drones, tripods, flashes, lighting, filters, accessaries & more are available from brands including Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Leica, Olympus, Sony & so many more.

Online Workshops and Learning Opportunities
Lensculture-Awards-workshops_200.jpgWinning photographers and finalists will receive vouchers to select a series of their choice in classes from CreativeLive's Camera & Gear curriculum.

Plus, you will enjoy a 10% off discount good for a full year of Nikonians "in person" learning events including workshops in Galapagos, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Tokyo, and more as well as the twice yearly Nikonians Photo Adventure Trips.

Nikonians Platinum Membership
Lensculture-Awards-Platinum_200.jpgAll winning photographers will receive a free one-year platinum membership to Nikonians. With a value of over $200 this membership level is the highest offered to the Nikonians community with the most complete access to forums, galleries, content, community and discounts.

Massive Exposure to our Nikonians audience with an online exhibition
Winning images will be showcased in the Nikonians 2017 Online Exhibition, accessible by photography-lovers all over the world immediately after the results are announced as well as long after the competition closes.

Selected photographers will also be published in feature articles on and published across Nikonians social media and editorial channels.

Don't miss this opportunity to let your photography skills earn you a prestigious award plus great prizes.
Enter the Nikonians Photography Awards 2017 contest now.

Nikonians has partnered with LensCulture to give you access to this organization who develops and fosters opportunities that help you move your photography career forward creatively and professionally.

Through this partnership photographers can apply to be featured in an Online exhibition as well as gain access to many opportunities for exposure, recognition and learning through LensCulture.

Posted by flashdeadline at 9:48 PM

May 2, 2016

Weekly Hot-5 - May 2 - 2016

Firmware-SQ_120.jpgWhat's "hot" this week in our forums?

Our editorial staff and Moderating Team members run across much more topics and images than the average member, and we realize a lot of very interesting material deserves to be highlighted and shared in our community.

The Weekly Hot 5 and Trending Blog encourages you to join in the discussions, or have a look at a photo that we think will inspire you to grab your Nikon gear and capture equally outstanding images.

We start with this image from Chernobyl (yes, the site made famous 30 years ago):


------------------------------------------------------ Gold member Chernobyl_325.jpgPeter ZF (tintil) from the United Kingdom used his Nikon V1 camera in a location most of our members would probably avoid.

His images are now being viewed by our members as well as subscribers to the Wordpress Discover channel.

Check it out.

WH5-SQ-2_75x75.jpg ------------------------------------------------------ One of our hottest topics in recent weeks has centered on the new Nikon D500.

Nikoscope-logo_200.jpgNikonians founder Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs) recently posted a quick tip for those who want to track the many comments and opinions of our community regarding this camera. He provides a link that uses NikoScope configured to look for the most viewed posts on the D500 for the past three months.

And if you are interested in another camera, it's a simple adjustment to the search parameters. This link for instance does the same thing for the Nikon D810.

Point of this tip? -- NikoScope is your friend. Give it a try!


Nikon-v-Tamron.jpgBrian Bats (brianbat420) from Hawaii, USA is purchasing a Nikon D600 this week and by the time you read this he will probably already have picked his lens option.

But, the question he raised regarding his top contenders brought up some interesting advice.

Our members weighed in with their experience-based opinions this past weekend while Brian decided between a Tamron or Nikkor lens.


Firmware-hack_325.jpgSilver member Tom Egel (tegel) from Michigan, USA heard from a sales agent that some Nikon DSLR shutter counts can be reset with a software hack.

He asked our members if this was possible, and the replies so far lean towards scepticism.



Gold member Stuart McClay Smith (StuMcSmith) from Ohio, USA lives near a portion of a local marathon.

marathon_450.jpgHe took his Nikon D5, monopod supported, out to capture some images and he shares some with us.

He also shares his impression of the camera at work, with special attention to FPS (frames per second) bursts.

Check it out.

Posted by flashdeadline at 4:44 PM

April 28, 2016

10% off on all used gear for Silver, Gold and Platinum

Starting now and for the rest of 2016, we are happy to announce that our members on Silver, Gold and Platinum level have 10% off on all gear at - Visit your rewards page and use the discount code when you are checking out.

Posted by bgs at 4:16 PM

March 29, 2016

Free Nikonians bracelet for Gold and Platinum members

When you are ordering your complimentary Photographers Card, unique for Nikonians Gold and Platinum members, we are adding a Nikonians bracelet for the first 100 orders at no cost.

Read more about this in the About Nikonians forum.

Posted by bgs at 4:45 PM

March 4, 2015

Berger Bros. pre-orders special for Nikonians

Berger-Bros-Special_SQ_120.jpgBrad Berger at Berger Bros. contacted us to let you know our members have preference on pre-orders for the newest Nikon Cameras (just announced).

He's already arranging to make sure you can get your Nikon D7200, Nikon COOLPIX P900 and accessories as fast as possible.


Take advantage of these special offers by calling Brad Berger or Lisa M. at 800-542-8811.
You can also email or

While you're on the phone ask about the Nikon stand alone lens rebates which have been extended thru March 28th.

Posted by flashdeadline at 2:17 AM

February 12, 2015

California members, watch your inbox

California_125_SQ.jpgAttention Nikonians in California: Are you interested in increasing your lighting skills?

Be on the lookout for an email from us within the next few days.

jrp_100.jpgThe email will come directly from Nikonians co-founder J. Ram?n Palacios (jrp). He has been working on plans for a unique opportunity exclusive to Nikonians in California.

He has most of the details locked in, and you Golden State folks will be receiving a specially targeted email soon. The emails will be your gateway to a limited number of seats available at a special function designed to gather information about photography lighting products to be held later this month in the San Francisco area.

We're told this will be of interest to both amateur and professional photographers, and (the best part), those who are selected to participate are in line for financial compensation.

Sorry, but that?s all we can tell you for now. Just keep your eyes peeled on your inbox and you will be the first members invited to participate in this unique opportunity.

Posted by flashdeadline at 1:44 AM

June 27, 2014

Berger Bros Special D810 Offer

Thinking about getting the brand new Nikon D810? Our friends at Berger Bros have a special offer, exclusive for Nikonians members, placing a pre-order on the upcoming camera body. A free Black Rapid Classic Strap ($59.99 value) is included with the purchase of a Nikon D810 Pre-Order + FREE UPS Delivery in the continental USA. Just mention that you are from Nikonians and include your username with the order.

Posted by Ronny89 at 4:21 PM

June 10, 2014

Nikonians Good Locations June Special

Good-Locations-SQ_125.jpgWe have a free Nikonians cap waiting for a lucky Gold or Platinum member.
It's easy.
Just add your best photographic locations to our Good Locations Site in the Nikonians wiki and get the chance to win the cap. Entries made throughout the month of June will qualify.

You can download the free Good Locations app from the iTunes store.

Good-Locations-Phone_250.jpgThe latest version allows you to shoot your image while offline (or out of cell-phone range). You can capture the locations while being offline and then send them when you have network coverage.

Therefore, you can snap away regardless of available coverage (you would need GPS reception though) and then you can send the captured data at a later time. Make sure you download the latest version of the application to take advantage of this new feature.

The app includes publication ability to the community, Facebook and Twitter.

Using the application, photographers can snap a location shot with their phone and upload the coordinates for future reference on shooting locations or for sharing with others.

As an example, the photo in this screenshot (at left) would also include specific directions via Google Maps to the shooting location in North Carolina.

Once you fill in your comments and press "send" your photo will quickly appear on our Good Locations Site.

GL-Satellite.jpgThe Google map pin shows your location, but don't expect it to always pinpoint your exact shooting angle. We tested it recently and in our Google Map satellite view you can see the photographer's position compared to the exact position (marked with the circled-X).

This is probably due to the Google Map seeking the nearest street to add to the caption information. When we uploaded the image, our comments input included Highway 70 but never mentioned Tourist Center Drive. That addition was courtesy of Google.

Complete information can be found at our Good Locations by Nikonians Wiki, and before you start using it keep in mind the privacy precautions which apply not only to this application but any software program that publishes the exact location a photograph was taken.

The iPhone app Good Locations by Nikonians V1.0 was released January 21st 2010.
V1.01 was released February 2nd 2010. This release includes support for several languages and fixed a bug with ratings which are now sent properly.

Posted by flashdeadline at 5:53 PM

February 13, 2014

c't Digital Photography magazine discount for Nikonians

digital-phot_175.jpgA special reminder if you haven't checked up on your Nikonians Rewards page lately.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members are now eligible for a 20% discount on c't Digital Photography magazine subscription (plus free digital edition).

c-t-photo-mag_250.jpgSince 2011, Heise Zeitschriften Verlag has been publishing c’t Digital Photography magazine.

Written for serious photo enthusiasts and professional photographers, the magazine features well-illustrated and comprehensive articles, workshops and tips from prominent and internationally recognized photography experts.

Furthermore, each issue includes a DVD containing content corresponding to the featured articles.

Instead of simply writing about new products, c’t Digital Photography is committed to providing its readers with in-depth and thoroughly researched content on topical subjects.

Published quarterly, each issue is available in print and digital format.

Your gateway to this 20% Nikonians subscription discount (and other specials) is just one click away: Your Nikonians Rewards Page.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:55 PM

January 29, 2014

The Nikonians Eagle Expedition

Eagle-Square_125.jpgLocation, location, location. That's one key to for success when you plan on opening a new business, and it also applies to wildlife photography. Once you know the best location to capture outstanding and rare images of wildlife, you share it with your friends in the Nikonians community and before you know it, you have a Nikonians mini-event.

Nikonions Moderating Team member (and Photo Contest Director) Dave Summers (dm1dave), shares his story of one such event last week in Iowa:

I live near the Mississippi river where each winter we have a large influx of bald eagles that gather at the dams to take advantage of the open (unfrozen) fishing water below each dam. We are lucky to be close to Lock and Dam 14 (near Le Claire, Iowa) that just happens to have the best waterside access of all of the upper Mississippi river dams.

Summers-Eagle_300.jpgSome of the other dams may have more eagles but you are restricted to a small viewing platform looking over the locks making it impossible to get images of the eagles fishing.

At L&D 14 there is a small island with a public park between the shore and the dam. The Corps of Engineers has a maintenance lock between the shore and the island. This creates a nice little cove with a walkway right along the water’s edge. The island has a couple of big trees that the eagles like and just behind the walkway and parking lot is a nice stand of trees. Part of that stand is a refuge area where a large number of eagles roost.

The eagles will fly directly over our heads when going to and from the dam. Many eagles will also fish in the little cove just in front of our shooting area. This is a unique opportunity to see and photograph eagles as they catch fish.

Of course, the place has become quite popular over the last few years. There can be a couple hundred photographers there during the weekends. The weekdays are much less crowded but if the weather is good there will be some photographers around.

two-photogs-eagle_350.jpgWe have a handful of Nikonians that shoot eagles here regularly most notably Dave Engeler (edf123), Scott Sternburg (Bumb57) and myself. We have had quite a few out of town Nikonians travel out to shoot the eagles.

This year both John Roach (jdroach) and Gary Pool (gpool) happened to make plans to come to L&D 14 during the same week after seeing some shots that I had posted from the previous weekend.

The weather forecast was good that week with frigid temps and sunshine predicted. The eagles are active in the super cold weather so Scott and I made plans to meet John and Gary at noon on Thursday.

We all got together, bundled up to keep warm, and spent four hours shooting eagles and talking. It was a great day with plenty of eagle activity. Some of the eagles were coming so close that John was even shooting with a D700 and a 70-200mm lens for a while.

Below are links the posts about this get together in the wildlife forum. There is a group shot in the first link (just scroll down). The other links are images from shooting at L&D 14.

Nikonians in the news @ L&D 14
Thursday's Eagles
A good day at the Dam
Some Better Days On The Mississippi
The Transfer

Posted by flashdeadline at 1:58 AM

March 10, 2013

One Cap -Two Cap - No Cap

lenscapnikon_250.jpgAre you a paranoid lens-changer?
Silver member Jerry LoSardo (JerryLoSardo), of Maryland, USA, asks a techniques question many members just take for granted. You need to change lenses and may or may not have a fear of stray dust and the elements:

"When you're shooting in the field and need to change lenses on the fly, do you take the time to replace the front and rear lens caps on the removed lens? Or do you simply stow the naked lens in your bag or in your pocket in the interest of saving time?"

Have you established an effective routine? Tell us how you do it.

Posted by flashdeadline at 3:43 PM

April 20, 2012

Ilford Galerie Pro Limited Edition 40 Pack

As featured in our last newsletter, the Nikonians Pro Shop is now carrying the Ilford Galerie Professional Limited Edition 40 Pack. The TIPA-award winning package features ten (10) A4 size pages of fabulous stock including Lustre Duo and Gold Fibre Silk.

Posted by covey22 at 8:32 PM

Nikon D4 Digital SLR - The Nikonians Review

Nikonians Team Member Martin Turner takes the flagship D4 for a spin -

"...with an optical rating by DxO labs above almost every Hasselblad ever built, top ISO in excess of 200,000 and essentially noise-free at 25,600, this may well be the last camera you will ever need to buy."

Get the full review after the jump.

Posted by covey22 at 8:26 PM

April 4, 2012

Profoto Light kit passes Hagen test with flying colors

profoto-port_110.jpgNikonians Academy director Mike Hagen recently proved the reliability of the Profoto D1 Studio Kit by taking it straight to an important shoot two hours after he unpacked it for the first time.

Mike’s adventure resulted in a successful series of images and a Profoto D1 Studio Kit Review, now available in our Resources at Nikonians® pages

Profoto_lt_220.jpg The hands-on review shows the flexibility of the Profoto D1 Studio Kit when handled under some challenging conditions.

The background for this particular session, a fundraising event at a museum, consisted of a brushed metal surface, which most photographers might have avoided. Mike used that shiny surface to his advantage, and the Profoto kit delivered.

Mike’s on the spot appraisal:

“The shots from the fundraiser turned out very well. My initial fears were unfounded, which is a true testament to the ease of operation and overall quality of the Profoto equipment.

The equipment performed flawlessly and allowed me to focus on my job – taking photos. There wasn’t a single glitch or failure in hundreds and hundreds of shots. The Profoto gear was reliable, consistent, and excellent.”

Check out the full review for more sample images and details on how Mike arranged his lighting.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:00 AM

February 4, 2012

Welcome Profoto

Profoto_120.jpgWe are pleased to announce the entry of our newest corporate partner, Profoto-- who proudly stand by their reputaion as the world's leading manufacturer of professional photography lighting and light shaping tools. They arrive just in time to offer our members the opportunity to a try a Profoto D1 monolight set before buying it. In addition to contributing to our community, they will also run several special discounts for our members in the coming months

Posted by flashdeadline at 9:55 PM

December 6, 2011

Nikon SB-910 Speedlight: Pre-order at Berger Brothers

Just in time for the holidays, our corporate sponsor Berger Brothers is offering exclusive pre-orders on the flagship replacement Nikon SB-910 Speedlight. All Nikonians members can take advantage of this special offer, so why wait? Join now and get exclusive access to this deal and other great advantages!

Posted by covey22 at 9:49 PM

December 5, 2011

"The Nikonians" iPad App Updated

"The Nikonian" eZine app for the iPad has been updated to Version 1.1. You'll get access to our exclusive newsletters, packed full of equipment reviews, great photos from our ANPAT trip, updates of our Academy classes, and of course, exclusive Nikonians offers! Grab the app now!

Posted by covey22 at 3:02 PM

September 30, 2011

Nikonians stands by its members in these difficult economic times has decided to further enhance its membership policy making it possible for members to extend the free Basic membership term from the current limited one to an indefinite period of time.
To keep the free Basic membership active, all a member needs to do is to stay active by posting in the forums, uploading images at the Galleries and adding friends to his or her profile.

This new, enhanced Basic membership will be provided starting October 1st, 2011
In other words, those members who cannot afford to be Silver, Gold or Platinum can remain members for free, indefinitely, in exchange for interactive activity. New members who can afford it are encouraged to upgrade to Silver or a higher level as soon as they are convinced of the value of the Nikonians community experience (forums, workshops, podcasts, eZine, pro shop, galleries, contests, membership rewards and more).

Membership-Shields_300.jpgSilver, Gold and Platinum members will be further rewarded for their support. Nikonians is adding features which will be for free to them, for example, an app to download and read The Nikonian eZine and the Resources articles on an iPad and possibly other devices later, and a Premium Content Section with the most recent and interesting articles. It is planned to provide this new articles section to paying members before year-end.

In addition to the above, Nikonians is preparing a Showcase Gallery with the best images posted in the forums in a given period and to provide a recognition insignia added to the Silver, Gold and Platinum membership postings, also available before the year ends.
The Nikonians community is also facing the economic challenges by launching the Joy of Photography Program, bringing camera equipment to mid-school kids who cannot afford it, with the help of our membership.

Here's how it works:

At the Basic membership level, a member can collect days for as long as wanted. There is no limit to the days earned using the activity reward system.

The activity reward system works as follows:
A post in any forum adds 4 calendar days to the initial 25 free days term
Uploading of images to the Galleries, addition of friends to the profile, making an introduction at the New Members forum and other activities will also all add days, as will be communicated in the welcoming email.

Silver, Gold and Platinum members do not need to collect days. Their financial contribution will be further rewarded with added features/services.
If a paying membership is lost, because it is not renewed in due time, it is set to Basic with a valid period of an additional 25 days to give the member more time to renew, taking into account trips, holidays and the like.

Once a Basic membership is lost because of deactivation, it must be reactivated to at least Silver or create a new free Basic account.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:46 PM

September 15, 2011

Gold and Platinum gain value for Nikonians

c-t-mags_110.jpg They are precious metals indeed, and in the Nikonians community they represent the top tiers of supporting membership. Now we have a special offer from c't Digital Photography.

nikonians-c-t_300.jpg c't Digital Photography is the in-depth quarterly for the photo enthusiast, brought to you by the publishers of c't, Europe's biggest-selling IT magazine.

Your upgrade to Gold or Platinum level will get you a full year of the quarterly publication free. To be eligible to take advantage of this offer all you need to do is sign up to the Nikonians Gold or Platinum membership first time or to be Silver member upgrading to Gold or Platinum the first time.

If you are already a Gold or Platinum Member you can't take advantage of this offer, but Nikonians will have something similar great for you in the near future.

This offer is valid starting from September 15, 2011 to February 15, 2012. Delivery of your four magazines is free of charge in the United Kingdom and North America, and is charged at cost in all other countries.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:05 AM

July 14, 2011

Meet the Berger Bros. Team

Yvonne-B_75.jpgYvonne Berger, best known in the community as part of the Berger Bros. Forum team, has been sharing photo advice online, in person and on TV.

Yvonne is a professional photographer specializing in product, food, corporate and interiors. She has a vintage photo restoration business through Berger Brothers Camera for the past 10 years. She started teaching digital imaging and now has many workshops and seminars that she gives at Berger Brothers School of Photography and Digital and is head instructor of Photography at The Art League of Long Island.

Check out her latest TV appearance on the New York City CBS network affiliate:

While you check out that Berger Bros. page you will also get a closer look at the Team that has been behind our Ask Berger Bros Camera Forum.

Lens update:

If you have been searching for high quality Nikkor lenses at competitive rates, the Berger Bros. Team has recently been doing brisk business on:

AF-S NIKKOR 600mm f/4.0G ED VR Lens

AF-S NIKKOR 500mm f/4.0G ED VR Lens

AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8G ED VR Lens

AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II

AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II

AF-S Nikkor 200mm f/2G ED VR II Lens

Contact Brad Berger or Lisa M weekdays at 800-542-8811 to get a special Nikonian deal.

Posted by flashdeadline at 4:15 PM

June 12, 2011

The Nikon D7000 – A New Category of Camera?

D7000_110.jpgThe newest book in the NikoniansPress/Rocky Nook series of "Mastering" books: Mastering the Nikon D7000, by Darrell Young is being printed and should be available next month. Darrell's latest book is his largest to date, and he tells us the main reason is the number of surprises he found when digging deep into the D7000 features.

In writing this new D7000 book, shortly after writing Mastering the Nikon D300/D300s and Mastering the Nikon D90—and using each camera extensively—Darrell formed some strong opinions on the three cameras. Now that the author's deadline has passed, he shares some of his thoughts in the following brief preview:

Darrell-Young_200.jpgNikon has upped the game significantly with the Nikon D7000. In fact, it’s basically in a category of its own and costs more accordingly. Why do I say that? Well, compare the Nikon D90’s cost, at US$900 for a body only kit. It’s about the same as the new Nikon D5100, not the D7000. At US$300 higher the D7000 is significantly more expensive. Could the Nikon D5100 be the real replacement for the Nikon D90, and not the D7000?

Compare the D90 and the D7000 and you’ll notice that the D7000 has features more like the semi-pro line (D300S, and D700). In fact, the D7000’s basic operating system is a near clone of the D300S’s functions. There are new items in the D7000 that actually improve on the D300S, and simply blow away the D90. It’s almost like the D7000 is in a new category of camera. Instead of just being considered an “advanced” or enthusiast camera—like the D90—the D7000 is fully capable of shooting commercial work in nearly every way.

I’ve shot two weddings and a graduation ceremony with my D7000 and, let me assure you, this camera is faster and better than the D90 in nearly every way. It is much more robust physically with its mostly magnesium alloy frame, its autofocus system is even better than the D300S in some ways, the image quality is in a class of its own, for sure.

The feature set on the D7000 is very rich, with items not absolutely needed by non-commercial shooters, but required by pros. Some things that come to mind are:
• 100% viewfinder coverage
• 150,000 shot shutter
• 100 shot JPEG image buffer
• 39 point AF system, with 9 cross-type AF sensors
• multiple user settings (U1 and U2) for storing custom camera configurations
• 14-bit color depth
• magnesium alloy frame with weather sealing
• 1/8000 second top shutter speed
• 6 frames per second firing speed
• 2,016 pixel RGB sensor for metering
• Dual SD cards (SD, SDHC, SDXC)
• Ability to meter with and use non-CPU manual focus lenses
• Full Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) control with a Commander Mode
• Full-time autofocus in Live view and movie mode
• Full manual control of the shutter speed and aperture for movies
• 20 minute movie segments
• Stereo sound recording
• Amazingly good noise control in high-ISO shooting

D7000_400.jpgIn fact, I am seriously amazed by this camera. Its list of features reads more like a D300S or D700 than a D90. In my opinion the D7000 sets new standards for enthusiasts. It costs a little more, but places the user in almost the same class as the semi-pro line. I wouldn’t be afraid to take this camera any place I shot with my D300S previously. In fact, I have! My D300S has gotten a lot less use since I got the D7000. It’s that good.

If you are on the fence about which camera to buy today, don’t walk … run … to the nearest computer and order your D7000. You can depend on the camera to take more abuse than a D90, last longer than a D90, and provide better quality images than even a D300S—approaching the level of a D700.

Nikon has given us a new class of camera. It’s better than an enthusiast-level camera like the D90, and nearly as robust as a semi-pro level camera like the D300S.

As I’ve said in previous articles, the D7000 is a mature camera. It is made to last and last until N.A.S. gets you and you buy it’s replacement. However, you can wait as long as you’d like, it won’t be necessary to buy again for a long time. Buy new (or old) lenses instead! This camera can use almost any lens that Nikon makes (except non-AI).

Mastering-the-Nikon-D7000_175.jpgEditor's Note:
This is an excellent time to take advantage of preorders. Amazon currently has a preorder rate of $20.94 USD (saving you $14.01).

All books in the Rocky Nook/NikoniansPress series include a special Nikonians 50%-off voucher discount for a one year Gold Membership in the Nikonians community. This will save $37.50 on Gold Membership.

Posted by flashdeadline at 11:40 PM

May 19, 2011

Unbelievable Savings from Nikonians Sponsors!

Our Director of Good Deals for You has arranged for some unbelievable savings on some of the hottest photography hardware and software, and they're exclusive to Nikonians members only!

For starters, B&H Photo Video is offering an instant USD100 discount off Adobe Lightroom 3. That makes this popular image and editing suite available at the low price of USD179! This offer ends 04-June-2011.

On the hardware front, Roberts Imaging is knocking down prices on two of the latest Nikon lenses:

Only registered Silver, Gold and Platinum Nikonians members can take advantage of these exclusive deals. Membership has its rewards.

Posted by covey22 at 4:07 AM

April 21, 2011

Photography Book Now 2011 Contest

Are you an aspiring photographer seeking an opportunity to have your work reviewed by world-reknowned experts and a chance of winning the USD25,000 grand prize? Then look no further - the Photography Book Now 2011 Contest is now accepting submissions for their fourth annual juried competition.

Photography Book Now (PBN) is a celebration of the most creative, most innovative, and finest photography books – and the people behind them. Last year Blurb received more than 2,300 submissions from over 40 countries, and this year they’re hoping for even more submissions from Blurbarians and other self-published bookmakers worldwide.

Some of the new book categories for 2011 include:

  • Fine Art
  • Documentary
  • Travel
  • Student

This is the first time Blurb has opened up the PBN competition to non-professional student work, and the organizers are excited to reward and celebrate up-and-coming talent.

Also new to the competition are "best-of" category awards, including:

  • $5,000 cash prizes to the winners in each of the four categories
  • $1,500 cash prizes to each of the category winners of the People’s Choice competition

The submission deadline is July 14 – so head on over to PBN and put your book in the running for some excellent prizes and international recognition. Best of luck!

Posted by covey22 at 3:52 PM

April 13, 2011

Leaked: Nikon 50mm f1.8 G Silent Wave

Update 1: Looks like it was an accidental publication - both the Japan and USA sites have pulled the page.

With a lack of suprising fanfare, Nikon has announced a new 50mm f1.8 G AF-S lens, which replaces the hard-working AF 50mm f1.8D.

Posted by covey22 at 5:53 PM

February 14, 2011

Berger Bros. Camera D7000 body/kit special offer for Nikonians

Check out the latest special from our favorite discount lady over at the Nikonians Berger Bros. Camera forum!

D7000_110.jpgLisa has a combination package for our members in the Continental USA:
- Buy a Nikon D7000 body or kit.
-Berger Bros. will ship your order via UPS ground for FREE within the continental U.S. can choose one of the following items for FREE:
-Nikon MLL3 Remote Control
or - Quickpro's D7000 instructional DVD Camera Guide

for ordering details-- go to Lisa's posted offer.

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October 13, 2010

Nikonians Exclusive: CaptureOne Discounts

For a limited time, Nikonians members at all levels are eligible for a 50% discount on PhaseONE's Capture One RAW Converter or 40% off on CaptureOne PRO!

Discounts this deep are not available anywhere else but, but you'll have to hurry - this offer is good only until October 17th, 2010. Redeem this discount and other valuable offers at the Nikonians Rewards Site now!

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August 17, 2010

Nikonians Membership has Rewards

Being a contributing member of Nikonians is positively Rewarding! Here's a sample of our exclusive arrangements with top-notch photography suppliers:

  • Get USD150 rebate on the Epson Stylus Photo R1900 and free shipping at B&H Photo-Video
  • Deep discounts on popular software from Lasersoft, Topaz Labs, Oxford Eye, Phase One, ImageNomic, and PhotoRecovery
  • Enjoy personalized photo products and service from LiveBooks, Nations Photo Lab, ScanCafe, Liberty Photo and ImageRights
  • Access the latest hardware and accessories from ThinkTank Photo, Berger Brothers, Photobert, Datacolor and buyGPSnow
  • Display your pride with Nikonians-branded items and software from our own ProPhotoShop
  • Expand your skills with the best photo instructors at Nikonians Academy

All of this and more is available only to contributing Nikonians Members. Click here to claim your Rewards!

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Berger Brothers Nikonians Discounts on Lighting Kits

Berger Brothers is offering contributing Nikonians exclusive discounts on select Westcott and ProfFotolighting kits - perfect for members looking to upgrade or expand their studio and portable sets. Get your Discount Code and many other valuable savings at the Nikonians Rewards Page!

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March 22, 2010

Welcome aboard Tamron

Tamron_110.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Tamron has joined the community as a corporate partner. This announcement comes on the eve of our 10th Anniversary as an Internet community and Tamron's 60th Anniversary as an image industry leader in quality optics

Hendric Schneider, media & communications director said: "We are very proud having Tamron as a premium partner. Tamron is one of the big innovators in photography and our members will benefit in numerous ways from this long-term cooperation."

Tamron's decision to join as a corporate partner brings the knowledge and experience of one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality lenses for DSLR cameras to the community at numerous levels, ranging from forum discussions to contest prizes and advance product previews. Future plans for sharing of information and ideas will be announced soon.

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August 14, 2009

D5000 Advisory Redux: Twice is not Nice; Affected Camera Pool Grows

In a potential double-whammy, many Nikon D5000 cameras are subject again to "additional and enhanced procedures," despite having just completed the first round of repairs as noted in the July advisory.

Having just received their cameras back from the USA field repair depot in CT, several Nikonians members indicate Nikon has now sent them a second notification (including shipping boxes), urging them to send the unit in again for procedures that "further elevates the D5000's resistance to the power issue identified in the original Advisory." So it appears a stealthy Round Two is underway, but no public notification has been made, other than directly to the affected owners.

Additionally, Nikon has updated the official advisory page, indicating there is now an expansion to the affected serial numbers (as of 12-August). We'll update this story as more details become available.

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