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December 16, 2020

Nikon Z6ii & Z7ii webinar video available

johnnie5_DSC8520-Edit-110.jpgThe video of our webinar held December 8th with Nikon Ambassador Michelle Valberg is now available.

The video of our webinar on the Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii is available on this page

If you have not taken the chance to upgrade your membership to Gold using the voucher WinterGold20, this might be a good time to do so.

The Nikonians Gold Membership gives you access to our Premium Advice & Critique section, your own portfolio, NEF upload and more. PLUS, you can participate in our new series of webinars. Next webinar will be held January 14th with nature photographer, Nikon Ambassador and Nikonians member, former moderator Marsel van Oosten.

Talking about Gold: If you have not ordered your Photographers Card yet: Deadline for providing the data required for this years last batch of cards is Sunday 20th of December, 2020. You can order your Photographers Card under "My Profile/Membership tab" using the link "Go to create your photographer card ID".

Enjoy the precious light!
Bo (bgs)

From the portfolios

By John Driessen (johnnie5). See his complete portfolio

Special from Hunt's Photo
Hunt's Photo, who made the first webinar possible, are running a special promotion for Nikonians members:

If you are interested in pre-ordering either of the Nikon Z6ii or the Z7ii, they are including a Delkin 128GB CFexpress card plus reader with each order, just let Noah ( know you are a Nikonians member. They also have some instant rebates on Z lenses and NPS priority delivery.

The Intimate Landscape
Connie has a new premium article out, the intimate landscape, where she discuss taking "images within images", close-ups of nature. Worth a read.

Posted by bgs at 11:32 AM

January 11, 2019

New functionality for Nikon Z cameras

Screenshot_Selection_153.pngDuring the CES-show 2019 in Las Vegas, Nikon has mentioned they will add additional features to their new cameras.

The cameras will get AF tracking, supporting CFexpress cards plus be capable of storing ProRes RAW using Atomos Ninja V. The upcoming filmmakers kit and will bundle the Atomos Ninja V.

Posted by bgs at 3:48 PM

December 4, 2018

Nikon hits 110 million Nikkor lenses

nikkor-z-24-70-f4-110.pngNikon recently announced they've reached a total production volume of 110 million Nikkor F and Z lenses since they started with the F line back in 1959. Congratulations!

Posted by bgs at 11:20 AM

July 11, 2017

Nikon announces newest 70-300mm zoom


Here are some of the topics and news items we're tracking for our community this week. --- Members react to new Nikkor 70-300 - Wide angle choices for DX on a trip - Airline camera carry-on bans easing up--- PLUS more....

1 - Nikon unveils newest 70-300mm zoom

Nikon has announced the newest version of their popular 70-300mm telephoto zoom, this time adding Stepping Motor Technology, making it "Nikon's first full-frame AF-P lens." 

This AF-P technology brings a promise of very quiet and fast autofocus but also takes a step back on the backward compatibility scale.

Our members are already reacting, with some seeking clearer explanations on the compatibility issue:
• The recent trend has been to introduce new lenses that are not fully compatible with recent bodies, e.g. D7100 and many FX bodies.
• This new lens is not compatible with any camera that I currently own. I understand that Nikon needs to innovate, but I hope this is not an indication that all (or most) new lenses will not be usable with my cameras.
• Perhaps the silver lining is that the "old" 70-300 AFS-VR will become a bargain in the near future.

Follow the discussion to see how this lens is doing on the "announcement of release" speculation. We are already getting responses indicating added compatibility for certain cameras once a firmware upgrade is applied.

The AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR lens will have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $699.95 USD and availability will be announced at a later date.

2 - Step by step to perfection
It took a small horse to help solve a big problem for Candi Foltz (CandisCamera) from Florida, USA. While trying to nail some good images of a pony, she was running into exposure extremes. Our members have responded by giving her some valuable advice that could be of help to many others.

The discussion has touched on Auto ISO, center-weighted metering and exposure compensation.
Here's a sample:
• The  matrix meter will "think" that a subject in shadow is not really the main subject. This has nothing to do with Auto ISO - if you had been using a fixed ISO, you'd have gotten the same results, as long as you were using matrix meter.
• It's not that the camera can't change ISO fast enough. Auto ISO does not correct the exposure. Any of the automated modes - Aperture, Shutter, or Auto ISO - would produce the same result.
• If the horse is in the shade and you expose it properly the background will be overexposed. But I have a feeling you don't want that.
So, if you don't have a strong flash or other lights I guess, it would be best, to just position yourself in such a way, that the horse will be on the light (and not in the shade) when you shoot it.

Take a look at the advice she has received so far, and if you have experience capturing images of fast moving animals under harsh lighting conditions, add your opinions.

3 - Celebrate Nikon's 100th with Berger Bros.
Berger Bros. is now taking orders on all 100th Anniversary Nikon gear and will give Nikonians priority and free shipping (continental USA).

The gear includes:
• Nikon D500 and D5 flagship DSLR camera commemorative editions.
• 100th Anniversary AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR telephoto zoom lens
• Triple lens set of the wide-angle AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED, the normal 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR, and the telephoto 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR.
• Commemorative editions of three Nikon binoculars.

These may be a good investment for future appreciation. To take advantage of this special Nikonians offer, contact Brad Berger 516-816-4921 or

4 - Profiled: Tom Jacob (sevendayimages)
Moderating Team member Marsha Edmunds (meadowlark2) has posted her latest chapter in the Nikonians member profile "I am Nikonians" series of articles.
Her subject in this installment is Moderating Team member Tom Jacob (sevendayimages).

Marsha tells us:
Tom rejoined Nikonians after several years with a busy family and professional commitments.  He remembers receiving his first camera from his parents when he was about 12 years old, a Praktica MTL50 with 50 and 135mm Pentacon lenses, and Tom reports, "I was hooked from that moment on."

Tom lives in Spain five minutes from a big Nature Reserve which gives him plenty of shooting opportunities.

Check out the full article, and make sure you have a look at his gallery. It includes some of the best of his street photography and macro work.

4 -- This CheatSheet makes editing RAW files easy!
You know you should be shooting RAW files. But, you've always thought they were too hard to edit.
Well, this PhotoBert CheatSheet for Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) makes it easy.

Our extremely popular Adobe Camera Raw CheatSheet has been updated for V9+.
It walks you thru each option in ACR and contains everything you need to know to edit your RAW files like a pro.

We also have CheatSheets for Nikon and Canon DSLRs and most Speedlights, along with some great accessories.

Save 20% on our legendary CheatSheets; 10% on Helicon Photo Software and 5% on accessories.
Get the discount with this link.

5 -  Wide angle choices for D500
Gold member James Baker (Jamed600) from Illinois, USA considers himself primarily an FX-format shooter, but he's got a trip coming up and he's planning on using his D500 (DX-format) camera plus a carefully decided selection of lenses. That decision-making process has narrowed down to a choice of some wide-angle glass.

Here's a small portion of his question:
With a D500 now and an upcoming family vacation to Williamsburg ...  I am thinking about a lightweight kit- D500, Wide Angle DX zoom, 16-80 (pleased with this lens; possibly better than 24-120 f4 for FX) and Tamron 150-600 G2 or Nikon 300 PF + TC14 (it would be nice to have a backpack weighing less than 35 pounds).
...I've ruled out the new Nikon 8-15. I am not aware of a Tamron or Sigma DX lens that would be competitive but open to suggestions.

Can you match his needs with a lens you've been happy with under the same circumstances? If so, share your advice.

6 -- Care of Acrylic Filters - Avoid Ammonia
Nikonians Academy Director Eric Bowles has a timely warning for our members who are cleaning their lenses and filters during the summer months. In short: Avoid ammonia.

Here's Eric's tip:
We've had several posts about filter quality recently. In addition to glass filters, there are some companies that provide acrylic filters. In some cases, lenses are made with polycarbonate elements to lower cost and save weight.
If you have plastic or acrylic filters, be sure to stay away from any ammonia based cleaners - Windex or other glass cleaners, household ammonia, etc. Ammonia reacts with some types of acrylic and plastic causing fogging. It can't be reversed. So, avoid using Windex or any ammonia type cleaner on any acrylic surface.
If you are using rectangular filters - such as Cokin, Singh Ray, or Hi-Tech - it's important to use either water or alcohol based cleaners.
I can't speak to the impact of ammonia on coatings, but suspect some coatings may be fogged or develop a white film from ammonia. I'd use care. Also keep in mind that most filters do not have sealed edges - there is a small filter ring holding the element in place, and it might be possible for a liquid to work its way under this ring and into the coating if there is too much liquid used.
The damage from ammonia is not immediate. Normally it shows up after several cleanings - when it's too late.

Have you ruined a lens or filter with the wrong cleaning product? Tell us your story.

7 -- Shameful confession: he bought "that" camera
Gold member Jim Tubman (Tubman) from Alberta, Canada was not alarmed by some of the negative criticisms shared by our members of the Nikon D7500. In fact, he purchased one, and -- so far -- he's happy with his new camera.

Here's the introduction to his review:
 I have a shameful confession to make: I bought the much-maligned new Nikon D7500. (Gasps of horror! Men faint. Women scream.)
Yes, that one. The one with no AI index pin. The one that won't accept a grip. And most appalling of all, the one that does not have two card slots. I will bare my soul before all the world (or at least, the people who read this forum in Nikonians) and plead for your mercy and pity.
With the levity out of the way, I thought it might be of some interest as to why someone might actually find that model to be a good fit to their needs.

Jim goes on to describe (in detail) why this camera may not be popular with some existing D7xxx users, but a good option for many others looking to upgrade. Check it out.

8 -- Airline camera carry-on bans easing up
Moderating Team member Ned S. Levi (Ned_L) has an update on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ban on electronic devices larger than a cellphone regarding airline flights from certain countries. Bottom-line: the restrictions are easing.

Ned tells us:
By next Wednesday, July 19, the ban will have been lifted at 8 of the 10 airports on which it was imposed. As of July 19, based on announcements made as of today, the ban will only stand at Saudi Arabia's two international airports with direct flights to the US. (Saudi Arabia has seven international airports.)

So far it appears that the UK electronics ban remains in place. From what I can tell it still is affecting direct flights to the UK from: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Read Ned's full post for more details and if you have information that expands, or contradicts his research, let us know.  

That's it for this week. Make sure you grab your favorite camera and capture some images to share with family and friends (especially us at Nikonians). -- Tom Boné (flashdeadline)

Posted by flashdeadline at 11:48 PM

April 11, 2017

Nikon announces D7500


Here are some of the topics and news items we're tracking for our community this week. ---

Nikon unveils the new D7500, removing water spots from lens, testing your camera and lens - PLUS more....

1- New D7500 unveiled


We've been tracking rumors of the newest D7000 series camera for over a month. We invite our members to post here with their reactions to the new Nikon D7500.

Our thanks to Yale Fogarty (Bluedogs) from Oregon, USA for getting the discussion started.

The new DX-format camera uses the same sensor as the Nikon D500 (20 Megapixels), 8 frames per second capability and a tilt screen. Its predecessor, the D7200, has a 24.2 Megapixel sensor, 6 frames per second and no tilt screen.

The D7500 supports the same 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)/30p movie recording possible with the D500. The maximum recording time for movies of this resolution is approximately 29 minutes 59 seconds. 

The camera is slimmer and lighter than the D7200 and demonstrates even greater agility with a deep grip that provides a superior hold and portability. It is also compatible with SnapBridge, which enables constant connection of the camera to a smart device.


2- Out damn spots!
Gold member Marc L Rosenblum (alty02) from Idaho, USA is looking for a safe method to remove water spots from a lens:
I just returned from our local waterfalls and it was flowing at a record rate, with lots of fine mist covering just about everything, including the picnic grounds, overlooks & automobiles.

The car windows were covered with fine water spots that will now need something stronger than Windex due to the fact that they dried rather quickly. Soap & water does not remove them.

A dry method of cleaning the lens will not do the job and lens cleaning fluid is not removing the water spots. I used some vinegar on a small section of my car window and it seems to work well.

Will vinegar damage the front element of a lens if used full strength? I would use a cotton swab (Q-tip) with a small amount of vinegar and follow up with a bit of distilled water, also applied with a Q-tip.
Any other recommendations to remove stubborn water spots?  Thanks!

Have you solved a water spot problem? How did you do it? Share your solution.


3- Blog Views now easier
Nikonians founder Bo Stahlbrandt advises the News Blog is now much easier to read on mobile devices, and you now have a choice to view it in both white and black background modes.

Forgot how to switch?
It's easy.
Go to My Profile, look for the Preferences Tab.
On the Preferences Tab go to Preferred Skin and choose Nikonians V2.0
On the upper right corner of the screen, push the Save button.
--voilà-- it's done.

4-Comfort plus Theft-Resistance? 
Can your strap keep your camera safe when traveling?

This strap, available from PhotoBert, is great for travel as it helps thwart camera thieves and is great for everyday use. 
It fits any camera that has a removeable camera strap.

Don't let this strap fool you - it looks (and is) lightweight, but is incredibly strong!

It is 30% lighter than nylon/polyester, 45% lighter than aramid and 15 times stronger than steel.
(Sorry -- PhotoBert can only ship this product to US customers only.)
Nikonians Price: $37.95  
Price is after discount reflected in your cart.


5- Higher and higher
Silver member Paul Naish (DS256) from Ontario Canada wants to go much higher with his camera, yet maintain a stable platform:
There are times when I'd like to raise the camera above the scene for a better perspective. Examples are farm fields with colour and I want to get more of the field from a higher angle.

I've been looking online and the only products I've found are surveyors' tripods modified to accept a camera head. These can be 12 feet in height.

I realize that I'd need a wireless remote and setup could be a pain.

Looking for ideas of what others may have done. - Thanks

So--how do you elevate your camera while keeping it stable enough to avoid jittery shots? From some of our responses we've already seen suggestions regarding camera settings to go along with the higher reach. Check it out.


6- 30-thousand and counting
Moderating Team member Eric Bowles (ericbowles) alerts us to an impressive milestone:
Congratulations to Nikonians moderator Brian Wong (blw) for reaching 30,000 posts. That's an incredible milestone - especially with the information filled posts that Brian typically shares.
Thanks for all of your support of Nikonians and our community.

Here are just a few comments on Brian's contributions to the community.

• I've learned a lot from your posts, Brian. 30,000 posts is quite an achievement and even better a great contribution. Thank you!
• I always look for Brian's posts because I know that I will learn something from them. Thanks, Brian.
• And that's not counting the number of posts he may have lost at The Big Crash in the fall of 2005.
30,000 looks great. Thank you, Brian.

Brian's response was modest and pointed to a fellow member:
Glad to be a productive and valued member of the community. And I'll point out that Marty McDonough (MEMcD) is 10% past me at 33,000+ - and in several years less time!

Want to join the many members congratulating Brian? Join the discussion.


7- Camera and lens test tips
Silver member Robert Metheney (bobpilot) from Utah, USA is trying to figure out whether he may have spotted a focusing problem with a Nikon D500. He used a test method that drew a lot of responses.

Robert asked:
I want to be sure the camera and lens are in sync with focus so I set up the slant ruler test in my backyard. The camera is 60 from the target. The focus point is on the checkerboard adjacent to the number 26 on the ruler. The 600mm in on a tripod with a RRS Gimbal head and a RRS long lens support system.

The responses (and eventual answer to his problem) are a must read for those of us who want to set up a homemade test. Here are just a few examples:

• Did you use a remote release. If you do not have one for the rented body you should use "Mirror UP" and enable the 3 second delay.
• It never hurts to test/confirm at a similar distance to what you expect to use the lens at.
• Your target isn't really very good. It needs a bigger "checkerboard" plus there is low contrast lighting.
• I recommend that you slow the shutter speed to 1/500 or so and shoot at ISO-100 with the same f-stop.

Have you been using a favorite testing method? Share your results. Tell us why that method served your needs.

8- Older lens a best bet?
Bernhard Hein (localheroo) from Germany asked about a specific lens for a specific camera, and the resulting discussion covered the famous "1.5 crop factor" issue in great detail.

Bernhard asked:
As we plan a trip to Canada this year (landscape photography) I'm looking for a tele zoom lense for my D80 (Standard lense 18-70).
Is the AF-S 70-300mm (FX Format) a good choice? I saw the lense is already about ten years on the market. Is it still up to date? Thanks for any advice.

We assume the lens he's considering is the AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED (product Number 2161) which is a 450mm equivalent on DX-format cameras like Bernhard's Nikon D80.

It debuted over ten years ago and is still available through online sellers, with average prices hovering in the $500 USD (470 Euros) range.

You may not be considering this lens for yourself. But, has the "crop factor" issue confused you? If so, you need to read the responses in this discussion.


9- Neutral Density Blender?
Silver member David Powell (DaveP142) from England, The United Kingdom is wondering if any of our members have used a neutral density filter that goes to extremes:
I stumbled across a passing reference to these recently which caught my attention because I had previously noticed that Formatt Hitech currently offer them and I had wondered just what they were intended for.

If you haven't come across them, what they are is a graduated filter with the listed strength at one end fading to clear at the other end rather than the mid-point.
I've been wondering if one might be useful for handheld use on those days when the sky is very bright but uninteresting. (I seem to see a lot of bright overcast when I'm not at work). Obviously, there would be no horizon line to worry about
Has anyone tried one?

Do you have "before and after" shots to share to give David an idea on how these filters can be used. Share them here.

That's it for this week. Make sure you grab your favorite camera and capture some images to share with family and friends (especially us at Nikonians). -- Tom Boné (flashdeadline)


Posted by flashdeadline at 7:06 PM

February 2, 2017

Speedlight update, missing Easy ISO and Solar Eclipse planning

NIKON-LOGO-SQ-125.jpgHere are some of the topics and news items we're tracking for our community this week. Some of you may have seen the same information in an earlier newsletter.

Is your SB-500 Speedlight not working with your camera?

Nikon has released firmware update version 13.002 for the SB-500 Speedlight. We had a question from one of our members back in November wondering why his Nikon Df was not functioning with the SB-500. It was his only post, so we're not sure if he's still checking in -- but if so-- this firmware upgrade should fix his problem.

Apparently, there were some instances of certain Creative Lighting System (CLS) supported cameras that were not communicating with the SB-500.

According to the Nikon Download Center, the update should work for:

• The D5, D4, D4S, Df, D3X, and D3S

• The D3 (camera A/B firmware version 2.00 or later)

• The D810, D810A, D800, D800E, D750, D700, D610, D600, D500, and D300S

• The D300 (camera A/B firmware version 1.10 or later)

• The D7200, D7100, D7000, D5600, D5500, D5300, D5200, D5100, D5000, D3400, D3300, D3200, D3100, D3000, and D90


Missing Easy ISO

Silver member Mike Kuznicki (mmm55) from Pennsylvania, USA started an interesting discussion, wondering why the Nikon D500 seems to be missing a popular International Organization of Standardization (ISO) function:

Researching the D500 and don't see "Easy ISO" feature. Am I missing something, or did Nikon really choose to not include it in this body?

Not part of a software package, but a feature of the camera. If enabled, and in certain modes like shutter or aperture priority, it allows changing ISO on the fly simply by rotating the main command dial (no need to press a separate button). I've found it extremely useful on my D810, and can't imagine why it wouldn't be included on every body.

His question led to detailed descriptions of "work-arounds" and more than one member hoping Nikon finds a way to return the function to the D500 via an upgrade.  Check it out.

Berger Bros. great trade-ins and spectacular deals

Berger Bros Camera is offering great trade-ins or outright purchase for your used Nikon or any brand photo gear. We see many people trading in older heavy DSLR gear toward new Fuji, Sony or Olympus Mirrorless cameras.

We now have in stock new fabulous Olympus EM1 MKII Sony A6500, Sony A7R II cameras as well as Fuji XT2 and coming soon Fuji GFX50S medium format 50mp.

Also we have spectacular deals on Nikon D810 and put your order in now for the new Nikon Full Frame Body to be announced shortly.

Great Personal service: Brad Berger 516-816-4921 or -

AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED IF Review

Silver member Glenn Koury (Glenn_K) from Texas, USA recently enjoyed the excitement of opening a NIKKOR lens box, and wasted no time in slapping it on his Nikon D750 for some test shots.

Later, he took the time to share with us his AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED IF - User Review.

Glenn tells us:

I have officially joined the “Out of Focus Nose and Ear Club” by acquiring the 105mm f/1.4E.

I have been shooting with a D750 for the past two years, having moved up from my D200 after more than eight years (I’m a slow upgrader) and was wanting an excellent portrait lens. Over the past eight months, I rented the 85mm 1.4G twice and was about to get it when the 105mm f/1.4E was introduced, so I held off. I rented the new 105 about a month ago, and decided to get it.

He also shares his first few images and a well thought out list of important factors that can help you if you decide to make a similar purchase.

The world’s best lens cleaning solution, Shutter upgrades and CheatSheets are all on sale!

The world’s best lens cleaning solution is used by Leica, Hasselblad, Bausch & Lomb & NASA.

Observe a measurable difference in brightness and clarity with glass or plastic lenses! 2 sizes: 1 & 2 ounce. Click here: Now on sale. (US customers only)

Upgrade your Shutter!

The most inexpensive upgrade you can make to your camera. Each package contains 2 shutter upgrades (choose RED or BLACK). Fits all Nikon DSLRs. Click here to save 5% now.

Save 20% on our legendary CheatSheets; 10% on Helicon Software and 5% on accessories. Get the discount with this link.  (discounts show in Cart)

Start Planning for the USA Solar eclipse

Our members in the USA are already making plans for the Solar eclipse coming to the "lower 48" in August.

According to

It will be the first total solar eclipse visible from the contiguous U.S. since 1979. The path of the moon’s umbral shadow starts in the northern Pacific and moves east through parts of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina.

We have members in the English Café currently sharing the best vantage points and shooting tips, thanks to United Kingdom Gold member Stephen Dann (mort) who plans on visiting the USA in time for the eclipse:

I appreciate this is still 7 months away but is anyone planning to be in Tennessee for the solar eclipse taking place in August. I am going to be in the area between and north of Nashville and Chattanooga. Some advice would be nice as to if there are any parts of this part of Tennessee to either avoid or be at on the day.

Faster Glass for DX?

Silver member Paul Boden (greenhorn) from The United Kingdom, is wondering why Nikon isn't pushing faster glass in the DX arena:

As we all know the key advantages of FX over DX is the shallow DOF and superior bokeh. The current range of Nikon primes are f-1.4/1.8 and give excellent results on FX cameras, less so on DX.

What is needed is a series of DX f/1.2 primes. I am far from being an optics expert but my gut feeling is that it would be possible to take advantage of the reduced image circle to make this happen at a cost comparable to the current f/1.4 lenses. (Please correct me if I am wrong). Look at how tiny and cheap the DX 35mm f/1.8 is compared to its FX counterpart.

If my assumptions are correct then the only thing preventing this is commercial decisions. I can think of two scenarios:

1. DX shooters won't pay out for expensive primes so they won't sell any.

2. DX primes will be very popular and will reduce FX camera sales.

I'm a hopeless businessman but what do you think- Paul

Spring ANPAT coming in May

Start the new year right by locking on your reservation for our Spring ANPAT (Annual Nikonians Photography Adventure Trip).

The Spring ANPAT will be held in Moab, Utah.  Join us for a full week of photography, shop talk and camaraderie.

The dates this year will be:

Arrival on Saturday May 6, 2017

Departure on Saturday May 13, 2017

As with previous editions, this ANPAT is administered under the Nikonians Academy for bookings and it is for all skill levels. For more information check our FAQ's.

Posted by flashdeadline at 6:05 AM

January 5, 2017

Nikon takes D5600 global

D5600_logo-SQ_110.jpgNikon has (again) announced the newest addition to their D5000 DSLR series.
This is the second announcement of the Nikon D5600.
At that time (November 2016) the camera was only available in a limited market, and the official suggested retail price had yet to be made public.

The Nikon D5600 features Nikon SnapBridge, which allows users to automatically transfer images directly from their camera to a compatible smart device.

D5600-w-18_55_VR_325.jpgThe Nikon D5600 also features:
• 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor
• Continuous shooting at 5 frames-per-second (fps)
• 39-point autofocus system
• 3.2-inch 1.037k-dot touchscreen Vari-angle LCD
• 100-25,600 ISO range
• full manual controls

The Nikon D5600 should be available this month, in a variety of kit configurations as well as body only. The body only suggested retail price will be $699.95 (USD).

Our members are discussing news of the recent announcement here.

The Nikon Product Page for the D5600 is here.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:19 AM

November 18, 2016

Clock is ticking on Nikon refurbished deal

10-percent_Nikon_SQ_110.jpgNikonians in the USA looking for Holiday bargains have a refurbished deal available from Nikon USA.

Called the 100-hour sale, the clock has already started.

10-percent_Nikon_325.jpgNote the asterisk next to the "10%" graphic.
It goes to fine print noting that this sale is:

Valid November 18, 2016 at 8:00 A.M. ET through November 22, 2016 at 12:00 P.M. ET. Offer valid only in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Offer not valid on previous purchases. Void where prohibited by law.

The Nikon Lens Instant Savings special is still running.

Posted by flashdeadline at 4:57 PM

May 10, 2016

Nikon earns 3 TIPA awards

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgTOKYO - Nikon Corporation has announced that three of its products are recipients of the prestigious TIPA Awards 2016 sponsored by the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA), a global authority in the photography and imaging industry.

The Nikon D5 digital SLR camera has been selected for the Best DSLR Professional/Action awards, the Nikon D500 for the Best APS-C DSLR Expert award, and the SnapBridge app for the Best Imaging Innovation award.

The best photographic and imaging products released between April 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016 in a number of categories were selected for the TIPA Awards 2016 through voting by editors of prestigious camera and imaging magazines from around the world.

More details here.

Posted by flashdeadline at 8:44 AM

April 20, 2016

Nikon announces delays

NIKON-LOGO-SQ-125.jpgThe Nikon Corporate Press Room has released two updates posted April 20, 2016.

The news provided:
The new Nikon compact digital cameras, COOLPIX A300 and B500 will be available in May 2016, the COOLPIX A900 and B700 will arrive in July 2016 and the Nikon KeyMission 360 action camera will be available in October 2016 as more time is required for software adjustment.
The new COOLPIX products were originally scheduled for release in April and the KeyMission 360 action camera was announced for a spring 2016 release.

In addition, the premium compact cameras, Nikon DL18-50 f/1.8-2.8, DL24-85 f/1.8-2.8, and DL24-500 f/2.8-5.6, will be delayed due to the serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing built into the three new premium compact cameras, originally scheduled for a June 2016 release.

The new release date has yet to be determined and we will announce the information as soon as it is decided.

The effects of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes

The suppliers of parts for Nikon products such as digital cameras with interchangeable lenses, interchangeable lenses, and compact digital cameras, which include those mentioned above, were affected by the series of earthquakes that started on April 14 in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, and this will inevitably impact our production and sales.
We are currently investigating the situation, and we will announce the details as soon as they are confirmed.

We sincerely apologize to our customers, business partners and all those who have expressed interest in these models for the delays.

We are making every effort to bring these models to market at the earliest possible date without compromising on our standards and the total Nikon product experience.

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Nikon D500 summary

The Nikon D500 seems to be in high demand and our members are waiting for their preorders to be fulfilled.

While we wait, we have this D500 information to digest, including the D500 user manual - enjoy!

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April 19, 2016

Nikon provides aid to 2016 Kumamoto earthquake victims

NIKON-LOGO-SQ-125.jpgThe Nikon Group has announced financial aid following earthquake activity this past weekend.

Announcement from Nikon News:
April 18, 2016 -
The Nikon group would like to express its profound sympathy and condolences to the victims of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake, which took place after April 14, 2016.

In response to this tragedy and to extend an immediate support to its victims and affected areas, the Nikon group has decided to donate the following assistance: Cash donation 5 million yen (Nikon group total)

The allocation and timing of the donation are now under consideration. The Nikon group sincerely hopes for the earliest possible recovery from this disaster.

On April 21, 2016 Nikon Group increased the scope of their support for earthquake victims:

The Nikon group has decided the increased donation for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake than the announcement on April 18, to expand further support in consideration of the disaster situation.
Cash donation: 10 million yen (Nikon group total)
Donee: Japanese Red Cross Society

With this change, furthermore we have started a fund-raising activity by directors and employees and donate it as the matching gifts of the Nikon group after the end of this activity. And we continuing every effort to support for recovery of our customer plant affected by the disaster.

The Nikon Group would express our profound sympathy and heartfelt concern to those individuals and families suffering from the disaster and sincerely hope for safety and swift recovery of the people and areas.

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January 14, 2016

Is the Compact Flash format doomed (anytime soon)?

CompactFlash-MemoryCards_BGS1062a-400 copy.jpgWith the Nikon D5 and D500 preferring the XQD format for storage, is the Compact Flash card format doomed (any time soon)?

My take on this is, yes. Of course the format is doomed over time, but it will be around for quite a few more years, just that manufacturers will not produce much of any new camera models supporting it. One reason being reduced manufacturing costs to support XQD vs. higher costs for supporting CF. The CF format is physically great, being robust. The size of these cards reminds me of video cassettes somehow and it is clear that smaller cards are often more practical, ignoring any speed advantages newer specs provide in addition.

For us CF dinosaurs, we can order the D5 with CF slots, for anyone else, get the one for XQD cards. Maybe we can come up with some DIY projects, things to create out of old CF cards, something to put in the window, or to have the kids playing with.

Join the discussion on the future of the Compact Flash in our forums.

More about the XQD card format (on wikipedia)

The Nikon D5 camera (Nikon Japan)
The Nikon D500 camera (Nikon Japan)

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January 9, 2016

Nikon D500


The Nikon D500 is the DX camera many of us have been waiting for. With 10fps, 20.9 megapixel effective resolution, 153 AF points and 4k UHD video, this is a killer in a sleek outfit. Discuss its usage, features and share knowledge and photos in our Nikon D500 forum. Street price is around $2000 USD or 2300 EUR

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Nikon D5

NikonD5_01_01-256.pngStay up to date on the new Nikon D5, learn about how to utilize it, share images and discuss with other D5 users in our Nikon D5 forum.

The technical specifications of this new pro DSLR from Japan are great, no matter if you are into sports, landscape, people, fashion, events or wildlife.

The Nikon engineers have been able to make the following specs a reality:
  • 153 AF points with 99 cross-type sensors
  • AF working down to -4 EV
  • 12 fps
  • 180K pixel RGB metering sensor working from -3EV to 20EV
  • 20.8 million pixel effective resolution
  • ISO 100 to ISO 102 400 (possible to use from ISO 50 up to ISO 3 280 000 equivalent)
  • 4k UHD video and up to 60fps
  • Integrated touch screen with XGA resolution
  • Built-in, fast WLAN/wifi
  • Radio controlled AWL, which is Nikon's Advanced Wireless Lighting system
  • Viewfinder with 100% frame coverage
  • Select either XQD or CF format

And, "what's about the price?" you may ask. Streetprice seems to be around $6500 USD or 6900 EUR right now, pretty much in line with earlier top of the line cameras from Nikon.

View the Nikon D5 from the front

View the Nikon D5 from the back

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February 11, 2015

Nikon unveils new star-gazer DSLR and nine COOLPIX

NIKON-LOGO-SQ-125.jpgNikon started this week with announcements of new camera bodies in a variety of price ranges, offering features aimed to lure both beginners and professionals.

The announcement unveiled nine new cameras under the COOLPIX banner, and a specialty FX format DSLR designed for serious astrophotographers. Our members in the Astrophotography forum are already discussing the new Nikon D810A.

Capsule descriptions and links courtesy of the Nikon USA Press Room:

S3700_L32_350.jpgThe COOLPIX line adds the budget friendly S3700 and L32.
The 20.1-megapixel COOLPIX S3700 comes with an 8x optical zoom and Nikon Snapbridge, whereby users seamlessly shoot and share stunning photos from the camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet via built-in Wi-Fi?1 and Near Field Communication technology (NFC2).

The 20.1-megapixel COOLPIX L32 allows users to conveniently capture great images without hassle through a highly intuitive and simple interface. Whether shooting in Easy Auto Mode, one of the 15 scene modes or recording video with one-touch recording, the L32 emphasizes ease-of-use for everyone. It also offers 720p HD video, 5x optical zoom, and a bright 3.0-inch LCD display.

2-WP_350.jpgIf your photography leans towards shooting under rugged conditions, you will want to check out Nikon?s new COOLPIX AW130 and COOLPIX S33, two durable compact cameras capable of capturing incredible images and Full HD videos, even under extreme conditions.

Both of these COOLPIX additions are waterproof, shockproof and freeze proof. The AW130 is designed to handle adverse conditions with ease while offering a feature set ideal for those with an active lifestyle including GPS.

Additionally, the 16-megapixel CMOS sensor COOLPIX AW130 offers Nikon Snapbridge. The COOLPIX S33 combines worry-free durability with an easy to use interface that helps every member of the family capture incredible images and HD video.

With budget-friendly and all-weather capabilities covered, Nikon continued the unveiling session with COOLPIX models offering everything from super-zoom to GPS in a variety of colors.


These new models include:

P610_250.jpgCOOLPIX P610
Featuring 60x optical zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens and 120x Dynamic Fine Zoom capable of reaching awe-inspiring distances. It combines a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a high performance Autofocus (AF) system to help capture detailed images and sharp Full HD video. The camera features both a built-in electronic viewfinder and a 3-inch Vari-angle LCD, both boasting 921k dot resolution display to help users easily compose the perfect image from any angle.

The COOLPIX P610 also features built-in GPS and Points of Interest (POI), allowing users to geo-tag shots and view where they were taken on a map, making this the ideal companion for the next weekend getaway or family retreat. This super-zoom camera also allows users to quickly and easily send photos to a compatible smartphone or tablet using the P610?s built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity.

Featuring a 38x optical zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens with the ability to reach 76x with Dynamic Fine Zoom. It uses lens-shift VR Technology to help minimize blur caused by camera shake.

The new 16-megapixel COOLPIX S9900 is the ideal long zoom camera for the light-packing jetsetter. Sporting a 30x optical zoom lens (up to 60x Dynamic Fine Zoom) lens shift VR for stills and Hybrid VR Technology and also offers sports automatic and manual exposure mode controls as well as new Time-Lapse video recording for those ready to put their personal touch on every image.

Nikon calls it the world?s lightest design.
It fits in your pocket yet still manages to carry lens-shift VR technology. The camera?s 18 scene modes provide the optimal settings for a variety of common shooting scenarios. Creative videos are a simple touch away while the camera also features a new Time-Lapse video function.

Featuring a 3-inch Vari-angle touch screen, built-in kickstand and front shutter release button, the COOLPIX S6900 is designed to capture fun and flattering self-portraits with ease. Equipped with a 16-megapixel CMOS Sensor, 12x Optical Zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens and 24x Dynamic Fine Zoom, users can take close-up ?selfies,? group shots and portraits with extreme detail and accuracy.

And we saved the most unique addition for last:
D810A_350.jpgCheck out the new 36.3MP FX-format CMOS sensor Nikon D810A, a DSLR optimized for astrophotography and other scientific applications. By modifying the infrared cut filter for the hydrogen alpha wavelength, Nikon has created a camera that gives photographers the ability to capture the diffuse nebulae in the night sky and to create colorful, breathtaking celestial images. The D810A shares its architecture with the powerful and professional high-resolution Nikon D810 DSLR and includes other new features designed uniquely to help capture the cosmos, letting users achieve sharp and vibrant images of the universe.

While not recommended for general photography, the D810A is an excellent option for photographing the universe with either NIKKOR lenses or third-party adaptors for telescopes.

In addition to the optimized IR cut filter, the D810A adds other features that are useful for astrophotography applications. A new Long Exposure Manual Mode is implemented, giving users the ability to set shutter speeds from 4, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 120, 180, 240, 300, 600 or 900 seconds (15 minutes), as well as Bulb and Time settings. Building upon the D810?s excellent low-light capabilities, the ISO range has been optimized from 200 to 12,800 (Hi-2 51,200), for maximum sensitivity with the optimal signal to noise ratio.

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September 12, 2014

Nikon releases new FX-format D750

D750-blg-SQ_125.jpgNikon has announced their first FX-format D-SLR with a tilting Vari-Angle LCD, along with a new Speedlight and fast wide angle prime lens.

The new Nikon D750 will be available in late September with a suggested retail price of $2299.95 USD (body only). The AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED will carry a suggested retail price of $799.95 and the SB-500 Speedlight comes in at $249.95 (both due on the street by late September).

Our members have been discussing the Nikon D750 vs D700 since last month, and if you are looking for good comparison points while shopping, that discussion is an interesting read.

Highlights from Nikon's Press Release
The new Nikon D750 adds tilting LCD functionality and built in Wi-Fi to a full frame model, and Nikon's press release describes it as a camera that will find itself at home in any camera bag:

D750_24_120_300.jpg"The new Nikon D750 provides professional-level features and performance in a durable, lightweight body. Whether the user is an advanced enthusiast or seasoned pro in need of a second body, the D750 easily complements any photographic discipline with a pro-caliber capability."

It features Nikon?s advanced 51-point AF system (the same used on Nikon?s high-end D-SLRs) and Advanced Multi-Cam 3500-FX II AF focus system.
It has a new 24.3 Megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, and similar to the Nikon D4S, it features the 91,000-pixel 3D Color Matrix Meter III and its blazing fast AF system uses 15 cross-type AF sensors for enhanced accuracy, with 11 cross-type sensors that are fully functional up to f/8.

In addition to normal, wide area, face priority and subject tracking AF modes, the D750 also features the new Group Area AF mode for enhanced accuracy. Challenging light such as a poorly lit wedding reception is also no problem for the D750, as the AF system has been improved with the ability to lock on to subjects in as little as -3 EV illumination, a first for any Nikon D-SLR.

D750_24_120_top_175.jpgThat tilting Vari-Angle LCD is a 3.2-inch, 1,229K dot screen which tilts to accommodate shooting overhead, at waist level and on a tripod. For those serious about using a D-SLR for video, the D750 delivers the same level of functionality found in the Nikon D810, with the maximum amount of manual control that?s essential for production applications.
The Nikon D750 is compatible with more than 80 FX and DX-format NIKKOR lenses, the same optics that have built a lasting legacy of amazing image quality with brilliant sharpness and faithful color reproduction. For those upgrading from a DX-format lens system the D750 can also shoot in DX mode at 10.3-megapixels. The camera is compatible with Nikon?s Creative Lighting System (CLS) using the camera?s built in flash to control remote Speedlights for creative lighting possibilities. The new MB-D16 battery pack will also be released with the camera, to provide users with extended battery life as well as a functional vertical grip.

AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED: Fast Ultra Wide-Angle Lens
AF-S-NIKKOR-20mm-f-1-8G-ED_300.jpgThe AF-S NIKKOR 20mm f/1.8G ED is Nikon?s first ultra wide angle lens with an f/1.8 aperture, allowing users to shoot in challenging light and create images with a pleasing separation between subject and background.

With a 94-degree angle of view (FX), the lens is ideal for architecture, interiors, wide-angle landscape and creative group portraits. When paired with the compact D750, this lens is also a great solution for video applications that call for shooting in cramped quarters. This AF-S lens provides whisper quiet and fast autofocus capability, an internal focus design, and features Nikon?s exclusive Nano Crystal Coat to reduce instances of ghost and flare.

SB-500: Versatile and Compact Video Speedlight
SB500_frt-bck_300.jpgThe SB-500 Speedlight is an exciting addition to Nikon?s Speedlight lineup, offering users the unbeatable yet versatile combination of a compact yet powerful Speedlight and LED video light, covering a wide 16mm/24mm (FX/DX). The controls on the SB-500 are simplified, making it easy to explore the possibilities of creative lighting with Speedlights. For full control over illumination, the head of the Speedlight has a 90-degree vertical swivel to bounce light off ceilings, and rotates 180-degrees for soft lighting effects. For remote lighting possibilities, the SB-500 Speedlight can be integrated into a CLS system with two-group/two-channel control. The powerful LED light (100 lux) is a great option for lighting video, and can be operated independently. Additionally, the SB-500 Speedlight is also powered by only two AA batteries, reducing both its weight and size.

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June 26, 2014

The Nikon D810: Faster, Smoother, Easier to use.

D810-CU_125.jpgNikon has announced their D810, calling it a multimedia marvel.
The new DSLR camera comes with an FX-format 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and will be available in late July for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $3,299.95 (USD) for the body only.

Here's a quick look at the key features (courtesy of Geoff Coulter, at Nikon USA Press):

• A multimedia HD-SLR for photographers and cinematographers
• New FX-format 36.3-megapixel CMOS sensor with no optical low pass filter (OLPF)
• Extremely high-resolution, broad dynamic range and stellar sharpness
• Bolstered by EXPEED 4 Image Processor that offers enhanced image quality and a 30% overall boost in performance
NikonD810_350.jpg• Overall performance enhancements (white balance, reduced false color/moiré)
• Wider ISO range (64-12,800) for improved low-light performance (expandable to ISO 32 and 51,200)
• Advanced Scene Recognition System, Picture Control Profiles, Highlight weighted metering options all contribute to enhancing image quality and resolution for all types of photographers
• Powerful video features for cinematographers
• Full HD 1920 x 1080 video at 60/30/24p and versatile FX and DX crop modes
• Uncompressed digital video HDMI output to an external device while recording to SD or CF
• Zebra stripes for over exposed areas, full manual controls and full time AF
NikonD810_Back_350.jpg• Enhanced 51 point Multi-Cam 3500 FX Autofocus system
• New RAW Size Small format (12 bit) provides increased flexibility in workflow
• Engineered for versatility and performance with bright viewfinder and 3.2-inch LCD screen
• “i” button added for quick access to commonly used settings
• Available in late July for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $3,299.95 (Body Only) and in multiple kit configurations

D810/D800/D800E comparison sheet

Nikon USA Product Page

Nikon Tokyo Press Release (further details on new features)


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May 14, 2014

New Nikon 1 cameras and accessories plus NIKKOR additions announced

NIKON-LOGO-SQ-125.jpgNikon has announced new additions to both the Nikon 1 System of interchangeable lens cameras and new professional NIKKOR optics.

First, Nikon has introduced the compact, versatile and blazing fast Nikon 1 J4 for the USA market and the Nikon 1 S2, the next evolution in the Nikon 1 line for those ready to step their photography up to the next level.

For users ready to take Nikon 1 underwater, also announced were the new WP-N3 Waterproof Case and SB-N10 Waterproof Speedlight.

Nikon also introduced the new professional-grade AF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR telephoto lens and AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III, providing a lightweight yet optically excellent option for sports, action and wildlife shooters.

Here are the highlights (courtesy of Geoffrey Coalter from the Nikon USA Press Room).

Nikon 1 J4
J4-BLK_300.jpg• World’s fastest continuous shooting frame rate at 20 fps at full resolution
• 171 contrast detect focus areas and 105 phase-detect AF points for incredible AF accuracy
• Features an 18.4 MP CX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4A image processing engine
• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing of precious moments
• 1080/60p HD video capability and Auto Image Capture that allows user to capture still images during video recording
• Slow View Mode allows user to slow down the frame and capture the ideal moment
• Capable of recording slow motion movies in 1280 x 720 resolution at up to 120 fps.
• Sports a new touchscreen interface with touch shutter functionality
• New creative modes for both stills and video including Easy Panorama Mode and Creative Pallet
• Available in May 2014 in Black, White, Silver and Orange in three kit options:
• With 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom lens: $649.95 SRP
• With 1 NIKKOR 10-100mm f/4.0-5.6 VR lens: $849.95 SRP
• With the 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-Zoom lens and 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 lens: $1,049.95 SRP

Nikon 1 S2
S2_300.jpg• Features a 14.2 MP CX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4A image processing engine
• World’s fastest continuous shooting frame rate at 20 fps at full resolution
• Wi-Fi connectivity is possible alongside optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter
• 1080/60p HD video capability and Auto Image Capture that allows user to capture still images during video recording
• New creative modes for both stills and video including Selective Color and Creative Pallet
• Available in June 2014 in Black, White, Red and Yellow in two kit options:
• With 1 NIKKOR 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens: $449.95 SRP
• With 1 NIKKOR 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens and 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 lens: $699.95

SBN10_WPN3_250.jpg• New Waterproof case for use with the Nikon 1 J4 and Nikon 1 S2, for deeper diving without a D-SLR, with an operating depth of 45m
• Available in May 2014; Pricing TBD

SB-N10 / Fiber Optic Cable Adapter
• Waterproof Speedlight for Nikon 1 underwater shooters (Waterproof up to 100m)
• Compatible with WP-N1, WP-N2 and WP-N3 waterproof cases
• Also compatible with the Nikon 1 AW1 using Fiber Optic Cable Adapter
• Available in May 2014; Pricing TBD

AFS_400E_FL_ED_VR_250.jpgAF-S NIKKOR 400mm f/2.8E FL ED VR
• New professional grade telephoto option for professional and passionate photographers
• Nearly two pounds lighter, yet more durable than its predecessor; ideal for shooting sports, action and wildlife
• Improved AF, exposure accuracy and speed.
• Vibration Reduction (VR) technology with up to four stops of image stabilization
• Contains two fluorite elements, two Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements and Nano Crystal Coat
• Features an electronic diaphragm, allowing for stable exposure even during high speed shooting
• Available in August 2014 for $11,999.95 SRP

AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E III
AFS_Telecon_TC14E3_a_250.jpg• Effectively multiplies focal length of many NIKKOR lenses by 1.4x, while losing only one stop of exposure
• Features fluorine coating for enhanced resistance to dirt and water.
• Available in August 2014 for $499.95 SRP.

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February 25, 2014

New Nikon flagship unveiled- The D4S

D4S-THU.jpgNikon's long awaited next generation flagship DSLR has finally come out from behind the secrecy curtain.

The Nikon D4S should be on the streets in early March at a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $6499.95 USD. It features improvements in performance as well as ergonomics over the Nikon D4.

Here are the highlights:
D4s_58_1.4_front34l.jpg• Incredible Speed and Performance through the entire workflow
• Shoots 11 fps at full resolution with AE and AF functionality
• New Group Area AF uses 5 AF sensors as a single focus point
• New RAW SIZE S format increases workflow speed
• Transfer files 10x faster with 1000 Base-T wired LAN
• 30% faster image processing and energy savings
• Stunning Nikon Image Quality
• Newly Developed 16.2 MP FX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 processing
• Enhances upon the proven 51-point AF system and 3D Color Matrix Metering
• Astounding Low-Light Performance; ISO range from 100 to 25,600, expandable to 409,600
• Professional Video and Audio Capabilities
• Capture stunning 1080/60p video
• 2.7x Crop Mode can extend the reach of NIKKOR lenses
• Improved ergonomics, comfort and durability
• Available in early March 2014 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $6,499.95 (USD)

Additionally, Nikon has announced a beta version of Capture NX-D, new software for processing and adjusting RAW images captured with Nikon digital cameras. RAW images (NEF or NRW file extension) captured with Nikon D-SLR cameras, Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, and Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras can be loaded into the application for processing and adjustment of images.

Berger-Bros.jpgSpecial Note: Our friends at Berger Bros. Camera are set to help you obtain the new Nikon D4S by taking pre-orders. Continental USA customers can call Brad Berger @ 1-800-542-8811.

Check here for a Nikon D4 / D4S comparison:

Once you have checked the comparison chart, we invite you to our Nikon D4S unveiled discussion thread in the English Café, where we will be sampling Nikonians reaction for use in our General Newsletter for this week. Tell us what you think of this new flagship.

Here is the full press release:

MELVILLE, NY – Announced today, the new Nikon D4S establishes itself as the premier HD-SLR available to professionals; unrivaled with its combination of incredible speed, accuracy, low-light performance and exceptional image fidelity. Designed for the most demanding photographers and multimedia professionals in the world, the Nikon D4S improves upon the revered D4 to give users enhanced image and video quality, improved autofocus (AF), faster performance during and after capture in addition to an astonishing ISO range.

D4s_back.jpgNikon’s D series of flagship cameras continues to push the boundaries of professional image quality, speed and features. The newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format sensor works in conjunction with the new EXPEED 4 image processing engine to deliver new levels of still and HD video quality and performance. A new Group AF function and overall improvements build upon Nikon’s proven 51-point AF system, while the camera breaks convention with an ISO range that goes to an incredible 409,600 ISO (Hi-4) for maximum versatility in nearly any lighting condition. Overall speed and response is also enhanced, capturing full resolution at an astounding 11 frames-per-second (fps) with auto focus and auto exposure (AE), while benefiting from an overall 30% increase in processing power.

“By announcing the development of the new Nikon D4S earlier this year, Nikon has been able to work openly with professional photographers in the field to hone the cameras’ core capabilities into an unparalleled tool that makes otherwise impossible images a reality,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “The challenges of today’s professional multimedia photographer go beyond simply capturing amazing content. After the shutter clicks, the workflow enhancements that the D4S provides will give Nikon users an obvious edge in the stands, the studio, on the sidelines or in the field.”

Extreme Speed and Accuracy Give the Edge in the Field
D4s_58_1.4_top.jpgWhether shooting extreme action sports or elusive wildlife, the Nikon D4S has been engineered to be the ultimate combination of speed and accuracy, giving photographers the power to capture even the fastest moving, unpredictable subjects with confidence and control. The proven Multi-CAM 3500 FX AF sensor module’s thoroughly recalibrated AF algorithms quickly zero in on its intended target— no matter how near, far, or abruptly a subject appears in the frame. Additionally, the D4S includes a new innovative Group AF mode. When selected, this mode utilizes five AF points to provide increased stability while tracking subjects, and enhanced accuracy by reducing instances of background focus. In situations where the background is bright with strong contrasting colors, photographers can now feel more confident, knowing that small, distant and fast-moving objects can be rendered sharper, faster and more frequently. Nikon’s AF Lock-on technology is also upgraded, shortening time in reverting from focus interruptions, such as a referee running into the frame.

Hundredths of a second can make the difference when capturing the decisive shot that graces the front page, the double-truck spread, or the client’s mantel. With this in mind, the Nikon D4S also improves tracking on high-speed continuous shooting at a blazing fast 11 fps, with continuous AF/AE. Because missing the shot is just not an option, Nikon’s EXPEED 4 plays an integral role in the D4S’ seemingly instantaneous response and swift performance, while enhancing energy efficiency. The camera now features a processing time that is a full 30% faster, in addition to a 200-shot buffer (JPEG) at full resolution at the maximum continuous mode.

As a proven flagship for the world’s most demanding photographers, the D4S retains the features that made its predecessor the professional’s choice in the first place. The Nikon D4S HD-SLR aligns 15 cross-type sensors in the center to detect contrast data in both vertical and horizontal planes. In addition to detecting each AF-NIKKOR lens with an aperture of f/5.6 or lower, the camera also utilizes nine cross-type sensors that are fully functional when using compatible NIKKOR lenses and a teleconverter with a combined aperture value up to f/8, a great advantage to those photographing sports and wildlife from extreme distances.

The Advantage of Superior Image Quality
D4s_58_1.4_back34r.jpgAt the core of the Nikon D4S is a newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format CMOS Sensor (36 x 23.9mm), engineered to deliver an immersive dynamic range, with exceptionally low noise. This newly developed image sensor works in tandem with the latest generation of Nikon’s powerful image processing engine, dubbed EXPEED 4, to bolster image quality, color and sharpness in both stills and video. The benefits of EXPEED 4 go well beyond high-speed image processing to provide evolved real time noise reduction, along with depth and clarity gradation rendering. The resulting images exhibit a wide tonal range, with true and faithful colors.

Thanks in part to the new EXPEED 4 processing engine, the Nikon D4S now shatters the perception of what’s possible with available light photography, giving users a native ISO range from 100-25,600 expandable from 50 ISO (Lo-1) to a staggering 409,600 ISO (Hi-4). This amazing ISO range rewrites the rulebook for available-light shooting, and is especially useful for professional sports shooters, photojournalists, as well as military and law enforcement agencies. The powerful EXPEED 4 image-processing engine incorporates an entirely new algorithm for even higher ISO noise reduction and color fidelity, resulting in an enhanced overall sharpness and clarity without sacrificing subtle textures and luminous details. The enhanced ISO is also a major advantage for other professionals including wedding and portrait photographers, who can now confidently capture the darkest reception, a candlelit ceremony, or create crisp studio portraits with flawless fidelity.

Other advanced Nikon technologies also contribute to the superior image quality of the Nikon D4S, including a new enhanced standard Picture Control tone curve that gives greater depth and clearer color rendition, especially on skin tones. For additional versatility, users have the ability to toggle Face Detect AF on or off while shooting through the viewfinder, and white balance calculation has been further refined for accuracy, while spot white balance is employed for easier presetting with more options.

Nikon’s exclusive 91,000-pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering III system returns on the D4S to help capture true-to-life colors while solving the most challenging exposures, from sun-lit snow to stadium lighting. The system works by meticulously analyzing the variables within each scene and recognizing factors such as color and brightness values with unprecedented exactness. This data is then interpreted and compared against the camera’s on-board database to implement various settings, resulting in vibrant images with faithful color reproduction and balanced exposure.

Faster Workflow During and After Capture
While shooting speed and response matter in the moment, workflow speed has become increasingly important in a more competitive landscape. The D4S delivers upon the need for that speed with features that are engineered for today’s professional:

New RAW SIZE S files: In addition to shooting JPEG, full size RAW (NEF) and TIFF files, the Nikon D4S also has a new file setting to enhance workflow, RAW SIZE S. This setting allows for shooting 12-bit uncompressed Nikon NEF files that are approximately half the size (2464 x 1640) of standard uncompressed RAW files and are more easily manageable—speeding up the entire workflow process.

Faster transfer rate: When connected via LAN, users can now transmit files using Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T LAN). This significant decrease in transfer times means more time to shoot, and less time transmitting files.

Improved battery life: Despite its processing power, the D4S is remarkably power-efficient. With the addition of a new EN-EL18a Lithium-Ion battery, the D4S can easily outlast the action with up 3,020 (CIPA rating) shots in single mode and 5,960 shots (Nikon testing) in continuous mode.

Dual card slots: The D4S uses both CF cards as well as the super-fast XQD card format to achieve the fastest possible transfer and write times.

Video Features Fit for the Modern Production Environment
D4S_ME-1.jpgWith an increase in potent processing power, the D4S ups the ante when it comes to multimedia workflow and content capture. A versatile tool on location or on set, the D4S offers enhanced video quality and video-friendly features, in a compact and lightweight HD-SLR form factor. In addition to the innovative video attributes from the D4, the D4S offers the following new features:

Full HD video in variable frame rates: Users have the choice of various resolutions and frame rates, including a new 1080/60p option for increased flexibility in post. Users can also shoot at 1080 30p or a cinematic 24p, as well as various other NTSC and PAL frame rates and resolutions. By utilizing the B-Frame data compression method, users can record H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC format video with unmatched integrity for up to 29:59 minutes per clip.

Selectable image area: Users now have the ability to select an image area in Live View mode to match the glass or shooting style. To best suit the scene, FX, DX (1.5x) and 2.7x cropping is available.

Expanded ISO range for video and auto ISO control: D4S’ FX-format image sensor and EXPEED 4 work hand-in-hand to render a natural transition between bright and dark scenes, all while delivering rich tones, sharp edges and minimized noise, even at high ISOs. The D-Movie mode has a wide standard ISO range — from 200 to 25,600 to shoot in nearly any lighting. Furthermore, the ISO can be pushed up to an ISO 409,600 (Hi-4) equivalent. Additionally, D4S lets you maintain manual exposure for controlled shutter speeds and aperture settings while the camera automatically dictates the ISO maximum sensitivity from 400 to Hi-4. For assignments with dramatic shifts in lighting, this can be a remarkably useful tool.

Uncompressed 1080 60p: For the purest video quality, the D4S allows direct output of uncompressed files via HDMI. Output can be recorded to an optional outboard digital video recorder, making for an efficient editing workflow.

Manual control: Like the D4 HD-SLR, D4S offers full manual control when shooting video for maximum creative versatility.

Simultaneous recording: When recording to an external digital recorder via HDMI, the D4S can now simultaneously write to the CF or XQD card. This function is ideal for creating backups and recording while live-streaming content.

Improved sound: The range of audio frequency is now selectable, with options such as Wide Range and Voice Range. Wind noise reduction and audio levels can be changed during recording.

Smoother exposure transition during time-lapse and interval-time shooting: Creating breathtaking time-lapse movies is even easier with the D4S. The camera renders exposure transitions with unprecedented smoothness. Such scenes have been difficult to capture in manual or auto exposure mode, but now users can apply an auto exposure to achieve professional-grade time-lapse and interval-time shooting.

NIKKOR lens compatibility: The highest caliber optics are vital to creating HD images and Nikon is the world leader in optics manufacturing with a legacy spanning more than 80 years. Nikon has a vast NIKKOR lens system, with more than 80 lenses including 65 FX-format lenses with a variety of focal lengths and features, including VR vibration reduction.

Pro Grade Construction and Controls
D4S-2.jpgAs a flagship camera for professionals, the D4S is engineered to excel in the world’s toughest environments, while giving pros the features needed to get the shot. The shutter has been tested to 400,000 cycles, and the camera chassis is constructed of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy. Additionally, the camera is sealed and gasketed from moisture, dust and electromagnetic interference to resist the elements.

While shooting, users will appreciate a slightly modified control layout and ergonomics for faster and more comfortable shooting. Subtle changes increase grip and comfort, making the camera easier to hold for a wider range of hand sizes and more comfortable during prolonged use. Photographers will also benefit from composing through a bright viewfinder with 100% coverage. The D4S also features a newly designed mirror-moving mechanism, which uniformly and effectively absorbs mirror slap to minimize viewfinder blackout time. Even at 11 fps, this innovation makes it easier to track a fast subject through the optical viewfinder.

The wide and bright high-resolution 921k dot, 3.2-inch LCD screen of the Nikon D4S lets users easily change menu settings, compose and review images. Photographers have the ability to customize the color of the LCD monitor to better match studio monitors or personal preference. Additionally, the LCD monitor retains its auto-brightness function that automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor to increase visibility and conserve battery life.

Price and Availability
The Nikon D4S HD-SLR will be available March 6, 2014 for a suggested retail price* (SRP) of $6499.95 USD.

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February 11, 2014

Nikon COOLPIX line expands

Nikon has announced six new COOLPIX compact cameras. The current slate of COOLPIX offerings now includes more models with Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS technology. 


The new models push the super zoom category with the longest zoom in a COOLPIX camera (60x) and feature a new threshold in wide apertures (f/1.8), plus additions to the rugged all-weather line. Budget conscious COOLPIX fans will also have a prime candidate in the new COOLPIX S32, which hits the streets at below $130 (USD) retail while adding waterproof and shockproof functionality.

Here are the highlights, courtesy of the Nikon USA Press Room:



• Longest zoom in a COOLPIX camera, 60x optical zoom (wide-angle 24mm to 1440mm)

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing with family and friends

• 921k dot, high-resolution 3-inch Vari-angle LCD display

• 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor ensures sharp images even in low-light settings

• Full HD 1080/60i video, full manual controls and an electronic viewfinder

• New Moon and Bird Watching Scene Modes

• Available in February 2014 in Black and Red for a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $499.95 (USD).



• Astounding 42x optical zoom (24-1000mm range)

• 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor ensures sharp images

• Full HD 1080/60i video

• Full manual controls (P,S,A,M) and built-in electronic viewfinder

• 3-inch LCD display to help frame every shot and video

• Optional Wi-Fi connectivity with WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter

• Available in February 2014 in Black for a suggested retail price of $449.95 (USD).



• Impressive 30x optical zoom packed into an extremely compact, yet stylish body

• Capability of reaching 60x using Dynamic Fine Zoom

• Lens-Shift VR to help reduce the effects of camera shake

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing with family and friends

• Built-in GPS technology helps track users’ travels and pinpoint the exact coordinates where an image was captured

• 16.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor produces top quality images and Full HD 1080/60i videos

• High-resolution (921k-dot), 3-inch bright OLED monitor helps frame every shot

• Available in February 2014 in Black and Red for a suggested retail price of $349.95 (USD).



• Powerful performance and advanced optics in an ultra-compact body

• Versatile 5x wide-angle to telephoto zoom range and wide f/1.8 max aperture lens

• 1/1.7-inch, 12.2-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor for superior image quality

• Full manual controls (P,S,A,M) and RAW (NRW) image capture

• High-resolution, 921k-dot, 3-inch LCD monitor on a sleek portable design

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing with family and friends

• Available in March 2014 in Black for a suggested retail price of $379.95 (USD).



• Waterproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof compact camera ready for any adventure

• Equipped with GPS technology, mapping and an Electronic Compass

• Helps track a user’s journey and navigate their expedition

• Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing of images and HD video

• 16-megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing Full HD 1080/60i video

• 5x optical zoom (10x with Dynamic Fine Zoom) with Hybrid VR

• Fast f/2.8 maximum aperture and about 6.9 fps continuous shooting

• Nikon’s Action Control function allows seamless operation, even with gloves on

• Bright 3-inch high-resolution OLED monitor

• Can also be mounted to a chest harness for a unique, in-action point-of-view

• Available in March 2014 in Orange, Blue, Black and Camouflage for a suggested retail price of $349.95 (USD).



• Family-friendly and durable compact camera for any member of the household

• Waterproof (up to 33 feet) and shockproof (up to 5 feet)

• 2.7-inch LCD display and easy-to-use graphic user interface

• 13.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and 3x optical zoom

• Friendly feature set including Motion Detection, Smart Portrait System, Scene Modes and Effects

• Available in March 2014 in White and Blue for a suggested retail price of $129.95 (USD).

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November 5, 2013

Retro Nikon debuts -- Nikonians react

BLG-THU.jpgNikon's newest Digital Single-Lens Reflex is creating quite a buzz in our forums. The newly announced Nikon Df is an FX (full-frame camera) with 16.2 million effective pixels. It uses a standard 36x24 mm CMOS sensor (36.0 x 23.9 mm).

This may not be the camera you absolutely need -- But for many Nikon enthusiasts with warm memories of the good old days -- it is destined to become the camera they absolutely want.

Nikonians author Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell) tells us this camera comes with equal doses of nostalgic features and modern-day technology:
"Remember when you were young and skinny, raising kids, and had all that energy? Well, you were probably carrying a camera that looked a lot like the new Nikon Df. Let this camera take you back in time as you carry it with you everywhere.

Basically, the Df is made for travel, and for what Nikon calls “a versatile full-frame option for passionate photographers.” The camera delivers the same high quality as the Nikon D4, the flagship DSLR in Nikon’s lineup, for about half the cost of a D4. Not having a bulky camera body, yet having sufficient speed (up to 5.5 frames per second), makes the Df a very flexible camera, ready for different styles of photography.

The brand new Nikon Df forum shows a wide variety of global reactions:
"UK launch price with the special edition 50mm f1.8 lens is £2740 ($US4110)...Wow, that's not cheap!
-- Richard Walliker (richardd300), United Kingdom/Wales

"I was eagerly and patiently waiting from the release of D4 to get a replacement for my faithful D700. I skipped the D800 (too many pixels, you get them laying all around), the D600 and D610 (too consumer body), feeling that Nikon will release something to fulfill my wishes. And it came -- Nikon Df. It is exactly what I was waiting for -- "low" pixel count (just right for me), extremely high sensor sensitivity, no video (I use a video camera for my videos), pro-built and compact high quality body. Now I am a bit disappointed. The price is simply too high, even for such a nice piece of high tech camera."
-- Nikolaj Simic (niksi), Slovenia

BLG-Fig03.jpg"A very nice toy. Not that I really need it. The pixel count is disappointing - it should have been at least 36 MP. Better 54 (FF with D3200 density).
What would really make me happy - all the same, but for film."

-- Vladimir Stepanov (SVA ), Switzerland

"I felt Nikon got the pricing right with the high specs of the D800. I also felt a retro camera could be nice for those who felt this whole dslr madness has gotten out of control (ie feature creep, adding things that people may not need/want and complicating the interface, etc). But I figured a simplified camera would come with a 'simplified' price. I realize it has the d4 sensor at half the price, but frankly the d4 is overpriced and other than the sensor, the spec of the Df is more mid-range. I thought the purpose was to compete against the new breed of ILC which have price tags at 1/3 of the Df."
-- Eric Carlino (ecarlino), USA/Illinois

"I don't think the purpose of this camera was to compete with anything. I think it was a dream of one of Nikon's executives, maybe even the CEO, to produce a product that would reflect on their past history and heritage. I see that thinking in the release of the new AFS 58mm f1.4 lens and now the Df. I think you need to understand the pride the Japanese have in their heritage to see that. The last retro camera that Nikon produced was the S3 rangefinder kit from 2000. As far as I know only Leica and Nikon and maybe Zeiss through Cosina do these things. Since making a retro film camera now makes no sense at all they did the next best thing with the Df. You are getting a FE digital body with near D4 performance at a bargain price. I don't expect they will sell many based on the comments I see here."
-- Leonard Taupier (Leonard62), USA/Pennsylvania

"The naming strikes me as telling. While it is possible Nikon could someday come out with a "Df2" (or "Dg"?), the lack of a number in the model name makes me wonder if Nikon sees this as a one-off model rather than the start of a progression of traditional-style cameras. Who knows, perhaps this is Nikon's parting homage to the past before they come out with something radically new and different that abandons the single-lens reflex design. In any case, it's clear that this appeals to some people. I sincerely wish them joy of using it, and I'll be interested to read about their experiences and see their images."
-- Jonathan Bloom (jbloom),USA/Connecticut

"Just when I thought I was out, Nikon brings me back in! I really like the design and look of the camera."
-- Armando Camara (adcam), USA/Oregon

Here are the highlights, courtesy of Geoffrey Coalter at the Nikon USA Press Room:

Nikon Df:
BLG-Fig02.jpg• Classic Nikon design cues, with solid build and mechanical controls
• Sophisticated physical/mechanical controls for settings and adjustments
• Imaging and low-light performance inherited from Nikon’s flagship D4 D-SLR
• Large 36 x 23.9mm, 16.2 MP FX-Format CMOS sensor
• EXPEED 3 image processing engine propels image quality to the next level
• Exceptionally wide ISO range from 100-12,800, expandable to 204,800 for superb low-light performance
BLG-04.jpg• Nikon’s thinnest and lightest FX-format D-SLR
• 39-point AF system with nine cross-type sensors and continuous burst shooting up to 5.5 fps ensures precision and clarity when capturing moving subjects
• 2016-Pixel Matrix Metering and Scene Recognition System ensure proper camera settings for every shooting scenario
• Easy to create with a 3.2-inch LCD display and glass optical viewfinder
• Wi-Fi connectivity available with use of optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter, allowing for instant download and sharing to smart devices or remote firing of the camera
• Reaching back into the NIKKOR lens legacy, the Df is compatible with current AF, AF-S, DX and AF-D lenses, but also works with classic Ai and non-Ai NIKKOR glass
• Full compatibility with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System and WR remote systems
• Available in late November 2013, in classic silver and black color schemes at a suggested retail price (SRP) of $2,749.95 (body only). A kit will also be available with the AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 Special Edition Lens for $2,999.95 (SRP)

AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 Special Edition Lens
• Classically styled to honor original NIKKOR Ai lenses
• Sports aluminum mounting ring for manual focusing
• Classic 50mm prime focal length ideal for everyday shooting
• Features modern NIKKOR technologies
• Nano Crystal Coat, seven-blade diaphragm
• Available in November 2013 for a suggested retail price (MSRP) of $279.95, or alongside the Nikon Df for $2,999.95 (MSRP)

Following the official announcement from Nikon, Darrell Young has already received the green light for his next NikoniansPress/Rocky Nook book.

BLG-05.jpgAs a disclaimer-- You may think the fact that Darrell is writing a book on this camera could be a factor in his praise. We put that question to him via Skype following his post about the new book project. Was he pushing a camera for the sake of book sales?

His answer was immediate. For starters, he's buying this camera (and it isn't cheap) out of his own pocket (not getting a freebie)--
" I have been wishing for a digital Nikon FM for some time now. I miss the external controls. This camera brings back simplicity, when I want it, and complexity (functionality) when I need it. It is the best of both worlds, a fusion of old and new. I can't wait to get mine. I'll carry it everywhere I go!

He concludes with a final note on the price: "....the camera is a mini-D4 for half the price.

Part of photography is the distinct pleasure of owning high-quality camera equipment. On cold winter days when it is too nasty outside to shoot, you can open your camera bag and enjoy the feel of your fine Nikon cameras. This new Df is destined to become the one you hold up to your eye and derive tacticle pleasure from most frequently.

The rest of his Skype reply was a bit of butt-chewing to our editorial staff for doubting his integrity.

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October 17, 2013

Nikon unveils D5300 and new low-light lens

D5300-THU.jpgNikon's DSLR inventory now adds the 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor D5300 -- Nikon’s first DSLR with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS.

The D5300 is being discussed in our Café. Feel free to share your impressions, once you have read the full specs and product page.

The announcement also included the new AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G – a prime lens with a hefty price tag and roots leading back to the lendary Noct NIKKOR 58mm f/1.2 lens. That "noct" is just what you think it is—it means shooting at night (as in nocturnal).

Here are the highlights:

Nikon D5300:
D5300_300.jpg• This is Nikon’s first DSLR with built-in Wi-Fi and GPS which provides instant photo sharing to smartphones or tablets. It also offers the option of geotagging image captures.
• Cutting-edge 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor produces crisp and lifelike images
• Extremely compact and lightweight with an ergonomically designed body.
• Sports a 3.2-inch swiveling Vari-angle LCD display to help frame fun and creative shooting perspectives
• 39-point AF system with 9 cross-type sensors is able to capture moving subjects with ease
• Fast continuous shooting at 5 frames-per-second (fps)
• Full 1080p HD Video with built-in stereo microphone for fleeting moments
• Intuitive Scene Recognition System selects precise and accurate settings for every shot
• Features a variety of Image Effects and In-camera editing tools
• Available in October 2013 in Black, Red and Gray for $1,399.95 MSRP (alongside the AF-S NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens) or $799.95 USD MSRP (body only)

AF-S NIKKOR 58mm f/1.4G
• Versatile, professional level prime lens for FX and DX format shooters in a classic focal length
• Optimized for elite performance in low-light shooting scenarios
• Unique 58mm focal length ideal for portraits, landscapes and street photography
• Integrated core NIKKOR technologies
• Pays homage to the original Noct NIKKOR 58mm f/1.2 lens
• Available in late October 2013 for $1,699.95 USD MSRP

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October 8, 2013

Nikon announces newest FX-format camera

D610_THU_110.jpgThe new Nikon D610 FX-format camera features a continuous quiet mode, allowing you to shoot sequence shots with a minimum of mirror-slap noise. It should be available in late October with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1999.95 USD for the body only.

Our members are discussing the new camera right now.

Kit configurations for this 24.3-megapixel FX-format (35.9 x 24mm) CMOS sensor camera include:

■ With AF-S NIKKOR 24-85MM F/3.5-4.5G ED VR Lens - $2599.95 USD (MSRP)

■ With AF-S NIKKOR 28-300MM F/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens + 32GB Class 10 memory card + Large Laptop Bag - $3049.95 USD (MSRP)

■ With AF-S NIKKOR 24-85MM F/3.5-4.5G ED VR Lens + AF-S VR ZOOM-NIKKOR 70-300MM F/4.5-5.6G IF-ED Lens + WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter + D-SLR Tablet Bag + 32GB Class 10 memory card - $3249.95 USD (MSRP)

You can get full specs and links to sample images at the USA Nikon D610 Product Page.

In their press release, Nikon pointed to the sharpness factor, saying:
"With image quality rivaled only by the 36.3 megapixel Nikon D800, the D610 is an attractive option for those willing to step up to FX-format."

“For many of us, photography is an unexplainable passion; a relentless pursuit of sharpness and fidelity in every image captured, as we endlessly seek a way to express ourselves,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc.

“The Nikon D610 is a tool to help us capture and share our creative vision with all the benefits of a full frame sensor, including expanded depth-of-field control, wide dynamic range, high image quality, low noise, fine color, and low-light capability.”

The new Quiet Continuous Shutter Mode is ideal for weddings and other sensitive events. When selected via the main command dial, users can shoot discreetly at up to 3 fps.

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October 7, 2013

Fixing a Hazy Photograph

fixing_a_hazy_photograph_cover.pngIt's always a challenge to overcome when you take photographs and they come out hazy. Do you remove, and spare another precious moment that might not be captured? Well, it's always worth another shot - no pun intended - but don't delete that photograph. Read how fellow Nikonian, Mike Hagen makes things crisp and clear. So grab that cup of joe and have a nice read :)

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September 19, 2013

Nikon 1 cameras gain underwater brother

Nikon-1-AW1_thu.jpgNikon has announced the Nikon 1 AW1, the world’s first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens camera. This version allows for underwater photograph by snorkeling and scuba enthusiasts.

The new camera is being released with two brand new 1 NIKKOR AW lenses for your underwater photography but for everyday use, the full line of regular 1 NIKKOR lenses are compatible.

Here are the highlights:
Nikon 1 AW1
• World’s first waterproof and shockproof interchangeable lens camera
• Waterproof (down to 49 feet), shockproof (up to 6.6 feet) and freezeproof (down to 14° F)
• Outdoor friendly features: built-in GPS, altimeter, depth gauge, compass, and underwater controls
• 14.2 MP CX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 3A image processing engine, Full 1080p HD Video
• Extremely fast Advanced Hybrid AF system (73-point array) and world’s fastest continuous shooting frame rate (15 fps with AF)
• Action Control for easy menu/setting navigation even with gloves on
• Several Creative Shooting Modes including: Easy Panorama, Creative Mode, Advanced Movie Mode, Slow Motion Movies, Best Moment Capture Mode, Smart Photo Selector, Slow View
• Wi-Fi connectivity is achievable when attached to the optional WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter
• Compatibility with new 1 NIKKOR AW lenses and expanding lineup of 1 NIKKOR lenses
• Available in October 2013 in black, silver and white.
• One-lens kit (w/ 11-27.5mm lens) will be available for $799.95 USD (SRP) and a Two-lens kit (w/11-27.5mm and 10mm lenses) will be available for $999.95 USD (SRP)

1 NIKKOR AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens
• Waterproof (down to 49 feet), shockproof (up to 6.6 feet) and freezeproof (down to 14° F)
• Lightweight durable lens with a 2.5x zoom
• Ideal for everyday use, portraits

1 NIKKOR AW 10mm f/2.8 Lens
• Waterproof (down to 49 feet), shockproof (up to 6.6 feet) and freezeproof (down to 14° F)
• Ultra-compact wide-angle fixed lens with a fast f/2.8 aperture
• Ideal for landscapes, or close-up action

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April 17, 2013

Streaming Uncompressed HDMI Video from your Nikon D800

Uncompressed video stands to hold a significant higher quality compared to compressed, allowing even resolution up scaling.

However, with technology advancing so quickly, there's always the latest gadget that can do anything quicker and smoother than your previous toys. See what many Nikonians worldwide use, and why. We'll go in depth with formats, video standards, compression, and of course the external video recorders available for your camera. Let's have a look at what the D800 has in store!

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March 26, 2013

Nikon announces new factory

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgNikon's worldwide site has announced plans to shift some current Thailand camera production work 800 kilometers (500 miles) northeast to neighboring Laos in the Savannakhet Province

Nikon's press release says the establishment of a new factory in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Laos) is designed to reinforce its digital SLR camera manufacturing organization and reduce costs.

The factory will have 800 employees and will be 99.9% owned by Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Operations are scheduled to commence in October 2013.

The new factory in Laos will be preparing components to be used in final production of digital SLR cameras in the Ayutthaya Province of Thailand.

Nikon Corporation President Makoto Kimura said in an interview last year that the Thailand facilities had fully recovered from the October 2011 floods.

Our members are discussing the news in the English Café

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March 14, 2013

UK and Ireland members: Nikon cashback

UKspringcash_200.jpgNikon UK has launched its spring cashback promotion offering up to £150 cashback. The cashback promotion includes the Nikon D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200, D7000 and D600 from 14th March – 31st May (inclusive).

The promotion will run from 14th March – 31st May 2013 and all claims must be received by the 30th June 2013 in order to qualify.

D3100= £30/€35
D3200= £40/€50
D5100= £40/€50
D5200= £50/€60
D7000= £100/€120
D600 = £150/€180

For more information on the promotion, and how to submit your claim, please visit:

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March 12, 2013

Nikon ViewNX2 upgrade released

ViewNX2_150.jpgNikon has released version 2.7.4 for their Nikon ViewNX2 image browsing and editing software.
This version addresses correct lens naming for the AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR lens. It also includes updates for images captured with a Nikon 1-series camera (and the FT-1 mount adapter) and movies recorded using a digital-SLR camera.

The Macintosh version resolves an issue that prevented images saved in JPEG format with Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.3.0 or 2.3.1 from opening in ViewNX 2. Both the Windows and Macintosh versions add support for the Nikon D7100.

Check Nikon's support page for more information and download instructions.

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March 5, 2013

Nikon boosts COOLPIX line

New-coolpx.jpgNikon has announced three new additions to the COOLPIX line of cameras, the Nikon Nikon COOLPIX A, COOLPIX P330, and Nikon COOLPIX S3500.

• The Nikon COOLPIX A is the first COOLPIX camera to incorporate a DX-format sensor for capturing high quality images and videos with point-and-shoot convenience. It will be available this month for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $1099.95 (USD) and will be offered in Black and Silver.

• The Nikon COOLPIX P330 is an advanced performance compact camera that delivers beautiful imagery, even in low light conditions. It will also be available in this month for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $379.95 (USD) and will be offered in Black and White.

• The Nikon COOLPIX S3500 is an affordable yet stylish option for those who want a convenient and versatile camera that is compact enough for travel without sacrificing performance. It will be available this month for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $139.95 (USD) and will be available in five colors: Silver, Red, Purple, Orange and Decorative Pink.

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NEW 80-400mm VR Nikkor Lens

new-80-400mm.pngThe long-awaited upgrade for the venerable 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens was announced today. Nikon's new AF-S NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G ED VR FX-format telephoto zoom will be available in early April 2013 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $2,699.95 (USD).

With a completely new optical formula of 20 elements in 12 groups, one Super ED element and four ED glass elements, it is now a G ED VR AF-S lens with Nano-Crystal coating. This promises it to be a superb image quality lens.

Nikon has addressed the issues faced with the previous model, like relatively slow AF focusing -compared to AF-S lenses; and with a 4-stops advantage in image stabilization.

The price is now steeper, maybe more than expected -at 2,7K USD- however, allowing for its use with a 1.4X teleconverter, making it a 560mm lens in FX format, having no problems at fast focusing in the most recent cameras at an aperture of f/8.

This is great news for wildlife photographers, while its focal range makes it also suitable for daylight sports and even portraiture.

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March 4, 2013

London-based Nikon training announced

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgNikon's United Kingdom website has announced the Nikon School; a new venue for photography training that aims to educate and inspire photographers.

The school is located at the new Nikon Centre of Excellence, in the heart of central London and is scheduled to be open and running courses starting in early April.

Training courses will run during the week from Tuesday - Friday and, for the first time, Nikon will also be offering courses on Saturdays. Details are available at the Nikon UK Training homepage.

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February 21, 2013

Nikon adds D7100 to top of DX line

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpg Nikon has announced the new flagship of their DX-format HD-SLR lineup.
The D7100 features a 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and fast shooting (up to 7 frames per second in 1.3 crop mode). From the back you'll be able to work with your images on a 3.2 inch (8cm) high resolution LCD monitor.

D7100_300.jpgIt will be available starting in March 2013 with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $1599.95 USD with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens or $1199.95 for the body only configuration.

Here are the highlights (courtesy of the Nikon USA Press Room):
• New 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and EXPEED 3 image processing engine to deliver the ultimate in image quality
• 51-point AF system, and Nikon’s 3D Color Matrix Metering II 2,016 pixel RGB sensor and Scene Recognition System
• Wide ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to Hi-2 of 25,600) for low-light shooting
• Ability to shoot in a 1.3x DX crop mode for both stills and HD video allows for shooting at up to seven fps at slightly reduced resolution, and enhancing AF system frame coverage
• Fast performance: Shoot at up to 6 fps at full resolution, 7 fps with 1.3x mode.
• 3.2-inch High Resolution 122k dot LCD, Enhanced Interface
• 100% frame coverage through the optical viewfinder with new OLED display
• New Spot White Balance feature allows for quick and precise white balance adjustment while shooting in live view
• HD video can be recorded at 1080/30p, or at 60i/50i (in 1.3x Crop Mode)
• Compatible with the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter, enabling the user to share images to a supported smartphone or tablet, shoot remotely from their device, and transfer photos from up to 49 feet away.

For more details check Nikon's new D7100 page.

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January 29, 2013

Nikon announces COOLPIX expansion and 2 new FX-format lenses

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgThe Nikon COOLPX line has added seven new models. These cameras cover long zoom requirements, GPS and Wi-Fi enhancements, rugged harsh outdoor environments, and even modest budget needs.
The Nikkor FX-format lens category has also expanded, with a hefty 800mm fixed focal length lens and an 18-35mm wide-angle zoom designed for Nikon's ultra-high-pixel-count D-SLR cameras.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price range on these new additions covers the gamut from a low of $120 (USD) for one of the COOLPIX offerings to a nose-bleed high of more than $17,800 (USD) for that 800mm lens.

Here are the highlights (courtesy of the Nikon USA Press Room):

P520_250.jpg• 18.1-megapixel backside illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor
• 42x optical zoom-NIKKOR glass lens from a wide 24mm to 1000mm
• Full manual controls give users the power to realize their creative potential when shooting images and full HD (1080p) video
• Built-in GPS capabilities allow photographers to log their journey with an easy-to-use display
• Compatible with the WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter to transfer content to compatible smart devices and tablets for easy sharing and viewing with others
• Available for a suggested retail price of $449.95 in Black, Red, and Dark Grey in February 2013

AW110_250.jpg• Increased ruggedness: Waterproof (up to 59 feet), shockproof (up to 6.7 feet) and freezeproof (down to 14° F) with GPS technology
• Features built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity, allowing the image data transfer to compatible smart devices through the Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility application
• 16-megapixel (BSI) CMOS sensor that helps create sharp, beautiful images and Full HD (1080p) video even in challenging lighting conditions
• NIKKOR 5x optical zoom lens with Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR)
• Available in Orange, Black, Camouflage and Blue in February 2013 for a suggested retail price of $349.95

S9500_250.jpg• Slim, compact body sports a 22x optical zoom (25-550mm) and features an 18.1-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
• Offers various shooting effects to enhance memories, including an upgraded Glamour Retouch function, Skin Softening and Quick Effects.
• Offers a built-in GPS function and built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity so images and videos can be shared while on the go by transferring them to a compatible smart device equipped with the Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility application
• Available for a suggested retail price of $349.95 in Black, Silver, and Red in February 2013

L820_250.jpg• High-power 30x zoom, 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, and Vibration Reduction (VR) technology
• 3-inch monitor, ergonomic design, and use of convenient AA-size batteries make it easy and fun for users to shoot comfortably
• Features a simple and intuitive interface, with features including Easy Auto Mode, Smart Portrait System, and Glamour Retouch
• Available for a suggested retail price of $279.95 in Black and Red in February 2013

S31_250.jpg• A durable 10.1-megapixel compact, camera that allows every family member young and old to capture photos, worry free
• Waterproof (up to 16.5 feet), shockproof (up to 3.6 feet) and dustproof
• 3x optical zoom (29-87mm equivalent) NIKKOR lens, and a dedicated video record button creates an effortless transition from stills to video
• 2.7-inch LCD display supports an enhanced easy and intuitive graphic user interface (GUI) that allows for simple navigation
• Available in White, Blue, Pink, Brown and Yellow, also in February 2013, for a suggested retail price of $119.95

S5200_250.jpg• A 16.0-megapixel backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor that helps captures high-quality images and video, even in low-light conditions
• Features a wide-angle 6x (26mm to 156mm) optical zoom-NIKKOR glass lens and 3-inch TFT LCD monitor
• Built in Wi-Fi allows images and videos to be uploaded and shared instantly with compatible smart devices via the Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility application
• Available in February 2013 for a suggested retail price of $179.95 in Plum, Red, Blue and Black

L28_250.jpg• 20.1-megapixel compact camera that features easy-to-use shooting functions and streamlined operation
• 5x optical zoom (26mm to 130mm) and simple shooting functions such as Easy Auto Mode
• 3-inch LCD screen and an easy-to-hold grip and button layout that fits in a user’s hand comfortably
• Uses widely available AA-size alkaline batteries, so users can keep their camera powered
• Available in February 2013 for a suggested retail price of $119.95 in Red, Black and Silver

AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR
D4_800mm_450.jpg• Features an outstanding 800mm fixed focal length, the longest of any AF-S NIKKOR lens
• Designed for the needs of sports, wildlife and news photographers and features a maximum aperture of f/5.6
• Includes the AF-S Teleconverter TC800-1.25E ED (developed exclusively for the 800mm f/5.6 lens)
• Available in April 2013 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $17,899.95

AF-S NIKKOR 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5G ED
AFS_18_35_ED_1_250.jpg• Features a useful wide-angle focal length of 18-35mm (1.9x zoom equivalent)
• FX-format lens is optimized for ultra-high-pixel-count D-SLR cameras including the Nikon D800 and D600, while providing close focus up to .92 feet (approx. 11 inches)
• Available in March 2013 for the suggested retail price (SRP) of $749.95

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January 8, 2013

Nikon unveils new gear at CES

CES-2013_Logo_V2.jpgNikon is showcasing its full line of imaging solutions including new products at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas starting today (Jan 8th).
Highlights at the Nikon Booth (#8643) in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center include the new Nikon D5200 D-SLR, and new Nikon 1 duo of cameras, the Nikon 1 J3 and Nikon 1 S1.

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgThe Nikon booth will also feature dedicated sections to demonstrate the shooting, connectivity and sharing capabilities of Nikon’s HD-SLR cameras, the Nikon 1 System, NIKKOR lenses and COOLPIX cameras.

Interactive displays will be available, as well as opportunities for the connected user to experience the sharing capabilities of Nikon’s latest products.

Highlights from Nikon's CES Press Release:

The New Nikon D5200 Inspires Users to Capture Creatively
D5200_BK_LCD_6_300.jpgThe 24.1-megapixel Nikon D5200 features a user-friendly interface, in-camera Special Effects and creative shooting modes to inspire innovative photography, making it effortless to create amazing images and HD video.

The D5200 also allows users to share photos with friends and family in an instant when attached to the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter1. Users can also apply creative filters and effects to HD video for truly unique memories.

Additionally, the D5200 features a vari-angle LCD that lets users swivel the screen for above-the-head photos, or down low for creative self-portraits. The Nikon D5200 with the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens will be available in late January 2013 for a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $899.95 USD.

New Nikon 1 Cameras and Lenses Provide New Ways to be Creative, Expressive, and Connected
J3_10_30_WH_S_300.jpgNikon has expanded the Nikon 1 system with the new Nikon 1 J3 and Nikon 1 S1 cameras, offering superfast speed and performance, high image quality and easy-to-use creative shooting modes.

S1_10_30_RD_SL_300.jpgThe new Nikon 1 cameras are intended for users looking for a camera that offers the compact size and portability of point-and-shoot cameras along with advanced controls and features found in more advanced digital cameras.

The new J3 and S1 feature unique shooting modes like Auto Mode, Creative Mode, Advanced Movie, Motion Snapshot and Best Moment Capture, and are compatible with the optional WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter2 so that users can share and transfer images and HD videos to smart devices.

The Nikon 1 J3 with the 10-30mm lens will be available in February 2013 for a SRP of $599.95 in White, Black, Silver Burgundy and Beige. The Nikon 1 S1 with the 11-27mm lens will be available for an MSRP of $499.95 USD in White, Black, Red, Pink and Khaki.

Two new lenses for the 1 NIKKOR lens lineup
The VR 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6 is an ultra-wide-angle zoom lens featuring Vibration Reduction (VR) and a wide 100-degree angle of view that makes it perfect for capturing photos and HD video of landscapes, cityscapes, interiors and architecture. It will be available in February with an MSRP of $499.95 USD.

The VR 10-100mm f/4-5.6, a compact and lightweight telephoto zoom lens, is convenient enough to take everywhere and provides a long focal range ideal for various types of photography including group shots and action sports. It will be available in February with an MSRP of $549.95 USD.

Underwater Photography
WP_N2_300.jpgNikon has also introduced the WP-N2 underwater case, which can house the new Nikon 1 cameras with the 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm lens.

Fully submersible to a depth of 130 feet deep (40 meters), the WP-N2 waterproof housing transforms your Nikon 1 J3 or Nikon 1 S1 into a powerful waterproof, underwater camera that's perfect for diving, snorkeling, boating, kayaking, swimming, fishing, surfing or just having fun at the pool.

It will be available in February with an MSRP of $749.95 USD.

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November 6, 2012

Nikon announces new DX-format camera: Nikon D5200

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgNikon Tokyo has announced the new DX-format Nikon D5200, featuring 24.1-million pixels, 39-point AF system and a 2,016-pixel RGB sensor.
While rated as an entry level camera, the D5200 features enhancements rivaling some of Nikon's top models.
According to Nikon's Press Release, the image processing engine is equivalent to the EXPEED 3 built into high-end Nikon D4, D800, D800E, and D600 digital SLR cameras for superior resolution, and image quality with very little noise at high sensitivities.


The new camera serves as a successor to the Nikon D5100 (released April 2011). It boosts the sensor resolution from 16.2 million pixels to 24.1, the burst shooting rate jumps from four frames per second to five, and the D5100 Multi-CAM 1000 11 point autofocus system is replaced with the 39-point Multi-CAM 4800DX.

Further enhancements include a stereo microphone input, metering improvements and support for Nikon's Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a and the new Wireless Remote Controller WR-R10/WR-T10 (both available separately).

You can read the full Nikon Press Release here.

Pricing and availability is not mentioned in the press release.

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October 24, 2012

Nikon unveils Nikon 1 V2, New Gen 70-200mm VR lens and new Speedlight

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgNikon has announced the newest addition to the Nikon 1 System, the Nikon 1 V2.
The Nikon 1 system will also have a new speedlight in January, designed for connection to the Nikon 1 V2 i-TTL hot shoe.
Nikon also announced the new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR telephoto zoom lens, featuring five stops of VR image stabilization.

Our members have been invited to discuss the new gear in the English Café

Nikon 1 V2 Highlights
-- 14.2-megapixel CX-format CMOS Sensor alongside EXPEED 3A image processing engine
-- Enhanced design featuring a traditional grip and new Command Dial
-- New Direct Setting Control enables quick access to manual controls
V2_10_30_BK_300.jpg-- Advanced Hybrid Autofocus (AF) system
-- 73-point AF array
-- High-speed continuous shooting with continuous AF approx. 15 fps up to 45 frames
-- Features a new built-in pop up flash and wide ISO range (160-6400) for difficult lighting conditions
-- Full HD 1080p video capability
-- High-resolution 921,000-dot, 3.0-inch LCD display
-- Full Auto/Manual controls alongside image effects and in-camera creative functions
-- New Shooting Modes include:
-- Enhanced Motion Snapshot Mode: Users can simultaneously capture a slow-motion movie sequence alongside a single image
-- Best Moment Capture Mode: Allows individuals to use Slow View to slow down the image they are capturing
-- Advance Movie Mode: Simultaneously shoot 1080p Full HD video and high-resolution stills of the same subject
-- Compatible with all 1 NIKKOR lenses and WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter for easy upload via Wi-Fi to social networks and/or remote operation
-- Also compatible with new SB-N7 speedlight, FT-1 Mount Adapter
-- Available in November 2012 for a suggested retail price of (SRP) of $899.95 USD(includes 10-30mm kit lens)

AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR Highlights
AFS_70_200_250.jpg-- First NIKKOR lens to feature third generation of Nikon’s Vibration Reduction (VR) technology
-- First to offer five stops of image stabilization
-- Popular 70-200mm focal length with constant f/4 aperture
-- Nano Crystal Coat to reduce ghost and flare
-- Silent Wave Motor for quiet and responsive operation
-- Available in late November 2012 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $1399.95 USD

SB-N7 Speedlight Highlights
SB_N7_BK.150.jpg-- Designed for connection to Nikon 1 V2 i-TTL hot shoe
-- Flash head tilts up to 120 degrees and provides guide number of 18 meters/59 feet at ISO 100
-- Runs on AAA batteries
-- Available in January 2013 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $159.95 USD

Highlights on the new releases are courtesy of the Nikon USA Press Room.

More information: Nikon 1. V2 product page

AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR product page

SB-N7 Speedlight product page

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September 13, 2012

Nikon announces D600 FX-format DSLR

D600_Nikon_110.jpgNikon's newest FX-format camera has been unveiled.
The Nikon D600 features a full frame 24.3-megapixel CMOS sensor alongside an EXPEED 3 image processing engine that allows for outstanding low-light ability and sharpness.
The new camera will be available on September 18, 2012 for a manufacturer's suggested retail price (SRP) of $2,099.95 (USD) for body only or $2,699.95 kitted with the AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens.

Nikon's full Press Release includes the following highlights:

The D600 also features Full HD 1080p video recording capabilities combined with the ability to wirelessly share and capture images using the optional new WU-1b Wireless Adapter.

Precisely designed for enthusiasts looking to make the jump into FX-format photography, the new D600 also features a versatile 39-point AF system ready for a variety of unpredictable subjects, fast shooting speeds and 100% frame coverage through its optical viewfinder.

A new addition to the 1 NIKKOR line of lenses was also announced, as Nikon introduced the compact 1 NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8 lens. This fixed-focal length prime lens immediately becomes one of the fastest lenses in the 1 NIKKOR lineup and offers even more creative freedom for Nikon 1 system users.

Nikon D600 Highlights
• 24.3-megapixel FX-Format CMOS sensor (35.9 x 24mm) and EXPEED 3 image processing engine.
• Wide ISO range from 100-6400 (expandable from 50-25,600) for low-light shooting.
• Nikon Scene Recognition System and 2,016 pixel RGB sensor.
• 39 point AF system with new MultiCAM 4800FX AF Module.
• Ready to shooting in 0.13 seconds with a 0.052 second shutter release.
• Capable of shooting at 5.5 fps at full resolution with full AF.
• 100% frame coverage through the optical viewfinder.
• Scene modes, Picture Control functions, High Dynamic (HDR) mode and time lapse shooting.
• Full HD 1080p video, 3.2-inch (8.128 centimeters) 921K dot LCD screen.
• Video control features include full manual exposure, ability to switch between FX and DX (1.5X) formats in Full HD, manual focus, full-time AF, external microphone input.
• Ability to transfer uncompressed video via HDMI and monitoring/streaming capability. D600_LCD_menu_300.jpg
• Intuitive ergonomics and button placement for maximum shooting efficiency.
• Body sealed and gasketed against dirt and moisture for unpredictable shooting conditions
• Compatible with NIKKOR lenses, Nikon’s Creative Lighting System (CLS) and WU-1b Wireless Adapter.
• Available on September 18, 2012 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $2,099.95 for body only or $2,699.95 (SRP) kitted with the AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR lens.

WU-1b Wireless Adapter Highlights
Allows users to connect wirelessly to the Nikon D600 for easy sharing and remote operation.
• Connect to Wireless Mobile Adapter Utility application for Android™ based mobile devices
• Easily share images through social networks
• Remotely operate the D600’s shutter from up to 50 feet away (15.24 meters).
• Available on September 18, 2012 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $59.95.

NIKKOR 18.5mm f/1.8 Lens Highlights
• 18.5mm fixed focal length prime lens addition to the 1 NIKKOR lens line.
• Popular and versatile approx. 50mm (35mm equivalent) focal length.
• Large f/1.8 aperture for great portraits and everyday shooting.
• Lightweight body -- (2.5 ounces / 70.8738 grams), fast and affordable.
• Compatible with the Nikon 1 J1, J2 and V1, available in early November 2012 in Black, White and Silver for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $189.95.

Lastly, Nikon introduced the UT-1 adapter, yet another tool to help photographers organize and share content. This device enables easy image transfer of large high-resolution files to a computer or FTP server, as well as remote camera operation when connected via Ethernet cable or wirelessly (when using a WT-5a wireless transmitter) from select Nikon D-SLR cameras including the Nikon D4, D800, D800E and D7000.

Is the Nikon D600 your next camera?
Tell us what you think of the camera in our Nikon D600 forum.

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August 22, 2012

Nikon announces three new COOLPIX cameras

NIKON-LOGO_125.jpgEasy on the budget and heavy on features, Nikon’s latest COOLPIX cameras include Wi-Fi connectivity, long-reaching zooms with vibration reduction (VR) and touchscreen operation.
The three new cameras range in price from $179.95 USD to $499.95 USD (suggested retail) and one of them will be an interesting link for social networking enthusiasts familiar with the Android operating system.

According to Nikon's official Press Releases, the three new cameras will be available next month.

Here are the highlights from Nikon USA's Press room:

Nikon’s COOLPIX S800c combines Nikon’s imaging technologies with built in Wi-Fi and the Android Operating System to allow for easy shooting and sharing of photos and HD video through various social networks.

Complete with a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, 10x NIKKOR zoom lens, Full HD video recording, GPS and easy access to Android Apps, Nikon’s new camera is the perfect camera for “connected” individuals.

Nikon’s new flagship COOLPIX camera, the COOLPIX P7700 offers an unparalleled feature set for its class in a compact body. Featuring a 12.2-megapixel sensor, 7.1x zoom f/2 NIKKOR ED glass lens, manual controls and Full 1080p HD capability.

For the active and stylish photographer who needs a convenient camera for every on-the-go moment, Nikon has introduced the COOLPIX S01, an ultra-mini point-and-shoot. Complete with quick touchscreen operation and several Easy Auto Modes, taking photos has never been so fun and stylish.

COOLPIX S800c Highlights
• Wi-Fi Connectivity
• Runs the Android™ Operating System, access to Android Apps
• Easy shooting, editing and sharing photos through social networks
• 16-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, EXPEED C2 image-processing
• 10x NIKKOR zoom lens with Vibration Reduction (VR)
• Full HD 1080p video and built in GPS technology
• Available in September 2012 in White and Black for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $349.95

COOLPIX P7700 Highlights
• 12.2-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor
• 7.1x zoom f/2 NIKKOR ED glass lens (28-200mm equivalent zoom range)
• Lens-Shift Vibration Reduction (VR)
• Full Manual Control (PSAM), 19 Scene Modes and Scene Auto Selector, RAW Shooting
• Full HD 1080p video capability
• Auto, Manual, AP, Custom movie modes
• Intelligent Autofocus and optical zoom
• 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor (921,000-dot)
• Available in September 2012 in Black for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $499.95

COOLPIX S01 Highlights
• Ultra-mini pocket-sized camera (3.1 x 2.1 x 0.7 in., 3.4oz)
• Easy-to-use touchscreen operation system
• Easy Auto Mode, including six scene modes
• 3x wide-angle zoom NIKKOR lens and EXPEED C2 image-processing
• Built-in Xenon flash
• Available in September 2012 in Silver, White, Red and Pink for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $179.95

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August 21, 2012

New Firmware Version 1.10 for Nikon CX Lenses

Nikon has released Version 1.10 firmware for the 10-30mm and 30-110mm CX lenses. The update allows Nikon J2 cameras to be shut off by collapsing the lenses to their carry position.

The technical note reads:

When this lens is used with Nikon 1 cameras released in, or after, August 2012, the camera can be turned off by locking the lens barrel (retractable lens barrel button), even if the monitor has turned off and the camera has entered standby mode.

Editor's note - the only Nikon 1 camera released in August 2012 was the J2. So by definition (and anecdotally confirmed by owners in the field), the J1 and V1 do not enjoy this new feature.

Find the firmware links here (US links TBD - this will be updated as they become available)

Nikon Europe CX 10-30mm Firmware V1.10
Nikon Europe CX 30-110mm Firmware V1.10

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August 9, 2012

Nikon J2, 11-27mm CX Lens and WP-N1 Housing Announced

Nikon has announced an update to the popular J1 mirrorless camera - the Nikon J2. The latest arrival update the rear LCD screen to 921k dots resolution and adds a scene mode setting to the dial for making photos appear as panoramas, miniatures, soft color, backlighting and more. The new camera lists at USD549.99 starting cost with a kit lens.

A new CX kit lens was also announced - an 11-27mm f3.5-5.6 (MSRP USD190). Notably, this is without VR. The J2 will continue to be sold with the 10-30 and/or 30-110 kit options, with the latest addition sold separately.

Finally, an underwater housing, WP-N1, rated to 131m/430f, will accomodate either the J1 or J2 and the CX 10-30mm. The case lists for USD750 and is compatible with the Sea & Sea YS-D1 underwater flash.

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August 8, 2012

Firmware Update 1.2 for Nikon J1 and V1

Updated: Nikon USA links now available.

Nikon has released version 1.2 firmware for both the J1 and V1 mirrorless cameras. Improvements include a fix to the "low shutter speed" threshold in Still Image Mode, Auto White Balance enhancements, exposure fixes when using the optional SB-N5 Speedlight at certain ISO ranges and error messages encountered during interval shooting and power-on using the lens barrel switch.

Nikon Europe Links:
Nikon J1 Firmware 1.2
Nikon V1 Firmware 1.2

Nikon USA Links:
J1 Firmware 1.2
V1 Firmware 1.2

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April 20, 2012

Nikon D4 Digital SLR - The Nikonians Review

Nikonians Team Member Martin Turner takes the flagship D4 for a spin -

"...with an optical rating by DxO labs above almost every Hasselblad ever built, top ISO in excess of 200,000 and essentially noise-free at 25,600, this may well be the last camera you will ever need to buy."

Get the full review after the jump.

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April 16, 2012

Nikon wins three TIPA awards

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) just announced the winners of their annual awards. Each year TIPA chooses the best products of the last twelve months in 40 photography related categories.

This year Canon is the big winner with 6 awards: Best Professional DSLR (Canon EOS-1D X), Best Video SLR (Canon EOS 5D Mark III), Best Professional Videocamera (Canon EOS C300), Best Expert Compact Camera (Powershot G1 X), Best Professional DSLR Lens (Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L USM fish-eye), and Best Multi-functional Photo Printer (Canon Pixma MG8250).

Nikon and Fujifilm both won three Awards. Nikon for Best Expert DSLR (Nikon D800), Best Entry Level DSLR (Nikon D5100), and Best Professional Flash System (Nikon SB-910). Fujifilm won the awards for Best Professional Compact System Camera (Fujifilm X-Pro 1), Best Superzoom Camera (Fujifilm X-S1), and Best Photo Service (Fujifilm Fotoservice Pro).

For a complete list of this years winners, please see the TIPA website.

Posted by Nikonians Academy Europe Head Instructor Hayo Baan. More photography news, reviews & tips, can be found at Hayo Baan's Photography Blog.

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February 7, 2012

Nikon announces new 36.3 megapixel D800 & D800E

logo_nikon.gifNikon's long rumored megapixel abundant full frame DSLR has come out of hiding. Our members are going through the features and specs just released and weighing in with their reactions.

Here is the short list of features courtesy of Nikon USA's Press room:

-- 36.3-megapixel FX-format CMOS Sensor
-- 91,000 pixel 3D Matrix Metering system with Advanced Scene Recognition System


-- 1080p HD video with manual control
-- Headphone jack, and uncompressed HDMI out
-- Enhanced 51 pt AF system
-- 4 fps full resolution, 6 fps DX-mode with MBD-12 battery pack
-- ISO range of 100-6400, expandable to 50 (Lo-1)-25,600 (Hi-2)
-- Magnesium alloy for maximum durability
-- Dual card slots / CF and SD
-- Nikon D800 will be available in late March for $2999.95, and the Nikon D800E will be available in mid-April for $3299.95

What do you think?Join the conversation on the new Nikon D800 and D800 E in our English Café

Our friends at the Ask Berger Bros. Camera forum are taking preorders.

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February 3, 2012

Lion OS-X Update Now Supports Nikon Series 1

Apple has released an update to the Lion Operating System that reads the new Nikon Series 1 camera RAW files.

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February 1, 2012

Nikon Refreshes Coolpix Line for 2012

Nikon has refreshed the Coolpix digital compact camera line for 2012. Many of imager sensors got a boost to 16MP and Nikon has continued down a safe but predictable route by reiterating the best features of previous models. Notable entries include:

P510 - the updated flagship superzoom features an enormous 24-1000mm zoom (42x), a 5 frames per second burst shooting rate and integrated GPS to keep track of where your photos were taken.

P310 - heavily based upon the previous P300, the new model retains the fast f1.8 (at wide) 24-100mm zoom range, a new 16MP CCD sensor and full 1080 video with stereo support.

S9300 - the upper end travel camera has a 25-450mm zoom range and a collapsible lens design for convenient pocketability.

Other models in the refresh include the S4300, S3300, S30, L810 and the L26. More details can be found at Nikon USA's Coolpix site.

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January 19, 2012

New Nikon D4 vs. D3s - what's new?


King is dead, long live the king! Actually it won't be that long, because life cycle of the cameras are shorter and shorter, but still... The D3 came to the market in august 2007 which might seems as a long time ago, but it's gone through the facelift in October 2009, and re-name itself to D3s, so in fact the current version had lived only for 2 years. Than there was D3X announced in December 2008 with double mega pixel count, but slower shutter aimed to the market where resolution is a Holy Bible and speed is forbidden. Brothers had lived happily together, until now...

Now, there is a new kid on the block, top of the food chain, Japanese crown jewel, the best what camera world can offer. Well, at least 35 mm world to be precise, because it could upset some medium format system owners. Anyway, the all new Nikon D4 is here and there are two questions to be answered. Firstly, how already insane ISO 102400 can be raised up to 204800 and still be useful and secondly, where Nikon get that idea to replace two top models with only one flagship, because it sounds a bit let's say familiar to me.

Unfortunately, as I have no idea about one of them (ISO) and have only small suspicion about the other one and it actually might not be true, I am probably not the right person to waste your time with the answers to that. Well, here is the third question then and that is how different (read better) is D4 in comparison to D3s. Of course, as every new release in every industry it'll be faster, smarter and everything, but let's have a closer look to the main features.

Basics numbers:

New D4 is taking 16,2 MP to the megapixel race with the competition against 12,1 MP in D3s. Sensor is exactly the same size in both cameras (36 x 23,9 mm), what is logically making one pixel smaller in D4 (7,3 micro metre) than in D3s (8,45 micro metre). Pixel size can look like a WTH??? information, but in fact is quite important, because the bigger the pixel, the more light sensitive it is, which means it can memorize more light data and at the end it is creating better images and that is all what matters. And that is a pub argument tip why your mate's 15 MP compact is not even in the same sport than full frame DSLR. 

Maximum picture resolution is 4928 x 3280 in D4 and 4256 x 2832 in D3s. More is still better. And nothing is better than more fps, in fact D4 can make 10 fps in full frame format and you can even talk it to the 11, but you must lock your AF on your first frame, where D3s was capable of 9 in FX mode, or 11 in DX (cropped) mode. They both have 51 AF points. 

ISO range in old D3s was normally 200 - 12800, boosted form 100 to mentioned 102400, where D4 can do bottom 100 as a standard to 12800, which can be boosted to 50 at the bottom and 204800 at the top. It will probably create some desperate looking pictures, but desperate times call for desperate measures and if you'll ever need it, the possibility is there. 

Dimension-wise, the  D4 with 1180 grams is 60 grams I was going to say lighter, but I'll say less heavy than D3s with 1240 grams, even though it's a bit bigger - 160 x 157 x 91 mm for D4 against 160 x 157 x 88 mm for D3s. So let's sum it up.

d4-d3s new.jpg
Key changes:

Let's start with the probably biggest change against D3s and that is D4's video ability. D4 is capable to do a 1080p full HD video at 24 fps now, where D3s could do only 720p also at 24 fps, which was quite a handicap against competition. 

Changes from still shooting point of view are not that dramatic, but picture quality was quite impressive in D3s anyway. Of course, there are tweaks to make it even better, such as new 91.000 pixel metering sensor instead of 1.005 pixels sensor in D3s. This sensor is not there just for metering, but it will do the subject tracking, white balance and it also allow you to do "face detection" shooting through the viewfinder. It also has got improved AF system called "Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3500FX" with 51 AF points. Now if you'd like to ask where the difference is, because same thing was in D3s, I'll give you a hint. There is no "Advanced" in D3s system. And if something is not advanced, it won't focus every one from 10 pictures you'll take per second with D4. 

To make sure everything captured at the speed will be also precessed at the speed, there is new EXPEED 3 image processor, which will send data do the completely new high speed memory card technology called XQD. No, you don't have to trash you CF cards, D4 will take those as well. Thanks to that D4 will do 100 RAWs or 200 JPEGs at one burst, where D3s is far behind with "only" 40 RAWs, or 130 JPEGs.

And that's about it. Nikon with D4 improved what was already a standard in its class and by adding an HD video, Nikon has erased the gap against its rivals.

Posted by pkuzmin at 8:43 PM

January 6, 2012

Nikon unveils new FX format flagship and new lens

logo_nikon.gifNikon has announced their newest new FX-format camera and a medium format telephoto lens.

The Nikon D4 and AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G lens announcement comes just in time for the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week.

Nikon-D4.jpgNikon's official D4 brochure is available for download.

Sample images are also available.

The Tokyo Press Release (in English) is available through the Nikon global site.

Nikon USA's official press release is also available

Moderating Team member Ned S. Levi (Ned_L) has started a discussion thread in the English Café to help gather up the reactions of our members.

Highlights of the Nikon D4 DSLR
• 16.1 megapixel FX format CMOS sensor
• ISO range from 100-12,800, expandable from 50-204,800
• 10 fps with full AF/ AE or 11 fps with AF locked
• Magnesium alloy body sealed to resist the elements
• Accepts CF and new XQD memory card format
• 91,000 pixel 3D Matrix Metering system
• 15 cross type points, with nine points that work with lens speeds of f/8 and below
• Advanced video features
• Uncompressed HDMI out
• Mic and audio jacks
• Full 1080p in FX, DX and 2.7X crop modes
• Full manual control of Exposure
• Available February for $5999.95

Nikon USA's Press Release on the new lens follows:

MELVILLE, N.Y. (January 5, 2012) – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the addition of the new AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G FX-format lens to its legendary line of NIKKOR lenses. The new 85mm is a fast, fixed focal-length lens with medium telephoto capabilities and a large maximum aperture of f/1.8 that is capable of performing a wide variety of imaging tasks with amazing sharpness and clarity.

AFS_85_1_8G.jpg“Whether a professional photographer who needs extreme sharpness or a photo enthusiast looking for an affordable, lightweight lens with amazing clarity, Nikon photographers appreciate and rely on the vast selection and dependability of NIKKOR lenses for their imaging needs,” said Lisa Osorio, general manager of marketing at Nikon Inc. “The new 85mm f/1.8 is fully optimized for capturing amazing photos and videos, while providing the ability to utilize background blur to compliment the subject of their photo.”

A welcome addition to Nikon’s growing line of versatile prime lenses, the new AF- NIKKOR 85mm is ideal for travel, general photography, low-light, landscape, portraiture and capturing movies with extreme depth of field. The 85mm is designed to capture photos utilizing beautiful image blur achieved due to its large maximum aperture. Furthermore, the lens is lightweight, easy to carry, and provides an equivalent focal length of 127mm when attached to a Nikon DX-format D-SLR camera body.

The construction of the 85mm f/1.8 consists of nine optical elements, with a seven-blade diaphragm which contributes to a substantially more circular bokeh for a natural appearance to out-of-focus background elements. Additionally, instances of lens flare and chromatic aberration are suppressed using Nikon’s exclusive Super Integrated Coatings, which also help ensure vividly accurate color balance.

The new lens also comes equipped with a carefully engineered optical system optimized to deliver superior image quality. The integration of an ultra-compact Silent Wave Motor (SWM) ensures fast, whisper-quiet AF operation, which is essential when recording movies. The 85mm also features two focus modes, M/A (manual-priority autofocus) and M (manual) to further enhance versatility and adapt to a shooters needs. Additionally, Internal Focus (IF) design prevents the front element from rotating, allowing for the use of filters and attachments.

Price and Availability
The lightweight AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G will be available in March 2012 for a SRP* of $499.95. For more information, please visit

To see the new AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G lens and other new Nikon products, visit Nikon at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at booth # 11039 from January 10-13th, 2012 in Las Vegas, NV.

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December 6, 2011

Nikon SB-910 Speedlight: Pre-order at Berger Brothers

Just in time for the holidays, our corporate sponsor Berger Brothers is offering exclusive pre-orders on the flagship replacement Nikon SB-910 Speedlight. All Nikonians members can take advantage of this special offer, so why wait? Join now and get exclusive access to this deal and other great advantages!

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December 5, 2011

"The Nikonians" iPad App Updated

"The Nikonian" eZine app for the iPad has been updated to Version 1.1. You'll get access to our exclusive newsletters, packed full of equipment reviews, great photos from our ANPAT trip, updates of our Academy classes, and of course, exclusive Nikonians offers! Grab the app now!

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November 4, 2011

PocketWizard ControlTL Promotion for Nikon Users

PocketWizard is offering a USD25 rebate in the US only for their innovative MiniTT1 and Flex TT5 Wireless Flash Triggering Systems for Nikon. The mail-in rebate runs through 30-November-2011. Visit Nikonians Rewards to claim your rebate today!

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October 31, 2011

Halloween Costume Idea: Be a Nikon DSLR!

Happy Halloween to all our Nikonians members! If you're stuck for costume ideas - take some inspiration from Tyler Card; he built a working Nikon D3 outfit that take photos, has a working flash and and a rear LCD! (Courtesy of Popular Photography)

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September 21, 2011

Nikon announces new system beginning with two models

J-1_95.jpgIt’s been more than 60 years since a Nikon Camera first carried the designation “1” and now we have two more. Nikon announced on September 21 the first in a series of cameras featuring the new 1 NIKKOR lens system.

According to the Nikon USA Press release: “The Nikon J1 and V1 will be available throughout the United States beginning October 20th. The Nikon J1 camera with 10-30mm lens kit will be available at a suggested retail price of $649.95 (USD). The Nikon V1 camera with 10-30mm lens kit will be available for a suggested retail price of $899.95.”

Want to know More?
Vi-Ji_lns_325.jpgA profusely illustrated Nikon 1 brochure is available for free download.

Sample images from the Nikon V1 and Nikon J1 are also available
The accessories lineup includes a GPS unit, Speedlight and Nikon F-mount adapter specifically designed for the Nikon 1 system.

For preorder opportunities please check our Berger Bros Camera Forum. Brad and Lisa will be posting all information for preorders on newly announced Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories as soon as possible.

For a detailed look at the two new Nikon 1 system cameras and their accessories, take a look at Darrell Young's (DigitalDarrell) Café discussion. Once you have read his take on the news, tell us what you think in the open discussion thread.

Is this the long anticipated "big release" that has been marked by the big yellow and black countdown pointing to an early afternoon Eastern Standard USA time?
We have some members who are suspecting that announcement may be related to a new DSLR. Only time will tell.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:37 AM

September 20, 2011

Rumors seems to come true!

At September 8th we already did mention that several rumors about a Nikon mirror-less camera are sneaking around. Since this morning it seems to become even more true. In Germany the Nikonians team did spot a new website showing up a countdown.

imcoming.jpg This countdown is set to finish on September 21st at 1pm EST (6pm CET). We can´t confirm that this is an official website. So stay tuned for more updates being posted in our blog.

Posted by hendric at 9:29 AM

August 24, 2011

COOLPIX line adds six - including new All-Weather series

logo_nikon.gifNikon has introduced six new COOLPIX digital cameras with two standing out from the crowd.

Details on all of the newly released cameras are provided in three press releases from Nikon USA, and sample images from the cameras are available through the Global Nikon site (look on the right hand side of the page for all the releases dated Aug. 24).

If you wish to skim over the basic press release material with the help of Nikonians author Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell) his blog features a handy guide.

video_300.jpgIf you're looking for some video action, check out the promotional video produced by Nikon, featuring the new "extreme" COOLPIX AW100 tackling the elements.

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July 25, 2011

AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G sparks Nikonians interest

logo_nikon.gifThe recent announcement of a new DX lens from Nikon has sparked a range of opions and and conclusions in one of our Master Your Lenses forums. They range all the way from "useless" to a show of faith by Nikon in the DX format.

40mm-f2-8-size_250.jpgAccording to the Nikon press release: The new AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lens has a minimum focusing distance of just 0.53 feet (6.4 inches) to allow users to capture extreme close-up photographs and High Definition (HD) video with a life-size 1:1 reproduction ratio.

Our members have been sharing their thoughts on this lens in the Nikkor Autofocus Lenses forum.

What's your opinion? Let us know.

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June 20, 2011

Nikon Ending D3 Buffer Upgrades

Nikon has announced an end-date for offering the buffer upgrade for the D3 DSLR. The buffer upgrade enhances the performance of the camera by increasing the number of photos it can temporarily store before having to stop and write them out to the memory card. The buffer upgrade will only be available until July 20th 2011, so if you've been holding off on this update, get it now while you can!

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June 15, 2011

Nikon D90...Going...Going...

...Almost Gone!

One of Nikon's best-selling camera models, the D90, has been discontinued, replaced by the newer D7000. This model is prized for having set many new standards within the DSLR family, low weight, excellent noise characteristics, superb image quality, all at a very reasonable price. B&H Photo Video still has a few units left, so grab them while you can!

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May 26, 2011

Nikon Launches Patent Lawsuit against Sigma

In a brief statement on Wednesday, Nikon filed a lawsuit against Sigma Corporation, maker of third-party lenses, over infringements regarding "interchangeable lenses with vibration reduction for single-reflex cameras." Per industry reports, the suit is worth approximately USD154 million.

Editorial Comments: This could be the beginning of the end for the various "gentlemen's agreements" that have characterized Japanese manufacturing for decades. Any infighting between makers about infringements and technology sharing are traditionally settled internally and privately. This could also mean the price of Sigma lenses with Optical Stabilization may become more volatile until the lawsuit and terms are settled.

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May 19, 2011

Unbelievable Savings from Nikonians Sponsors!

Our Director of Good Deals for You has arranged for some unbelievable savings on some of the hottest photography hardware and software, and they're exclusive to Nikonians members only!

For starters, B&H Photo Video is offering an instant USD100 discount off Adobe Lightroom 3. That makes this popular image and editing suite available at the low price of USD179! This offer ends 04-June-2011.

On the hardware front, Roberts Imaging is knocking down prices on two of the latest Nikon lenses:

Only registered Silver, Gold and Platinum Nikonians members can take advantage of these exclusive deals. Membership has its rewards.

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May 11, 2011

Roberts Imaging: Three Hot Nikon Lenses in Stock Now!

Roberts Imaging has three hot Nikon VR lenses available now! Due to the crisis affecting the Japanese electronics industry, it could be a while before you see these lenses in plentiful stock; they're the latest versions in the most popular of focal length ranges, so get yours now while you can!

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May 4, 2011

CaptureOne Enhances Tethered Shooting Options

PhaseOne's CaptureOne suite has been enhanced for compatibility with tethered shooting using Nikon DSLRs. The D7000 and preliminary support for the D100 is now available. And our own Martin Turner has a full review on the CaptureOne Version 6 package.

CaptureOne tethering also supports additional camera controls including:

  • Change of Format (RAW, RAW+JPEG, etc)
  • ISO Sensitivity
  • Exposure Mode
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
  • Exposure Compensation
  • EV Step
  • Aspect ratio/Image Area

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April 28, 2011

Nikon Image Authentication System Hacked

Russian security research firm Elcomsoft has reputedly hacked Nikon's Image Authentication system. Specific Nikon digital cameras write a special key or code to each photo they take. With a special software and hardware solution from Nikon, users can confirm if the photo has been altered since capture.

This validation process is valuable to law enforcement, military and other agencies that rely upon authenticated digital photos in order to document evidence and circumstances that will stand up to judicial scrutiny.

In 2010 Elcomsoft reputedly also hacked Canon's equivalent system called OSK-E3. As of the time of this publication, the research firm had not received responses from either manufacturer regarding their discoveries.

Posted by covey22 at 3:19 PM

April 27, 2011

Nikon 50mm f1.8 AF-S Officially Announced

After an April 13th mis-step, Nikon officially announces their refresh of the classic 50mm f1.8, now with Silent Wave motor and an Aspherlcal element. The new lens will be available on June 16th, 2011 at the MSRP of USD219.95.

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April 19, 2011

Nikon Capture NX2 Updated to 2.2.7

Nikon has released the 2.2.7 update to Capture NX2.

Changes to this update include:
  • Support for RAW images captured with the D5100 has been added.
The following issues have been resolved.
  • In some rare cases, when the Highlight Protection function under Quick Fix in the Develop section of the Edit List was applied to RAW images, edges around highlights were darkened.
  • When the Image Dust Off function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section of the Edit List was applied to reduce reflection of dust on the image sensor in images, the results of this dust reduction were sometimes noticeable.
  • When RAW images captured with the camera’s auto distortion control function enabled were opened, or the Auto Distortion function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section of the Edit List was set to Automatic for a RAW image, Capture NX 2 sometimes quit unexpectedly.
  • RAW images sometimes could not be opened, or, when attempting to open a RAW image, Capture NX 2 sometimes quit unexpectedly.
Additional modifications to the Macintosh version
  • When an image was saved with Capture NX 2, time of the Date Created information recorded to Exif data was sometimes not correct. This issue has been resolved.

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April 15, 2011

Roberts Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Nikon D5100

Our corporate partner Roberts Camera is now accepting pre-orders for the newly announced Nikon D5100 Digital SLR. The USD 899.97 camera kit comes with the versatile 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 AFS VR. A USD 799.97 body-only kit is also available.

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April 13, 2011

Leaked: Nikon 50mm f1.8 G Silent Wave

Update 1: Looks like it was an accidental publication - both the Japan and USA sites have pulled the page.

With a lack of suprising fanfare, Nikon has announced a new 50mm f1.8 G AF-S lens, which replaces the hard-working AF 50mm f1.8D.

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April 5, 2011

Nikon announces Nikon D5100 and ME-1 microphone

logo_nikon.gifTwo years ago we marveled at the new Nikon D5000- - and now the D5100 emerges as a worthy successor. Nikon has announced not only a more versatile version, but also a much needed accessory as we explore the possibility of handling a shooting challenge that allows us to take the still shots, shoot high definition video with autofocus abilities plus add quality sound. And the good news is-- the price is seriously competitive!

d5100_300.jpgNikon USA representative Geoff Coalter tells us:
"The Nikon D5100 is designed with features for the user who is looking for an advanced camera that can keep pace creatively with features like a new vari- angle 3” LCD and the new 'effects mode' to let the user create fun effects that are both applied to photos and videos."

Nikon D5100 D-SLR
• Large 3.0-inch, high resolution 921,000-dot swivel type vari-angle LCD monitor with 1000:1 contrast ratio
• Effects Mode incorporates an array of special effects for use when taking still pictures or recording D-Movies
• Night vision
• Color sketch
• Miniature effect
• Selective color
• 16.2 megapixel CMOS sensor
• D-Movie with Full HD (1080p, 24/30p) with Full-Time AF and stereo sound
• 11-point AF system
• Built-in HDR
• ISO sensitivity 100-6400 , Hi setting of 25,600
• 4 frames per second (fps) burst
• Available in mid-April for $799.95 for body only and $899.95 for outfit (inc. 18-55mm VR lens)

ME-1 Stereo Microphone:
• Engineered specifically for a D-SLR, and powered directly through the camera
• Attaches to the hot shoe and has noise dampening components designed to minimize noise resulting from AF operation
• Incorporates a low-cut filter to reduce wind and other noise not already blocked by the wind screen
• Utilizing a standard 3.5mm stereo jack, the ME-1 is ideal for the D5100 and other Nikon HD movie capable D-SLR’s such as the D3s, D300s, D7000, as well as the COOLPIX P7000
• Available in April for $179.95

For details-- Check out the complete Press Release and Nikon's specs.

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April 1, 2011

Nikon Production Restart and Additional Aid

Good news - Nikon has announced the restart of production among the impacted Sendai manufacturing plants, although levels will be hampered by the lack of consistent electricity and the unknown factors of component supply.

Last week, Nikon also provided it's expertise to the recovery efforts by donating a thousand compact digital cameras and flash cards (models unspecified) as well as two hundred binoculars. Those optical items will be used to document damage and aid in finding survivors.

Ed. Note: Gambaro, Nihon. (Hang in there Japan)

Posted by covey22 at 3:45 PM

March 22, 2011

Nikon Issues Updated Notice on Operations in Japan

Nikon has published an additional notice on the state of manufacturing operations in Japan. Unfortunately, they report at least one employee fatality and several missing from the Sendai plants. In addition, one of their manufacturing factories appears to be heavily damaged. The statement did not indicate when a potential return to normal operations could be expected.

Editorial note: Several business news sources have indicated Nikon is exploring moving part of their camera lens manufacturing to Malaysia. A firm called Notion VTEC Berhed currently supplies Nikon with cam barrel parts and is the likely candidate for a facility relocation.

Posted by covey22 at 5:45 PM

March 14, 2011

Nikon Notice on Northern Japan Earthquake

Nikon has posted an official comment on the state of their operations in Japan. As many Nikonians are aware, the town of Sendai closest to the earthquake is the home of Nikon's professional camera manufacturing factory, outputting models such as the D3 and the D700. For now, operations are shut down, and unfortunately some employees are reported to have been injured. Nikon has also committed 100M Yen (approx. 122MM USD) to the Japanese Red Cross Society in support of relief efforts in the country.

Posted by covey22 at 1:16 PM

December 14, 2010

Coolpix P7000 Firmware Update Version 1.1

Nikon has released Firmware Version 1.1 update for the flagship Coolpix P7000 camera. (Nikon UK Europe for now - Windows and Macintosh)

The technical notes on the update include:

  • Total image recording times for NRW (RAW) files have been reduced. This includes image recording times for NRW+JPEG file recording options
  • Lens control has been optimised to reduce the frequency with which the “Initializing lens. Cannot focus.” message is displayed.
  • An issue that, in some rare cases, prevented zoom operation has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the monitor display to exhibit a loss of detail in highlights (blown highlights) when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway with Active D-Lighting enabled has been resolved.

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December 3, 2010

Nikon Acknowledges Hot-Pixels Issue with D7000

Nikon has acknowledged the existence of the hot-pixels issue on the D7000 and promises a fix shortly. (Translation via TruPhotos)

"The issue of visible hot pixels appearing in videos taken in low light with the D7000 was brought to our attention from a handful of our customers. Although this issue will not cause problems from a practical standpoint, in order to achieve a greater level of customer satisfaction, we have decided to offer a firmware update to reduce such occurrences.

Details will be announced at a later date.

For any enquiries, please contact the Nikon Customer Support Centre.

We look forward to your continued patronage.”

Posted by covey22 at 3:55 PM

October 13, 2010

Nikon D7000 DigiTutor Site is Up

For our members looking to get a head start on operating the latest DSLR arrival, Nikon has now put up the D7000 Digitutor site for your perusal. Enjoy!

Posted by covey22 at 4:23 PM

September 29, 2010

Nikon P90 Firmware Updated to 1.1

Nikon has released the first firmware update for the Coolpix P90 compact camera.

The technical notes state the firmware addresses an issue that " some rare cases, prevented accurate recording of images captured without interruption in single shooting mode with manual focus and Distortion control enabled has been resolved."

Posted by covey22 at 4:36 PM

September 15, 2010

Nikon unveils new DSLR, two lenses and a Speedlight

D7000_110.jpgJust in time for the Photokina (starting next week in Cologne, Germany) Nikon has two new lenses, a Speedlight and a brand new DSLR to whet the appetites of Nikon enthusiasts.

According to Nikon's Press Release:
The new camera will be available beginning mid-October 2010 at a manufacturers's suggested retail price of $1199.95 (US Dollars) for the body only and $1499.95 for the body and lens outfit which includes the AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.D7000_400.jpg

Nikon's two new lenses are geared for the pro-market:
The NIKKOR AF-S 35mm f/1.4G and AF-S 200mm f/2G ED VR II lenses raise the tally of new glass introduced in 2010 to nine.

Rounding out the new gear announcements is the SB-700 Speedlight, which should be a comfortable (and affordable) strobe unit for the D7000.

Posted by flashdeadline at 2:29 PM

September 8, 2010

Fall Harvest of Nikon Coolpixes: P7000, S80 and S8100

Just in time for the Fall Season, Nikon has announced several new Coolpixes; the flagship P7000 with a 28-200mm zoom reach, the enhanced S8100 with back-lit CMOS sensor and the slim-line OLED S80 compact.

The much anticipated flagship P7000 updates the professional Coolpix compact line. Nikon has reduced the megapixel count in order to improve low-light image quality, the maker's first (albeit unstated) acknowledgement that pure MP count is not the first standard by which to judge cameras.

Other features include:

  • Enhanced NRW (RAW) file format now editable by Capture NX2!
  • 28-200mm 7.1x Zoom Nikkor ED lens
  • Built-in Neutral Density Filter
  • 720p HD Video with Stereo Sound
  • EXPEED C2 Imaging Processsing Engine
  • PSAM Shooting Modes
  • Dedicated dial controls for ISO, White Balance, Exposure Comp and more
  • 5-Way Vibration Reduction
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • Artificial Horizon to ensure level shots
  • High ISO up to 6400 at full resolution
  • Built-in Intervalometer for timed interval shooting
  • Optional Wide-Angle using the WC-E75A for 21mm focal length

The S8100 updates the top-tier "Style" Coolpix line by coupling a 12.1MP Backlit CMOS sensor with a 10x 30-300mm Zoom Nikkor ED lens and a 3-inch 921K rear LCD Clear Color Display.

Other features include:

  • 4-Way VR Image Stabilization
  • Expeed C2 Image Processing Engine
  • High ISO up to 3200
  • Full 1080p HD capture with Stereo and HDMI output
  • Shoot stills while in Video Mode

The ultra-slim S80 (0.7 inches thin) brings unique and creative edit functions via a large 3.5 inch Ultra-High Resolution (819K) Organic LED rear display that not only gives access to the camera's key functions, but allows the photographer to write or draw on the image using touch controls.

Other features include:

  • 14.1 MP CCD sensor
  • 5x Wide-Angle to Tele 35-175mm Zoom Nikkor ED lens
  • 5-way Vibration Reduction System
  • High ISO up to 3200 in full resolution
  • Expeed C2 Image Processing engine
  • Built-in Slide Show with Music
  • 720p HD Movie capture with Stereo and HDMI Output
  • Sliding lens cover design that serves as Power On/Off

Posted by covey22 at 5:25 PM

August 24, 2010

Nikon Updates Capture to Version 2.2.5

Nikon has released an update to Capture NX2 bringing it to Version 2.2.5.

Changes include:

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.6.4
  • Support for Nikon D3100 RAW Images
  • Multiple enhancements to the Picture Controls Utility
  • Addressed graduations display issue with certain RAW images
  • Addressed noise effects within Image Dust Off function

The update is available for both PC and Macintosh platforms (Nikon USA links).

Posted by covey22 at 7:52 PM

August 19, 2010

Nikon announces new D-SLR and four new NIKKOR lenses

D3100-Front.jpgOne full month ahead of the world's largest imaging exhibition (Photokina 2010) Nikon has announced a brand new Digital SLR and four new lenses.

The new Nikon D3100 assumes a numerical position in between the D3000 and D5000 but close examination of the specs shows it has all the potential of rivaling the D5000 in pure "wow" factor.

D3100_-Back.jpgAs you can clearly see by the side-by-side comparison of the D3100 and D5000 above, the newer model is smaller and lighter.
Both sport the AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR image stabilization lens.

From the back, you immediately spot the 3-inch LCD screen which is larger than the D5000's 2.7 inch version (lacking the variable angle feature). That screen will come in handy for entry-level consumers (Nikon's target market with this camera) as they follow the enhanced Guide Mode introduced in the Nikon D3000.

Here's the bullet point view:
▪Nikon’s first D-SLR with 1080p HD video capture
▪Enhanced Guide Mode teaches users how to control advanced photo techniques
▪First SLR with full-time AF in Live View and during movie capture
▪14.2 megapixel CMOS Sensor and 11 point AF
▪Available in September for $699.95 USD (with the AF-S NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens).

We checked with our fellow Nikonian Darrell Young (Digital Darrell ), who has published the Rocky Nook/NikoniansPress joint venture books Mastering the Nikon D5000 and Mastering the Nikon D3000 for his "quick-take" comparisons — based purely on the specs:

Darrell-Young-bio-mug.jpgAs I read over the specs of the new Nikon D3100, I'm impressed with the list of features added to this camera. Comparing it to the previous D3000 is not entirely useful since it has a feature set that makes it more like the Nikon D5000. In fact, some of its features exceed what the D5000, and even the D90 are capable of, such as full-time autofocus in Live View and D-Movie modes. The fact that it has an extended ISO range (100–3200 expandable to 12800) and a 14.2 megapixel imaging sensor means that it can be even more useful in low-light and large image situations.

There are several things I'm interested in discovering whenever I can get my hands on one of these new D3100s. The questions I have are: How much will the new EXPEED 2 microprocessor improve things like autofocus speed, camera responsivness, and noise control. Will it adjust automatically for chromatic aberration? Will the new full-time autofocus in Live View/D-Movie modes be accurate and manually overridable? How will the image quality compare to a camera like the D5000, D90, or D300S? Is this the perfect small carry-everywhere camera?

The Nikon D5000 certainly has a direct competitor in the new D3100. At the current time, they have similar pricing. However, the feature set on the D3100 seems to show better capability, for the money, than the D5000. When I saw the announcement concerning the "entry-level" nature of the D3100, I was a bit disappointed. Then I read over the features and they raised my eyebrows. If Nikon can create a camera in this price range, with this amazing set of features, and still offer reasonable speed and high quality, I think the new D3100 will be an immediate and world-wide hit. When Nikon finally comes out with technology, it's often superior to the competition, sometimes even setting new standards. Will the new D3100 be the next standard-setting Nikon? With a price and features like this, they've got my interest!

And Now-- let's check out those new lenses:

The four new lenses from Nikon (and USA $ MSRP) include:
▪AF-S NIKKOR DX 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR - $399.95
▪AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4 G ED VR - $1049.95
▪The AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR -$1299.95
▪AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.4G - $1699.95

Here's the full Press Release from Nikon USA.

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Nikon Lens Trifecta: AF-S 85mm f1.4 G, AF-S 24-120mm f4 VR, AF-S 28-300mm ED VR

Nikon has announced a trio of lenses that update old classics and bring new capabilities to full-frame (FX) cameras: the AF-S 85mm f1.4 G, the AF-S 24-120mm f4 G ED VR and the AF-S 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 G ED VR.

The AF-S 85mm f1.4 G fulfills a long-sought wish by Nikonians to bring a a classic portrait lens to current standards:

  • A new optical design that includes Crystal-Nano Coating
  • Faster and more discreet focusing using Silent-Wave motor
  • Full-Time Manual focus with a new manual focus drive mechanism
  • Retention of Internal Focusing with no change in lens length

The AF-S 24-120mm f4 G ED VR enhances a popular zoom length for FX-format owners:

  • A revised optical formula including Crystal-Nano Coating, two ED and three ASPH elements
  • An Internal Focusing mechanism with no change in lens length
  • Silent-Wave motor with Full-Time Manual Focus
  • Equipped with Vibration Reduction Generation II (VR2) with up to four stops of compensation

And a new superzoom, the AF-S 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 G ED VR:

  • A magnification of 10.7x in a 4.5 inch, 1.7 pound compact lens
  • Silent-Wave Motor with Full-Time Manual Focus
  • Optical formual includes two ED and three ASPH elements
  • An Internal Focusing mechanism with no change in lens length
  • Equipped with Vibration Reduction Generation II (VR2) with up to four stops of compensation
  • Zoom lock to prevent inadvertent lens extension

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Nikon Announces D3100 DSLR and AF-S 55-300mm ED VR

Nikon has announced the latest update to their DSLR line, the D3100 and a matching 5x telephoto zoom, the AF-S DX 55-300mm f4.5-5.6 ED VR.

The D3100 packs a number of new features and definitely ups the ante for entry level bodies:

  • A new 14.2MP CMOS sensor combined with the new EXPEED2 imaging processor
  • High ISO performance - up to 3200 normally, with HI-2 setting up to 12,800
  • Built-in Assist Guide showing how camera settings will affect the current image
  • D-Movie video recording in High-Definition resolution
  • Full-Time (AF-F) focus mode during video recording
  • Face detection for up to 35 faces in the same frame

The camera will come bundled with the new ViewNX2 editing utility.

In an accompanying announcement, Nikon also provided details on the new AF-S DX 55-300mm f4.5-5.6 ED VR telephoto zoom:

  • The first lens to feature a new High Refractive Index (HRI) element that does the job of multiple glass elements while compensating for spherical aberration and focal plane curvature
  • The optical formula also features two ED elements for superior chromatic aberration control
  • Equipped with Vibration Reduction Generation II (VR2) with up to four stops of compensation

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August 17, 2010

Nikon ViewNX 2 Released

Nikon has released ViewNX 2, an upgrade of their free browsing and editing utility. The program offers enhancements to select editing functions, a revised UI and closer integration to the my Picturetown photo service.

ViewNX 2's improvements include:

  • Three new workspaces - Browers, GeoTag and Edit - giving the program a more familiar look-and-feel
  • New editing functions such as Crop, Auto Red-Eye, Straighten and Auto Lateral CA Correction
  • Trim movies and Save Movie Frame as Still Photo
  • Enhanced Printing, including date/time shot, background color, selecting prints from Metadata and Header/Footers
  • Collaboration with my Picturetown including viewing stored photos without a web browser and Simple Upload

The View NX 2 utility is available for download here.

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New Coolpix S5100 and S1100PJ Cameras

Nikon has announced two new Coolpix models - the 12MP S5100 equipped with a 28-140mm lens and featuring EXPEED C2 processing engine which promises excellent image quality at higher ISOs, lens-shift VR and optimization for handheld-night time and natural fill-flash shooting. The 14MP S1100PJ expands on the unique merging of a digital compact camera and a powerful projector. The new model features 40% brighter projection power, a 3-inch LCD touch panel and can double as a personal computer projector when not being used as a still camera.

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August 14, 2010

Tamron Releases 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di VC USD Telephoto Zoom

Tamron has released their new 70-300mm f4-5.6 telephoto zoom. This new version is equipped with Vibration Compensation, featuring a four-stop advantage in hand-holding. Premiering as well is Tamron's coreless motor implementation, called Ultrasonic Silent Drive, which delivers fast and quiet focusing. LD and XLD elements in the optical formula prevent chromatic aberration and provide greater contrast and sharpness. The lens is available now in NIkon mount with a street price of USD449, making it very competitive to Nikon's own 70-300 VR. We'll have a review of this lens up soon.

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July 21, 2010

Nikon Posts Possible Light Leak Notice on 24-70mm f2.8 AFS

Nikon USA confirmed today through a notice that a potential light-leak issue could occur with their flagship mid-zoom 24-70mm f2.8 AFS G.

The first indications of this issue were noted on various photographic discussion boards with a post from Nikon Korea.

The Nikon USA post clarifies that there is a possibility of a light leak occuring through the distance panel (the window on the front of the lens showing the focus distance currently in use).

Nikon USA statement on possible AF-S Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8G ED distance panel light leak

We have received indications that when extremely bright light strikes the lens while shooting at high sensitivities, light other than that passing through the front of the lens may be reflected. This is not a problem with normal shooting and occurs very rarely under very specific conditions.

We value our customer feedback, and if a user is inconvenienced by this issue, they may request an inspection of their lens. If deemed necessary Nikon will take the appropriate steps to address the issue

If you suspect that your lens is encountering this issue, start by contacting Nikon supprt in your region as the notice states. And feel free to join in with the discussions at Nikonians Forums.

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April 27, 2010

Nikon announces new Nikkor 200-400 VR Zoom lens

AF-S_NIKKOR_200-400mm_f4G_ED_VR_II_100.jpgSports and wildlife photographers looking for the latest Nikon Glass to stuff in their kits will soon have a new addition from Nikon to weigh.
"Weigh" is used with more than one meaning in this case. The new AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II lens weighs in at 7.4 lbs (3.4 kg), and it will retail for $6999.95 (USD), or at the current exchange rate, 5254.82 Euros.

Here are the main features as described in Nikon's Press Release:

MELVILLE, N.Y. (April 27, 2010) - Today, the evolution of the super telephoto lens continues as Nikon Inc. announced the new AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II lens which delivers optical excellence and stunning image quality for professional photographers. Ideal for bringing to life exquisite detail for sports, nature and travel photography, this new lens affords a constant maximum aperture of f/4 and rugged construction for maximum versatility. Continued refinements and new technologies such as Vibration Reduction (VR) II, Nano Crystal Coat, and optimized autofocus (AF) modes enhance functionality and improve performance for discerning FX and DX-format photographers.


"The AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm lens builds upon a proven design for professional level optics by incorporating the latest Nikon lens technologies to give photographers the edge in the field, and the ability to capture the most intricate of details with extraordinary fidelity," said Lisa Osorio, general manager of Marketing at Nikon Inc. "As both camera capabilities and the roles of photographers expand, NIKKOR enhancements will continue to meet demands and exceed expectations to remain the pinnacle of optical excellence for all types of photographers."

Whether photographing the decisive play at home plate or predators of the Serengeti, the 200-400mm f/4 lens is an essential tool for photographers who require long focal lengths and maximum versatility without sacrificing image quality. The 200-400mm lens benefits from the addition of Nikon's proprietary Nano Crystal Coat to reduce instances of ghosting and flaring. The result is unparalleled clarity and sharpness in challenging lighting environments typical to sports venues or harsh sunlight.

Additionally, this new NIKKOR lens features Nikon VR II image stabilization, which is specifically engineered for each lens for maximum performance. VR II is a valuable asset to those shooting photos or HD video, as image blur introduced by camera shake and telephoto magnification is significantly reduced. Users are able to shoot up to four stops* slower than otherwise possible, overcoming many of the challenges of handheld shooting with such extreme focal lengths. VR functionality is further augmented with Automatic Panning Detection and an Active VR Mode to help compensate for movement from an unstable position such as a moving vehicle. Additionally, VR is always engaged when shooting in the D-Movie mode on select Nikon D-SLRs, helping to stabilize HD video capture.

The new 200-400mm f/4 lens features a host of professional focusing features to further enhance functionality. Photographers can now select from three focus modes to match shooting conditions, including manual mode (M) and autofocus with manual override (M/A) mode, and new A/M mode which is used to avoid cancelling the AF setting by unintentionally moving the focus ring while shooting. The M/A and A/M focus modes enhance AF control with fast, secure switching from automatic and manual focus to adapt to personal shooting preference and techniques. Additionally, photographers can activate the AF Recall Mode at the press of a button that allows for instant return to a predetermined point of focus to confidently capture anticipated shots.

This professional lens is constructed of die-cast magnesium for maximum durability and is sealed to resist dust and moisture, with protective Meniscus glass to safeguard the lens' front element. The optical formula features four Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass elements for superior sharpness, color and image quality, while minimizing chromatic aberration. The lens also features Nikon's exclusive Silent Wave Motor (SWM) technology, which enables high-speed autofocus performance with exceptional accuracy and powerful, super-quiet operation. Nikon's Super Integrated Coating further suppresses flare and offers superior color consistency throughout the frame

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April 7, 2010

New firmware for Coolpix cameras

logo_nikon.gifNikon has new versions of the firmware for its Coolpix S640 and S4000 available.

In rare cases, images that were taken with the digital zoom of the S640 were not correctly saved. That was resolved.

With the S4000 the frame rate for the video mode HD 720p was changed from 24 images per second to 30 images per second.

The updates and detailed how-tos can be found at Nikon:
Nikon Coolpix S640 (Win and Mac)
Nikon Coolpix S4000 (Win and Mac)


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April 1, 2010

Design Awards for Nikon cameras

Logo_reddot.jpgNikon has announced that they have received reddot design awards for their COOLPIX S1000pj and the D5000 cameras.

The "red dot award" is a world-class award presented to products that exhibit superiority of design in terms of a total of nine aspects, including innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability. It is awarded by Germany's "Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen".

The awards will be presented July 5, 2010. More on the reddot award can be found at its homepage.


From Nikon's Press Release:


The COOLPIX S1000pj (released in October 2009) offers 12.1-million pixels, a 5× optical zoom NIKKOR lens, and is the world's first* compact digital camera to offer a built-in, ultra-compact projector. It offers superior basic performance with support for high sensitivities and built-in camera shake compensation functions.




reddot_D5000.jpgThe D5000 (released in May 2009) is a Nikon DX-format digital-SLR camera with a CMOS image sensor offering a pixel count of 12.3-million pixels. It is the first Nikon digital-SLR camera to be equipped with a vari-angle monitor that enables live view shooting from a variety of angles with great flexibility.


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March 17, 2010

Nikon Image Authentication Updated to Version 1.1.1

Nikon has updated their Image Authentication software package to version 1.1.1; the most notable change is full compatibility with Windows 7 versions and 64-bit variants of the Vista operating system. Image authentication allows verification and non-repudiation of images captured on certain Nikon DSLRs and absolute determination if they had been edited in any way. The update can be found here. (Nikon USA Support)

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February 9, 2010

Nikon D3S firmware update 1.01

Nikon has released firmware update 1.01 for the D3S digital SLR. Notable fixes include inadvertent movie playback stalls and memory card "CHA" errors.

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New Wide Nikkor Lenses: 16-35mm f/4 VR and 24mm f/1.4

new-lensthmb_88.jpgTwo highly anticipated FX-format lenses were officially confirmed by Nikon today; bringing VR to a popular zoom range and updating a wide-angle classic.

two-lens-compare_2-9-2010.jpgThe AF-S NIKKOR 24mm f/1.4 G ED updates the venerable AF 28mm f/1.4 D, providing a silent, faster focusing, two ED and ASPH elements, plus Nano coating.

The AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR brings much welcomed image stabilization to a familiar and useful zoom range. Weighing in at a hefty 24 oz., the lens also features two ED and three ASPH elements, Nano Crystal Coat and VR II which delivers a specified four stops handholding.

Based on press materials, Nikon is marketing the new optics' suitability for HD video as well as still photography using the approriately equipped DSLR bodies. The 16-35mm VR has an MSRP of $1259.95 USD and will be available in late February 2010. The 24mm f/1.4 G has an MSRP of $2199.95 USD and will available in late March 2010.

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February 3, 2010

Nikon Updates Coolpix Line with Seven New Models

Nikon has updated the Coolpix product line with seven new models spanning the Performance, Life and Style classes, including a superzoom with a new CMOS backlit sensor and the slimmest in-class 10x pocket camera.

Seven-New_500.jpgP100 - a 10MP 26x superzoom (26-678mm) and first Nikon compact to offer high-speed shooting and improved low-light performance by using a new back-lit CMOS sensor. It also is the first camera in the product family with full 1080p HD video.

L110 - a 12MP 15x zoom (28-420mm) general purpose camera featuring 720p HD video that is coupled with the autofocus system - making action movies easier to capture. The camera also features Hybrid VR and can utilize 4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries rated for seven hours of video or more than 800 still photos.

L22 - an 12MP 3.6x zoom (37-134mm) camera designed to make photography easy and affordable, with auto scene selection and AA battery power sources. It will be available in a variety of colors, including black, red, blue and champagne silver.

S8000 - the slimmest in-class (as of 15-Jan-2010) 14MP 10x (30-300mm) camera that easily fits into a shirt pocket or small purse, with a new Creative Slider control that simplifies adjustment of brightness, color and tone using the Rotary Multi-Selector. The camera also has a new Advanced Flash Control for more natural looking balanced-fill photos.

S6000 - another slim-factor camera, this one boasts a 7x (28-196mm) and shares the same 14MP sensor from the S8000. The higher performance specifications allow an amazing 0.75 second start-up time and 0.3 second shutter release latency, so you'll never miss a shot.

S4000 - another 14MP zoom, this one has a smaller range (27-108mm) but features a sensitive Touch Panel control system; you can even trigger the autofocus and shutter release with the tap of a finger.

S3000 - basically the entry level model; sharing the same 14MP sensor of it's siblings and the zoom lens of the S4000. No Touch Panel, fast start-up or Advanced Flash Control but it has all the other video and new in-camera features -it's perfect for the casual shutterbug.This model has a very wide color selection: plum, champagne silver, black, orange, green and blue.

All new Life (L) and Style (S) models feature the latest Smart Portrait functions such as Enhanced Face Priority AF, Smile Mode, Blink Warning and In-Camera Red Eye Fix. In addition, full 720p video capture is supported.

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January 21, 2010

Nikon Responds to "Rough" 70-200mm f2.8 VRII Internals

Nikon has posted an official response to customer inquiries about a "rough textured" internal element visible from the front of the lens.

The AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens features a component in the lens design which may appear to have surface irregularities or a rough texture when viewed through the front lens element. This rough surface appears in a very small confined area within the lens barrel and is caused by air holes remaining in the metal portion of the lens during component construction. Due to the magnifying effect of the front element this rough surface will appear greatly enlarged when viewed through the front of the lens.

This component’s function is to reduce and remove internal reflections and this textured surface will have no effect on the lenses performance or operation. Nikon would like to assure customers that the lenses optical performance remains unchanged and that this component will not release any dust or particles into the lens itself.

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Nikon Software Update RoundUp

Nikon released a round of updates in January, some long anticipated.

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January 6, 2010

Nikon D3 Firmware 2.02 Released

Nikon has made available a new firmware version for the D3 Digital SLR. Version 2.02 (Windows & Mac) include improvements to Auto White Balance and closer integration of camera functions when using an off-board GPS system. Cautions are noted for users of Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.7.0 - some features of the program will be unavailable when used with D3 cameras using the new firmware. Nikon promises to address this in Control Pro 2.7.1 to be released at a later date. (links are to Nikon UK)

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December 21, 2009

Nikon D3S in Orbit

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced today that the Nikon D3S digital SLR and the Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 optics will be used to photographically document missions and activities aboard the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station (ISS).

Eleven of Nikon's flagship cameras and seven of the high-end wide-angle lenses have been ordered, and no special modifications have been made to the equipment. The latest additions will join existing D2X DSLRs, lenses and Speedlight flashes onboard the ISS. Since 1971, Nikon has been a critical part of NASA's equipment inventory, starting with the venerable Photomic FTN. To date, more than 700,000 images in NASA archives have been taken with Nikon equipment. Congratulations Nikon! (via Nikon Press Release)

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December 10, 2009

Two Useful Lens Tools from Nikon

Nikon has made available two very useful tools for shooters looking for guidance on their next lens acquisition - a graphical chart of all the current lens lineups and a simulator tool showing the effective field-of-view of a particular lens or focal length.

The graphical lens chart looks extremely busy (hint: turn thumbnails OFF), but once you get the hang of it, it's quite a powerful sorting tool. You can break out lenses not only as DX or FX, and primes or zooms, but individual buttons allow you to filter for specific features, such as Silent-Wave Motors or the rare Defocus Control.

But the Lens Simulator is the most valuable of the new features, especially to budding photographers who want to make the most of their future purchases. While other manufacturers such as Tamron started this interactive tool trend, Nikon takes it to the next level by allowing you to select a combination of lenses and bodies - say DX lenses on an FX body, and you can use any existing current lens in the line up and even save that combination for comparison against other combinations.

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Nikon boosts FX-Format lens arsenal

Sports and wildlife shooters using Nikon's FX-format D3-series and D700 digital-SLR cameras will soon be looking for extra space in their camera bags and some extra cash in their budgets.
Nikon today announced the release of the new AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II telephoto lens and the new AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III.


The AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens is equipped with vibration reduction (VR II) that reduces the effects of camera shake equivalent to a shutter speed increase of approximately four stops. The AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III, is the world’s first teleconverter to utilize an aspherical lens element.

Nikon's Press Release quotes Edward Fasano, general manager for marketing, SLR Systems Products at Nikon Inc. describing the new 300mm lens as advancing "one of the most popular fast-aperture focal lengths for sports, nature and wildlife photography, demonstrating Nikon's commitment to professional photographers through the continued development of the optical fidelity and sharpness for which NIKKOR lenses are famous."

The Press release goes on to say the aspherical element in the new TC-20E III teleconverter is designed to virtually eliminate coma and other aberrations even at wide apertures.

The AF-S DX NIKKOR 300mm f/2.8G ED VR II lens is scheduled to be available at Nikon authorized dealers in January with an estimated selling price of $5,899.95. The Nikon AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III will be available at an estimated selling price of $499.95 (also in January).

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November 29, 2009

Nikon Delivers Windows 7 Compatibility for Capture NX

As a holiday gift, Nikon has delivered Windows 7 compatibility for Capture NX2 and Capture Control Pro 2 users. Mac users were not left in the cold, as Capture NX 2.2.3 also supports Mac OS 10.5.8 and Control Pro 2.7.0 works with OS 10.5.8 and 10.6.1 (links to Nikon USA downloads).

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November 18, 2009

Shoot yourself -- win a Nikon and $100K

Your_Day_80.jpgWell, you don't really have to shoot yourself literally. All you need to do is submit a video of 140 seconds or less with the theme "Your Day" and you can win.

Your_Day_300.jpgNikonians in the USA 50 states and the District of Columbia age 18 or above are invited to enter Nikon's "A Day through your Lens" video contest with a deadline of December 15th at midnight.

Nikon's contest announcement explains the theme:
So what's it like to be you? Capture the essence of your day in a video of 140 seconds or less. It can be funny, touching or profound. It can be about everything you did, everything you didn't do, the day's biggest dilemma or its most telling detail.

The contest promotes Nikon's HD-video capable D5000 camera, but the neat part is you can shoot your entry with any video-capturing device that can produce videos in one of the following formats: flv, avi, mpg, mpeg, mpe, dat, vob, wmv, asf, mp4, mov, 3gp, 3gp2, 3gpp, dv, qt, rm, or rmvb.

The grand prize is $100,000 and a Nikon D5000 D-SLR kit. This contest has an audience viewed popularity feature, which means if your video gets a pile of audience reaction you could win $25,000 and a Nikon D5000 D-SLR kit.

You can find the rules and submission guidelines here, and follow the contest at the Nikon Festival site.

As a heads up -- If you have thoughts of sweetening your video submission with a favorite track from your favorite iPod collection, you could be disqualifying yourself immediately:
"Note: Please do not use music, brand images or talent that you do not have permission to use in your video. If you're going to put music on your video it's best to use music that is in the public domain or music that you have created."

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November 16, 2009

Carl Zeiss Announces Semi-Pro Lens Line for Nikon

Carl Zeiss has announced a line of lenses for "the semi-professional" market. Labelled ZF.2, this family of manual-focus lenses will mount and meter with Nikon F-Mount 35mm camera bodies.

While no samples were available at press time, the optics line-up covers popular focal ranges from 18mm to 100mm. The CPU now reports EXIF information to the mounted body such as exposure based on selected aperture; which eases the photographer's workload in managing settings. Overall, the price and maximum aperture reflects the targeted enthusiast market. Zeiss quotes an MSRP of approximately USD800 to USD2100 depending upon the model making the threshold somewhat more accessible to the prosumer.

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November 14, 2009

Nikon Film Festival - 100K for 140 seconds!

Now who wouldn't want to get paid big bucks for 140 seconds of work? The Nikon Film Festival celebrates outstanding media created using the latest hybrid cameras like the D300s, D90, D5000 and the D3s flagship. The winning video will garner USD100K (the audience favorite gets a consolation USD25K), but you've only got until 15-December, so get your best clips together and mind the time limit!

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October 29, 2009

Nikon Inks Deal with WiLAN

Nikon has signed a licensing agreement with WiLAN Inc., thereby gaining access to an extensive portfolio of wireless technology. WiLAN boasts an impressive collection of patented inventions and counts Cisco, Panasonic, Samsung and RIM among it's current licensees. The terms of the agreement are confidential, but it's no secret that the deal will result in some form of improved and embedded wireless functions making their way into the camera maker's next generation of digital imaging devices.

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October 19, 2009

Nikonians News Flash #132


This week Ray passes along the latest photographic news pertaining to Nikon:
—It's here! Nikon's Steve Heiner tells us about the new Nikon D3s
—Nikon's new DX-format 85mm VR micro lens coming in December
—Cliff Mautner tests the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II
—New products from Adobe and onOne Software add wireless phone features

Download Nikonians News Flash #132 (NPC-NF-2009-10-18.mp3; 5:56; 5.43MB; MP3 format)

Show Notes:

Nikon D3s links for sample images, movies and more

The new AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR

Nikon Photographer Cliff Mautner tests the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II

Adobe® Mobile

onOne Software DSLR Camera Remote

Silver member Lori McEathron (McEathron), — winner of our fourth week in the Nikonians Welcoming Photo Contest - Phase IV with "Venice of the East."

Give yourself one month free membership (details)

Contact Nikonians News Flash:

Thank you for joining me.

Your Nikonians podcaster Ray Valdovinos

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October 15, 2009

Nikon D3S Sample Photos Now Available

Nikon has made additional full-size sample photos from the new D3S flagship DSLR available for scrutiny. See the samples here.

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October 14, 2009

Nikon unveils D3s and new 85mm DX format medium micro lens

Nikon-D3s_78.jpgNikon has announced their new Nikon D3S, which adds astronomical ISO sensitivity and a host of other features to the already established FX-format D3 — and a new medium telephoto; the AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR lens.

Nikon-D3s_250.jpgThe new Nikon D3s takes low-light photography to a hard to imagine effective ISO range of 102,400 (yes, six-digits).
It also features:
• 9 frames per second at full resolution (11 fps at DX crop)
• 720p HD video recording with stereo microphone input
• Same amazing low light ability can be applied to movies
• 12.1 mp FX-format full frame CMOS sensor
• 51 point AF system, 3D Matrix metering and Scene Recognition System
• $5199.95 estimated selling price (availability in late November).

Nikon-D3s_Back-250.jpgAccording to Nikon's Press Release, the new level of high ISO sensitivity comes from a completely redesigned 12.1-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, which measures 36x23.9mm. The press release explains:
While the pixel size and count that served the D3 were maintained to deliver the pinnacle of image quality, dynamic range, phenomenal tonal gradation and outstanding color, other aspects were engineered to add versatility through broader low-noise ISO sensitivity. Individual pixels measure a large 8.45 microns, which support enhanced sensitivity to light and other qualities leading to superior image fidelity. The D3S captures light and renders images in a way that no other Nikon camera has yet to achieve, with a higher signal-to-noise ratio and an unmatched dynamic range for both stills and HD video throughout its broadened ISO range.


Special Note:
LGD-175.jpg Our good friends at LetsGoDigital have posted a hands on review of the new Nikon D3s by editor Dennis Hissink. Click the LetsGoDigital logo for the English version of his review.


AF-S-DX-Micro-NIKKOR-85mm_250.jpgThe new lens added to the DX inventory is the AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR.

This medium telephoto lens is designed for extreme close-up photography and Nikon's Press Release adds it is "perfectly suited for portrait, nature, and general imaging as well."
The lens features:

• VR II for up to 4 stops of correction
• Internal focusing design
• Use of an ED glass element
• 1:1 life-size reproduction ratio
• $529.99 MSRP (availability in December)

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September 28, 2009

Nikon Photo Unit Beats Estimates for First Half of 2009

Nikon's photo unit appears to be going against the tide of the global economic downturn. Despite being labelled as an "underperforming" share following the pessimistic August forecast, Nikon's latest sales figures out are reportedly "better than our estimate for the first half and the second half [of 2009]," according to a recent interview with Imaging Unit president Makoto Kimura. (via Bloomberg News)

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September 13, 2009

50-million Nikkors have been produced

50Mil-Nikkor.jpgThe recently celebrated 75th Anniversary of the Nikkor lens brand can now add another huge number to their impressive list of milestones.
Nikon Corporation President Michio Kariya has announced that as of August 2009 total production of NIKKOR lenses has reached fifty million.

Total production of Nikkor lenses reached forty-five million in August 2008 with production of an additional five million over the past year. The current lineup includes more than sixty lenses.

Take a peek into Nikkor history
Nikkor-S_Auto_5-8cmf-1-4_175.jpgNikon has posted the background story behind "The first f/1.4 lens for use with the Nikon F Series" which takes a prominent position in Nikkor lens history.
The Nikkor-S Auto 5.8cm f/1.4
By Kouichi Ohshita
The author includes sample photos and a quick review of the lens, which was introduced in 1960 and had a production run of two years.

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August 30, 2009

Nikon D300s Now Available At Roberts Imaging

Roberts Imaging now has the new Nikon D300s (body only) in stock, available for delivery. Customers get free shipping for orders over USD300.

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August 23, 2009

Adobe Plug-Ins Support D300s and D3000

Adobe has provided interim support for the Nikon D300s and the Nikon 3000 in the form of release candidate plug-ins for Camera Raw 5.5 and DNG Converter 5.5. Download the RCs here.

Editor's note: Release Candidate status means these plug-ins are interim and are not yet fully production supported.

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August 17, 2009

Nikon D3X Takes Top Awards at EISA 2009

The Nikon D3X has taken the top award as the 2009-2010 Professional Camera of the Year according to the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). Following the camera's previous win at TIPA for best D-SLR in the Professional Category, this latest honor reinforces the ground-breaking innovation and features of Nikon's flagship model. Congratulations to Nikon!

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August 14, 2009

D5000 Advisory Redux: Twice is not Nice; Affected Camera Pool Grows

In a potential double-whammy, many Nikon D5000 cameras are subject again to "additional and enhanced procedures," despite having just completed the first round of repairs as noted in the July advisory.

Having just received their cameras back from the USA field repair depot in CT, several Nikonians members indicate Nikon has now sent them a second notification (including shipping boxes), urging them to send the unit in again for procedures that "further elevates the D5000's resistance to the power issue identified in the original Advisory." So it appears a stealthy Round Two is underway, but no public notification has been made, other than directly to the affected owners.

Additionally, Nikon has updated the official advisory page, indicating there is now an expansion to the affected serial numbers (as of 12-August). We'll update this story as more details become available.

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August 13, 2009

Nikon Photo Contest International 2008-2009 Announcement of Winners

Nikon has announced the winners of the 2009 International Photo Contest. This year's theme, "At The Heart of the Image," drew over 51,000 entries from 153 countries and regions. See the stunning main category winners in Nikon's press release.

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August 6, 2009

View NX 1.40 Updated with Nikon D300s, D3000 Support

Nikon has updated the View NX utility to support the newly announced D300s, D3000 and the latest Coolpix models including the camera/projector S1000PJ.

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August 4, 2009

Nikon D300s Video In Action with Ami Vitale

In the latest issue of Nikon World, renknowned photo-journalist Ami Vitale explores the power and flexibility of the new Nikon D300S' video capabilities.

When Nikon asked her to check out the new camera and see how video would fit with the way she works, she was enthusiastic. "I think multi-media is the direction we're all moving," Ami says. "It's another way to tell stories, and for me it's absolutely essential."

See the compelling video, stunning still images and accompanying text on the Nikon World website.

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Nikon introduces four new COOLPIX cameras

S1000pj_90.jpgThe Nikon COOLPIX camera lineup now includes four new models, with one featuring the world’s first built-in projector.

Below is the announcement from Nikon
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices are in U.S. Dollars

Nikon calls the COOLPIX S1000pj "Your Personal Theatre on the Go."
S1000pj_250.jpgWith the touch of a button, users can project images and videos as large as 40 inches, and with the camera’s unique slideshow function, playback pictures with music, effects and creative transitions. Additional features of the S1000pj include: 12.1 megapixels; a 5x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens; ISO from 64-6400; a 2.7-inch wide-angle LCD display; 5-way VR Image Stabilization System; Subject Tracking; Scene Auto Selector Mode; Nikon’s Smart Portrait System and movie mode.

The COOLPIX S1000pj will be available in Matte Black, in September 2009, for $429.95 MSRP.


S70_250.jpgBuilt on the success of Nikon’s previous touch-screen models, the COOLPIX S70 features Nikon’s newly developed 3.5-inch Clear Color Display and a new generation of touch-screen controls that offer an enhanced shooting and playback experience. In addition to its photographic technology and stylish dual-texture design, the S70 captures stunning HD video at 1280 x 720 pixels (720p).

New to the COOLPIX line, OLED technology offers the benefits of vivid color reproduction, sharp contrast and the absence of afterimages. The capacitive touch-screen provides an immediate response at the lightest touch of the display for a fun and intuitive feel to every camera operation. For example, using the Touch Shutter feature, users can have a completely “button-free” experience and focus on and photograph a subject by simply touching it on the camera’s display. The touch-screen also makes viewing and retouching images more fun and efficient. With the swipe of a finger, users can scroll through images and use a pinching motion with two fingers to zoom in or out on displayed images, switching between thumbnail and full screen views. Additional new touch-screen controls include on-screen sliders for adjusting brightness and Scene Effect Adjustment, which offers controls specific to the scene mode in use.

The COOLPIX S70 features 12.1 megapixels; a 5x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR lens; ISO 6400; 5-way VR Image Stabilization System; Subject Tracking; Scene Auto Selector Mode; Nikon’s Smart Portrait System and an ultra-stylish design.

The S70 will be available in September 2009 for $399.95 MSRP in a choice of colors and textures including Red & Red, Champagne & Beige, Black & Black, or Champagne & Light Brown.


S640_250.jpgFor consumers who never want to miss a moment, the all-new COOLPIX S640 is Nikon’s performance leader in the S-Series lineup. High performance features include ultra-fast auto-focus, the fastest start up time in its class** of a mere 0.7 seconds and short shutter release time lag. Additional features of the S640 include: a slim, stylish all metal body; 12.2 megapixels; a 5x Wide Angle NIKKOR lens; ISO from 100-6400 at full resolution; a 2.7-inch Clear Color LCD Display; 4-way VR Image Stabilization System; Subject Tracking; Scene Auto Selector Mode; Nikon’s Smart Portrait System and movie mode.

The COOLPIX S640 will be available in September 2009 for $249.95 MSRP and will be offered in various colors including: Calm Black, Velour Red, Precious Pink and Pearl White.


S570_250.jpgWhere style meets simplicity, the new COOLPIX S570 is ideal for entry-level consumers looking for a carefree shooting experience.

The S570 features 12.0 megapixels; a 5x wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR glass lens; ISO 3200 at full resolution; a bright 2.7-inch LCD Display; 4-way VR Image Stabilization System; Scene Auto Selector Mode; Nikon’s Smart Portrait System and movie mode.

The COOLPIX S570 will be available in September 2009, for $199.95 MSRP and will be offered in various colors including Black, Red, Blue and Pink.

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July 31, 2009

Nikonians Exclusive: Epson PhotoViewers Allow Tethered Shooting

P-7000_90.jpgIn a Nikonians exclusive tip, we have learned that Epson will update their popular P6000 and P7000 viewers to allow tethered shooting from select Nikon and Canon digital SLR cameras.

This was confirmed in the latest firmware link (version 2.05) on the Epson support site.

Currently, the latest Photoviewers support direct photo downloads only, via memory card or through a USB cable linked to the camera. Using the latter connection, this latest firmware will allow photographers to remotely fire the camera's shutter, then immediately preview the photo on the viewer's larger screen.

The photo itself is automatically written to both the camera's card and the Viewer's Hard Drive simultaneously. It appears the latest camera models are supported, including the Nikon D3 series, D700, D300 and D90. On the Canon side, the 1D and 1Ds (Mark III only), 5D Mark II and the 50D and 40D.

Tethered shooting appears to be limited to approximately 23 feet/7 meters, which is fairly generous for most situations. This latest firmware should be a great boon to photographers looking to reduce the load they carry out into the field. Nikonians is in the process of reviewing the firmware and will have a more detailed report in the immediate future.

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July 30, 2009

Nikon unveils two new cameras, two new lenses

D3000_85.jpgNikon has announced an enhanced version of the popular Nikon D300 and a new beginner's-oriented Nikon D3000 to its digital single lens reflex line-up. Nikon's lens inventory has also grown, with the introduction of two new vibration reduction (VR) zoom lenses. One of those lenses will look very familiar...

D300s_300.jpgThe newly announced Nikon D300s adds D-Movie capabilities (with contrast detection autofocus during video capture) to the previous D300 feature set.
It is significant to note that thus far the Nikon D-Movie cameras (D90 and D5000) have not provided autofocus during video capture.
The video mode includes 720p HD video (as in the D90 and D5000). The D300s also features a first for Nikon D-Movie cameras in the audio department. External stereo audio inputs are now included.
It also adds an SD card slot, giving photographers the ability to use both CF and SD cards simultaneously.
The D300S boasts the ability to shoot as fast as 7 frames per second with Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL3e (included) and up to 8 frames per second when using the optional Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10 and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a. That’s an extra frame per second with both battery options over the D300.
Complete details (and a downloadable brochure) on the Nikon D300s can be found at Nikon's Product Lineup site.

D3000_300.jpg The new Nikon D3000 takes the sum total of some of the best features found in the intermediate range of Nikon DSLR's, adding here and subtracting there, to come up with a new budget minded and user friendly beginner's camera.
If all the Nikon DSLR's on the market went crazy one night in the middle of the mating season, the D3000 would be the inevitable offspring.
It features Nikon's Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus sensor module (same as the D200, D90 and D5000) providing 11-point autofocus speed and agility.
Beginners with a passion for movie making won’t find D-Movie or the versatile “flip-flop” rear LCD monitor, but they will be happy with the size of the D3000 monitor and the completely new User’s Guide menu selection system.
The 3-inch 230k-dot TFT LCD monitor delivers a text size that is 20% larger than on previous Nikon digital SLR cameras.
That large text is quickly evident in the new guide mode designed for user friendly selections of shooting modes.
It also comes in handy when D3000 owners decide to take advantage of advanced in-camera editing features. These features are graphically depicted much the same way a photo-kiosk at the local department store would prompt you for instructions.
The D3000 produces 10.2-megapixel images at a bargain price and adds the ability to produce prints without the use of a computer. Point and shoot Nikon owners looking to step into the DSLR ranks will likely find this camera to be a friendly gateway.
Complete details and a downloadable brochure can be found at Nikon's Product Lineup site.

30-July-lenses_300.jpg The two new lenses introduced today are the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR II and the AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II.
The new 18-200 is an enhanced version of the popular AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED introduced by Nikon in 2005. That lens had the annoying habit of allowing the lens to extend and retract based on sheer gravity. The new model weighs just about 5 grams more than the 2005 version and it resolves the "zoom creep" problem by adding a zoom lock switch.
The new AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II provides a fast f/2.8 lens in the full-frame line-up with vibration reduction (VR) and a Silent Wave Motor. This is an improved VR II version of the previous AF-S VR Zoom-NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens.

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July 16, 2009

Nikon D5000 Service Advisory

Nikon has issued a service advisory for the D5000 digital SLR camera. Some components related to the power controls have been identified as faulty and may prevent proper operation.

UPDATED - Nikon has provided an applet page where you can enter your camera's Serial Number to see if it is affected.

Indications of this issue include:

  • The camera cannot be operated when the power switch is on, even with a fully-charged battery.
  • The camera cannot be operated with the EH-5a AC Adapter connected through the EP-5 Power Connector and the power switch on.

Nikon is preparing a maintenance process to identify, service, repair and return the affected cameras free of charge to owners. D5000 owners should check the service advisory page again on 23-July to see if their camera serial numbers are identified as being faulty and to obtain instructions on how to ship their cameras for repair by the manufacturer.

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July 14, 2009

Cosina Announces micro4/3rds Adapter for F Mount Lenses

In a clever move designed to capture the photographer market seeking the ultimate carry-around camera, Cosina (makers of the Voightlander rangefinder) announced a Voightlander lens adapter that will let manual focus Pentax K and Nikon F lenses mount on MicroFour-Thirds cameras.

The compatibility notes only officially name Voightlander AIS and Carl Zeiss ZF lenses, but given the mechanics of the F mount, it is not inconcievable that the majority of Nikkor AIS lenses would also work with this adapter.

This adapter is obviously aimed at photographers seeking a better compact camera solution with larger sensors; such as Panasonic's G1 and GH1 and Olympus' reborn EP-1 Pen digital.

The full list and details are currently available on the Cosina site, but only in Japanese at time of publication. The list price is JPY19800 or just a shade over USD212 at market rates.

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July 3, 2009

50th Anniversary of a Revolution

Nikon_F_150x150px.jpg It was back in 1959 that a new camera came to market, revolutionizing the photographic industry and transferring forever the epicenter of the photographic marketplace from Germany to Japan. The Nikon F, by Nippon Kogaku K. K.

This camera was conceived not as just as another camera but as the core of a system; a body with interchangeable lenses, viewfinders, finder screens, camera backs, meter coupling, film advance motor and many more accessories for the future. This 35mm film single-lens reflex (SLR) quickly gained the respect of professionals around the world for its reliability and durability even in combat zones.

Its lens mount, the 44mm internal diameter Nikon F-type bayonet, which allowed for speedy and secure lens mounting and switching, has been subject to refinements to adapt to new and forthcoming technology, but it basically remains the same. At the outset of auto focusing many experts said this mount could not be kept, and later again they repeated it at the advent of digital photography. Both times the naysayers were proven wrong by Nikon engineers.

That such a camera is to this date cherished by countless users and collectors is an undeniable tribute to Nikon Engineering. That the quality standards set then are kept to this date (when cutting corners for the sake of cost competitiveness is the norm) is a testament to the deeply ingrained values and pride of the Nikon Engineering of today.

And that is why the Nikonians community was presented as a humble tribute to:

  • The Nikon™ brand that has given us and so many others so much joy in photography
  • The pioneering efforts of all those anonymous engineers who have made, and continue to make extraordinary advances possible within photography
  • The generous Nikon corporate loyalty to all the users world wide, clearly manifested through the possibility to use nearly any Nikkor® lens on any Nikon camera ever made.
nikon_f_400x281.jpg Those of you who own a Nikon F, take it out for a spin in fresh air, shoot a roll, enjoy her shutter’s “clank” while taking gorgeous pictures (or not), but let her know you love her still — like the first day. Forget for the moment whether you’ll find a processor for your film or not; let her know you (we) wish her a very happy anniversary.

Have a great time!

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July 2, 2009

Nikon Teams Up with Fujitsu for Camera Firmware

Nikon announced today that it will collaborate with Fujitsu Broad Solution and Consulting Inc. to form Nikon Imaging Systems Inc. The new venture is solely intended to create firmware for Nikon digital cameras.

Editor's note: At first glance, this appears to be a good collaboration. Nikon's long-held expertise in camera technology wedded to Fujitsu's disciplined approach to software development is a proof that Nikon is interested in raising the bar again with it's products. In much the same way that Nik Software lent a lot of it's expertise in revamping the Capture product line, we can expect to see improvement if not innovation in future camera model firmware.

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June 9, 2009

Nikon Rechargeable Batteries for Coolpix L100

Responding to "consumer demand," Nikon has updated the firmware for the popular Coolpix L100 camera to support rechargeable lithium batteries.

In addition, Nikon plans to release sets of OEM NiMH rechargeable AA batteries (EN-MH2-B4) and a matching charger (MH-73). Both items will be available as a set (EN-MH2-B4 Set). The availability is projected for this summer, with pricing TBA.

Editor's notes: It is unclear at this time whether the firmware will allow use of third-party NiMH rechargeables. The firmware is not currently available on any of the Nikon Knowledgebase Support portals.

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May 26, 2009

Service Advisory: Nikon CL-L2 Lens Case for 200-400 VR

An urgent service advisory has been released by Nikon regarding the CL-L2 lens case, which is standard issue for the super telephoto 200-400mm VR AFS. Certain batches of the case may fail completely, causing the lens to fall out unexpectedly and be damaged. Nikon will replace qualifying cases free of charge.

The relevant passage of the e-mail advisory is as follows:

This issue does not apply to CL-L2 Semi-soft cases with a "T" (in one of 2 variations) imprinted on the bottom of the case. These products meet Nikon quality and durability standards, and replacement is not needed.

To obtain a replacement CL-L2 Semi-soft case:
If you own a CL-L2 Semi-soft case affected by this issue (without a "T" imprinted on the bottom of the case), please follow the return information available from our website at: or contact the Nikon Customer Relations Department toll-free at 800-645-6687. Calls will be received Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6am-4pm, PDT.

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Adobe ACR v.5.4 RC with D5000 Support

Adobe has let a Release Candidate for Camera Raw out the door. The beta version 5.4 is likely due to pressure for supporting a number of popular camera models, including the Nikon D5000, Canon EOS 500D, Olympus E-450/E-620 and the Sigma DP-2 digital rangefinder.

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Nikon Takes Top Camera Awards for TIPA 2009

Congratulations are in order for Nikon - our favorite camera maker won the "Best Professional Digital SLR" award for the high-end, rugged D3x and the "Best Advanced Digital SLR" for the popular D90 model.

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April 30, 2009

Nikon: Building a Better Battery Meter

Nikon has filed for a battery meter patent that changes the game in terms of estimating battery life and efficiency - instead of just measuring shots taken over the life of the charge, the camera will actually report back what different functions were being conducted. The patent reads "different operating modes," presumably meaning actions as zooming in and out (in a compact digital), Menu and LCD use, card formatting, etc. It then presumably applies values to those actions and applies it against the expected battery life to give a more accurate estimation of remaining power.

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April 29, 2009

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.5 Now Available

Nikon has updated their remote camera control suite to Version 2.5. Changes include:

  • Support for the new D5000 digital SLR
  • No backwards compatibility for OSX 10.3.9
  • Fixes to AutoDX Crop settings and File Transfer behavior

The update is available on Nikon's Knowledgebase Portal for Windows and Macintosh.

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April 25, 2009

Nikon D5000 Available Starting April 27th

As noted on several major retailer sites, the newly announced Nikon D5000 will be available for purchase starting Monday, April 27th.

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April 17, 2009

Nikon D40 and D40X Firmware Updates

Nikon updates the firmware for the popular D40 and D40X digital SLRs to improve compatibility with the EN-EL9a battery, thereby increasing the theoretical number of shots per battery charge. (link to Nikon USA firmware page).

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April 15, 2009

Nikonians Nikon D5000 Users Group is now active

Active may be an understatement, -- the new D5000 Users Group is heating up with quick observations on the relative placement of this new DSLR in the overall Nikon line-up. Check it out.

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April 14, 2009

Nikon unveils new D5000 DSLR and new DX-wide angle lens

D5000_75.jpgNikonians who expected to see the new Nikon D5000 unveiled at the recent PMA in Las Vegas can now relax. The D5000, featuring a swiveling LCD monitor and taking its place as the second Nikon with High Definition movie modes has been announced.

D5000_LCD_250.jpgThe most immediately noticable outward physical appearance of the new camera is what Nikon calls a Vari-angle monitor. Old-time Coolpix users may fondly remember that functionality in the Coolpix 5000, but that model's swiveling screen was only 1.8 inches (compared to the D5000's 2.7 inches).

The new D5000 is a DX-Format model featuring an image sensor with 12.3 effective megapixels and the proven Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus sensor module found in the Nikon D90. The D90 now has a Nikon junior partner in the "D-SLR with movie function category" and the price difference between the two is an appealing $200 to $250 USD (body only) depending on where you are shopping.

Those who predicted the D5000 to be a mid-range choice between the Nikon D60 and the D90 pretty much nailed it. In this comparison shot below we used the only fixed variable (the contacts spread between the flash hot-shoe) to illustrate the size differences looking from the front.D60-D90-D5000_Comparison.jpg

UPDATE: We have a new Nikonians D5000 Users Group Forum prepared for our members who will be interested in this camera.

You can check out the features on the new D5000 with a downloadable pdf brochure.

For a look at the official Press Release, check out the Nikon USA Press Center D5000 announcement.

While you are there, make sure you check out the new AF-S DX-NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens. This new lens gives you the FX-format equivalent of 15-36mm making it ideal for a variety of applications including restrictive interiors, architecture and sweeping landscapes.

The D5000 should be on the shelves later this month at an estimated Manufacturer's List Price (MSRP) of $729.95 USD.

The AF-S DX-NIKKOR 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED lens should be available in May at an MSRP of $899.95 USD.

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April 1, 2009

Capture NX2 Version 2.2 Now Available

As reported earlier here, Capture NX 2 Version 2.2 with Coolpix P6000 NRW support is now available for download (Nikon USA links).

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March 28, 2009

Capture 2.2 Coming in April, Supports NRW

Nikon will be offering Capture 2.2 as a free upgrade to current 2.x users in April. The new version's features and system specifications are available for perusal. Most notably, Coolpix P6000 NRW support is included, likely in response to earlier feedback from owner communities.

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March 26, 2009

ViewNX with P6000 RAW Support Posted

Nikon posted updates this week to the ViewNX and TransferNX utilities. Notably, ViewNX (Windows and Mac) 1.3 now supports Coolpix P6000 RAW (.NRW) files and TransferNX (Windows and Mac) 1.4 adds some features for users of the Picturetown photo site.

(Editor's note: the links above are to Nikon's UK & Ireland website. As of the publication of this article, Nikon USA has still not posted the latest versions to the KnowledgeBase)

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March 23, 2009

Nikon Coolpix 6000: The LetsGoDigital Review

Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital have completed their review of the current flagship Coolpix camera, the P6000, and the results are mixed. Overall, the camera has some significant advantages over over models, but the lack of RAW workflow really impacts the shot-to-shot performance times.

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March 12, 2009

Nikon eXtreme Concept Coolpix

Images of a very sleek and futuristic concept Coolpix camera are floating around on the Internet, made by designer Camillo Vanacore. No specifications are currently available and it's unclear if the concept is even endorsed by Nikon, but the curvy and cutting-edge design is certainly compelling. (via Behance Network).

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March 9, 2009

Nikon Coolpix P6000 Firmware 1.2

Nikon has updated the firmware for the popular P6000 Coolpix digital compact camera. Version 1.2 (Windows and Mac) addresses JPEG corruption and enhances power consumption among other fixes.

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February 26, 2009

Nikon launches weekly tips and info online video series

Congratulations and best wishes to Nikonians Silver member Scott Kelby (skelby01) on the launch of Nikon DTOWN today. Scott and co-host Matt Kloskowski will be presenting the 10-12 minute videos every Thursday.

Nikondtown logo.jpg The programs are sponsored by Nikon and produced by Kelby Training.
Scott tells us he's been a regular visitor to (he joined in February 2006) but rarely has the time for posting.

It's no wonder he is short on time.
-- In the Press Release issued for the launch of Nikon DTown, his list of current activities includes:
"President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), the publisher of Photoshop User and Layers magazine, and chief “Photoshop Guy” on the popular podcast, PhotoshopUser TV. He also writes the wildly popular blog, Photoshop Insider, and is the creator of Photoshop World – the world’s largest Photoshop and digital photography conference and expo. Scott also heads up Kelby Training, which teaches Photoshop and digital photography techniques to millions every day via online classes and live seminars."

Scott_Kelby_300.jpg In the premier Nikon DTown episode, Scott and his co-host Matt Kloskowski (who also carries an impressive resume) set the pace for an informative and easy to follow mix of tips and tricks covering easy White Balance settings using LiveView, GPS gear, Capture NX2 and adjusting your Custom Menu for Command Dial control of image reviews on your monitor.

Scott tells us he consistently recommends Nikon users with questions about their gear to check out "The community is phenomenal. It's a very friendly place to go ask a question and the good part is you don't get nuked in the process. The site has been doing a great job in helping Nikon owners understand their cameras."

Thanks Scott, and Good Luck to you and Matt at the Nikon DTown.

If you are new to the exciting world of downloadable multi-media informative and educational information sources on your Nikon gear and accessories, don't forget to add our podcasts to your favorites list.

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February 5, 2009

Nikon NAS-L1 Microscope Attachment for DSLR

Nikon has announced the Fabre Photo EX portable microscope designed for field or industrial inspection use; it has viewing elements but can also mount the NAS-L1 mounting ring to take photos using a DX or FX sensor camera body. An additional FSB-U1 kit will allow similar attachment of certain Coolpix models. The microscope and both attachments will be released on February 20th, 2009. (via TechOn Japan)

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February 3, 2009

New Wave of Coolpix Cameras Arrives

The pre-show annoucement rounds of PMA 2009 have begun, and Nikon has rolled out their latest refresh wave of eight Coolpix Cameras.

Standouts in the crowd include:

Coolpix P90 - a 12 MP superzoom (26-624mm!), optical VR and tiltable LCD. ISO6400 albeit at a reduced 3MP and a 15 frames per second rate. Standard Definition (SD) video is a bit of a let-down.

Coolpix L100 - The form factor is closer to the Performance series. Boasts a 10MP sensor with a 15x zoom (28-420mm) and a sports mode that buffers 30 pictures at 15 frames per second.

Coolpix S230 - an improved version of the popular S60. It has a 3.0" LCD and a stylus for annotating photos in-camera.

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January 28, 2009

Nikon D700 Hacked To Shoot Video

A photography enthusiast has supposedly managed to get a Nikon D700 to emulate it's D90 sibling's ability to shoot video clips through use of the Nikon official Software Development Kit. The not so good news - it's less than 480p in resolution and will require the camera remain tethered to a PC.

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January 20, 2009

New Firmware Updates for Nikon D3 and Nikon D700

The first firmware fixes of the new year have arrived: the flagship Nikon D3 gets updated to 2.01, notably with fixes for compatibility with the GP-1 geotagging unit and image quality concerns when using Long Exposure Noise Reduction. The D700 gets it's first update to 1.01 with changes to Focus Tracking behavior and fixes to the MB-D10 battery pack.

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January 15, 2009

Nikon D3X Leads DxOMark Rankings

DxO Labs has completed a review of the Nikon D3X and declared it leader of the pack for image quality according to their comprehensive DxOMark rating system.

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January 13, 2009

New Year, New Surprises - Thom Hogan's D3X Review

Thom weighs in on the flagship Nikon D3X and his bottom-line may surprise some:

Should You Get a D3x? Well, Nikon's not going to like my answer this time around. My answer is "no, most of you shouldn't."

Discuss this article in our Nikon D3 and D3X forum.

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Nikon UK Price Hike Sheet

UK Nikonians enjoyed an all too-brief period of time where equipment was cheaper to buy locally than abroad thanks mostly to the weaker dollar, but the good times have come to an end. Nikon UK, citing currency volatilities, has released their price hike sheet. Notable among them is a nearly ten percent jump on the flagship D3X. (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

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December 21, 2008

Imaging Resource: D3X Test Shots

For Nikonians with visions of D3X cameras dancing in their heads, our colleagues at Imaging Resource have more content for you: initial test shots with the latest high-megapixel full-frame DSLR. See their samples page to view the Multi-target, Still Life and Viewfinder accuracy frames.

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December 2, 2008

"Hervorragend" -- Just one more word describing the Nikon D3x

Thanks to the usual leaks and some clever marketing, the unveiling of Nikon's newest, and most feature-packed (and expensive) digital single-lens-reflex (DSLR), the Nikon D3x left little to the imagination beyond an actual test drive. D3x launch events were set up around the world and in Switzerland our Nikonian team of Hendric Schneider (Hendric) and Holger Wahl (holger) were invited for see the new Nikon "monster" for themselves. In German, the one word they heard the most was "Hervorragend" (rough translation: somewhere between outstanding and awesome)....

D3x-Front.jpgThe D3x hits the photography world with Nikon's first 24.5-Megapixel resolution sensor, which now puts Nikon into the world of image quality previously owned by professionals shooting medium format cameras.
Hendric, our Mass Media and Communications Director, says the host for the Swiss launch ran through a 30 minute presentation for a group of less nearly thirty imaging and photography journalists and professionals tracing the evolution of the Nikon DSLR line.
Pascal Richard, Nikon Swiss Manager of NPS Nikon Professional Services Marketing, told his audience this was just the beginning of Nikon's entry in the medium format arena.

Pascal is shown here, handing a D3x with an AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED lens attached to Hendric (on the left). "An interesting point Pascal made was the comparison from a year ago when the D3 was announced and now," said Hendric. "He showed photos of the 11th International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Athletics Championships in Osaka in 2007, and pointed out the many Canon Lenses. Then he showed similar pictures from the 2008 Olympics in Bejing, now with many more black Nikon lenses. He said that's what Nikon is shooting for- to become number one."
D3-D3x-Compare-Top.jpg The professionals on hand with experience handling the D3 were quick to point out that the ergonomics of the new model were practically identical. Both physical handling characteristics and placement of hardware mirrored the D3, making the transition to the D3x an easy "step-up." In a top-side comparison, when you can't see the little "x" on the front of the camera, you would be severely challenged to say which model you had in your hand. The key differences and imrpovements are all inside.
Shooting-Menu.jpg In this photo of the Shooting Menu (in German), we see one of the 15 languages supported by the Nikon D3x. It supports: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. The D3x has the same rugged shell surrounding a magnesium alloy frame used by the D3 for protection from moisture, dust and shocks.
The 3.0-inch super density LCD monitor provides a 920,000-dot screen viewable at wide angles up to 170 degrees.Model_Shoot.jpg
Following his presentation, Pascal Richard invited his guests to put the D3x to the test, with a live studio shoot and attractive model ready to go. His offer was taken up by many, including our own Hendric Schnieder and Holger Wahl, news editor of the German edition News Blogs. Among those testing the camera in studio conditions was Swiss fashion photographer Christian Ammann (photo above). Hendric tells us: "He was very impressed with how easy it was to handle. He had never handled the D3x but is very familiar with the D3 and he was pleased that the menu has the same structure."

Holger's shooting session was with the D3x and an AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G ED lens. He's shown here (on left) looking at some of the work produced by fellow guests with his host, Pascal.
The studio environment helped emphasize the Nikon D3x strength -- High resolution images perfect for use by Nikon's target market: "high fashion, commercial advertising and fine art." That high resolution work will best be utilized by the pros who are already equipped to handle the massive post-processing requirements of files exceeding 138 MB.


The D3x will be available next month at a cost of $8,000 USD (manufacturer's suggested retail price). With a tough world-wide economy situation many Nikonians who can't afford the new Nikon DSLR flagship may be wondering why the unveiling of this 24 megapixel full-frame beast is of importance to them.

The benefit comes in a downhill pattern. The D3x launch was preceded by welcome price drops for the D3, which can now be found at half the price of the D3x. The technological steps used to perfect the D3x will sooner than later be passed on to future Nikon's in the "prosumer" range, and again at lower costs. The D90 currently on the market is a good example.
So, if you can't afford it, join the crowd -- but take heart in the fact that your Nikon world has just been improved.

As a parting shot, here's Holger's image of the model in front of the parachute.
His exposure time was 1/250 sec at an aperture of f/11 using ISO 100.

Want to know more?:
- Read more information on the Nikon D3x in our first Nikonians preview by Bo Stahlbrandt.
- Attend the Copenhagen launch of the D3x with Nikonians On Location podcaster Martin Joergensen.
- Discuss the Nikon D3x in our D3x users group.
- Download the Nikon D3x product brochure from Nikon USA (4MB PDF)
- Search for Nikon D3x information in our forums, articles and in quality websites through

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December 1, 2008

Nikon D3x preview

Our Nikon D3x preview is now available. You find this and other of our Nikon reviews and previews at

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November 30, 2008

The Veil Slips: Nikon D3X 24MP Outed in Nikon Pro Mag

The veil finally slipped this week as several UK subscribers to this month's Nikon Pro magazine found an article about the long-speculated replacement to Nikon's FX full-frame camera and alerted us about it.

Seb Rogers, cycling sport photographer, gives details on his blog page and includes scans of the article in question.

So the question remains, what will the market response be to the newest arrival? Surprisingly, some of the vital stats remain quite conservative; the difference between the ground-breaking D3 really appears to be the boosted MP count. Of course, with the gorgeous image quality and the higher ISO, most shooters will welcome the larger reproduction potential. Action shooters may be let down by the relatively humble 5fps (FX) and 7fps (DX) shooting rates. And similar offerings from Canon and Sony have been on the market for a while now. Nonetheless, it's looking to be a very pleasant holiday season for NIkon shooters who have been holding out for this evolutionary model.

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November 19, 2008

Nikon SB-900 Speedlight Firmware Update

Nikon has released update 5.02 for the SB-900 Flagship Speedlight. The fixes include:

  • Improved continuous shooting performance that previously resulted in overexposure
  • Fixed mode persistence problems with TTL-A use on CLS/iTTL equipped bodies

Nikon D3 and D300 owners need to make note of the caveats that they should have the latest firmware loaded on their camera bodies before using an SB-900 equipped with this version update. The Speedlight firmware is available for Mac and Windows (NikonUSA Support Site).

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November 16, 2008

NIkon D90: The Thom Hogan Review

Thom weighs in on the long-awaited enthusiast replacement DSLR, the Nikon D90. While the still camera functions are a clear improvement over the few flaws of the D80, the HD video function is a long way from displacing current camcorder offerings.

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October 8, 2008

Nikon Breaks Into Interactive Media with the UP Headset

Nikon has entered the Interactive Media market with their Media UP headset. A combination A/V media player that fits on your head - it can play videos and music, display images and connect wirelessly through the Internet. Nikonians seeking this latest breakthrough in personal entertainment will have to make the trek to Japan though. The unit will be sold exclusively through NIkon's dedicated store.

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October 2, 2008

Nikon D700: The Thom Hogan Review

Thom renders judgment on Nikon's newest FX sensor camera and finds his closest match to his film days.

I've now had the chance to shoot with the D300, D700, and D3 on extended trips. Which would I pick? Well, it's looking like the D700, as that's the way my Ready Kit is packed. For the first time in a long time I'm close to where I was when I was shooting film.

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September 25, 2008

Nikon and HP Create Fine-Art Repro System

Nikon and Hewlett-Packard have joined forces to create a fine-art reproduction system featuring the full-frame sensor D3 digital SLR, StudioPrint RIP software and the DesignJet Z3200 photo printer. The venture aims to put a capture-to-print system for that is superior in workflow and efficiency to large-format DFA offerings. (via WebWire)

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Nikons Figure In Toronto Crime Reduction

The Canadian city of Toronto is using Nikons to combat crime, but not in the way one would usually expect. Instead of preventing crime by active photography, the metropolitan police department is offering Nikons as trade-ins for it's upcoming gun amnesty campaign. Unwanted or obsolete weapons will be picked up by the authorities and those turning in the guns will get a Nikon Coolpix camera plus photo lessons for free. The trade-in packages are being sponsored by Henry's Camera, a prominent national store chain. (via Toronto Globe & Mail)

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September 22, 2008

Long Overdue - the Nikon 50mm f1.4 Silent Wave Lens

On the eve of Photokina, Nikon revealed one more gift to the faithful - the long-awaited 50mm f1.4 G lens with Silent Wave motor. This prime will beautifully match up to the new FX sensor D3 and D700, giving the classic "normal" perspective of 35mm SLRs, while providing a fast, short "tele" for DX body owners. Nikon has tweaked the optical formula and applied the Super Integrated Coatings on the elements. Not so hot: the price. This is one of the lenses D40 and D60 shooters have been clamoring for, but the USD440 MSRP may give a lot of owners pause if they're looking for bang-for-the-buck.

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September 17, 2008

Nikon Updates Software Suites for D90, Coolpix P6000

Nikon has updated both Capture Control Pro and Capture NX2 with support for the D90's RAW images. Also receiving a refresh is Nikon Transfer, with both D90 and P6000 support. All versions can be downloaded in full and updater binaries. (Nikon USA site)

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August 27, 2008

Nikon unveils their first Movie Shooting DSLR

Nikonians in our D70/D80/D90 Users Group will soon be sharing their thoughts on the new Nikon D90, announced today.

D90-FR-BK_300.jpgSimilar in appearance to the D80, The D90 is packed with D300 touches, like the 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor with an Integrated Dust Reduction System and EXPEED technology.
It also has Live View, Scene Recognition with Face Detection, Active D-Lighting, 3D Color Matrix Metering II and the Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus module. The 3-in., approx. 920k-dot LCD has a 170-degree viewing angle.
Action shooters can look forward to 4.5 frames per second (shooting Normal Large).
Perhaps the most "buzz-creating" addition is the movie function, Nikon's first DSLR with such a feature.
It allows for shooting in three different motion JPEG formats: 320 x 216 pixels, 640 x 424 pixels and HD720p (1,280 x 720 pixels), taking full advantage of all your Nikon glass. The autofocus function is disabled while shooting motion pictures and the metering switches to Matrix mode.
An optional attachment (GP-1) allows for GPS geo-tagging.
This new entry in the Nikon DSLR line-up serves as an upgrade to the D80, announced two years ago, and it shares the same batteries and MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack.

Pricing and Availability
Nikon says: "The D90 will be available throughout the United States beginning September 2008 at an MSRP of $999.95** for body only and $1299.95** for body and lens outfit that includes the new AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens. The GP-1 GPS unit will be available in November 2008, and pricing will be announced near the time of its delivery to the marketplace.

Nikon's specs are available here.

Their pdf brochure is downladable here.

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August 8, 2008

Nikon Coolpix P6000 with RAW and GPS

At last the rumours have been validated: The new Nikon Coolpix P6000 with integrated GPS and RAW format is out. Good for us who have been thinking Canon G9 is the only way to go.

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August 1, 2008

Nikon and Microsoft in Contest Brouhaha

Nikon has apparently withdrawn sponsor support for Microsoft's Iconic Britain photo contest due to the software manufacturer's lack of diligence in supporting copyrights of the submitted images.

Led by the website Pro-Imaging, a notice was sent to Microsoft to change the terms and conditions of the submissions sent into the contest. Originally, the images would be drawn from the archives of Microsoft's Live Search - participants could pick any images from that collection, regardless of whether they were under third-party copyrights or not. According to Pro-Imaging, "...implication is that Microsoft have not excercised any care over the Live Search feature with regard to whether the images are under third party copyright or not. By allowing entrants to select such images and post them on the Microsoft website they are enabling the entrants to infringe the copyright of the image creators." (spelling errors are accurate - this was taken verbatim from the web-site being quoted).

The lack of immediate response from the Seattle software maker and the resulting negative feedback compelled Nikon to withdraw from the contest while continuing to honor provision of the prizes being offered.Microsoft eventually relented and agreed to take steps necessary to securing proper rights for each and every image submitted. (via Pro-Imaging)

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J.D. Power and Associates: Nikon, Canon DSLRs Rank Highest

The 2008 Digital Camera Usage and Satisfaction Study by the prestigious consumer rating firm J.D. Power and Associates finds Nikon and Canon in a tie for the highest rankings in customer satisfaction for the digital SLR camera category. Specifically, the Nikon D series was noted for performing "particularly well in ease of operation, performance, and appearance and styling." Congratulations to Nikon!

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July 31, 2008

Nikon Sets Up Shop in Moscow

Good news for our members in the Russian Federation - Nikon has established a sales unit in Moscow aimed at strengthening digital imaging sales. Nikon (Russia) LLC was capitalized at just under USD2M and has a staff of thirty employees. (via Japan Corporate News)

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July 28, 2008

Nikon Updates Codec for D700

Nikon has updated the Windows codec (coder/decoder) to include D700 generated files. Codecs allow native viewing of NEF files without having to use any programs such as ViewNX or CaptureNX.

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July 20, 2008

Nikon Coolpix P80: The LetsGoDigital Review

Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital take the newest Nikon compact megazoom for a spin around Barcelona.

The Nikon Coolpix P80 has stirred up some mixed feelings inside of me. It is a camera that seems to have everything going for it and seems remarkably interesting. Besides that, it is the new Megazoom camera of the Nikon brand continuing the successful Coolpix 8xxx series. However, it just doesn't hit the spot.

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July 17, 2008

Nikon Optional Picture Control Sets Updated

For our members who were not previously aware - Nikon has made Picture Control sets available for free download since the inception of the new feature in View NX. The latest update is a set of Landscape controls.

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Nikon D3: The Thom Hogan Review

Thom reviews Nikon's current flagship DSLR - the D3 and finds it to be pretty much everything it's touted to be; a high-performance camera that will deliver in the right hands. And he hints that the D700 is NOT the last word in Nikon's lineup change this year.

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July 9, 2008

D700 Extreme Weather Photos

Extreme weather photographer Jim Reed field-tested the Nikon D700 in the months prior to launch, and came back with an amazing collection of images from the 2008 storm season in the Mid-West United States.

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July 3, 2008

Nikon D700 Preview

The latest Nikon DSLR camera, the Nikon D700 has now been shortly reviewed by the Nikonians. The Nikon D700 digital SLR is a full frame (FX Sensor) camera and is expected to be sold in July. Also, do not miss out our Nikon D700 User Group where discussions around this new Digital SLR camera takes place. Read the Nikon D700 review

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July 2, 2008

Nikon Updates D3 and D300 Firmware

Hot on the heels of the D700 announcement, Nikon pays homage to it's installed userbase of DSLR owners by releasing new firmware updates for the popular D3 and D300.

For the D300, the changes appear to be modest:

An issue that, in some rare circumstances, caused the battery indicator to blink, regardless of actual battery charge, has been resolved.

For the D3, the list spans an impressive nineteen (19) changes - and includes improvements to auto focus and auto White Balance.

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July 1, 2008

Nikon introduces 2nd Full Frame DSLR, new Speedlight and 2 new PC lenses

Nikon Corporation today released details on their new FX-format D700, the high-powered SB-900 Speedlight and two new Perspective Control lenses.

D700-SB900.jpg The new Nikon D700, shown here with the equally new SB-900 Speedlight attached, is the second FX-format digital SLR entry from Nikon. The format, often referred to as "full-frame" was a big hit when the Nikon D3 was introduced less than a year ago. Nikon describes the D700 as carrying many of the same features that made the D3 a hit, mixed with the "functionality, flexibility and operability - from the more agile D300, Nikon's flagship DX-format D-SLR."

The list of features for the new D700 reads like a solid mix of the best elements from both the D3 and the D300. They include a Multi-CAM 3500FX autofocus sensor module featuring 51 AF points, image sensor cleaning technology, the option of adding an MB-D10 Multi-Power Battery Pack, and a 920,000-dot VGA (640 x 480) 3-inch LCD monitor with tempered glass providing a 170 degree viewing angle. The body is protected with a magnesium alloy exterior cover, rear body and mirror box. Nikon quotes the suggested manufacturer's retail price at $2,999.95 USD for the body only. It should start shipping in late July.

Details published by Nikon regarding the D700 are available here.

What's your opinion on the release of the new D700?
Share your thoughts at our D700 Users Group.

The SB-900 Speedlight, being unveiled just as we reach the fifth anniversary of it's predecessor the SB-800, boasts higher guide numbers, enhanced ability to pair up with the new generation of Nikon DSLR's and faster recycle times (up to 25 percent faster than the SB-800 with its fifth battery attachment). It should start shipping in August at an MSRP of $499.95 USD. SB-900 specs and features are available here.

Front-two-lenses-Web.jpg The PC lenses (Perspective Control) are the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED and PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D. The pair are similar in the way they handle the special perspective lens tilt mechanism favored by photographers shooting architecture, nature, interiors, still-life and product photography.

The tilt mechanism helps photographers offset the distortion commonly caused by tilting the axis of a camera to shoot tall objects (sometimes called keystoning). The PC-E NIKKOR lens' "shift" control is used to compensate for that distortion.

The "ED" designation on the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED lens means it features Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass. The lenses should start shipping in August.
The PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED should go for an MSRP of $1,799.95 USD, while the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D comes with an MSRP of $1,739.95 USD.
Details provided by Nikon on these lenses are available here.

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June 20, 2008

Capture NX2 Now Available for Sale

Capture NX2, the latest iteration of Nikon's premier RAW editing software, is now available for sale in boxed copy and download (registration key) versions. Previously, only trial versions were available via Nikon's Digital Knowledge Base portal.

Shutterbugs can choose from full NX2 versions and upgrades from Capture NX1.x. Currently, the Nikon Mall (USA) shows both boxed versions out of stock while download key models are available. Authorized retailers will likely show availability very soon.

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May 27, 2008

Inside Nikon's Scene Recognition System

Nikonians wishing to know more about the ground-breaking Scene Recognition System (SRS), first introduced in the Nikon D3 and D300 Digital SLRs, will want to read this interview with designer Hiroshi Takeuchi.

"Until now, we have been improving AE, AF, and AWB technologies independently, but when these technologies matured, there was no technology capable of linking them. The Scene Recognition System is thus a core technology that links the superior aspects of these three technologies.

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May 26, 2008

Nikon Engineering at its finest

Nikon Engineering has long traditions of producing the best technology there is. Check out this Nikon Imaging article featuring team lead Mr. Hiroshi Takeuchi, responsible for the development of the Scene Recognition System incorporated in the Nikon D3 and D300 to learn more about the technology.

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May 21, 2008

Nikon D3 Lands 2008 Grand Prix Award

More kudos for the Nikon D3; hot on the heels of the TIPA awards, Japan Press Club has named the full-frame Digital SLR their choice as Camera of the the Year in the 2008 Camera Grand Prix. Nikon beat out over 170 competitors to land the distinguished rating.

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May 15, 2008

Picture-In-Picture Viewfinder for Nikon?

Nikon has filed for a patent that allows a "picture-in-picture" viewfinder - in the diagrams with the filing, the viewfinder would be able to show a digital wide-angle view using a CCD or CMOS with the center section showing the actual view based on the current focal length in use. Like many patents, this may or may not ever come to fruition, but it's certainly an appealing concept to sports and action shooters. (Via Gizmodo)

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May 1, 2008

Revised Nikon D3 Version 1.11 Firmware

Nikon has released the revised D3 firmware that addresses corruption generated by Version 1.10. The version 1.11 release is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms (Nikon USA links).

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April 25, 2008

Nikon Tops 2008 TIPA Awards

Congratulations are in order for Nikon in topping two of the most coveted slots in the Technical Image Press Association's (TIPA) 2008 Awards.

Nikon won the Professional and Expert categories with the cutting-edge D3 and the high-performance D300 digital SLR cameras. The ultra-wide AF-S Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 zoom lens also won the Professional lens category. Congratulations all around to Nikon!

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April 18, 2008

Nikon Confirms new D3 Firmware V1.10 Corrupted

Nikon USA confirms that the recent D3 Firmware v1.10 release is corrupting photos.

The details of the corruption circumstances are as follows (direct from Nikon's Digital Knowledgebase):

On April 15, 2008, an announcement was made on the Nikon website that the Ver. 1.10 firmware update for the D3 digital-SLR camera was available for download. However, it has been confirmed that when the following settings are applied with the updated firmware, image data may, in some rare cases, be corrupted. Therefore, we have terminated the firmware update download. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

* Release mode: Continuous high speed (CH), or Continuous low speed (CL) with Custom Setting d2 set to 9 fps
* Image area: FX format (36x24) or 5:4 (30x24)
* Image quality: NEF (RAW) or NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine/normal/basic
* NEF (RAW) recording>NEF (RAW) bit depth: 14-bit

*The issue related to NEF (RAW) recording>NEF (RAW) bit depth may occur regardless of the option selected for NEF (RAW) recording>Type (Lossless compressed, Compressed, or Uncompressed).

If you have downloaded the D3 Ver. 1.10 firmware update but have not yet updated the camera’s firmware, please do NOT perform the update. If you have already updated the D3 firmware, please do not shoot with the combination of settings indicated above. This issue does not occur with other combinations of camera settings (for example, when NEF (RAW) bit depth is set to 12-bit, or when shooting in continuous low speed (CL) release mode with Custom Setting d2 set to 8 fps or lower.)

The download version of the revised firmware update is expected to be available in late April. For more information regarding this matter, please contact Nikon Customer Support.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. We hope that you will continue to choose Nikon for your photography needs.

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April 17, 2008

Your Portrait From Space

Richard Garriott, famous maker of the computer game Ultima, is shedding his online identity as Lord British and becomes a portrait shooter from space with the help of a Nikon D3 digital SLR.

Garriott is training for an October 2008 space launch as a guest astronaut on-board the International Space Station. Boosted up to the station on a Russian Soyuz launch, he will take approximately 200 photographs of the Earth as ordered and customized through the Earth Portraits program as run by the Association of Space Explorers. Garriott will be assisted by a tool called Windows on Earth that will simulate what the targeted Earth section will look like and the most optimal conditions under which to take the photo.

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April 15, 2008

Nikon D3 Firmware Update Version 1.10

Nikon has released their first firmware update for the flagship D3 digital SLR.

Changes in Version 1.10 include:

Modifications Enabled with upgrade of A and B firmware from ver. 1.00 to ver.1.10

*A "Vignette Control" item has been added to the "Shooting Menu".

*A focus point brightness item has been added to the "a6: Focus point illumination" setting in the "Autofocus" category in the "Custom Settings".

*The "Highlights" playback display option has been moved from "Display mode > Basic photo info > Highlights" in the playback menu to "Display Mode > Detailed photo info > Highlights".

*When shutter speed and/or aperture are locked when shooting in LiveView mode, using the "L" (command lock) button, an "L" icon is now displayed in the camera monitor.

*The size and color of "Demo" displayed in the monitor with playback, when "No memory card?" in the "Custom Settings" is set to "Enable Release", have been modified.

*The range of settings available for "ISO sensitivity settings > ISO sensitivity auto control > Minimum shutter speed" in the Shooting Menu has been increased from 1/250th - 1s to 1/4000s - 1s.
*When a compatible Speedlight or Wireless Speedlight Commander is used, the AF assist illuminator now lights regardless of focal length.

*When shooting in hand-held LiveView mode and the frame is magnified prior to autofocusing, operation has been modified so that display returns to the magnified display rather than full-frame display.

*In some rare cases, white balance was not accurately calculated for images captured at a shutter speed of around 1/4s in P and A exposure modes. This issue has been resolved.

*When attempting to crop images at an aspect ratio of 4:3 using the "Trim" option in the "Retouch" menu, the cropped image did not have an accurate 4:3 aspect ratio. This issue has been resolved.

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April 14, 2008

Nikon Jazzes Up My Picturetown Service

Nikon has announced a series of enhancements to My Picturetown, the proprietary photo-sharing site that accompanied the D40 marketing campaign.

Use of the service is free with a 2GB storage limit; more space can be purchased by upgrading to a subscription account. The enhancements include the ability to upload NEF files that can be viewed online as JPEGS - an industry first. Additional search engine options such as calendar based or date-based inquiries, expanded music backgrounds for slideshows, links to the Flickr online system and Eye-Fi compatibility round out the list. These new features are due in May of this year.

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April 10, 2008

New Flagship Coolpix P80

Nikon's latest addition to the Coolpix line packs a 10MP punch with an 18x optical reach. The Coolpix P80 harkens back to the days of the CP5700 with it's styling, but there's nothing retro at all about this camera.


The P80 pushes the zoom range limit with it's 27-486mm lens and optical Vibration Reduction (VR) support, which enhances it's performance at telephoto settings. Equipped with a new EXPEED processor, a generous 2.7" LCD and all the in-camera bells & whistles we've come to expect with the series, and you've got a great pocketable camera that will meet the challenge of all your general photography needs.

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April 9, 2008

Nikon D40 Firmware Update Version 1.1.1

Nikon has released a firmware update for the D40 digital SLR. The updates are currently available for European users in Windows and Mac platforms (US technical support gateway will be updated shortly).

The update notes indicate the following fixes:

The following issue has been resolved in version 1.11.
Shooting times were not always accurately recorded within the image data for images captured in bursts of continuous shooting.

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April 1, 2008

75 Years of Nikkors: A New Nikon Website

Nikon celebrates it's 75th Anniversary of Nikkors with a new global website. will showcase the best work from Nikon professionals across the globe; covering everything from weddings, to travel, sports and more. Each photographer profile gives testament to Nikon use and highlights some of their most compelling images.

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March 17, 2008

Nikon Prizes in UN Contest Not Just Potatos

2008 is the International Year of the Tuber, and the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization is hosting a photo contest designed to bring attention to this prolific global food source.

The UN agency is looking for the best shots that "illustrate potato biodiversity, cultivation, processing, trade, marketing, consumption and utilization." Noted National Geographic shooter Steve McCurry will be one of the judges, and Nikon is sponsoring many of the main prizes, including a Nikon D60 bundle for the Amateur and a D300 bundle for Professional categories.

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Nikkor 16-85mm DX VR: The Photozone Review

Much to everyone's surprise, Photozone put up a comprehensive review over the weekend on the new Nikkor 16-85mm DX VR lens that has generated a lot of buzz.

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March 11, 2008

Nikon D300: The Thom Hogan Review

The review that everyone's been waiting for has been posted. Thom Hogan weighs in on the new prosumer DSLR and the results are surprising.

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March 4, 2008

Nikon P50: The Popular Photography Review

Pop Photo reviews the new Coolpix P50, one of the first compact cameras in Nikon's line-up to have the same EXPEED image processor as found in the higher-end D3 and D300 digital SLRs.

The conclusion is glowing in it's praise: "In all, the P50 is an excellent performer for the money and in comparison to other economical compact cameras, is a really excellent deal."

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February 29, 2008

Nikon Updates View NX and Transfer Programs

Nikon has updated the View NX preview utility to version 1.03 and Transfer photo-download program to version 1.02. Both versions are available for the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

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February 28, 2008

Nikon USA launches interactive blog

Congratulations to Nikon USA for their new interactive blog, a visual interface with opportunities for user comments and feedback for a revamping of their site.

This approach was forecasted in a Nikonians News Blog posted by co-founder Bo Stahlbrandt earlier this month.

As an established community of Nikon enthusiasts with over seven years experience in this field, we encourage our members to check out the site and share their thoughts as Nikon takes a major step in connecting with their loyal consumers.

Again, congratulations.

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February 26, 2008

Spring is in the Air with Nikon UK Cashback

For our UK members, Nikon has launched their Spring Cashback offer, focusing on the D40 and D80 plus lens combos for savings up to 100 Euros.

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Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 AFS: The PopPhoto Review

Popular Photography reviews the Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 G AFS, the wide-angle golden child that even Canon shooters crave.

Though expensive, this lens will prove well worth its price to any Nikonian who needs maximum wide-angle views with a minimum of optical distortion.

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February 21, 2008

Nikon Capture NX and Control Pro Updates

Nikon has updated Capture NX and Camera Control Pro to support the D60 and the new Tilt-Shift (TS) lenses as well as a slew of other changes. The updates are available for both Macintosh and Windows.

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February 15, 2008

Nikon D300: A Rare Dave's 5-Star Pick

Our colleagues at Imaging Resource have completed their Nikon D300 review and the popular camera has garnered a rare Dave's 5-Star Pick status.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this: If you need a great digital SLR camera and the price is no issue, the Nikon D300 will exceed your needs.

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February 13, 2008

Nikon D300 Firmware Updated

Nikon has updated the D300 digital SLR's firmware to Version 1.02.

An issue that, in rare cases, caused vertical bands (lines) to appear in images captured at shutter speeds slower than 8s has been resolved.

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January 31, 2008

Nikon View and Other Programs To Be Retired

For members who are using older versions of software such as Nikon View and PictureProject, this technical note indicates full-version downloads of those programs will be unavailable after 28-February of this year.

Unspecified licensing constraints within the are apparently the cause of the withdrawal. While packages such as the exotic Coolpix Remote Control received little wide-spread adoption, many owners of older digital cameras preferred to use the lighter-weight Nikon View 6.x to the cumbersome PictureProject bundle for their photo download and sorting needs.

Nikon is not restricting the continued use of these programs and mentions that updates would be provided, although the frequency would be unspecified. Members wishing to continue use should back up their copies or obtain the latest full-versions now for archive to storage media.

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Middleweight Bout: Nikon D300 vs Canon 40D

Popular Photography conducts a hands-on comparison of the reigning middleweight kings; the Nikon D300 and the Canon EOS 40D.

...we found them to be more evenly matched than we expected.

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January 30, 2008

PMA 2008 Updates for 30-January

Sony has announced a 24MP full-frame (24x36) CMOS Sensor with an analog-to-digital converter allowing it to capture up to 6.3 frames per second. Given the history of Nikon-Sony collaboration, it is only a matter of time before this chip makes its appearance in a new Nikon Digital SLR. The question still remains - will it be the heart of a D3X as many Nikonian faithful are clamoring for?

Tamron also got into the announcement game with another DX-type ultra-wide lens, the SP 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 Di (Model AB001). The lens does not share in the recent round of refreshes that plan to have internal motors, so planned owners of the D60 be forewarned; no auto-focus. The manufacturer also updated their release schedule for some long-overdue lenses; the bad news is the 70-200 f2.8 Di for Nikon mount is still hazy.

Finally, the Eye-Fi wireless SD card will integrate very nicely into the upcoming D60. In addition to custom power management functions, users will be able to upload their photos directly into Nikon's PictureTown.

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January 28, 2008

Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8: The Review

Klaus Schroiff's much anticipated review of the new ultra-wide Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 is online.

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January 27, 2008

Nikon D80 Firmware 1.10 Released

Nikon Europe has released D80 firmware updating the camera to version 1.10.

The following improvements have been made in version 1.10.
- The D80 is "Certified for Windows Vista"
- Support for the new USB Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) has been added. The PTP option in the setup menu's USB item will be modified to MTP/PTP. The icon will also be modified.
- The effects of noise reduction processing performed at shutter speeds of 1 - 8 s with shutter speed set to "bulb", when On is selected for Long exp. NR in the shooting menu, have been improved.

The update is available in Windows and Mac versions.

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January 22, 2008

Tamron Updates Tele Macro for Nikon D40


Tamron has announced an update to their popular 70-300mm f4-5.6 LD Di Macro lens. The refreshed A17N2 tele macro will now have a built-in lens motor specifically for compatibility with Nikon cameras such as the D40 and D40X digital SLRs. The lens is expected to be released in Japan in February.

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January 9, 2008

Reichmann's Take on the D3 and D300

As we reported earlier, noted industry pundit and stated Canon user Michael Reichmann partly returned to the fold with the purchase of a Nikon D3. He now turns his attention to the details of the feature-rich camera and it's high-ISO performance.

We now have a bit of a sea change happening. Nikon has flexed its considerable muscle and with the D3 produced a camera that sends a clear challenge to Canon's nearly decade-long dominance of the digital arena. The D300, though in many ways simply a logical progression from the D200, is a much better camera than its predecessor, and along with its superior sensor offers the pro and advanced amateur a set of features and functionality that is unmatched at the moment in Canon's line up.

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January 8, 2008

Nikon D3: The Bjorn Rorslett Review

Bjorn Rorslett recently posted his initial review of the Nikon D3 over the holiday break. True to form, he has focused on the practical uses of the camera and renders judgement on it's suitability for some of his speciality applications, such as IR and UV photography.

"For me the arrival of the D3 is the final nail in the coffin for "35mm" silver-halide reflex cameras. Of that I'm certain."

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December 14, 2007

Nikon ViewNX Updated to Version 1.03

Nikon has released another update to the ViewNX utility (Windows/Mac); the changes include bug fixes to Coolpix Movie and still photo integration, IPTC compatibilities with other editing programs and light-falloff corrections with the Nikon D3 and 70-200VR and 80-200 AF-S telephoto zooms.

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December 13, 2007

Nikon D300: Pop Photo's 2007 Camera of the Year

Congratulations go out to Nikon for winning Popular Photography's Camera of the Year in 2007 with the stunning D300! Be sure to check out the Camera Test results as well.

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PhotoBiz Blog: D3 and 1Ds Mark III Shootout

We stumbled across an interesting Nikon D3 versus Canon 1Ds Mark III shootout. While the methodology isn't as detailed as some of the usual hardware review sites, the results speak for themselves.

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Your Best Tool: The Camera's User Manual

Noted photographer Lindsay Silverman shares his thoughts on how to best wring out the maximum potential of your camera's manual in this Nikon World Online article.

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December 10, 2007

Fantasea Coolpix L14 Housing

Fantasea updates it's family of underwater housings, this time for the Coolpix L14. It features a 46mm front thread port, removable flash diffuser and is rated to 200 feet or 60 meters (January 2008 availability).

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December 6, 2007

Adobe Camera RAW 4.3.1 Is Released

The latest Adobe Camera Raw release fixes a problem where compressed .NEF files from the D100 would not properly open. (Windows and Mac)

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December 5, 2007

Nikon D3 Unboxed and Sample Shots

With word of the Nikon D3 arriving in store shelves over the past few days, we'd like to whet your appetite for the new FX camera by seeing what it looks like unboxed and a gander at some of the sample shots (including ISO 25600) by our colleagues at Imaging Resource.

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December 4, 2007

Nikon D3/D300 Online Manuals

The online manuals for the Nikon D3 and Nikon D300 are now available, as are approved Compactflash card lists (D3,D300).

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Nikon Capture Control Pro 2.0 Now Available

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.0 is now available for download in both upgrade and full versions. Registration Keys are for sale through the Nikon Mall. This latest version adds support for the recently released D3 and D300 Digital SLRs.

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November 28, 2007

D2X Mode Picture Controls for Nikon D3/D300

For owners of the D300 and the anticipated D3 cameras, Nikon has released emulation mode software using the new Picture Control function first revealed in the View NX software. This program will allow the D3 (Windows or Mac) and the D300 (Windows or Mac) to emulate current D2X Color Reproduction in all three hardware color spaces. This will be useful for former D2X photographers who have priority shooting needs and cannot immediately recalibrate their color workflow from their legacy cameras.

Editor's note - this program does not replace the need to recalibrate your color workflow; it should be seen as an expedient tool for professionals and other photographers whose shooting requirements cannot allow them to immediately recalibrate.

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Nikon Updates Vista Codecs for D3/D300

Nikon has released RAW Codec 1.1.0 which gives the Vista operating system the ability to read D300 and D3 RAW images.

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November 27, 2007

Nikon D3 and D300 Digitutors

Photographers seeking more information on the hot new cameras of the season should check out the Digitutor sessions on the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D300.

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November 23, 2007

Nikon D300 and Capture NX 1.3 Hit Store Shelves

Nikonians have been reporting the arrival of the much anticipated D300 in both pre-orders and store shelves. Capture NX 1.3 has also been released, so it should be a very festive time for all. And if you have D300 questions, be sure to join our forum to get answers!

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November 20, 2007

Nikon unveils new 18-55 DX lens with VR

With only an extra two ounces in weight and mere fractions in length differential, Nikon's DX lens inventory now offers an upgraded option for the standard "kit lens" previously available for their DSLR's.

Extensive testing and customer opinions will be the deciding factor on whether the new AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR will outsell the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G ED II kit lens version (announced almost exactly a year ago this week).

Depending on where you shop, last year's non-VR 18-55 can be found for as low as $120 USD.

Nikon's Press Release, issued today, puts the suggested retail price of the new lens at $199 USD and forecasts a December 2007 availability date.


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November 19, 2007

Need a Nikon D3 in Canada? Prove It!

Nikonians have been following an interesting pre-sale development as the release dates for the D3 and the D300 approach. Nikon Canada has taken the unique step of requiring a certification letter to prove that a pro photographer will take possession of the camera and the intent is not to resell.

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November 16, 2007

Rob Galbraith: Nikon D3 ISO Samples

Rob Galbraith has posted a very nice summary article featuring Nikon D3 samples ranging from base ISO200 all the way to the stunning ISO25600. While many of the photos have been seen piecemeal across the Internet, Rob puts it all together in a very readable format along with full details about how the photos were taken and what in-camera options and post-processing were used.

The photos,taken on a pre-production D3, were gathered from the works of noted photojournalists and authors, including Peter K. Burian of Shutterbug fame. Conversion from RAW was made possible through beta copies of Capture NX and PhaseOne's Capture One.

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November 13, 2007

Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 AFS: The Photozone Review

The new mid-range fast zoom from Nikon has hit the streets and PhotoZone has a review up. Nikonians eager to add the lens to their line-up will be pleased to hear the verdict:

The Nikkor AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8G ED exceeds the already very good performance of its predecessor. The center quality is nothing short of outstanding matching or beating the resolution of a 10mp APS-C sensor.

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October 30, 2007

Capture NX 1.3 With Each D3/D300 Purchase

Entries by Nikon USA personnel on a popular mailing list indicate that a limited time offer for a full version of Capture NX will accompany each D3 and D300 Digital SLR. In essence, each body will be bundled with an activation code for the proprietary RAW processing software. This has been one of the major complaints about Nikon in the past, as competitors (including Canon) have bundled their converters at no extra cost.

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October 22, 2007

JD Power & Associates: Nikon DSLRs Are No. 1

Nikon's Digital SLR cameras are rated #1 by JD Power & Associates in a recent 2007 Customer Satisfaction Survey. The brand tallied 822 out of a possible 1,000 points. Congratulations Nikon!

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October 8, 2007

Nikon Sendai Plant Photos

Nikon has provided some press photos showing the assembly line at the Sendai plant, where the top-end digital SLRs such as the Nikon D3 are being produced.

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September 29, 2007

Nikon D3 High ISO Samples Released

High-ISO samples for the Nikon D3 Digital SLR have been released. Included among the JPEG examples are action photos at 3200 and 6400 by noted photographer Dave Black.

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September 27, 2007

Color Efex 2.0 for Capture NX Upgrade Released

Nik Software has released the long-awaited FREE Upgrader for Color Efex 2.0 for Nikon Capture NX.

Please note - this is the Upgrade ONLY - you must own a previous version of Color Efex 2.0 for Capture 4.x in order to use this program. This is NOT a trial version. The full version of Color Efex 2.0 for Capture NX is expected to be made available very soon.

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September 26, 2007

New CEO for Nikon USA

A new CEO for Nikon USA has been named. Yasuyuki Okamoto has been tapped for the head position for the imaging giant's American operations. Okamoto's previous successful tours includehead of Marketing at the Tokyo headquarters and five years at the helm of Nikon France SA.

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September 21, 2007

"America At Home" - The Nikon S51C Campaign

Nikon is arming 100 preeminent photojournalists with Nikon S51C Coolpix cameras and sending them out to capture a week in the life of American households across the nation. "America at Home" is the latest mass-photojournalism project from the producers of "America 24/7" and "One Digital Day." Thousands of amateur photographers will be participating as well and the entire workflow is digital - only digital still cameras and cameraphone images are allowed.

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September 19, 2007

Nikon Digital Live 2007 Campaign in Japan

Noted in Newline International's 18-September edition: Nikon will be hosting a seven-city tour in Japan for the next two months, showcasing the new Nikon D3 and D300 digital SLR cameras.

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September 17, 2007

Kenko Enters Nikon Mount SLR Market


In an little advertised development, Kenko has announced that they will be selling a Nikon F-mount fully manual film SLR.

At first glance, the Kenko KF-2N could be mistaken for a smaller sibling of the now-discontinued Nikon FM10 film SLR. The KF-2N has many familiar features such as shutter speeds of Bulb and 1/4000th of a second, Center-Weighted Metering, F-mount (AI, AIS, AF and AF-D only) compatibility, sync speed of 1/125 and powered by two LR/SR-44 batteries. It slightly edges the FM-10 only in viewfinder relief, maximum shutter speed and a PC sync socket.

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September 13, 2007

Nikon D300 Digital SLR Samples Available

Samples for the highly anticipated Nikon D300 digital SLR are now available. While Nikonians are eager to see how the camera's high ISO performance will compare to the recent stunning images from it's big brother Nikon D3, none of the photos were taken at above the base rating of 200.

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September 12, 2007

Nikon D3 Digital SLR Samples Available

Nikon has released official samples showing the Nikon D3's image capabilities, including a stunning ISO6400 ambient light photo of a trumpet player. The quality shown reinforces how much Nikon is determined to counter industry comments about lack of high-ISO performance.

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September 11, 2007

Nikon View NX, Transfer and Picture Project Export Released

Nikon has released the much-anticipated View NX and some additional new utilities.

Nikon View NX replaces the aging Nikon View 6 series, and includes an expanded set of editing controls using the new Picture Control system which makes it's debut in the upcoming the Nikon D3 and Nikon D300 digital SLRs. Download View NX for the PC or Mac.

Transfer was previously part of Nikon View 6, but has been separated into a standalone application. The utility now can copy files from the camera to multiple locations simultaneously and supports the Label and Rating system introduced in Capture NX. Download Transfer for the PC or Mac.

Finally, in a sign that PictureProject's demise may be near, the PictureProject Export utility allows you to transfer your photo and album information to View NX or selected image management capabilities in Windows or MacOS. Download PictureProject Export Utility for the PC or Mac.

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September 10, 2007

Nikon Knowledgebase Watch: 10-September-2007

As always, Nikonians is on the lookout for new Nikon Knowledgebase articles of interest to our members. This week's selection includes:

*Updated shutter release count information (including scenarios where they could be reset!)

*Defect Pixel information and visual samples

*Updated List of Nikon Capture How-To articles (up to 32 now!)

*How To Load, Save and Edit IPTC Information on a Nikon DSLR.

*Updated Shipping Instructions for Warranty and Estimate repairs to Nikon USA's new El Segundo facility in California

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September 7, 2007

Image Doctor Comments on Nikon View NX

Image Doctor and Nikonian Rick Walker comments on the upcoming features of Nikon View NX, the anticipated upgrade to the long-in-the-tooth Nikon Viewer utility. The updated program will have many features that tie into the latest digital SLR technology such as the Nikon D300 and the Nikon D3 cameras. The Image Doctors have been beta-testing many of Nikon's upcoming applications, so be sure to check into our forums and keep up to date with the latest developments.

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September 1, 2007

Nikon D300 Overview

For our members hungry for more information following last week's announcement, Nikon has published a flash presentation on the new features of the D300 digital SLR.

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August 31, 2007

Nikon COOLPIX line adds 8 new models

Nikon has boosted their COOLPIX camera line-up with eight new models ranging in price from $149.95 to $399.95 (U.S. manufacturer suggested retail prices). The new cameras add to the Nikon Style, Life and Performance families of COOLPIX cameras.

Our friends at LetsGoDigital have prepared easy to read previews and technical specifications listing on all of the new entries from Nikon, and of course you can always go straight to Nikon for more information at

The Life series adds the 7 megapixel COOLPIX L14 ($149.95) and 8 megapixel COOLPIX L15 ($179.95). Both should be in stores in September.

In the Style series, Nikon introduces the 12.1 megapixel COOLPIX S700 ($379.95) and 8.1 megapixel COOLPIX S510 ($299.95), also due out in September.

Adding another wireless technology model to the line-up Nikon introduces the new 8.1 megapixel COOLPIX S51c ($329.95) which has a companion model, the COOLPIX S51 ($279.95) which does not include wireless transfer capabilities.

In the Performance series add the 12.1 megapixel COOLPIX P5100 ($399.95) and the 8.1 megapixel COOLPIX P50 ($229.95). The P50 will be available beginning October 2007.

For quick specification comparison charts furnished by LetsGoDigital follow the links below:
Nikon COOLPIX P5100 Specs
Nikon COOLPIX P50 Specs
Nikon COOLPIX S700 Specs
Nikon COOLPIX S510 Specs
Nikon COOLPIX S51 Specs
Nikon COOLPIX S51c Specs
Nikon COOLPIX L14 Specs
Nikon COOLPIX L15 Specs

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August 27, 2007

Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 Announced

Nikon has announced an update to Camera Control Pro. The newest version will have enhancements that complement the upcoming D3 and D300, such as support of the Live View LCD mode and Picture Control settings.

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Nikon School Collaborates with Flickr

Lost in the pre-announcement frenzy of the D3 and the D300 was the recent team-up of Nikon School and the increasingly popular Flickr photo-sharing site.

While Nikon had previously collaborated with the Flickr community on the D80 camera campaign to identify work that showcased the new product, this partnership will bring tutorials and interactive learning opportunities to both professional and leisure photographers. Contributors to the site will include the likes of Rosanne Pennella and Reed Hoffman, well-published shooters for National Geographic, Geo and other publications, who will post their own work, provide tips and answer questions from the community.

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August 20, 2007

Finally: The Thom Hogan Fujiflm S5Pro Review

For our members who have been on the fence for a while, Thom finally publishes his much-awaited perspective on the Fujifilm S5Pro.

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The Curtain Rises Slowly: Sony's New 12MP APS-C Sensor

The curtain is beginning to rise slowly on potential Nikon announcements which have been stirring the pot on all the digital forums. Sony's announcement of a new 12MP APS-C sensor, capable of 10 FPS, matches one of the more reliable intelligence reports that the upcoming D300 will have a imager in that size.

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August 14, 2007

Nikon UK Shutters Classifieds Section

Nikon UK has announced that they will be closing down their Classified Want/Sell section in order to standardize with the Global Nikon network. The section's last day of availability is Friday 17-August.

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August 10, 2007

Nikon's RGB Sensor Patent

Our colleagues at Imaging-Resource bring to light details of a Nikon RGB imaging sensor very similar to the Foveon X3.

The chip, initially patented in 2004, places the red-green-blue sensors side-by-side inside a microlens as opposed to stacking them vertically. As the article notes, none of this technology has made it into Nikon's current digital imaging systems, but it may be a glimpse of the future.

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August 7, 2007

Capture NX 1.2 Full Updater Released

A long-awaited point update for Capture NX has been released for Macintosh and Windows. The upgrade details include speed improvements and a variety of fixes to the interface.

Update 1: See the insightful comments by Jason O'Dell regarding the changes in this release.

Posted by covey22 at 5:30 PM

August 5, 2007

NASA Eyes Multiple D2Xs, Lens Purchase

Nikon continues to be one of the premier suppliers of digital equipment to the U.S. Space Program. A recent solicitation detailed by outlines the lot purchase of 28 Nikon D2XS bodies, 27 12-24mm DX lenses, 12 10.5mm DX fisheyes and 31 SB-800 Speedlights among other items.

Posted by covey22 at 8:43 PM

Nikon D200 Wins 2006 DIWA Platinum Award

Congratulations to Nikon - the D200 was recently selected as the 2006 DIWA Best Digital System Camera winner.

The DIWA citation noted: "The Nikon D200 outperforms most of its rivals, even those at a much higher price. The Nikon D200 is not only an extraordinary camera on paper. It also performs like a pro. Even our demanding DIWA test procedure was an easy match for the Nikon D200. The international group of DIWA experts found it to be one of the finest cameras ever made."

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July 31, 2007

40 Million Lenses And Still Going

In a fitting tribute to the 90th Anniversary, Nikon surpassed the production milestone of over 40 Million Nikkor lenses this month.

Although Nikon was producing lenses as early as 1932, it wasn't until 27 years later that the F-mount was introduced alongside the legendary namesake camera model. In a testament to the popularity and stability of the engineering, lenses from that time will still mount and function (within limits) on all Nikon cameras, including the latest digital variants. We look forward to the next 40 Million and eagerly anticipate the latest developments as Nikon creates the next generation of optics.

Posted by covey22 at 10:30 PM

Nikon Scholarship Program

Nikon has established a Scholarship Program in Thailand, rewarding 170 students from all levels of high school and university level classes by helping defray their educational costs.

The corporate giving is seen as a way of giving back to the hard-working community that produces nearly three-quarters of it's hot-selling Digital Imaging products, mostly built in the Ayutthaya province plant, which was established in 1990.

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July 26, 2007

New Sigma HSM 18-50mm and 17-70mm Lenses

Sigma continues expanding their Hypersonic-Motor (HSM) equipped line of lenses with revised models of the popular 18-50mm f2.8 DC Macro and the 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 DC Macro specifically for the Nikon mount.

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Happy 90th Anniversary Nikon!

The community sends a hearty and jolly Happy Birthday to Nikon! Our favorite camera brand is 90 years old - here's to many more anniversaries!

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2007 Nikon Photo Contest International Winners

The winner of the 2007 Nikon Photo Contest International is Tung Khan Le from Vietnam for his stunning black-and-white study of two fishermen struggling against an angry sea while affecting a rescue. See Khan Le's dramatic shot and all of the other winners online.

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July 20, 2007

Coolpix P1, P2 and S6 Upgrades: Caution

Nikon has pushed out firmware updates for the P1/P2 and S6 Coolpix models. Members should exercise caution though; the P1 and P2 updates enable Wireless Utility support for Windows Vista at the expense of XP and Mac OS. Similarly, the update for the S6 enables wireless utility support for Windows Vista and Intel Mac, but not for other Windows versions or Macs that are PowerPC enabled. Bizarre? You bet.

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July 18, 2007

New Nikon School DVDs for DSLR Owners

The Nikon School has published two DVD offerings aimed at educating newly-minted Digital SLR owners in maximizing the use of their cameras. Preview trailers can be viewed online.

Both DVDs feature award-winning travel photgrapher Bob Krist, as he leads viewers in simple and easy-to-understand steps on how to get the most out of their equipment and make better photos. The first DVD, "Fast, Fun & Easy: Great Digital Pictures," is aimed at new Nikon D40 and D40X owners and will get them up and running with their cameras in 35 minutes. The second DVD, "Understanding Digital Photography," is aimed at providing guidance for any digital SLR owner interested in moving beyond automatic settings. Nikon D40, D40X, D80 and D200 owners will particulary benefit, since those models are used throughout the film.

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July 13, 2007

Nikon UK Extends Digital Warranty to Two Years

Great news for our members in the UK - the Nikon subsidiary there has extended the warranty for digital camera products from the global one-year period to an amazing two years.

The warranty offer will start on 01-September-2007 and will apply to the whole spectrum of digital camera models, from Coolpix compacts to the latest Digital SLRs. The offer will also be extended retroactively to purchases of qualifying products made on or after 01-July-2007. No information was available as to whether the offer will be extended further back than July. Let's hope this wave of confidence in build quality makes it to other sales regions soon.

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July 12, 2007

Nikon COOLPIX S500 Review & Gallery

LetsGoDigital just posted their Nikon Coolpix S500 review

Nikonians who have bough it hail it as a great camera if compactness, speed, and VR are on your priority list. The flash is even better than most in it's class.

You may also see Arches National Park test photos

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Nikon Coolpix S500: The LetsGoDigital Review

Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital have posted their review of the Nikon Coolpix S500.

Whoever is looking for an excellent performing compact camera and who has no ambitions to use the camera for extensive digital photographing, will find an ultimately decent camera in the Nikon S500.

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July 11, 2007

PEN News Weekly: Nikon Maintains 6 Month Market Lead

Newsline International reports that a recent Japanese domestic market survey in PEN News Weekly shows that Nikon has displaced Canon as the DSLR market leader and has held that position for the past 6 months, thanks mostly to brisk sales of the D80 model and the recent introductions of the D40 and the D40X.

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July 10, 2007

Nikon Boards Kaboose

Nikon has partnered with the largest family-focused media company online to launch Kaboose Photo. The photo site, expected to go live July of this year, will feature Nikon as the preferred source for digital photography products and will reach a wide family-centric audience.

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July 6, 2007

Nikon Plans Expansion to Meet Digital Camera Demand

A brief entry in the 05-July edition of the Bangkok Post reveals that Nikon is planning to expand manufacturing capacity to meet the world-wide growing demand for digital cameras.

An official with Thailand's Board of Investment confirms that the Japanese camera maker will invest 519MM Baht (about USD15MM) to expand the factory in Rojana Industrial Park. Formerly a source of film cameras, the location now produces popular digital SLR models and lenses. The move will include hiring up to 5000 workers to ramp up production.

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July 5, 2007

LetsGoDigital: Nikon S500 at Arches N.P.

Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital have been putting the Nikon Coolpix S500 through it's paces in a recent visit to picturesque Arches National Park in the United States.

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June 18, 2007

Nikon COOLPIX P5000 Review & Gallery

Our friends at LetsGoDigital have posted a complete Nikon CoolPix P5000 Review with photo samples gallery.

With 10 Megapixels resolution, VR and much more, this Coolpix is attracting a lot of attention from would-be photographers to even pros. Check it out.

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June 14, 2007

Press Release: Heather Angel's 11th Wildlife & Natural History Workshops

She's back! World renowned photographer Heather Angel is gearing up for the 11th Wildlife & Natural History Workshops at Saint Hill Manor in West Sussex with Nikon U.K. on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th July 2007. Hosted by exclusively Nikon dealer Grays of Westminster and backed by Nikon U.K., the acclaimed wildlife photographer will deliver two one-day workshops at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead.

Hosted by exclusively Nikon dealer Grays of Westminster and backed by Nikon U.K., the acclaimed wildlife photographer will deliver two one-day workshops at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead.

For more than a quarter of a century, Heather Angel has been at the forefront of wildlife photography throughout the world via her prodigious writing, her workshops and lectures. Her exhibition Natural Visions toured the U.K. from 2000 - 2004 and was also on show in Kuala Lumpur, Cairo and Beijing. She is the internationally acclaimed author of fifty books and writes regularly for the worldwide photographic press. Through her lectures, workshops, and writing Heather has been recognized with worldwide honors and awards.

With Heather's inspiring and expert tuition in one of the most beautiful locations in the U.K., her yearly Wildlife & Natural History Workshops provide a rewarding opportunity to improve your photography. There are two one-day workshops from which to choose. These workshops have become one of the highlights of the photographic calendar.

Heather's presentation this year will have a distinctly oriental theme and be the premiere showing of exciting new images from the East. Featured topics will include baby snow monkeys from Japan in spring, as well as new panda images and bamboo forests, stone forests, tropical rain forests with monkeys and birds, mountains and alpine flowers from China.

The afternoon session will include a still life macro demonstration with Heather Angel and John McDonald from Nikon Solutions U.K.

Heather will demonstrate how to portray still life subjects indoors to the best advantage, selecting the lighting which is most appropriate for the subject - whether it is window light, flash, a light box, a light tent or fibre optics. You will then be able to try your hand at using one of several workstations which John will set up for use with the Creative Lighting System using the latest wireless technology with Nikon Camera Control Prosoftware. Flowers, fruits, shells and fossils will be provided for this still life session. This is a marvelous opportunity for you to gain instant feedback on composition and lighting from Heather.

Booking details

The tickets, which include refreshments and lunch and dinner on the terrace, cost GBP175.00 for the day, and GBP150.00 for Nikon Owner subscribers. The workshop starts at 9.15 a.m. and runs until 5.00 p.m. Dinner is at approximately 6.30 p.m. To book your ticket(s) contact: Grays of Westminster today by telephone: ++44 (0) 20-7828 4925 or book online at

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June 12, 2007

Nikon Seeks Entry in India

Our members in India may soon have reason to rejoice - Nikon is seeking an agency to directly sell and support their products through a Corporate Office in Gurgaon, Haryana.

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June 1, 2007

Nikon UK Cashback Offer on D40/D40X

Good news for our members in the UK; in celebration of Nikon's 90th Anniversary, buyers of select D40 and D40X digital SLR kits will get up to 90 GBP back in cash for purchases made between now and 31-August-2007.

UK customers will get 60 GBP and Ireland buyers will get 90 GBP on the following kit types:

*D40x Kit (with AF-S DX 18-55mm II)
*D40x Twin Kit (with AF-S DX 18-55mm II and AF-S DX 55-200mm)
*D40 Kit (with AF-S DX 18-55mm II)
*D40 Twin Kit (with AF-S DX 18-55mm II and AF-S DX 55-200mm)

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May 31, 2007

Capture NX Tutorials Updated

Nikon has updated the Capture NX tutorials on their Digital Knowledgebase to include additional content on printing and color profile management.

The tutorials can be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat files. The new content includes how to make contact sheets, soft proofs, borderless prints, auto levels contrast, and color profile batch conversion.

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May 30, 2007

Savvy Marketing: Nikon's Picturetown

Nikon has struck another marketing winner, this time with their Picturetown campaign. Two hundred D40 cameras were handed out to residents of all backgrounds in picturesque Georgetown, South Carolina.

The campaign showed how easy it was to take quality photos just by having the right camera in hand. Epson America printed all of the photos for posting on the town bulletin board as well as enlargements for personal enjoyment. The Picturetown website also documents behind-the-scene stories, individual commentaries on each of the photos and a full gallery of the residents' work.

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Fujifilm S5 Pro: The Review has published their much anticipated Fujifilm S5 Pro review.

The Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro is not a product for the masses, but will undoubtedly be loved by photographers that want to get the most out of their daily digital workplace.

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Coolpix Concept Provides 360 View

An entry in the Photography Press site shows off a very neat Coolpix conceptual camera that allows you to rotate the body to take full 360-degree photographs rather than rotating the camera on a specialized tripod head.

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May 20, 2007

Free Capture NX with D200 Purchase

Our members in the UK will be pleased to hear that Nikon is offering full versions of Capture NX free with every D200 purchased between 18-May and 13-July of 2007.

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May 14, 2007

Nikon Reports Record Profit at Quarter End

Nikon announced last week that it had nearly doubled their profits at the end of this year's quarter and well ahead of projected earnings, thanks to robust sales in digital SLRs and lenses.

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May 8, 2007

Fantasea D40/D40X and Coolpix L10/11 Housings

Fantasea has announced their latest DSLR housing, this time for the D40/D40X - rated to 200 feet (60 meters) and is customized to fit the camera with the Nikkor 18-55 DX. Also new to their line-up are cases for the Coolpix L10 and L11, with complete access to all controls.

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May 1, 2007

Fujifilm Firmware Version 1.06 for the S5 DSLR

Fujifilm has posted another firmware revision for the S5 Pro Digital SLR.

Changes to this latest firmware include:

1. Better white balance when setting FLASH-mode for the WHITE BLANCE.
2. Better white balance when setting AUTO-mode for the WHITE BLANCE and using Nikon non-CPU lenses. *It requires to set the maximum aperture according to the FinePix S5 Pro Owener's Manual(p.121- p.124).
3. Upgrade of Barcode-reading function
4. Upgrade of [FUNCTION LOCK] function

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Sigma Posts Nikon D40 Compatible Lens List

Sigma has released a compatibility list of lenses that will autofocus with the Nikon D40.

The list should apply as well to the D40X since everything but the CCD sensor is identical between the models. Curiously enough, the Sigma 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 OS is also listed, yet this lens lacks the HyperSonic Motor (HSM), equivalent to Nikon's Silent Wave coreless drive. A hint that a much desired HSM version is on it's way or a typo?

Update 1: Sigma USA has indicated that this is not a typo. In addition, one of our members has confirmed that there is no shaft drive connection on the 80-400 OS, leading us to speculate that the AF motor on the lens is likely a pencil or micro-drive version of HSM, similar to the downgraded Silent Wave motors in the Nikkor 18-55 DX and 55-200 DX.

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April 25, 2007

Nikon CoolPix P5000 test images

Testing the Nikon Coolpix P5000 digital compact camera, Dennis Hissink, Chief Editor for LetsGoDigital took it along for a vsit to the Railway Museum in Utrecht, Holland. We recommend you check the resulting gallery of test images of this new 10Mpix camera, auto adjusting up to ISO 3200 for low light ambient light.

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March 29, 2007

Ansmann D40/D40X and D80 Vertical Grips

Battery and lighting product-maker Ansmann has announced two new vertical grips for popular Nikon Digital SLRs.

The battery grip N-80 Pro promises up to 5000 shots on a single charge using a 3600 mAh battery source. The grip is comparable to the Nikon MB-D80, with both command dials, a vertical shutter button and as a bonus, the grip can power the camera on the go using an included DC 12V plug.

For D40 owners, the N-40 Pro will deliver up to 2000 shots with a 2200 mAh battery. No vertical shutter is provided and the DC cable option is not available with this model.

Both models also feature an AC supply that can power the camera via the grip, so this is good news for travelers looking to cut down on the number of rechargers to take on the road.

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March 27, 2007

LetsGoDigital D40X Test Images

Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital took the new D40X and the 55-200mm VR lens for a spin at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. Be sure to check out the images here.

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March 21, 2007

Nikon Boosts Labor in Thailand Factory

A recent CNET blog cites a Merrill Lynch analyst stating Nikon has added 6,000 more workers at a factory in Thailand that produces Digital SLRs and lenses. Of significant interest were the type and quantity of photographic equipment that the plant generates in a month: 100,000 D80, 80,000 D40, 90,000 D40X and 230,000 lenses!

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March 20, 2007

Fujifilm Updates S5 Pro DSLR Firmware to v1.04

Fujifilm has released an updated firmware for the new S5 Pro Digital SLR.

Notable changes of v1.04 include:

1. Better white balance when setting FLASH-mode for the WHITE BLANCE.

2. Better white balance when setting AUTO-mode for the WHITE BLANCE and using Nikon non-CPU lenses.
*It requires to set the maximum aperture according to the FinePix S5 Pro Owener's Manual(p.121-p.124).

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March 18, 2007

PMA 2007 Interview with Nikon

Thanks to Nikonians Jeff Zhang, we are able to read a translation of a DCWatch interview with Nikon held at PMA 2007. The camera maker executive comments on the new D40, Anti-Dust, in-body VR and the future of the Coolpix line.

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March 12, 2007

PMA Booth Reports

Unable to attend PMA this year? No problem - see what the floor looked like thanks to Imaging Resource's Booth Reports. Ogle at the hardware and behold the glitz and glamour at Nikon, Fujifilm, SanDisk and of course, Sigma with their monstrous 200-500 f2.8!

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D40X Goes Under with Fantasea Housing

Our colleagues from LetsGoDigital got a sneak peek at the new D40X underwater case from Fantasea. Product details were not available at press time, but it's sure to be just as popular as the camera it's intended to house.

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March 6, 2007

Nikon View Pro Cancelled

In a simple press release, Nikon announced the death of the the View Pro software; the successor to the free Nikon View/Editor that came bundled with many Coolpix and Digital SLR cameras.

The promised software never had the chance to come to fruition. First announced on 16-February of 2006, Nikon View Pro drew mixed reactions, many shutterbugs were unconvinced of the quality of a pay-for-play image browser, especially given the manufacturer's rocky track record with Capture 4.x at the time. As taken directly from the release:

We decided to suspend the release based on our judgment that the new software's performance would not be optimal for the new environment. We are currently developing a new generation of image management and browsing software for download from our website, and plan to begin offering this before the end of 2007.

Join the discussion on this issue at Nikonians.

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Win a Nikon D40X

Our members in the UK have a chance to win their very own copy of the new 10MP D40X that was announced this morning at PMA.

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Nikon D40X and Nikkor 55-200 DX AFS VR

Nikon surprised the community by rolling out an update to the popular D40 entry-level digital SLR at PMA 2007. Updated with a 10MP sensor and a few other features, the D40X appears to be a refresh move to bring the hot-selling camera into parity with it's larger resolution competitors. Accompanying the new camera was yet another hardware refresh - the much anticipated 55-200mm DX AFS lens with Vibration Reduction.

While D3 fans may be disappointed by the development, the move by Nikon to update the easy-to-use D40 to an X model makes a lot of marketing and engineering sense. The original D40, while immensely popular, was seen by many consumers on the fence as a bit outdated due to it's 6MP CCD sensor. While the D40's performance was a showcase of how to maximize image quality, it was clearly not enough to overcome consumer perceptions. Enter the D40X, sharing the same 10MP CCD that is found in the D200 and the D80. Other improvements include a higher frame rate and a longer life battery.

The 55-200 VR was not as much of a suprise. Eagle-eyed Nikonians were quick to pick up on the existence of the lens when it was accidentally revealed in Nikon's own marketing videos touting the features of the original D40. The new lens is not signficantly different in size or heft from the original telephoto zoom. But with VR Generation II, shutterbugs will appreciate the potential four-stop difference in performance.

Be sure to get more details from our colleagues at LetsGoDigital and the insider perspective from Nikonians Chief Editor Tom Bone.

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March 1, 2007

New Nikon Site on Vibration Reduction

Thanks to some of our eagle-eyed members, Nikon has posted a new website showing the benefits of their Vibration Reduction capability.

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February 20, 2007

Coolpix: Ten Years and Eight New Models

Nikon celebrates the Tenth anniversary year of the Coolpix digital camera line by releasing eight new models that will appeal to everyone - from the casual snapshooter to the enthusiast-pro.

The Coolpix Life family receives three new members, the L10, L11 and L12. Designed for the entry-level photographer, all three models share similar builds, a 3x optical Nikkor lens and very large viewing screens. The L10 and L11 are 5MP and 6MP cameras with ISO 800 capability, while the 7MP L12 adds a stunning ISO 1600 ability coupled with a new image processing engine and optical Vibration Reduction. Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital have a detailed preview on the L12 that is a must-read.

Nikon's fashionable and technically savvy line of Style cameras receives two updates and two new camera models. First up; the 7MP S50 and S50c models update the popular S9 line - with 3x Nikkor zoom lenses, enormous 3.0 inch rear LCDs, optical Vibration-Reduction and ISO 1600 performance - these cameras will continue to be a hit with shutterbugs who want to look good but get the shot when it's needed. The S50c will also be linked to the improved COOLPIX CONNECT 2 network and can upload up to 2GB of images to a dedicated Nikon server wherever a wireless Internet connection exists.

The Style family's newest members, the S200 and S500, continue to raise the performance bar for digital compacts while breaking new ground in build and performance. Similar to the S50 series, both cameras have 7MP sensors, 3x Nikkor zooms and sturdy metal bodies. The S200 is made of brushed aluminum, ISO 1000 upper limit and features a new electronic-based Vibration-Reduction (eVR) capability. The S500 has a sleek stainless steel exterior, Optical Vibration-Reduction, an amazing ISO 2000 upper limit and what could be the fastest shutter lag in the entire series - 0.005 seconds in release-priority mode.

And last, but certainly not least, enthusiasts will cheer at the return of a professional-grade Coolpix camera. The Nikon P5000 is squarely aimed at shutterbugs who have moved on to a digital SLR, but long for the days of being able to carry a backup that could meet more demanding requirements in a more compact form.

The base specifications read like a who's-who of recent Nikon DSLR features - a full gamut of traditional shooting modes (PSAM), a 10MP sensor, optical viewfinder, 2.5 inch rear LCD and an upper ISO limit of 3200 coupled with a new on-board imaging engine to reduce noise and improve photo quality. A 3.5x Nikkor zoom is steadied by optical Vibration-Reduction, and by using optional WC-E67 and TC-E3ED teleconverters, can go as wide as 24mm or a far-reaching 378mm. As icing on the cake, the P5000 is also the first Coolpix to be iTTL compatible; owners can now take full advantage of system integration with existing SB-400, SB-600 and SB-800 for reliable flash photography.

And for our members in England and Ireland, Nikon UK has launched a contest to win one of these new models for your very own.

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February 9, 2007

Pogue Praises the 18-200 VR

The New York Times Technology writer sings effusive praises of Nikon's popular superzoom in his latest "Circuits" e-mail column.

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Thom Hogan D40 Review is Up

Thom Hogan has posted his much-anticipated review of the D40. Does he like it? Bottom-line: it seems likely to be able to hold it's own against the rest of the 8 and 10MP pack. Read the review for details.

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Nikon Launches LCD Substrate Unit

Nikon has entered yet another market - this time, glass substrates, a component heavily used in LCD televisions. The camera maker has spent a little under USD20 million to build a new facility near Tokyo. The outlook for glass substrates is seen to be very profitable given the popularity of flat-screen TV sets.

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February 2, 2007

Vista Reads RAW: Microsoft Posts Nikon NEF Codec

Nikon has released a codec (coder/decoder), enabling the new Vista Operating System to read Nikon RAW/NEF files natively. All Nikon DSLRs from the original D1 onwards are supported, as is all Coolpix cameras capable of writing RAW file output; namely the 5000, 5400, 5700, 8400, 8700 and 8800 models.

Not surprisingly, there are some teething problems with the codec. A noticable one is that editing the file in Vista with the codec will render the photo unreadable in Adobe Camera RAW. Users are advised to read the FAQ and peruse the developer blog for this and other exception conditions.

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February 1, 2007

Coolpix CCD Failures Part Deux

Nikon's troubles with CCD failures rears it's ugly ahead again in 2007.

Nikon confirms reports compiled over 2006 that Coolpix 3500, 4500, 5000 and 5400 models may suffer from CCD "solder degradation." The previous year's hot summer had brought the manufacturing defects to light as user complaints were compiled and analyzed, leading the manufacturer to identify the component failure. The good news is that Nikon will replace the components for free, irregardless of warranty status.

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January 30, 2007

New Firmware for Nikon D80, D40

Nikon has published firmware updates for both the D80 and the D40.

Changes to the D80 include:

*The electronic analog exposure display will be displayed in the viewfinder when the brightness of the subject exceeds the range that can be controlled by the camera, whether too bright or too dark, in the following shooting modes:
*Shutter-priority auto (S) or Aperture-priority auto (A) exposure modes with the built-in flash up
*Programmed auto (P) exposure mode
*Effects of processing performed when the Long exp. NR item in the shooting menu is enabled have been improved.
*When attempting to edit images, which had already been edited using a computer, with options in the D80's retouch menu, the camera sometimes froze. Therefore, images that have been edited using a computer can no longer be edited using the camera.
*Errors in English, Polish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese menus have been corrected.

Changes to the D40 include:

*The product will be "Certified for Windows Vista".
*Support for the new USB Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) has been added.
*The PTP option in the setup menu's USB item will be modified to MTP/PTP. The icon will also be modified
*The range of possible settings for the Date option in the setup menu's World time item will be changed to 2000-2099.
*An issue that caused the ISO auto feature to be disabled, when a two-button reset operation was performed with ISO sensitivity set to any option other than ISO 200, has been resolved.
*When attempting to edit images, which had already been edited using a computer, with options in the D40's retouch menu, the camera sometimes froze. Therefore, images that have been edited using a computer can no longer be edited using the camera.
*An issue that prevented accurate recording of flash output value when manual flash photography was applied with use of the Nikon Speedlight SB-400 has been resolved so that flash output value is accurately recorded.
*Errors in English, Polish, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese menus have been corrected.
*When white balance is fine-tuned, "+" or "?" will be displayed with the following icons:
*White balance mode icon in the shooting information display
*White balance mode icon in the shooting menu
*When the mode dial is set to a Digital Vari-Program and the AF-area mode setting is changed, the AF-area mode setting will no longer revert to the default setting with the following operations:
*The camera is turned off
*Monitor and exposure meters turn off automatically (auto meter off)
*The electronic analog exposure displays will flash in the viewfinder and the shooting information display when:*The brightness of the subject exceeds the range that can be controlled by the camera, whether too bright or too dark
*While in P (Programmed Auto) exposure mode with the built-in flash raised.

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LetsGoDigital Previews the Fujifilm S5 Pro

As the anticipation grows, more and more details of the Fujifilm S5 Pro are being revealed. Our colleagues at LetsGoDigital have a very detailed preview of this latest D200 variant.

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January 25, 2007

The Veil Lifts A Little Higher on Fuji S5

Our eagle-eyed members have spotted a Fuji S5 "preview" online comparing high ISO performance to the D2X.

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January 17, 2007

Nikon Interchangable Size Fisheye

Noted photographer, software developer and pundit Jarle Aasland posts on his vintage DSLR site about his latest discovery: Nikon filed for a patent two years ago for a fisheye lens that would work on both full-frame and APS sized sensor cameras.

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January 12, 2007

Ups and Downs for Nikon

It's been a mixed week for Nikon with an award honoring one of their periodicals, and some cost-cutting on corporate sponsorships.

First up, our colleagues at report that Nikon Pro magazine has won the prestigious International Publication of the Year award by the Association of Publishing Agencies for a third straight year.

The judges were impressed by the "great balance between beautiful representation of photography as an art, combined with product information."

On the flip side of the ledger, Nikon has withdrawn from a second, highly visible grant sponsorship. In the first quarter of the year, the National Association of Press Photographers (NPPA) Sabbatical Grant usually awards USD15000 in stipend money to a deserving documentary photojournalism project. But Nikon declined to provide sponsorship this year, marking the second highly visible withdrawal from photojournalism award programs. The USD30000 W. Eugene Smith Grant was last sponsored by Nikon in 2006 but the program has indicated they will be seeking new patrons in 2007.

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December 5, 2006

Crumpler Bags for the Discriminating Nikonian

Well-attired Nikonians (are there any other type?) can now add yet another brand item to their equipment closet. Popular bag manufacturer Crumpler has teamed up with everyone's favorite camera maker to create the humorously named "This" and "That" camera bags, suitable for housing your digital SLR, two lenses, a Speedlight and sundry accessories.

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November 10, 2006

Nikon Bullish on First Half of 2006

Nikon was in the black the first half of 2006 with digital cameras leading the charge, assisted by scientific instrument and lithography sales. Net profit surged to just under USD200 million, just double the amount recorded from the previous year.

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November 6, 2006

Nikon D40 Images Leaked

We at Nikonians prefer to await official announcements of new products; but the recent onslaught has just become too big to ignore. Gizmodo, Engadget and many other channels have been posting the leaked images of the supposed Nikon D40. With a rumored 6MP imager and compatibility with Silent-Wave (AFS) lenses only, this model is shaping up to be the digital SLR for the masses. Nikon has remained silent on the revelation; so time will tell how accurate this information is.

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November 2, 2006

Nikon Solutions Expo in December

Our European members will have an opportunity to attend a two-day photographic conference hosted by Nikon, all for free. The Nikon Solutions Expo will be held at Olympia Center from December 5th through the 6th, and features not only all of the current Nikon hardware, but additional exhibits from the likes of Adobe and HP among others. Professional "zones" involving educational seminars, hands-on demonstrations and product displays encompass the conference floor.

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Fantasea Updates D50 and D70 Housings

Underwater case maker Fantasea has updated two more of their popular SLR housings, this time for the D50 and the D70. Both feature full integrity seals good to 200 feet (60m) as well as access to all controls.

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October 28, 2006

Nikon Embargoes Cuban Boy In UN Contest

Several news channels including Japan Times are reporting that Nikon recently honored a US embargo against Cuba in the course of handing out prizes at the recent 15th International Children's Painting contest hosted by the United Nations.

The Japanese camera maker was the co-sponsor of the contest, which provided all the winners, except a Cuban boy, with digital cameras during the awards ceremony in Algiers. Nikon stated that because of the U.S. made components within the cameras, they could not award him the device and provided him with an alternative prize of art materials instead. Cuban news sources supposedly claim that Castro took it upon himself to provide the boy with a similar camera to compensate for the national slight.

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October 27, 2006

Nikon rebates rolled out

Don't forget to check for rebates while doing your Nikon gift shopping for the Holidays.
Nikon has announced their latest rebate program, with a triple-tier of options. The Select and Save rebate offer runs October 26, 2006 through January 28, 2007.

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October 17, 2006

Nikon Establishes Australian Subsidiary

Our members Down Under will now have access to a direct subsidiary of Nikon locally. Nikon has announced the establishment of NIKON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD as an official sales and service channel provider with offices in Lidcombe, a suburb of Sydney. It's unclear at this time what the status of the relationship is with Maxwell Optical Industries Pty Ltd, the longtime presence of Nikon on the continent since 1959.

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Nikon 70-300mm VR Release Moved To December

Nikon has pushed back the release of the much-anticipated 70-300mm/4.5-5.6 VR AFS to December 7th. A rough translation cited "orders exceeding expectation" as the cause.

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October 16, 2006

Coolpix S Owners Score Free Zac Posen Cases


For the discriminating Coolpix owner, Nikon has teamed up with popular designer Zac Posen to offer free cases for owners of S7c and S9 models.

The bags are stylish cases of soft Italian leather based upon the designer's Fall 2006 line of handbags, and are completely free with registration of the owner's model and serial number. (Click on Coolpix at the bottom of the screen).


We contacted Nikon USA's press folks today (October 17) and they assure us the limited quantity has not been depleted yet. (But, it's getting close).

Here's the transcript of Nikon's Press Release:

MELVILLE, NY (October 13, 2006) – Nikon is at the intersection of high fashion and high-technology this fall with a new partnership to provide a stunning look for style conscious and tech savvy digital camera users. Nikon and Zac Posen, House of Z, LLC, announce the creation of an Exclusive Limited Edition Zac Posen COOLPIX Camera Accessory. Nikon COOLPIX users can now carry their digital camera in a fashionable yet functional camera accessory.
"As a style-focused brand, we are constantly looking for new ways to accommodate the image-savvy consumer. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Zac Posen, a celebrated and talented designer," said Lisa Baxt, senior communications manager, for Nikon, Inc. "This partnership is based on our admiration of his creative talent, his love for Nikon and how his fashion line plays well with the stylish design of the COOLPIX Style Series cameras."
Posen's inspiration came from his current Fall 2006 clothing and hand bag collection with the look and feel of vintage camera cases. The COOLPIX Camera Accessory is made with luxurious Italian leathers which provide stylish durability and complement Posen's current collection. Posen's signature Z rivets complete the piece as a beautiful accent.
"I've partnered with Nikon because I believe two brands have synergy and both appeal to customers with high expectations for quality and design," said Posen. "Working closely with Nikon has given me the opportunity to create a spectacular accessory for an equally stunning digital camera."
The Zac Posen COOLPIX Camera Accessory will be available beginning October 13th on The limited time, exclusive product will be available to Nikon COOLPIX users only. The accessory was designed for the new line-up of Nikon's COOLPIX Style series digital cameras, including the new COOLPIX S7c and S9. These cameras are stylish, edgy and combine high-quality imaging performance with impressive photo sharing technology, like the S7c's ability to email images from the camera.
For more information about the Nikon and Zac Posen partnership and to secure one of these great looking accessories, visit

]About Nikon
Nikon, At the Heart of the Image (tm) . Nikon Inc. is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment. Nikon Inc. distributes the Nikon Total Imaging System of consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, Nikkor optics, Speedlights and System Accessories; Nikon COOLPIX compact digital cameras; Coolscan digital film scanners; 35mm film SLR cameras; Nikon software products and Nikon sports and recreational optics. At the heart of every Nikon camera is Nikon's Exclusive Feature System, making it easy for anyone to take amazing digital pictures. Through the Nikon Spirit Initiative, the company, plays an active role in supporting aspiring and advanced photographers through a variety of philanthropic organizations, educational programs, events and workshops. For more information, dial (800) NIKON-US or visit, which links all levels of photographers to the web's most comprehensive photo learning and sharing communities.

Posted by covey22 at 12:35 AM

October 13, 2006

Fantasea Housings for Nikon Coolpix S5 and S8

Fantasea will be releasing a new housing on October 20th for the Nikon Coolpix S5 and S8. The FS-5 casing is rated to 130ft/40m and features full access to all camera controls, plus a built-in Flash Diffuser and Anti-Glare screen for the LCD. MSRP is USD200.

Posted by covey22 at 1:37 AM

October 7, 2006

What Happens When Nikon Hands Out D80s?

When the recipients are prolific and talented photographers who happen to be on Flickr, one of the largest social-networking photo sites, well, you get a collection of really outstanding examples of what can be done with a fertile, creative vision and a Nikon camera. Kudos to Nikon for a bit of very innovative guerrilla marketing!

Posted by covey22 at 1:05 AM

October 3, 2006

Firmware Updates for Nikon D200, D2X and D2Hs

Nikon has released awaited firmware updates to the top-end Digital SLRs: the D200, D2X (not Xs) and D2Hs.

The D200 receives an update to use the WT-3 wireless transmitter, and Image Authentication capability.

The D2X and the D2Hs have a lot of improvements, including:

H 0.3 (ISO 1000 equivalent), H 0.5 (ISO 1100 equivalent), and H 0.7 (ISO 1250 equivalent) options will be added between the ISO 800 and HI-1 sensitivity settings (D2X only).

Autofocus subject acquisition and tracking capability will be improved.

A "Black-and-white (sRGB)" option will be added to the "Color mode" settings in the shooting menu (D2X only).

An "Image authentication" item will be added to the setup menu. However, the optional Image Authentication Software is required to verify image authenticity.

A "Trim" item will be added to the shooting menu (D2X only).

The "Custom" option in the shooting menu's "Tone compensation" item will be modified so that up to 3 user-defined curves can be downloaded to the camera.

An upgrade of Nikon Capture 4 Camera Control is scheduled to support download of 3 curves to the camera. The optional Camera Control Pro software can also be used to download curves to the camera.

A "Save/load settings" item will be added to the setup menu.

The "Mirror lock-up" item in the setup menu will be modified so that the mirror can be locked in the up position under battery power as well as AC adapter power.

The number of options available for the "Lock-on" item in the Custom Settings menu will be increased to 4: "Long", "Normal", "Short", and "Off".

"Max. sensitivity" and "Min. shutter speed" options will be added to the "ISO auto" item in the Custom Settings menu.

The "Maximum shots (Max No. of shots taken in continuous shooting)" item in the Custom Settings menu will be modified to allow a maximum setting of 60 shots.

The "FUNC. button" in the Custom Settings menu will be divided into two items: "FUNC. button press" and "FUNC. button + command dials" (D2X only).

A "Recent settings" item will be added to the setup menu.

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September 27, 2006

See Photokina 2006 Through Nikon's Eyes

See Photokina 2006 through a series of Webcams set up at Nikon's booth. Once the intro completes (or you can skip it), click on the Webcam link on the bottom menu bar.

If you're wondering how the Nikonians Booth looks, here's a shot by JRP taken yesterday.

Posted by covey22 at 4:05 AM

September 25, 2006

Photokina 2006 Updates T Minus 1

With one day to go before the official opening of Photokina 2006, a last burst of announcements has hit the streets.

First off - the big news that many of our members have been waiting for - the Fujifilm S5 Pro Digital SLR has been announced. While not a complete product offering, the fact that it's in the queue has relieved much anxiety over the S3 Pro's successor.

Olympus took the covers off their E-1P prototype DSLR as well, but fans here will have to wait as this too was a product development announcement.

Canon has jumped on the "me-too" image tank bandwagon with the M30/80 series portable photo storage. Featuring a 3.7" TFT wide-angle viewing screen, CF/SD slots and kudos to the manufacturer - the ability to share BP-511 batteries with the Digital Rebel and EOSD series cameras.

In software news, Bibble 4.9 is released, with the much requested cloning/healing tool and Nikon D80 RAW support. Light Crafts Inc. updates LightZone to version 2.0 in beta format. Our friends at Nik Software have bundled all three of their popular programs; Color Efex 2.0 (Complete Edition), Sharpener Pro 2.0 and Dfine 1.0 into the Nik Professional Suite. And just hot off the presses, DxO Labs announced the immediate availability of DxO Optics Version 4 for the PC.

On the business front, it appears Leica is making moves into the medium and large format segment with it's majority share purchase into Jenoptik's Sinar division - known for it's manufacture of digital backs. No immediate plans were announced other than "This is a first step on the strategic path towards growing the business of Leica Camera AG," said the firm.

And the strange-but-true: Olympus reveals a digital camera body made entirely of cypress wood to showcase it's advances in molding technology. While stylish and unique, one would have to wonder how sturdy such an item would be. The good news - it would float on water...

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September 21, 2006

More Zeiss Goodness for Nikon

Zeiss has released four more ZF mount prime lenses compatible with the Nikon F mount: a 25mm/f2.8 that close focuses to an amazing 2.4"/6cm, a 35mm/f2.0, a 50mm/f2.0 normal optic and a very fast 100mm/f2.0 macro featuring a 1:2 magnification ratio. The latter is also the very first ARRI/ZEISS Master Prime brand optic - a set of lenses well-known for gracing some of the finest movie-making cameras in Hollywood.

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September 16, 2006

Nikon Backing Photo Rights Grab?

An article in the Editorial Photographers (UK and Ireland) website takes Nikon UK to task for endorsing travel firm Opodo's Reflections Photography Contest, citing excessive rights-grabbing terms.

The terms and conditions for Opodo's Reflections competition demands that all entrants grant them a licence to use the photographs forever for no fee. The terms also ask that photographers give up their moral rights in the photographs, and that they assign their rights in any other 'derivative' works, such as montages.

Rather helpfully, Opodo reassures entrants that they "can submit as many photos as they like", with each photograph entered being available for Opodo to use forever.

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September 14, 2006

Nikon World Customer Info Exposed

Nikon has become the latest victim in the rash of customer exposure incidents plaguing the online world. Members in our forums first reported the incident when they received a notification letter from the company indicating that as a Nikon World magazine subscriber, "personal information...has been made available to unauthorized persons." An Associated Press article states that a link in a status e-mail to potential subscribers of the magazine led to pages of customer information, including addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers and expiration dates of current subscribers. The site was subsequently shut down and Nikon would only indicate a "small number of subscribers were affected." No details were provided on how the breach occurred. Customers who received a notification letter from Nikon should take steps to ensure their credit has not been accessed inappropriately by contacting the three major credit reporting bureaus as soon as possible.

Posted by covey22 at 2:41 PM

September 13, 2006

Coolpix Walks The Runway at NY Fashion Week

Nikon continues their marketing campaign for the Style series of Coolpix digital cameras by integrating them into Daniel Franco's wardrobe display at New York's Fashion Week show. Franco, a recent contestant of the hit reality show "Project Runway," claims he was inspired by the features of the camera line when creating his latest apparel.

Posted by covey22 at 3:42 PM

September 1, 2006

Capture NX Update Version 1.01

Capture NX has been updated to version 1.01. Changes include:

* D80 Raw files are supported
* Batch processes have been improved
* Browser menu, File Directory palette, Camera Settings palette and Control Points have been improved
* Print Layout Dialog has been improved
* Lasso & Marquee tools have been improved
* Edit List has been improved
* Options from the View menu have been improved

US Mac and Windows versions are available. Europe and Asia have the updates as well.

Posted by covey22 at 5:32 PM

August 30, 2006

Coolpix Connect: Send Your Photos Wirelessly

Nikon and T-Mobile have partnered to provide a new service called Coolpix Connect; aimed at Nikon Coolpix S7c owners that allow photos taken to be sent wirelessly using T-Mobile's HotSpot nation-wide network.

By activating the camera's wireless mode when located near a T-Mobile HotSpot, owners will automatically be signed up and receive a year's complimentary subscription. The subscription includes 50MB of photo storage for up to two weeks at a time; and e-mail recipients of the photos will receive a thumbnail and link to a customized web page where they can view the full-size image.

Posted by covey22 at 8:55 PM

August 26, 2006

Coolpix S10 - The LetsGoDigital Preview

Following the slew of newly announced Coolpix cameras, our colleagues at Letsgodigital have a preview of one of the arrivals, the Nikon Coolpix S10, whose appearance harkens back to the days of the swivel 950 and 995.

"In practice, the Nikon Coolpix S10 is a handy digital camera to work with. I liked it and although the Nikon S10 is not the smallest Megazoom camera on the block, the format and features are such that the camera adds up to a very interesting combination. I have pleasant memories of the useful innovations with which Nikon scored top points in the past and it reminds me of a time when creativity gained more importance in digital photography."

Posted by covey22 at 9:30 PM

August 24, 2006

Nikon D80 Release Pushed Back to Mid-September

The release of the Nikon D80 in Japan is pushed back from September 1st to September 15th, due to "orders which exceed expectation." (note: the link is in Japanese and we are relying on machine translation) This appears to affect the kit offering with the new Nikkor AFS DX 18-135 lens , which is usually the most common type of bundling initially available when a new consumer DSLR comes on the market.

Posted by covey22 at 6:17 PM

August 16, 2006

Nikon D200 Named European Camera of the Year

Confirming it's astounding success in a heavily competitive marketplace, the Nikon D200 was named European Camera of the Year by EISA for "...[setting] a new standard in this class of camera." The D200 wasn't the only feather in the cap. Nikon also received the European Photo Innovation of the Year award for Capture NX's U-Point technology. Congratulations to Nikon for these spectacular recognitions of engineering and marketing success!

Other notable awardees were Tamron's SP AF 17 - 50mm F/2.8 XR Di II LD for Consumer Lens, Canon PIXMA iP6600D for Photo Printer, Adobe's Lightroom for Photo Software, Sandisk's Extreme IV for Memory Card and Jobo Giga Vu Pro Evolution for Image Tank category.

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August 11, 2006

Criminals Beware: Fuji Introduces S3 Pro UVIR

Evildoers and miscreants be warned: law-enforcement could be watching you through the new Fujifilm S3 Pro UVIR, a dedicated Digital SLR capable of taking photos in the Ultra-violet and Infrared spectrums without special filtration equipment.

Posted by covey22 at 6:22 AM

August 9, 2006

Letsgodigital and Nikonians: The D80 Preview


LetsGoDigital - the premier online magazine for digital photography has released an extensive preview of the new Nikon D80 and they have asked us to provide our Nikonians perspective.

After reading the preview, be sure to check out the buzz in our D80 Users Group forum, and Nikonian Armando J. Heradia's article "Matching the Wish List" in our Resources at Nikonians.

Posted by covey22 at 8:45 AM

August 7, 2006

Good News for D200 Owners: FCC Approves WT-3

We have some great news for D200 owners: the much-awaited WT-3 wireless controller/transmitter accessory just received FCC approval. This may be the final hurdle that Nikon was waiting to complete before sending this add-on out to store shelves.

Posted by covey22 at 7:09 PM

August 6, 2006

Next Virus Threat: Your Coolpix?

The online publishing firm has a fascinating but technically-laden article on how Wi-Fi enabled Coolpixes can be used as a potential entry-way for viruses and other malicious programs to enter your computer.

Editorial Note: It would appear that the greatest vulnerabilities are at the point of establishing the picture transfer. The camera shares the benign nature of it's non-Wi-Fi equipped peers in picture-taking mode. But the article does show the greatest issue with gadgets today: interoperability between appliances sometimes requires more security and safety oversight.

Posted by covey22 at 1:01 AM

August 2, 2006

Flash: Nikon Capture NX Upgrader Sighted!

Nikonians has been hot on the trail of the Capture NX release, and the Upgrade site for legacy Capture 4.4 owners has been sighted on Nikon Mall USA! (for the Secure SSL version of the Upgrader page, change the HTTP to an HTTPS and hit your GO or Reload button)

Posted by covey22 at 5:07 PM

July 31, 2006

Official Capture NX Tutorials Online

Just in time for customers receiving their boxed copies, Nikon has posted Capture NX Tutorials online. Currently, there are four lessons: Basic Features, U-Point Technology, Dynamic Range and Enhancement Tools.

Posted by covey22 at 7:44 PM

July 28, 2006

Capture NX hits the Streets

Nikon's newest RAW converter Capture NX is now showing up in-stock at larger retailers like B&H Photo.

Posted by covey22 at 10:39 PM

New Nikon DSLR: Images Leaked, But What's Under The Hood?

While images of the new Nikon DSLR have hit the street, the buzz is still going strong around what's under the hood. Be sure to keep current on the latest talk in our forums.

Posted by covey22 at 1:39 AM

July 20, 2006

Are You Ready? New Nikon DSLR in 20 Days

A pleasant mid-summer surprise for Nikonians: Nikon Japan has started a marketing teaser for a new 10.2MP DSLR, with a countdown timer of 20 days. English readers can see an equivalent ad at Nikon Europe. Intel on the newest addition is scarce; so get the latest buzz on the camera at our forums.

Posted by covey22 at 3:04 PM

July 7, 2006

The Wait is Over: Capture NX Trial Now Available

Capture NX Trial Version is now available from Nikon in Windows (172MB w/ .NET and 13.4MB w/o .NET) and Macintosh (61.9MB). As previously stated, this is not a Universal Binary and the manufacturer does not guarantee compatibility with Intel Core. For upgrade information, click here.
UPDATE 1: Find the user's manual here.

Posted by covey22 at 3:01 PM

July 6, 2006

Nikon Capture NX Trial: Is July 7th the Magic Day?

A translated copy of the Capture NX page on Nikon Japan's website seems to indicate the trial version will be available on 7-July with a sales date of 28-July. (translation courtesy of Babelfish - results not guaranteed).

Posted by covey22 at 5:20 PM

Nikon Digital SLR Sales Up By 35 Percent

Nikon is reporting sales of digital SLR cameras are up by 35 percent, putting the company on track to exceed current-year sales projections. Chairman Makoto Kimura indicated that the Thailand factory that builds the popular D200, D70S and D50 models is at full steam; "Conditions for all three models are very tight worldwide. We can sell as many as we can produce."

Posted by covey22 at 1:37 AM

July 5, 2006

Capture 4.4 Install Workaround for Intel Macs

Nikon has released a work-around that describes how to install Capture 4.4 on Intel-based Macintoshes.

Posted by covey22 at 5:57 PM

Nikon Capture Control Pro Trial for Windows and Macintosh

Nikonians Member Mallaig informed us that Nikon Europe has posted the Trial Version of Nikon Capture Control Pro for Windows and Macintosh. The Macintosh version supports only PowerPC; Intel Core support is not guaranteed. This product replaces the Camera Control portion found in Capture 4.x. Download the Windows trial here. (23.3MB) For the Macintosh version, click here. (19.5MB)
UPDATE 1: Nikon USA now posts their copies of the Windows and Mac versions.

Posted by covey22 at 2:51 PM

July 3, 2006

Capture NX Launch Impacts D2Xs RAW File

Nikon Europe just posted a technical note indicating the newly launched D2Xs RAW file can only be edited by PictureProject at this time. No other current Nikon software is compatible. It appears a point update of current Capture 4.x will not be released to accomodate the new camera. Capture NX will read the new file format, but there is currently no indication of a hard launch date. Nikon Europe indicates a trial version of NX will be made available as soon as possible.

Posted by covey22 at 11:14 PM

June 27, 2006

Intel-based Macs Left In The Cold on Capture

A Technical Note on Nikon USA's Digital Knowledgebase outlines some of the compatibility issues of running programs on the new platform such as Capture or NikonView that were originally written for the Motorola-based Macintoshes. Rob Galbraith offers some insights based on his own field tests. Of interest is the fact that Capture NX, ideally the focus of Nikon's efforts in order to meet a late-summer launch, is not planned to be a Universal Binary at this time.

Posted by covey22 at 3:49 PM

June 14, 2006

Nikon Firmware Upgrade Advance Notice

Nikon has officially announced they intend to release firmware upgrades for both the D2X and D2Hs that will enable many of the features currently found in the D2Xs. The D200 will receive a small update in the form of Image Authentication and WT-3 compatibility.

Posted by covey22 at 4:38 PM

June 13, 2006

Nikon Licenses MMP Portfolio Technology

Alliacense today announced that Nikon Corporation has become the latest manufacturer to purchase a license to the Moore Microprocessor Patent (MMP) Portfolio, a group of patents that enable higher performance and lower cost designs in today's digital systems. Nikon joins a remarkable and diverse group of the world's most well-respected designers of digital systems including HP, Casio, Fujitsu and Sony. Terms of Nikon license purchase were not disclosed.

Editor's Comments: This is an interesting move by Nikon, and will have a great impact on how the next series of DSLRs are engineered. As the industry starts facing shorter product lifecycles and more aggressive moves by new entrants to the market, only innovative and well publicized products can survive. The MMP Portfolio is well-known in technology circles and includes microprocessor technology patents which are functionally vital to complex electronic devices. This is a very aggressive move and we'll be watching to see the fruits of the purchase.

Posted by covey22 at 3:10 PM

June 9, 2006

Nikon Photo Contest International 2006-2007

Nikon's annual Photo Contest International for 2006-2007 is now accepting entries. Since 1969, the contest has attracted over 1.2M images from 290,000 photographers while communicating a rich and lavish visual culture.

This year's theme is also Nikon's brand statement - "At The Heart of the Image." And Nikonians enjoys a historical link to this contest as well - one of 2004's 3rd Place winners was our very own Team member Ron Green (rbgreen2) with his entry "Pelican Trio at Bandon Marsh."

In addition to the fame, there's plenty of fortune; winners in each category will receive Nikon digital SLRs or Coolpixes and accessories.

Posted by covey22 at 5:11 PM

June 8, 2006

Nikon Family and Travel Kits

For our UK members, Photographyblog reports on the availability of Nikon Family and Travel kits that bundle a variety of accessories, including flashes, lenses, cleaning implements and a book voucher from Dorling Kindersley.

Posted by covey22 at 6:27 PM

June 7, 2006

Nikon Contributes to Indonesia Earthquake Fund

Nikon Corporation will generously donate 5M Yen cash to assist the victims of the May 27th earthquakes in Indonesia. In addition, Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd will make a USD10000 donation, and Nikon Corporation will match any funds donated by company employees.

Posted by covey22 at 4:47 AM

June 1, 2006

Nikon Software Roundup: June 2006

In the wake of the D2Xs reveal, Nikon also announced the new stand-alone Camera Control Pro module and the Image Authentication software that verifies photo integrity for forensics purposes. Finally, there's more buzz on Capture NX including price and availability.

Posted by covey22 at 5:30 PM

Letsgodigital and Nikonians: The D2Xs Preview

LetsGoDigital-the premier online magazine for digital photography and Nikonians-worldwide home for Nikon owners, have published a first joint preview on the new Nikon D2Xs.

Posted by covey22 at 8:00 AM

May 29, 2006

D2Xs Upgrade Announcement In The Wind?

May 29th was named by many sources as the day Nikon would unveil the D2Xs upgrade. has a release indicating Nikon Norway has shown the camera to members of the press, with only the hints to specifications that "improve workflow." According to other sources there is an information embargo in place until Thursday 1 June when Nikon Global will roll out all specifications. So the wait continues...

Posted by covey22 at 4:01 PM

May 25, 2006

May 2006 Nikon KnowledgeBase Entries

A glimpse at some of the latest Nikon KnowledgeBase Entries for May 2006:

What is the largest size memory card I can use in my digital camera?
Common questions and answers regarding the SC-28 & SC-29 TTL Cables
Which Remote can I use with my Nikon D-SLR?
Digital Camera Drivers - Windows
Close Up Accessories

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May 19, 2006

Nikon D200 Wins Camera Grand Prix 2006 Award

TOKYO Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that the D200 Digital SLR Camera has been selected by Japan's Camera Press Club to receive the Camera Grand Prix 2006 award.

The Camera Grand Prix is the Japanese photo industry's most prestigious award for a camera. It is determined by a panel of 49 (in 2006) respected photographers, scholars and technical writers in the field of photography, as well as chief editors and magazine representatives of each of the 12 magazines that comprise the Camera Press Club.

A total of 149 cameras, all released between April 2005 and March 2006, were nominated for the Camera Grand Prix award 2006. The Nikon D200 was chosen as the most outstanding camera from among these nominees to receive the Camera Grand Prix award.

The committee members issued the following statement in support of bestowing the Camera Grand Prix 2006 honor on the D200. "The Nikon D200 contributes to the widespread dissemination of photographic culture as a digital SLR offering superior operability at an affordable price for both entry-level digital SLR camera users as well as professional and high-end amateur photographers. This high-quality camera received superior evaluations for many of its facets, including performance, price, design, operability and durability. Furthermore, the D200 offers the first 10.2-megapixel CCD image sensor in APS-C Format. Delivering immediate performance, including instant and world-leading power-up of only 0.15 seconds, a remarkable shutter release time lag of only 50 milliseconds, and up to 54 consecutive shots at 5 fps, this camera challenges or surpasses higher-priced products. For enhanced reliability, the D200 features a magnesium body with a superb sealing system that protects against dust and moisture and the shutter unit has been tested through more than 100,000 cycles. The approximately 95% viewfinder frame coverage and approx. 0.94x high-magnification viewfinder with glass pentaprism also contribute to the D200's high overall performance as a digital SLR camera."

In April 2006, the Nikon D200 also received the Best D-SLR Expert in Europe 2006, from TIPA (Technical Image Press Association), which represents the European photo and imaging publishing industry. These honors, from Japan and Europe, have singled out the Nikon D200 for the highest levels of international recognition.

Established in 1984, the Camera Grand Prix has been awarded to Nikon cameras on five occasions. Previous wins occurred in 1984 (the 1st Grand Prix) for the Nikon FA; 1989 (the 6th Grand Prix) for the Nikon F4; 1997 (the 14th Grand Prix) for the Nikon F5; and 2004 (the 21st Grand Prix) for the D70.

Posted by covey22 at 5:14 PM

May 15, 2006

Nikon Operating Profit Surges Upward

Nikon published it's latest financial reports today (FY to 31-MAR-2006), with operating profits surging thanks to continued growth in the digital SLR market and nearly on-target projections of high-end stepper machines.

The camera manufacturer has reaped solid rewards from the consolidation of production lines and the withdrawal from the film camera segment. The company's profit margin has been bolstered by other manufacturers' increased rollout of sophisticated LCD displays and other electronic appliances, all requiring the use of stepper machines to produce the "chips" that enable their capabilities.

Posted by covey22 at 3:35 PM

Nikon News Online May 2006 Summary

The latest Nikon Newsletter continues the "Kate Moss uses Coolpix" campaign, with links to the stunningnikon website where you can listen to Kate talk about the marketing campaign, view extended commercials featuring the supermodel and download desktop wallpaper. Of course there is also information on the Coolpix S6!

Posted by covey22 at 2:35 PM

May 13, 2006

D200 Brings Home The DIWA Gold

Nikon's newest digital SLR continues to pull in accolades; the latest being DIWA's Gold Award.

The Digital Imaging Website Awards (DIWA), a collection of independent web-based publications specializing in digital imaging, have consistently awarded the most innovative and superior products in the market since 2004. Says Kai Thon, DIWA's test manager, "The perfect camera is not made yet and will probably never be made. With the D200, Nikon has made an impressive attempt. When challenged by equal competitors, the D200 wins on virtually all vital points. Actually, it is also a strong competitor to Nikon's own professional range of D-SLR cameras in the D2-series."

Posted by covey22 at 12:56 AM

Nikon Finland Faces EUR300,000 Fine

Nikon Finland could be fined EUR300,000 (approximately USD388,000) by the Market Court for violating competition rules. The Finnish Competition Authority called for the penalty stating that "During 2004 and 2005, Nikon e.g. refused to extend its product guarantee to Nikon cameras imported by parallel importers and hence placed consumers in an unequal position depending on where the camera had been purchased..."

Posted by covey22 at 12:45 AM

May 8, 2006

Nikon Taps New Directors and Executive Officers

Following the Golden Week break, Nikon announced the latest nominees for directorships and executive officers. While none of the candidates are related to the Imaging division, two of the selectees are from the profitable Precision Equipment Company which creates LCD stepping equipment; a potential reflection of the growth and importance of that segment.

Posted by covey22 at 3:52 PM

May 3, 2006

Nikon Japan Closed for Golden Week

Just a reminder to our members communicating with Nikon HQ; the firm's offices are closed the week of 29-April through 07-May for Japan's Golden Week of national holidays.

Posted by covey22 at 4:49 PM

May 2, 2006

Nikon Opens Four Branches in China

Nikon Imaging (China) Sales Co. has expanded it's sales and support presence with four new branches in the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Posted by covey22 at 5:00 PM

May 1, 2006

Nikon USA 2006 Spring Rebates

Nikon has announced their much-awaited Spring Rebate program. The largest discounts appear to be on super telephotos like the 400mm/f4, the exotic 200mm/f2 VR and the 80-400 VR. (Adobe Acrobat required to view this file) The offers are valid from 01-May-2006 to 31-July-2006.

Posted by covey22 at 6:02 PM

April 28, 2006

Nikon Coolpix Digiscope 8.1 Photo Package

Photographyblog reports on the release of the Nikon Coolpix Digiscope 8.1 Photo Package - a Coolpix P4, a 16x/24x/30x eyepiece adapter and a Digiscope P4 Camera Adapter Bracket - all for USD729.95 (MSRP). When combined with one of Nikon's award-winning Field Scopes like the 82mm ED, the Coolpix achieves a focal-length equivalent of a 1,080-3,780mm lens; perfect for wildlife or birding photography. Click here for more information on digiscoping.

Posted by covey22 at 7:27 PM

April 25, 2006

Nikon Revises Financial Forecasts for March 2006

Nikon has revised their financial forecasts for the year ending in March 2006 and the outcome is quite optimistic.

Other channels report that Nikon is on-track to double profit to 66B Yen (USD576M) based on last year's performance; an increase of about 7B Yen and well above the market's call of about 57.1B Yen. Notes in the latest revision indicate suprisingly strong performance in the tight compact digital market, bolstered by core businesses such as the stepper segment and the higher-end Digital SLR area.

Posted by covey22 at 6:55 PM

April 18, 2006

Capture NX and View Pro Delayed

Nikon announced this morning that the much-anticipated updates to the Capture RAW editor and View programs has been pushed back to mid-year.

Orginally, both programs were due to be released next month (May 2006). Capture NX has been pushed back to July and View Pro is undetermined at this time. Nikon cited "delays in development schedule" as the cause.

Posted by covey22 at 4:12 PM

April 13, 2006

Nikon Evicts Tommy

Nikon has replaced Tommy Hilfiger as the official named sponsor for the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, New York. The clothing manufacturer's name will come off the 15,000 seat amphitheater this week, after three years of prominence. The venue operates a well known summer concert series in conjunction with promoter Live Nation, and this year's acts include Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Jimmy Buffett and Kelly Clarkson.

Posted by covey22 at 9:53 PM

April 12, 2006

Nikon Enlists Kate Moss

Nikon has launched a new marketing campaign around controversial supermodel Kate Moss and the Coolpix S6. Members can view the Flash teaser at

As evidenced by the style of the ad as well as Moss' lack of acoutrements, Nikon is clearly taking aim at the younger and hipper crowd of purchasers that make up the mass market. In addition to the Internet presence, Nikon is planning a series of print and TV ads to coincide with the May "sweeps" that marks the season finales of regular television shows. Viewers can also go online to bid on Moss owned items, and get fashion tips from the supermodel diva.

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April 10, 2006

Nikon News for April 2006

The April 2006 Nikon newsletter has several items of interest to our members: there is a new Speedlight Digitutor module, with a "Just Try" section which simulates common uses of the Creative Lighting System, an expanded section on Capture NX, including a non-functioning download link which may portend availability in the near future, and a notice that the D2X's USD500 rebate has been extended through 30-June-2006.

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April 5, 2006

Nikon Exhibition at Japan Good Design Awards

Nikon will be exhibiting some of it's finest examples of industrial design at the 50th Anniversary of the Good Design Awards in Milan.

Items on display will include the Nikon F, the D2H, F6 and the special F3 camera designed for NASA; as well as Coolpix prototypes, binoculars and eyewear.

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March 30, 2006

Nikon Sees 70 Percent Climb In Profit

Nikon remains bullish on profit projections after senior officers revealed the latest three-year operating plan.

Most notable is the projection on profits rising from 53B Yen to 90B Yen (USD764M), an increase of about 70 percent over the course of the fiscal year. That projection will be driven by digital SLR camera sales, which represents over half of the company's current profit portfolio. The outlook also remains optimistic on the sales of stepper tools and other chip-making equipment.

Nikon President Michio Kariya was also quite confident of the company's performance despite the entry of Sony and other electronic consumer firms into the DSLR fray, stating "We will leverage to the maximum the know-how accumulated during our more than 50 years in the camera business." Nikon trails only Canon in the heavily contested market.

The plan's success also banks upon slightly higher sales of stepper and chip-making devices. Compared to the calculated increase of 2.7M units of DSLRs (up from 1.7M), Nikon expects to sell 165 stepper units, up from last year's goal of 160. Yet stepper machines make up approximately 45 percent of the company's profit table.

Kariya also promised to reduce Nikon's debt, currently at 195M Yen, equal to shareholder equity. No details were forthcoming, but the debt would be eased by cash flow, not asset sales. Kariya also indicated he would consider acquisition of firms that would complement the maker's overall strategies.

Clearly part of that strategy is to cut costs and find more efficient means of producing quality items. This may include silent outsourcing of components or even whole products. As noted in Digitimes, Taiwan outsourcing manufacturer Asia Optical has reputedly taken orders from both Nikon and Fujifilm. No details are forthcoming on the order, but Asia Optical has stated that they will avoid orders for low-end or low-priced models so as to prevent being caught in the margins of the price wars that categorize the entry-level digicam market.

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March 23, 2006

Last Call for Nikon Small World Entries

Nikon is making a last call for entries in the 32nd Annual Small World competition. Amateur and professional microscopists have until April 28th to submit their images either digitally or on film to Nikon's Melville NY headquarters. Winners will be announced mid-summer.

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March 20, 2006

D200: The Thom Hogan Review

On the heels of the 18-200 VR review, the much awaited look by Thom Hogan on Nikon's latest offering is now up. Does he love it? " Was the wait for the D200 worth it? Absolutely yes."

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Thom Hogan: The 18-200 AF-S VR DX Review

One-half of Thom Hogan's much awaited reviews has been posted - the 18-200 is scrutinized - "Superzooms shouldn't be this good..."

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Nikon Bullish on '07 Camera Shipments

Nikon's projections for 2007 include a 30% rise in digital SLR shipments , but sees a fight for the heavily-contested entry-level market.

Managing Director Makoto Kimura sees revisions neccessary in marketing and selling entry-level models under USD1000, but is betting on significant growth to help boost revenue. This same competitive market segment cost Konica-Minolta and Kyocera their place in the imaging industry.

Nikon has already made sizable increases in their imaging division, with a 28 percent boost in R&D to 13.2B Yen ending in March of 2005. Overall, camera R&D represented over 40% of the company's overall research expenses.

Kimura acknowledges that the lifecycle of a typical DSLR has dropped to about 1.5 years versus 3 for an equivalent film model, so turnover is expected to fuel part of the coming wave of growth. Nikon has already implemented many cost-savings in order to remain competitive, having consolidated manufacturing lines to two plants; one in Thailand for consumer models and the other in Japan for pro versions. In addition, camera models now share a wide common base of parts and Nikon has increased parts procurement to achieve further cost-savings.

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March 17, 2006

Service Notices for 18-200 AF-S DX VR

For our members who own the new 18-200 VR DX, there are two service advisories currently circulating regarding it's compatibility.

Fujifilm has issued a technical notice indicating a partial incompatibility with the AF system on the S2 and S3 Pro models at close-focus distances while using the 18-200. Specifically, with the lens set at wide focal length and focus point set to infinity, the camera may fail to focus at close-up subjects. A fix is required for all users of the aforementioned cameras who intend to use this Nikkor lens model. There is no charge for the upgrade as long as ownership of the 18-200 lens can be provided.

Nikon has issued it's own notice which has similar symptoms, but the incident could occur with the D70, D2H and D100. The good news is that D70 owners running Firmware 2.00 need not worry. D2H owners will have to wait for a firmware fix due in late March/early April of 2006, and D100 owners will have to send in the camera for updates.

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March 13, 2006

Nikon Master Classes 2006

Nikon in cooperation with Popular Photography presents famed photographers Rosanne Pennella, Joe Buissink and Vincent Versace in one-day, hands-on master classes. Learn how to use the latest Nikon digital products to master your best travel, wedding and nature shots.

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March 9, 2006

Nikon Launches S. Korean Subsidiary

As per earlier reports, Nikon Corporation has ceased it's relationship with Anam Optics and has established a wholly owned subsidiary in South Korea. Nikon will open a full-service center in Seoul on March 13th and will have full operations in swing by April 3rd. Despite previous reports of parts shortages during the transition, Nikon aims to strengthen it's position and become one of the top three sellers in this nation.

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She's Adorable!

The voting is over and the winner of the 2006 Nikon Coolpix Pride and Joy Baby Photo contest has been chosen. Kate Okerstrom of California has been named the winner, and she is quite photogenic ! Kate receives a USD25000 Savings Bond and an appearance in an upcoming Nikon advertisement to be shown in Life Magazine. Congratulations to the Okerstrom family!

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March 8, 2006

The S5 and S6 Coolpix reviews begin

Nikon's expanding line of Coolpix cameras adds the S6 with wiFi capability. The folks at have weighed in with their first impressions. When you get yours, don't forget to drop in to our Coolpix Forum and share your thoughts and opinions.

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March 7, 2006

S. Korean Service Centers Unprepared

The Korea Times reports that consumers are angered by the ill-prepared nature of Nikon's service centers in that nation. A shortage of parts has plagued the transition as Nikon ends it's relationship with local provider Anam and seeks to establish it's own chain of repair depots nationally.

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March 1, 2006

Tony Sweet Named Legend Behind The Lens

Our congratulations go out to photographer Tony Sweet - he's been named a Nikon "Legend Behind The Lens" for March 2006. Tony is a well-established shooter, known for his fine art work. He was also our very first 'Podcast subject. Great job Tony!

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February 24, 2006

More Light shed on View Pro and Capture NX

The announcement of the new versions of Nikon View Pro and Capture NX have been raising quite a few questions. On a Nikon-related mailing list, a senior figure in the Software Applications group allayed some of the concerns in a recent post.

Michael Rubin's comments (valid only for the US market) indicate that Nikon will have two upgrade paths for current Capture owners. Only Capture 4.x versions will be considered. Pricing is still to be determined. While reserved on comments regarding speed, he indicated that many operations can now be done within a browser view similar to the Multi-Image window without significant performance impact. JPG, TIFF and other files (even taken with non-Nikon equipment) can be converted into true RAW/NEF and enjoy all the features therein. Tutorials are currently being prepared, but it would appear at this time that Nikonians will be very pleased with the results of the Nik Software alliance.

Members attending PMA in Orlando can see this detailed demonstration of the new software at the Nikon booth. And don't forget to visit the Nikonians booth #1759.

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February 21, 2006

Nikon View Pro and Nikon Capture NX

Nikon's collaboration with Nik Software has borne first fruits in the form of the new View Pro and Capture NX programs.

Nikon View was originally planned to be sunset in favor of PictureProject. Thankfully, Nikon appears to have rethought this strategy and has given the Pro version long-sought functionality, including improved (hopefully meaning faster) caching and display capabilities for both NEF and JPEG files, a redesigned browser and viewer, IPTC editing, and a new Actions capability that can queue specific operations to be completed on multiple files.

Nikon Capture NX appears to be a total departure from the Capture 4.x codebase. The GUI has been entirely redesigned, and there's a lot of hubbub about the new Control Points function that emulates layering and masking capabilities found in other editors. The RAW editing ability has been expanded with more choices in selection tools, gradient/fill controls and color management options. Improvements to batch abilities, including applying changes directly from the thumbnails view are also welcome additions.

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A Slew of New Coolpixes

Nikon has announced a bevy of no less than seven new Coolpix models. All of the cameras feature the latest consumer technologies that have made the series very popular; such as In-Camera Redeye Reduction, Face-Priority AF, D-Lighting, Blur Warning and Best Shot Selector (BSS).

Leading the new rollout are the L2 (6MP), L3(5.1MP) and L4(4MP) models. Featuring a very slim profile (less than 1 inch thick) and a large 2" rear LCD display, the cameras are optimized for portability and convenience. They're powered by AA-size batteries and take Secure Digital (SD) media cards.

The S5 and S6 take convenience, function and style to the next level. Both cameras can use the new PictMotion software to allow photographers to pick their favorite photos and either the built-in or personal music files and generate a multimedia slide show that can be played back on the rear LCD. The S5 has a 2.5 inch LCD and the S6 has a massive 3 inch LCD. Both cameras have 6MP sensors and a 3x Nikkor lens with ED elements, and a One-Touch Portrait button that gives instant access to Face-Priority AF and Redeye-Reduction. The S6 also has wireless transfer capability.

Last, but certainly not least - the P series gets a boost with the P4 and the P5. Featuring 8.1 MP, a large 2.5 inch LCD and VR with both Active and Passive modes, Aperture Priority shooting (1/3EV increments) a new wide-area 11-zone AF system and a 1.8 fps framing rate, these models promise to deliver a cutting-edge experience to compact digital owners.

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New Nikkor 105mm Macro VR AFS

It seems the rumors of an upgraded Macro lens with VR and AFS are true - Nikon has just announced the upgraded 105mm/f2.8 ED-IF AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor; featuring the Nano Crystal Coat debuted on the 300mm/f2.8 VR AFS and the 2nd generation VR module that promises up to four stops of handholding. The lens has a close focusing distance of 12.2 inches (31 cm) throughout the focal range and a maximum 1:1 reproduction ratio.

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February 14, 2006

Nik Software and Nikon Team Up

Nik Software, makers of the Sharpener Pro plug-in, has announced a collaborative deal with Nikon to jointly develop and sell digital photography software and related products. Both companies are building upon the previous relationship where Nik provided auxiliary software for Nikon's Capture RAW editor. The future products will be sold through Nikon's sales channels.

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February 10, 2006

NikonUSA Posts Official D200 Banding Tech Note

NikonUSA has posted the official D200 Banding Technical Note, which includes an FAQ. The tech note states that this condition is limited to a number of early production camera bodies.

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February 6, 2006

Nikon Q3 Profit Report Positive

Nikon is enjoying a positive quarterly report, thanks to digital camera sales and chip-making equipment. A surprising aspect of the camera sales segment was the brisk movement of models like the Coolpix L1 and P1, contradicting the general downward profit trend of the compact digicam market.

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February 2, 2006

Hidden Gems: The Nikon Knowledge Database

Many of our members may not know that Nikon has a fairly extensive Knowledge Database where items such as updates and extensive operating details can be found on all of their products, both analog and digital. In addition, Nikon has a very effective custom query where you can submit questions to their technical support teams. The turnaround is very quick. Each regional Nikon Center hosts their own knowledgebase so make certain to register at the closest one to you and start surfing the wealth of information available! US members can click here.

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February 1, 2006

NikonNet Legends: David Alan Harvey

This month's NikonNet: Legends Behind The Lens honors veteran photographer David Alan Harvey for his documentary and travel work. A physically imposing man, Harvey has achieved the epitomy of the discreet street photographer despite his appearances, and has been known for carrying a two-body Leica M6 setup with a set of primes in the past. David now favors a D70 with a 20mm/2.8 lens.

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CNET Deal of the Day

While the news today is all abuzz about Pentax's *ist DL kit being below USD600, our members need not fret. Nikon has a similar offering - CNET reports The Deal of the Day is a D50 with a 28-80mm lens for USD599.99.

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Nikon Reiterates "No FF Sensor" In Future

The February 1st edition of Newsline International has a blurb on Nikon's continuing stance of "no full-frame" sensors. Nikon Chairman Makoto Kimura is quoted as saying ""35mm is a film format, which I do not think is necessary in the digital era."

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January 23, 2006

High Speed Cropping Screen for D2X

Nikon is now offering a special viewing screen for the D2X specifically for shooters who use the high-speed cropping function regularly. The Type W III Focusing Screen paints the 1.5x area a translucent gray and leaves the 2x HSC area clear, but still maintains markings for the centerweighted metering and the 11-area AF system.

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January 11, 2006

CNET Deal of the Day: Coolpix P2 for USD240

CNET is listing the best deal they could find for the Coolpix P2: USD240 on Amazon.

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Nikon Reduces 35mm and Film Product Line

In a press release, Nikon has announced a manufacturing stop on all large format and enlarging lenses. This will also apply to the majority of film camera bodies, interchangable manual focus lenses and accessories. Products that will continue to be produced are the F6 and FM10 cameras and the following manual focus lenses:

Nikkor 20mm f/2.8
Nikkor 24mm f/2.8
Nikkor 28mm f/2.8
Nikkor 35mm f/1.4
Nikkor 50mm f/1.2
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8
Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8
PC Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/2.8D

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Sigma Woes Part II: Exposure Issues with D200

Sigma's tale of start-stop performance with the D200 continues; this time affecting a number of their wide-to-tele zooms and a prime. Sigma claims use of these lenses without modification on the D200 will result in improper exposure. The list includes:

Fixed Focal Length Lenses

Zoom Lenses
20-40mm F2.8 EX DG ASPERICAL
24-70mm F2.8 EX DG MACRO
28-70mm F2.8 EX DG
28-105mm F2.8-4 DG
28-105mm F2.8-4 ASPHERICAL

Sigma will offer a free upgrade, but owners will have to send the lenses into the nearest Sigma repair depot for service.

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January 10, 2006

Coolpix Makes PC Mag's "Last Gadget Standing"

The Coolpix P1 was honored as a finalist in PC Magazine's Last Gadget Standing Contest at CES 2006.

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January 5, 2006

Zeiss Secret Slowly Unveiled

Over the past few weeks, Zeiss has captured the attention of Nikon owners with hints of building F-mount compatible lenses. The latest teaser has revealed a 50/1.4 Planar T* (see the image at the top of screen at this link).

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January 3, 2006

Sports Editor Uses Nikon D2H To Show Venue Changes

AJC Sports Photo Editor Dave Tulis compresses life under the Georgia Dome into a series of time-lapsed photographs showing how the venue's appearance changed as it hosted three football games over the course of four days.

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December 24, 2005

Nikon Coolpix S6 WiFi Leaked

The Engadget newsletter has just leaked pictures of a potential new Nikon Coolpix called the S6. As expected, this model continues the use of WiFi pioneered in the Coolpix L and P series. In addition, it features a 6MB sensor, SD slot and 22MB onboard RAM with a 3x lens.

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December 21, 2005

Sigma Confirms AF Bug with HSM Lenses and Nikon D200

Sigma Japan has confirmed that their current batch of HSM equipped lenses will not function correctly with the Nikon D200 when using the AF-ON button. The lenses will have to be sent back to the manufacturer to have a firmware update installed in order to be corrected.

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December 16, 2005

D200 Has Shipped

As expected, the big news is that the D200 has begun to ship - members who ordered in advance are reporting having received their shipments. The conversations are heating up in our forums - join today!

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December 15, 2005

Nikon USA Digital Firmware Consolidation Page

Nikon's KnowledgeBase has a page consolidating all current firmware versions for all their current and past digital imaging products (DSLR, Coolpix, Scanners, Storage and Accessories).

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Nikon Digitutor Opens D200 Section

Nikon has now updated the Digitutor Site with a D200 section.

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December 14, 2005

Nikon Capture 4.4 Now Available!

As an impending sign of the D200 arrival on store shelves, Nikon has released Capture 4.4 Full Version Trials and Updaters. Macintosh Users, take note - you must upgrade additionally to Capture 4.4.1 if you are running OS 9 and wish to print from the program directly.

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December 8, 2005

Nikon and Canon Go Solo in Korea

The Korea Times is reporting that Nikon and Canon have decided to end their relationship with subsidiaries within South Korea and are planning to establish direct sales and support operations.

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December 7, 2005

Nikon View 6.27 Released

Nikon View 6.27 has been posted to most regional support sites. For US users, you can download the Windows and Macintosh versions.

Changes Include:

This version of Nikon View does not support serial computer connections. However, the memory card from serial-connection Nikon digital cameras (Coolpix 700, 800, 880 serial, 900, 950, 990 serial) can be removed from the camera and inserted in a card reader or PC card slot and pictures transferred to the computer using Nikon View 6.1.0.

What's New

1. Support for RAW images captured with the D200 has been added.

2. The effects of image editing with the Color Aberration Control feature in Nikon Capture 4 Ver. 4.3.0 or later are now reflected when these images are displayed in Nikon Browser or Nikon Viewer. (Nikon Editor has supported this feature since Ver. 6.2.6.)

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December 6, 2005

Additional Nikon Recall on EN-EL3 Batteries

December 6th, 2005 Melville NY On November 8, 2005, Nikon Inc. announced a voluntary recall and replacement program for certain Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries EN-EL3. (For complete information see this updated notice) However, it has become clear that some applicable lot numbers that were not distributed in the U.S. market were omitted from that announcement. We take this opportunity to add omitted lot numbers to the list of recalled EN-EL3 batteries. The lot numbers added at this time apply only to EN-EL3 batteries supplied with purchase of the Nikon D50 digital-SLR camera and distributed in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Argentina. If you are in possession of one of these batteries now listed in the Recall Lot Number Chart below and you are in the United States please follow the return and replacement instruction posted on this web site. Please accept our apologies for this omission.

Additional Lot Numbers Added 12/06/2005:

51AA, 51AB, 51AC, 51AD, 51AE, 51AF, 51AG, 51AH

53AA, 53AB

54AE, 54AF, 54AH

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November 30, 2005

More Details on Nikon's VR Generation II

Nikon Imaging has put up a new page showing the advantages of VR II.

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November 10, 2005

New York Times Article Goof: Incorrect D200 Photo


It seems even the New York Times is not immune to the phenomenon of Internet myths. In the article "A Betwixt and Between Nikon: 10.2 Megapixels for $1,700" by Ian Austen, the photo displayed is one of the many theoretical Photoshop composites that made the rounds prior to the actual release announcement of the camera. This gaffe also made it to the print version of the Times. has offered it's verification and vetting services to the venerable publisher for any future Nikon hardware related articles.

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Nikon Ups Digital Camera Shipment Forecast

TOKYO, Nov 10 (Reuters) Nikon Corp. said on Thursday it will raise its forecast for its global shipments of digital cameras in the business year to March from 7.6 million units it projected in May.

A Nikon spokesman declined to give the new target but said it will be announced next Monday when the company reports its first-half results. Business daily Nihon Keizai reported that Nikon plans to raise digital camera shipments to about eight million units. The Nikon spokesman said that was the paper's own estimate.

Last business year the company shipped 6.61 million digital cameras.

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November 9, 2005

Nikon D50 Earns Slot on 2006 DigitalCameraInfo List

Nikon's entry level DSLR continues to gain praises. The D50 kit just received the award for Best Value under USD750 on the DigitalCameraInfo List for 2006. Be sure to check out our D50 forums to learn more about this great camera!

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November 7, 2005

Nikon Bullish On Profits

Nov.7 - Fresh from the momentum of the D200 announcement, Nikon announced today that they were revising their profit gains for the first half of 2005, citing cost cuts in stepper equipment manufacture and sales of digital cameras. Also, a more bullish forecast on year-end profit was made. Nikon's current first-half profit reached 320B Yen, beating estimates by about 7 percent. Aeveral stock analyst groups see an even larger opportunity for year-end profit despite Nikon's "overweight" rating.

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November 1, 2005

Nikon Announces New Wireless Macro Flash System


Nikon has announced, along with its new D200 DSLR and 18-200 VR lens, a macro speedlight system for iTTL compatible SLRs, including the D2 series, D70, and D200. The macro speedlights can be purchased in either of two configurations or as separate components. The R1 system contains two wireless macro speedlights, adapter rings (52, 62, 67,72, and 77mm) and a set of gels and diffusers. The R1 system is triggered by Nikon DSLR's with built-in iTTL commander speedlights, or a SB-800 in commander mode.

More information from Nikon USA:

The R1C1 system also has two wireless speedlights, but it includes a wireless commmander module (SU-800) that can be used on the camera's hotshoe to control up to three groups of speedlights, including SB-800 and SB-600 iTTL speedlights. According to Nikon, all the components of this new wireless speedlight system will be sold individually as well, allowing photographers to connect up to EIGHT macro speedlights onto the ring adapter simultaneously.

The R1C1 and the R1 systems greatly enhance the versatility of Nikon's Creative Lighting System, currently consisting of the SB-800 and SB-600 Speedlights. They offer photographers a myriad of choices and options in creating customized lighting solutions, ranging from a compact, portable lighting set-up for close-up photography to more elaborate lighting arrangements using several i-TTL enabled speedlights. Regardless of the complexity of the lighting arrangements, Nikon's i-TTL technology promises an astounding level of simplicity in achieving the desired lighting effects and accurate exposures. Photographers can shed all cords and cables and the need to calculate flash and distance ratios, because, when used with a compatible Nikon camera, i-TTL technology is capable of making all exposure calculations in real time, wirelessly, during the exposure to deliver consistently accurate flash exposures in virtually any situation.

Packaged as complete systems, the R1C1 and the R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight Systems are designed to produce automated creative close-up lighting solutions without any clutter or hassle of connecting cables. The system outfits come in a sturdy and fitted system case that includes all the accessories and adapters a photographer may need to begin capturing beautifully illuminated pictures immediately.

The R1C1 consists of two SB-R200 Wireless Remote Speedlights, the SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander, and an SX-1 Attachment Ring that is used to attach the two SB-R200s to the front of the lens. Additionally, the outfit contains a comprehensive assortment of accessories to help users master and enjoy close-up flash photography, including the SW-11 Extreme Close-Up Positioning Adapter, SJ-R200 Color Filter Set, SW-12 Set Diffuser, SW-C1 Flexible Arm Clip and a set of five adapter rings to ensure the SX-1 Attachment Ring can be mounted on virtually any Nikkor(TM) lenses designed for close range photography.

For photographers who want to use an SB-800 or the built-in Speedlight of D200, D70s and D70 cameras as a commander, the R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System, which comes without the SU-800, is ideal.

Components of the R1C1 and R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight Systems are also available individually, offering photographers versatility and creative control. The SB-R200 Speedlight is a highly capable lighting tool with a guide number of 14/46 (ISO 200, m/ft.). In addition to attaching it to the front of the lens for close-up photography purposes, photographers can also hold it in their hand while shooting for off-camera directional lighting, or freely position it by using the AS-20 Speedlight Stands, supplied with both the R1C1 and R1 systems. The SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander, also available individually, adds versatility to the Nikon Creative Lighting System by providing wireless flash output level controls for
the SB-800, SB-600 or new SB-R200 remote Speedlight units when mounted on Nikon SLR cameras that are compatible with Nikon's Creative Lighting System. These include the D2X, D2Hs, D2H, D200, D70s, D70 and D50(TM) digital SLR cameras, as well as the F6 35mm film SLR camera.

The Nikon R1C1 and R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight Systems will be available in December 2005 for an estimated selling price of $680.00* and $430.00* respectively. The Nikon SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander and SB-R200 Wireless Remote Speedlights will also be available individually in December 2005 for an estimated selling price of $265.00* and $155.00* respectively. For more information about Nikon's Creative Lighting System and Nikon’s Speedlights, please visit

Contents of Nikon R1C1 & R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight Systems
Two Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System configurations are available: Nikon Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System R1C1 and Nikon Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System R1 (identical to R1C1 but SU-800 is not included). The system includes:

-SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander: (not included in the R1 outfit). Includes the SS-SU800 Soft Case
-SB-R200 Wireless Remote Speedlight (2): Includes (2) AS-20 Speedlight stand, (2) SS-R200 Soft Case, (2) SJ-R200 Filter Set, and (2) SZ-1 Color Filter Holder
-SX-1 Attachment Ring: Enables SB-R200(s) to be attached to the front of the lens. Accepts up to eight SB-R200 Speedlights (maximum four when attached to camera or up to eight off-camera)
-SG-3IR IR Panel for Built-in Flash: Prevents pre-flash light from built-in Speedlight (D200, D70s or D70) from influencing exposures in extreme close-up situations
- Adapter Ring Set: Enables SX-1 to be attached to lenses with filter attachment sizes of 52mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, and 77mm
- SW-11 Extreme Close-Up Positioning Adapter (2): Angles the SB-R200’s flash light toward the optical axis to create lighting effects when taking extreme close-up shots
- SW-12 Translucent Diffuser Panel: Provides the ability to bounce and/or soften light
- SW-C1 Flexible Arm Clip: Used to mount SW-12 Diffuser to the SX-1 Attachment Ring. Clamp design allows mounting to other objects, adding flexibility
- SS-MS1 Close-up Speedlight Outfit Case: Houses complete System and included accessories plus space for an additional SB-R200 Speedlight

SB-R200 Wireless Remote Speedlight: Major Features
- Supports the Nikon Creative Lighting System
- Functions only as a remote Speedlight unit
- Supports i-TTL (for automatic balanced Fill-Flash), D-TTL, TTL, Manual
- Accurate i-TTL flash control achieved through flash exposure monitoring control
- Guide Number of 10/33 [ISO100, m/ft], 14/46 [ISO200, m/ft]
- Advanced Wireless Lighting available
- Auto FP High-Speed Sync; use with fast shutter speeds achieves effective blurring of out-of-focus background elements
- FV lock holds flash value, enabling recomposition prior to shooting
- AS-20 Speedlight stand (supplied)
- SS-R200 Soft Case (supplied)
- SJ-R200 Color Filter Set (supplied)
- SZ-1Color Filter Holder (supplied)

Note: The SB-R200 cannot be attached to the camera's accessory shoe.

SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander: Major Features
- When using i-TTL compatible Nikon SLR cameras and Speedlights, user can divide the Speedlight units into three groups and control the flash output independently for each group
- Features a Commander function that can trigger wireless remote flash (SB-800, SB-600, or SB-R200) units without a master flash unit
- One-touch switching between close-up and Commander modes
- Easy-to-use close-up flash operations. Two types of operations: Dual-light close-up flash and Triple-light close-up flash
- Easy-to-view LCD panel
- Compact and lightweight
- SS-SU800 Soft Case (supplied)
- When using the SU-800 with cameras not compatible with i-TTL flash control, only close-up flash operation (using cords) is possible in use with the optional SC-30 TTL Cord.

Product Photos:





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Nikon Announces the 18-200/3.5-5.6 VR ED-IF AFS DX

Along with the much-awaited D200, many had glimpsed in a series of leaked information this past month, a new lens. Nikon now confirms that it's an 18-200mm VR zoom, equivalent to a 27-300mm with the 1.5x crop factor. Featuring a new VR Generation II system, the lens promises up to 4 stops of equivalent shutter speed! It also features the Active and Normal VR modes that was introduced with the 70-200/2.8 VR.



New Lens Offers Enhanced VR Vibration Reduction System in a Compact and Lightweight 11.1x High Power Zoom Lens for Nikon Digital SLRs

MELVILLE, NY, NOVEMBER 1, 2005 Nikon Inc. ( today introduced the new 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor lens, a compact, lightweight 11.1x zoom lens that is ideal for high performance everyday photography and incorporates advanced features such as Nikon's Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass, Silent Wave Motor technology (SWM) and Enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR II), in a DX-Nikkor design engineered exclusively for use with Nikon DX format digital SLR cameras. With a remarkable 18-200mm focal length range (picture angle equivalent to a 27-300mm lens in 35mm format), the lens conveniently covers everything from wide landscapes to tight portraits and action photography. Advanced Nikon engineering has lent the lens a compact lightweight design that offers excellent handling characteristics and superb optical quality.
"Nikon's range of DX Nikkor lenses, designed specifically for Nikon digital SLR cameras, has grown substantially since the introduction of the category, and the new 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor lens is an excellent addition offering Nikon digital SLR photographers an advanced all-purpose lens with superb optical performance and Enhanced Vibration Reduction capabilities," said Edward Fasano, general manager for Marketing, SLR Systems Products, at Nikon Inc. "Nikkor lenses are famous for their breathtaking sharpness, optimal contrast and consistent color rendition across its range of lenses with varying focal lengths. Now with the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor, Nikon photographers will be able to take advantage of remarkable versatility in one lens with assurance of the outstanding Nikkor image performance that has made Nikkor lenses renowned worldwide."
Beyond the lens' incredible optical versatility is the benefit of Enhanced VR II Vibration Reduction an innovation that makes it possible to take substantially sharper handheld pictures at slower shutter speeds than would otherwise be possible. This provides the distinct advantage of being able to shoot more effectively in a much broader variety of challenging conditions. With the new Nikon VR II advantage, users can take pictures at shutter speeds as many as 4 stops slower* than they ordinarily could shoot without the image degrading blur associated with camera shake at slow shutter speeds. Nikon's VR technology further enhances picture taking potential with a choice of two modes to match most shooting conditions. VR Normal Mode primarily compensates for camera shake, and includes automatic panning detection, as well as automatic tripod detection. VR Active Mode effectively compensates for vibration in situations where it is more pronounced and more frequent, such as when shooting from a moving vehicle.
To further ensure outstanding optical performance, the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor features two Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) glass elements and three complex aspherical lens elements that provide for higher resolution, high-contrast images while minimizing chromatic aberration, astigmatism and other forms of distortion. The lens also features Nikon's compact Silent Wave Motor technology (SWM), which combines fast and precise autofocusing with super-quiet operation, as well as Internal Focusing (IF) construction that allows the lens to focus without changing its external size, improving balance and handling chrematistics.
All of Nikon's DX Nikkor lenses are engineered exclusively for use with Nikon DX format digital SLR cameras, making the lens smaller and lighter while providing exceptional center-to-edge-to-corner image quality and overall optical performance. With the addition of the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor lens, Nikon photographers can choose from over 50 Nikkor lenses,
ranging from the amazing 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye to the astounding 600mm f/4D ED-IF AF-S II super Telephoto.
The 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor lens will be available beginning in December 2005 for an estimated selling price of $699.95**. For more information about Nikon and the Nikkor brand of optics, please visit
18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor: Major Features
* Offers the broad 18-200mm focal range (11.1x zoom) for use in a variety of situations (equivalent to a 27-300 mm lens in 35mm format)
* VR II Vibration Reduction system offers the practical equivalent of using a shutter speed 4 stops faster
* Two ED glass and three complex aspherical lens elements minimize chromatic aberration, astigmatism and other forms of distortion, while ensuring high resolution and contrast
* Incorporates a compact SWM (Silent Wave Motor) for quiet focusing
* Delivers high-level optical performance that is specially designed for use with the Nikon digital SLRs
* Employs a seven-blade rounded diaphragm opening that achieves a natural blur for out-of-focus elements
* Enables focusing from as close as 50cm (20 in.) from the subject through its entire focal range
* M/A mode for rapid switching between autofocus and manual focus operation
* Internal Focusing (IF) design simplifies the use of circular polarizing filters
* Nikon Super Integrated Coating (SIC) offers superb color reproduction while minimizing ghosting and flare
* Flower-shaped Lens Hood HB-35 (included) greatly reduces stray light, enhancing image quality
About Nikon
Nikon, At the Heart of the Image(TM). Nikon Inc. is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment. Nikon Inc. distributes the Nikon Total Imaging System of consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, Nikkor optics, Speedlights and System Accessories; Nikon Coolpix(R) compact digital cameras; Coolscan(R) digital film scanners; 35mm film SLR cameras; Nikon software products and Nikon sports and recreational optics. At the heart of every Nikon camera is Nikon's Exclusive Feature System, making it easy for anyone to take amazing digital pictures. Through the Nikon Spirit Initiative(TM), the company, plays an active role in supporting aspiring and advanced photographers through a variety of philanthropic organizations, educational programs, events and workshops. For more information, dial (800) NIKON-US or visit, which links all levels of photographers to the web's most comprehensive photo learning and sharing communities.

*Under Nikon measurement conditions.

**Estimated selling prices listed are only an estimate. Actual prices are set by dealers and are subject to change at any time.

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Nikon Unveils the D200

Nikon has finally revealed the long-awaited successor to it's popular D100 camera. The existence of the D200 had been long suspected, and this month's series of leaks gave everyone glimpses of what was to come. Along with the much awaited 10.2 MP camera, Nikon has also announced a new 18-200mm VR zoom lens and new macro and wireless commander flash systems. The new camera will retail for USD1699 and will be available in late December. As always, Nikonians was one of the first sites to host a dedicated D200 forum earlier this year. Now that the specifications are revealed, be sure to come and join the discussions!




Exceptional Imaging Performance
* Newly developed 10.2 effective megapixel Nikon DX Format CCD image sensor with the power to capture exceptional edge-to-edge sharpness and faithful color at 3,872 x 2,592 pixels size. Incorporates high-speed 4-channel data output that contributes to 5fps continuous shooting performance and employs a newly developed Optical Low Pass Filter that helps prevent moire, color fringing and shifting while improving resolving power.
* Incorporates the industry-leading advanced imaging processing engine of the D2x, which allows color-independent pre-conditioning prior to A/D conversion to work in symphony with advanced digital image processing algorithms to achieve fine color gradations with exceptionally smooth, consistent transitions.
* Newly developed 11-area AF system packs the same number of focus areas available for the professional D2 series into a space-efficient system, with the photographer able to select individual focus areas from 11-area wide and 7 wide-area AF for Single Area AF, Dynamic AF that delivers precise Continuous servo AF mode operation for moving subjects, Closest Subject Priority Dynamic AF and also Group Dynamic AF. All such AF options are supported by refined lens-controlling algorithms that realize improved focus precision, better subject acquisition capability, keener subject tracking ability and overall improved system response.
* Nikon's exclusive 3D Color Matrix Metering II (AE, as used in the D2x, delivers optimized exposure through the use of new technology developed for the Nikon 1,005-pixel RGB exposure/Color Matrix Metering Sensor. Evaluating brightness, color, contrast, selected focus area and camera-to-subject distance, this system references all such data against an expanded onboard database that has been created using data from more than 30,000 actual photographic scenes to instantly and accurately calculate the final value with high-level dependability during both automatic and manual operation. Also offers variable size center-weighted metering which concentrates 75% of sensitivity within the center-weighted circle, as well as spot metering supporting each individual sensor of both the 7 wide-area AF and 11-area AF groups.
* New image optimization modes enable photographers to produce results more closely matching the intended results, with a range of choice comprising optimization of sharpening, tone (contrast), color, saturation, and hue, with choices from Normal, Softer, Vivid, More vivid, Portrait, Custom and Black-and-white optimization.
Impressively High Speed
* Fast continuous shooting performance at 5 frames per second enables the shooting of up to 37 JPEG (Fine-Large) images or up to 22 NEF (RAW) images, with shutter speeds ranging from 1/8,000 of a second to 30 seconds.
* Near instant power-up of 0.15 seconds lets photographers respond to sudden opportunities.
* A mere 50-millisecond shutter time lag promotes fast handling, while 105-millisecond viewfinder blackout realizes assured control that's especially useful during continuous shooting.
Further Versatility
* Multiple exposure enables up to 10 separate images to be used to create a single composite to produce imaginative and even surreal results.
* Image overlay function creates a composite image in-camera from two selected NEF (RAW) images. The original files remain unaltered, opacity can be precisely controlled and the resultant image can be saved in either RAW, JPEG or TIFF format.
* Connection to a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit via an optionally available GPS Adapter Cord MC-35 enables the recording of data including latitude, longitude, elevation and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) along with conventional shooting data for each image.
* A large 2.5-inch LCD monitor with a 170 degree viewing angle from every direction assists accurate assessment of sharpness by enabling image preview with up to 400% magnification. It also offers RGB information as a single display or separate histograms for each color channel to enable better exposure-related decision-making.
* The large top LCD panel makes it easy to read a wealth of data at a glance, such as shooting mode, battery condition, card information, gridline display, shutter speed, F stop and number of remaining shots.
* A new color-coded menu display features a color scheme that promotes easy viewing as well as the use of intuitive keywords that assist speedy navigation. There's also a Recent Settings list that displays the last 14 settings selected from shooting and Custom menus and playback options include single frame, 4- or 9-image thumbnail display, zoom with scroll, histogram indication and highlight point display.
* A chassis and body crafted from magnesium alloy gives the D200 lightweight resilience, while an enhanced sealing system helps protect each and every exterior seam from potentially damaging dust and moisture.
* A double-bladed shutter unit tested to well over 100,000 cycles ensures highly reliable, highly durable performance. The shutter unit also employs a refined mirror balance mechanism that allows the mirror to complete its motion cycle and reach a complete stop with virtually no image degrading mirror bounce, providing the extended viewfinder visibility essential for fast, accurate focus tracking and continuous shooting.
* The newly developed high-energy EN-EL3e rechargeable lithium-ion battery combines with the D200's highly efficient power management system to deliver enough power to support the shooting of up to 1,800 images on a single charge and can be recharged at any time. Important to photographers is the real-time Fuel Gauge system display that shows remaining charge by percentage, number of shots since last charge and overall battery status.
* The optionally available MB-D200 battery pack adds extended shooting capability with an ergonomic design. Able to run on either one or two EN-EL3e batteries or, six AA-size batteries* it also features an additional command dial and alternative buttons for shutter release and AF start that make for more comfortable vertical shooting.
* Compatible AA-size batteries comprise alkaline, NiMH, lithium and nickel-manganese batteries.
* The Wireless Transmitter WT-3* adds all the convenience of IEEE802.11b/g capability, enabling cable-free image transfer to a compatible printer while also supporting wide-ranging network and security protocols for added assurance.
* Available only in countries that approve the use of thirteen frequency channels.
Compatible with Nikon's Total Imaging System
* Compatible with Nikon's digital-exclusive DX Nikkor lenses as well as Nikon's 35mm/digital compatible AF Nikkor System.
* Compatibility with the Nikon Creative Lighting System allows the D200 to work seamlessly with SB-800, SB-600 and SB-R200 Speedlights to deliver the benefits of i-TTL flash control's advanced monitor pre-flash, accurate measurement for bounce and versatile wireless operation. SB-600 and SB-800 Speedlights also offer a Wide-Area AF-assist Illuminator specially tailored to the D200's 11-area Multi-CAM 1000 AF Sensor Module.
* Nikon Capture 4 (Ver. 4.4) unlocks the extensive potential of NEF (Nikon Electronic Format). Not only does it make smoother fidelity for tonal and other color corrections possible, but it also empowers photographers to reprocess images at any time and save the results to the original NEF file as a new Instruction Set, or as a TIFF or JPEG file, while retaining the integrity of the original data at all times.
* PictureProject Ver. 1.6 (complimentary with camera) empowers the photographer with tools that help expand the enjoyment of photography. These include tools for Organizing the images to promote effective viewing, Automatic and manual options for image editing, Design selections that help make multi-image album and presentation pages, and tools to help photographers share images with others through CD/DVD burning, slide shows, muvee presentations, fast and effective e-mailing and access to Nikon's PictureProject In-touch. In addition to helping anyone enjoy their pictures, PictureProject also provides the means to make sure that the computer's hard drive won't turn into an "electronic shoe box" full of pictures, instead they can be kept as neatly ordered as the user like!

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October 31, 2005

Nikon School Schedule is Announced

MELVILLE, N.Y., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ Nikon Inc., the world leader in photography, has released the new schedule for its popular Nikon School (, one of the most comprehensive photography education and training programs available today. The two separate one-day seminars are taught by some of the best experts in the digital imaging industry and are aimed to help photographers at all levels better understand and enhance their digital photography experience.

"The Nikon School of Photography: Introduction to Digital SLR Photography" covers the basics of digital photography, terminology, technology and techniques for specific challenges, such as transferring and editing images while "Next Steps in Digital Photography: Streamlined Workflow Techniques" focuses on the more experienced digital photographers covering a wide range of technical and creative concepts. Courses begin on October 22nd.

"The Nikon School places great importance on educating and enhancing the skills of photographers," said Anna Marie Bakker, Director of Communications for Nikon Inc. "Digital imaging is increasingly prominent in both the workplace and the home and, as the world leader in photography, Nikon recognizes the need to educate and inform the photographic community so that both professionals and enthusiasts can have a positive and enlightening digital photography experience."

Nikon School of Photography: Introduction to Digital SLR Photography
Created for anyone who is new to digital photography or considering the purchase of a digital SLR camera, Nikon School's Introduction to Digital SLR Photography will teach students the features of digital SLR cameras through live menu demonstrations and provide the opportunity to learn about white balance, exposure modes, resolution and flash. Instructors will combine both technical and creative techniques, teaching exposure and composition, f/stops, shutter speeds, and use of light. The goal of the course is to help budding photographers unleash creative potential while understanding the computing fundamentals that will help foster a greater comprehension of photography. Illustrations will show how to prepare images for printing, sending via e-mail, posting to a website, archiving and more. Sessions are held on Saturdays from 9:30am - 4:30pm for a fee of $119, which includes lunch, Nikon School of Photography Handbook, Nikon Guide to SLR Photography, and Nikon Guide to Digital Photography.

Next Steps in Digital Photography: Streamlined Workflow Techniques
Experienced digital SLR photographers and those looking to step up their abilities to the next level will be interested in attending Nikon School's Next Steps in Digital Photography: Streamlined Workflow Techniques course. Continuously updated to reflect the latest industry developments and recent Nikon-driven technological advances, the one-day course focuses on expanding students' understanding of the digital workflow process. The course is intended for digital photographers who shoot for personal, business or professional purposes, as well as enthusiasts who want to elevate their abilities to the next level. Individuals interested in purchasing a digital SLR will also benefit from the course's insights. The course offers a clear, concise presentation on the rapidly changing world of digital photography and provides photographers with tips and helpful hints on emerging imaging techniques and intricacies of the digital workflow necessary to produce better images more efficiently. One-day sessions are scheduled on Sundays from 9:30am - 4:30pm for a fee of $159, which includes lunch, Nikon School of Photography Handbook, and Nikon Guide to Creative Lighting Techniques.

To learn more about Nikon School offerings, the instructors, course schedules and registration, visit the Nikon School website at

About Nikon
Nikon, At the Heart of the Image(TM). Nikon Inc. is the world leader in digital imaging, precision optics and photo imaging technology and is globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and performance for its award-winning consumer and professional photographic equipment. Nikon Inc. distributes the Nikon Total Imaging System of consumer and professional digital SLR cameras, Nikkor optics, Speedlights and System Accessories; Nikon Coolpix(R) compact digital cameras; Coolscan(R) digital film scanners; 35mm film SLR cameras; powerful and effective Nikon software products and Nikon sports and recreational optics. Through the Nikon Spirit Initiative(TM), the company plays an active role in supporting aspiring and advanced photographers through a variety of philanthropic organizations, educational programs, events and workshops. For more information, dial (800) NIKON-US or visit, which links all levels of photographers to the web’s most comprehensive photo learning and sharing communities.


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Nikon Releases PictureProject 1.61

Nikon has released update 1.61 to the PictureProject Viewer/Editor software. Changes include:

-An issue that caused an error to occur, with some computer systems, when photos were played back in a slide show has been addressed. (Windows)
-Support for Mac OS X version 10.4 (Tiger) has been added. (Macintosh)
-Portions of the Color Management panel in the Preferences dialog, displayed from the application menu, have been changed. (Macintosh)
-The Open ColorSync button has been removed and the RGB Default and CMYK Default settings are now selected from pull-down menus. (Macintosh)

You can obtain the Windows and Macintosh versions from the Nikon Asia site. Other regional areas will be updated soon.

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