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August 4, 2009

Vote for the People's Choice Award

Photography.Book.Now's People's Choice Award submission period has closed, and now it's time to vote for your favorite image! The winner will receive a complete Maine Workshop Scholarship Package and bragging rights as the People's Choice.

In the meantime, be sure to follow Photography.Book.Now on Twiiter and rub elbows with the best in the photography publishing business by RSVPing to Blurb's Meet-Ups in places like New York,, London and San Francisco.

Posted by covey22 at 2:56 PM

April 4, 2009

Nikon D60 Sweetness

Chef Duff Goldman, otherwise known as the Food Network's Ace of Cakes, whipped up a delicious and appropos treat for his dad's recent birthday - a large-scale cake recreation of a Nikon D60 complete with an 18-55mm AF-S DX lens. Yummm....(via Engadget)

Posted by covey22 at 4:21 PM

March 6, 2009

Olympus Declares "No Mas!"; Saying 12 MP is Enough

Olympus is withdrawing from the Megapixel wars, declaring 12 MP to be enough. In a recent interview, SLR planning honcho Akira Watanabe wants to focus instead on improving higher ISO performance, dynamic range and color reproduction. While knowledgeable photographers are applauding this development, it remains to be seen how this will impact Olympus' sales, and if that message can reach a large consumer audience indoctrinated to believe "more pixels is better." (via CNet)

Posted by covey22 at 9:02 PM

February 24, 2009

Ritz Camera file for Chapter 11

In another sign of tough economic times, Ritz Camera, one of the largest photographic specialty retailers in the U.S., has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. While citing requirements by lenders to boost reserve cash as the pirmary motivation, the store chain also suffered from losses through it's 100+ chain marine supply store Boater's World. Not surprisingly, listed among the largest unsecured creditors of Ritz are Nikon with USD26 million in claims, with Canon a close second at USD13 million. (via Reuters)

Posted by covey22 at 2:26 PM

January 28, 2009

Nikon D700 Hacked To Shoot Video

A photography enthusiast has supposedly managed to get a Nikon D700 to emulate it's D90 sibling's ability to shoot video clips through use of the Nikon official Software Development Kit. The not so good news - it's less than 480p in resolution and will require the camera remain tethered to a PC.

Posted by covey22 at 3:10 PM

January 9, 2009

Sony Cyber-shot G3 Integrates WiFi and Web Browser

The integration of digital still cameras and the Web took another step forward today, with the announcement of the WiFi-enabled Sony Cyber-shot DSC-G3 at the 2009 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Hardcore 'net users can't rejoice just yet - the web functionality is very limited - so you can't surf in-between taking snapshots. The browser allows only photo and video uploads to a fixed number of site such as Shutterfly, Picasa, Dailymotion and Youtube. Sony plans to announce future collaborations with other sites. The camera's suggested retail cost is USD500 and is available in stylish black.

Posted by covey22 at 3:49 PM

January 5, 2009

Lexar Card Capacity Graphical Tool

Lexar has a useful graphical tool for showing the capacities of their memory cards, based upon whether you're storing photos, music files or video. Be sure to click on the details link to the left of the tool display, to show the basis by which the the storage is being calculated. If your device or files are much larger than the baseline being used, you can expect less capacity than displayed.

Posted by covey22 at 5:51 PM

November 19, 2008

Canon Rebate Blues

Recent purchasers of Canon equipment may be waiting a while for their rebates. In posts made at popular camera forums, it appears the camera maker's supplier that processes the rebates has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. In contrast, NikonUSA supposedly processes their own rebates in-house but has received mixed reviews regarding turnaround times. See the official Canon statement here.

Posted by covey22 at 6:18 PM

October 8, 2008

Nikon Breaks Into Interactive Media with the UP Headset

Nikon has entered the Interactive Media market with their Media UP headset. A combination A/V media player that fits on your head - it can play videos and music, display images and connect wirelessly through the Internet. Nikonians seeking this latest breakthrough in personal entertainment will have to make the trek to Japan though. The unit will be sold exclusively through NIkon's dedicated store.

Posted by covey22 at 12:27 AM

October 1, 2008

Pentax: No Longer Made In Japan

Hoya has ceased production of all Pentax brand cameras and lenses in Japan. The manufacturing operations will move to existing factories in the Philippines and Vietnam. This completes the off-shoring of all camera equipment, as DSLR, lenses and compact camera manufacturing was previously sent to the aforementioned countries and Taiwan. (JPEA International via PMA Newsline)

Posted by covey22 at 10:52 PM

September 30, 2008

Nikon Coolpix at the Center of Spy Scandal

A Nikon Coolpix camera is at the center of a scandal exposing some secrets held by the British Military Intelligence Group MI6. The camera was lost by a member of the spy agency and was resold on the eBay auction site. The buyer discovered critical military hardware photos, information about Al-Queda members and details on a classified MI6 computer system when he downloaded the contents of the camera. (via Yahoo! News)

Posted by covey22 at 6:09 PM

September 25, 2008

Nikons Figure In Toronto Crime Reduction

The Canadian city of Toronto is using Nikons to combat crime, but not in the way one would usually expect. Instead of preventing crime by active photography, the metropolitan police department is offering Nikons as trade-ins for it's upcoming gun amnesty campaign. Unwanted or obsolete weapons will be picked up by the authorities and those turning in the guns will get a Nikon Coolpix camera plus photo lessons for free. The trade-in packages are being sponsored by Henry's Camera, a prominent national store chain. (via Toronto Globe & Mail)

Posted by covey22 at 7:37 PM

September 17, 2008

Canon Returns The Volley: EOS 5D Mark II with HD Video

Canon finally reveals the much anticipated EOS 5D Mark II, and this time it's got HD Video with Stereo sound. The new model also trumps the D90 with a maximum movie time of 29 minutes. The tiering positions the EOS 5D Mark II to be a direct competitor to the D700, but the feature set of the video functions are definitely beginning to encroach upon entry-level movie cameras.

Posted by covey22 at 3:13 PM

August 26, 2008

The D300 Competition: Canon 50D Unveiled

Canon has fired it's first shot of Photokina with the announcement of the 50D. The direct successor to the 40D and presumed competitor to the Nikon D300 sports a 15 MP CMOS sensor, a top ISO range of 12,800 and 6.3 fps.

The additional specification list reads like the playbook of all recent innovations - self-cleaning sensor, Live View, a 3.0" LCD that can be viewed at wider angles - read more about the new camera at LetsGoDigital.

Posted by covey22 at 2:26 PM

July 9, 2008

Vivitar in Limbo

In a sign of both a tough economy and a rapidly shrinking photography market, the parent of Olevia LCD tv maker and the Vivitar camera company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

While the Olevia LCD company remains a viable entity and is in the process of reorganization with one of Syntax-Brillian's manufacturing partners, Vivitar gets the short end of the stick. The camera division will be sold off, but as of this article's press time, no buyers had been named.

Posted by covey22 at 8:26 PM

July 7, 2008

Canon Plans New Plant in Nagasaki

In a continuing escalation of the digital photography race, Canon has announced plans to build a new manufacturing plant in the Nagasaki prefecture dedicated to the production of digital SLR and compact cameras.

Canon's press release indicates the factory could push out as many as four million camera units per year. The urgency of the manufacturer's ramp-up in production is underscored by the construction schedule - the plant is expected to be online by the holidays with ground-breaking in January of 2009.

Canon and Nikon are currently the top two tier vendors in the more profitable digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) market segment, which is complemented by auxiliary sales of lenses and accessories. With a difference of only several hundred thousand units based on reported sales figures, any increase in production capability could tip the balance in favor of the manufacturer who can generate a varied product family in large volumes.

Posted by covey22 at 9:32 PM

June 19, 2008

Geotagging On the Cheap

Want to geotag your photos but your camera doesn't have the ability? A new software comparison system may be able to help.

The IM2GPS software program takes your photos and compares them to a database of images from known locations, namely the popular photo-sharing site Flickr. By looking at the characteristics of the photo, it has a "30 times better than chance" of determining where your photo was taken. Shutterbugs should not expect pinpoint accuracy - the variance could be as far out as a couple of hundred miles, but it is another step down the road of more sophisticated image analysis.

Posted by covey22 at 10:10 PM

June 16, 2008

Digital Camera Triggers Nuke Plant Shutdown

In a story that reinforces the adage "life is stranger than fiction," The Journal News reports that a digital camera interfered with critical equipment at New York City's Indian Point nuclear station in March, triggering a premature shutdown.

The camera was being used as part of a normal inspection process and was emitting radio frequencies that interfered with the plant's control system feeding water to the steam generators which make electricity. The interference caused low water levels which led to the plant's premature shutdown, two days earlier than expected. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), which is responsible for overseeing nuclear plants in the United States, expressed confidence that this interference could not be deliberately carried out from a distance as part of a malicious act.

Posted by covey22 at 6:50 PM

April 17, 2008

Your Portrait From Space

Richard Garriott, famous maker of the computer game Ultima, is shedding his online identity as Lord British and becomes a portrait shooter from space with the help of a Nikon D3 digital SLR.

Garriott is training for an October 2008 space launch as a guest astronaut on-board the International Space Station. Boosted up to the station on a Russian Soyuz launch, he will take approximately 200 photographs of the Earth as ordered and customized through the Earth Portraits program as run by the Association of Space Explorers. Garriott will be assisted by a tool called Windows on Earth that will simulate what the targeted Earth section will look like and the most optimal conditions under which to take the photo.

Posted by covey22 at 6:32 PM

April 7, 2008

Photographer's View of the U.S. Masters

The Augusta Chronicle takes us behind the scenes with their sports photography staff as they record the action at the U.S. Masters Invitational Golf Tournament. The week-long blog series starts with the equipment pool and a glimpse of their base-camp at the press building.

Posted by covey22 at 3:14 PM

March 24, 2008

Sony Ups the Ante - 25 MP Full-Frame Sensor

At PIE 2008 in Japan, Sony let the veil covering their upcoming flagship DSLR slip a bit more. The massive A900 appears to be a direct response to the Nikon D3 and the Canon 1D Mark III series, but with a twist: a whopping 25MP Full-Frame sensor. Will will see this on a future D3X? (Courtesy of

Posted by covey22 at 10:44 PM

March 19, 2008

USPS Sees Green: Electronics Recycling Pilot

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, the United States Postal Service has launched a pilot recycling program that will allow owners to safely dispose used, broken or obsolete electronic items through the mail.

The list includes "inkjet cartridges, PDAs, Blackberries, digital cameras, iPods and MP3 players" and can be shipped by using postage paid envelopes found in post office locations. The service will be available in several major cities but could expand nationwide depending upon it's success.

Nikonians interested in this program should ensure that their personal data is removed before recycling any devices. A good resource to start with is this page at MIT, as well as the device maker's support channels.

Posted by covey22 at 3:44 PM

February 15, 2008

Head To Head: S700 versus SD870 IS

We recently caught a head-to-head comparison of two stylish compact cameras; the Nikon S700 and the Canon SD870 IS.

Posted by covey22 at 4:58 PM

January 31, 2008

Middleweight Bout: Nikon D300 vs Canon 40D

Popular Photography conducts a hands-on comparison of the reigning middleweight kings; the Nikon D300 and the Canon EOS 40D.

...we found them to be more evenly matched than we expected.

Posted by covey22 at 5:34 PM

January 17, 2008

Nikon Acquisition Syndrome At It's Highest

Nikonians are very familiar with the disease known as NAS, and a recent Westlicht auction in Austria had some attendees who were clearly stricken. While the attention was focused on a 0-series Leica drawing a near half-million dollars, the Nikon bids weren't frugal by any definition. A Stereo-Nikkor sold for over USD57,000 and a rare Nikon F High Speed garnered a cool USD28,100.

Posted by covey22 at 5:26 PM

Nikon Lovebirds

JR-thumbnail 120x160.jpg Lisa-thumbnail -120x160.jpg

Everyone has a story about a couple that met under unique circumstances, but Lisa and J.R. Schnelzer are the first we know that attributes their union to Nikon cameras.

Posted by covey22 at 4:32 PM

December 17, 2007

Holiday Shipping: The Critical Dates

For many online shoppers, the calendar days are shrinking rapidly and some are anxiously looking for when their packages will arrive. Today's Newsline International edition (17-Dec) lists the peak days of some of the more popular delivery and retail store channels, as well as the cutoff day for packages to arrive by 25-December.

The important planning consideration in all cases is to make sure your online source has plans to run their shipping operations as close to Christmas as possible. As an example: Lou Schmidt of Hoodman Corporation advises Hoodman is ready to ship photographer stocking stuffer gifts all the way up to Friday. They plan to ship on the same day as ordered up to December 21st.

Posted by covey22 at 9:36 PM

December 12, 2007

14-24mm f2.8 G ED AFS: A Canon Must Have

Even Canon users cannot resist using Nikkor optics, and this is certainly true of the new Nikon 14-24mm f2.8G ED AFS, which promises to deliver stunning images on full-frame cameras like the 5D and 1D series. Canon EF to Nikon AF mount converters have been available for a while, and this initial report at shows the amazing results.

Posted by covey22 at 3:32 PM

November 30, 2007

A Prodigal Son Returns

Prominent Canon and medium-format shooter Michael Reichmann has returned to the Nikon fold, according to a CNET article. Reichmann, a noted author, instructor and editor of The Luminous Landscape photography website, felt that the D3 and D300 digital cameras marked Nikon's return to the "big-time."

Posted by covey22 at 4:15 PM

October 17, 2007

Olympus Debuts E-3 Digital SLR

After a long hiatus, Olympus has re-entered the professional level Digital SLR market with the 10MP E-3.

The new camera's features read like a list of must-haves given the competition; dust reduction, sensor-based image stabilization, 5 frames per second, top shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second, 100% coverage viewfinder, TruePic III image processing and a dust/water-proofed mag-alloy body. To address the shortcomings of the previous 3-point AF system in the E-1, the E-3 features a new eleven-cross point module. Unique to the pro tier is a 2.5" rear swivelling LCD which - coupled with the patented Live View system - will allow unique composition opportunities.

Also debuting with the new camera are three new pro-tier Zuiko lenses equipped with Olympus' coreless lens motor - the Supersonic Wave Drive (SWD). The ED 12-60mm f2.8-4 SWD, the ED 55-200 f2.8-3.5 SWD and the ED 14-35mm f2.0 SWD will enhance the small but impressive list of E-system lenses currently available. Finally, Olympus addresses the wireless flash system with two new flashguns - the FL-50R and the FL-36R.

Posted by covey22 at 10:22 PM

August 21, 2007

No Surprise - One Time Digital Cameras Are Awful

The Washington Post recently ran a comparison of one-time use digital cameras sold at CVS, RiteAid and Ritz Camera and found the devices to be awful, both in use and in the prints that resulted. Ritz appeared to have the best prints but had inconsistencies with providing a CD that would work across multiple computers.

Posted by covey22 at 5:46 PM

August 20, 2007

Canon's Broadside - the new 40D and 1Ds Mk. III

Canon fired a serious broadside this week in the digital SLR wars. The Canon 40D 10MP is equipped with the dust-reduction system introduced on the Rebel XTi and a boosted 6.5 per second frame rate. But the heavy-hitting shell comes in the form of the updated 1Ds Mark III with a stunning 21MP full-frame sensor at 5fps equipped with dual DIGIC III processors to keep performance at peak. Canon states that they will sell the camera at the same prices as the Mark II model it replaces.

In addition, Canon introduced a new 14mm f2.8 prime with USM and two consumer EF-S lenses - an 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 and a 55-200mm f3.5-5.6, both equipped with a simplified version of Image Stabilization.

For previews on both cameras, please visit our colleagues at Imaging-Resource and LetsGoDigital.

Posted by covey22 at 3:10 PM

July 20, 2007

BBC Cancels Photographer of The Year Contest

In a sign of continuing pressure for ethics revamp amongst the media industry, the BBC has cancelled all phone-in, interactive and online competitions following a series of "editorial breaches." This includes the prestigious BBC Photographer of the Year contest. Members of the BBC organization were found to have faked contributions, including making calls to phone-ins under false identities and editing footage that changed the true context of events.

Posted by covey22 at 4:30 PM

June 14, 2007

Nikon D3 Rumor Frenzy Hits Engadget

While we don't advocate rumor-mongering here at Nikonians, we couldn't pass up the observation that the recent D3 rumor frenzy finally hit a highly-visible technology blog. It still remains to be seen whether Nikon will unveil anything this month, but we know in our forums that some of our members certainly are looking forward to it.

Posted by covey22 at 6:38 PM

June 5, 2007

Nikon and Canon: Neighbors at Last

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? If so, Nikon must be succeeding, because Canon has just announced it's moving Corporate HQ from Lake Success down the road to Melville where Nikon is in residence.

Posted by covey22 at 5:09 PM

December 8, 2006

Golf Digest Cover: A Visual Diary

For our sports shooters, landing a cover on a major magazine would be a great crowning achievement. Golf Digest provides a visual study of the preparation, logistics and the sheer work that goes into getting such a desirable frame.

Posted by covey22 at 11:18 PM

December 5, 2006

Hollywood Power Also a Nikon Shooter

Who would have thought that one of the most powerful Hollywood personas would also be a Nikon shooter? As the designated safety inspector for Tinseltown, LAFD fireman Robert Gladden has the ability to shut down any red-carpet event; from private parties at Hef's Playboy Mansion to the Oscars. Gladden has shot over 38,000 photos, most of which are for documenting site conditions. But at times, he's also indulged his artistic side and because of his access, has gotten a glimpse of the movie industry that would leave most documentary photographers salivating.

Posted by covey22 at 1:00 AM

December 4, 2006

WSJ's Cranky Consumer Rates Portrait Studios

Newsline International's December 1st edition summarizes a recent Wall Street Journal column that reviewed popular portrait studio operations. The Cranky Consumer took a detailed look at several chain studios and some independent businesses. The result is something that most Nikonians already know - with today's digital, consumers can create their own good portraits without having to put up with the hassles or the price of having someone else do the work.

Posted by covey22 at 2:43 AM

October 24, 2006

Nat Geo Masterclass on Shooting Rome

A Guardian Unlimited journalist gets a different perspective on the Eternal City, courtesy of a National Geographic photographer.

Editor's note: The photographs accompanying the article certainly are not mainstream by any means, yet they've effectively captured the essence of this beautiful ancient city just as well as any "postcard" shot.

Posted by covey22 at 3:12 AM

July 3, 2006

Apple Pro: Focus on Graham Watson

Apple's latest pro profile focuses on veteran cycling photographer Graham Watson who uses both Nikon Digital SLRs and Aperture to create and process his work.

Posted by covey22 at 4:36 PM

December 9, 2005

Hurricane charity art auction runs through Dec. 12

Newsline International - Until Dec. 12, art lovers can bid on photography, illustrations and even a commission from a famous portrait artist at an auction hosted by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), Oldsmar, Fla., USA. All the money raised will go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and the Salvation Army to help those devastated by the hurricanes this year.

For many people, an original print from legendary photographers and artists like Moose Peterson, Bert Monroy or Vincent Versace is beyond reach. However, thanks to the charitable donations of these artists, artwork that usually sells for thousands of dollars will be available to bidders with starting prices as low as $100. All prints are unframed and range in size from 13-by-19 inches to 24-by-28 inches. For more information, visit

Posted by covey22 at 3:51 PM

MyPhotopipe announces 4-by-8 foot photo print made from digital camera


Newsline International -, Atlanta, Ga., USA, announced "the Web's largest, standard photo print": a 4,608-square-inch, 4-foot by 8-foot print made on standard Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper. The first was installed at the headquarters of the Atlanta Falcons football team.

"The media talks a lot about a 10-cent snapshot at a big box retailer but the high-end of the market is the other half of the digital photography story," says David Ragland, chairman. "These photographs are powerful moments in sports and they need to be big to have the full impact.

According the Pete Casabonne, MyPhotopipe president, the company offers 94 print sizes. "The professionals and the serious amateurs don't fit into neat little boxes," he said. was launched in April, 2005, when the founder and the former CEO of US Wireless Online Inc. partnered to acquire a controlling interest in Color Genesis, a 26-year-old Atlanta pro lab.

Posted by covey22 at 3:42 PM

December 8, 2005

PDN's Top Knots: Wedding Photography Contest

Wedding Shooters - think you've got what it takes? PDN has launched it's 2005 Top Knots: The New School of Wedding Photography Contest. Deadline is February 21st, 2006, and there are six categories to compete in.

Posted by covey22 at 3:46 PM

December 2, 2005

Altoids tin transformed into a pinhole camera for competition

PMA Newsline - December 2, 2005 - The company that makes a famous brand of mints, Altoids, invited customers to enter its "Tin Million Uses" competition, CNET reports. The idea? Challenge people to come up with the most innovative way to reuse the ubiquitous tins.

After receiving nearly 200 entries, the company decided to award the $1,000 grand prize to Jon Lennon of Ithaca, N.Y., USA, for an electronic musical device he built inside a tin of ginger Altoids. Other top choices were a wintergreen tin that switches music from PC speakers to headphones, a code reader and a pinhole camera. Click here to see all six winners of the "Tim Million Uses" competition and their inventions.

Posted by covey22 at 4:33 PM

2006 World Press Photo Contest Open

The 2006 World Press Photo Contest has just opened. All entries must be received by 12 December at WPP Headquarters in Amsterdam. The contest is open to all professional photographers, with photos made in 2005 and intended for publication. Judgement will be made on February 10, 2006. No entry fee is required. The previous winner, Reuters shooter Arko Datta, submitted the very moving photo of a woman mourning the loss of a relative on a beach in South Asia during the infamous Tsunami incident.

Posted by covey22 at 4:23 PM

December 1, 2005

Manfrotto Launches 'Local Heroes' Photography Program

Bassano del Grappa, Italia (PRWEB) November 30, 2005 - Manfrotto, the world's leading manufacturer of support products for pro video and photography, is proud to announce the launch of the "Local Heroes" project, designed to acknowledge photographers who bring a different perspective to the world of photography.

Photographers selected as "Local Heroes" are not necessarily famous photographers, however, are those that give back to his or her community through membership in groups and associations or dedicate time to the world of photographic education, whether by teaching in schools or by contributing to journals and magazines.

Selected "Local Heroes" are presented with Manfrotto equipment for use and their work is presented on a dedicated website, accessible through Their work will be showcased on the site, with each photographer having an individual web page with a biography, commentary and a photo gallery.

"Local Heroes" from around the world will help spread photo culture and act as "teachers" for the younger generation of photographers.

About Manfrotto
Gruppo Manfrotto are world leaders in the manufacture of professional camera and lighting supports for photography, video, broadcast and entertainment. For 35 years, Manfrotto has been building the world's widest range of tripods, heads and dedicated accessories to support professional and semi-professional still cameras, from the traditional small, medium and large format to the latest digital camera. Every product in the Manfrotto range is designed to provide a perfect combination of important features such as: load capacity, size, stability, transportability, interchangeability and construction quality - guaranteeing unique inimitable reliability and longevity.

# # #

Press Contact: Melissa Aiello
Email: email protected from spam bots
Phone: 908-722-5757

More Information:

Posted by covey22 at 10:43 PM

November 28, 2005

Ilford B&W Film Survives for 50 Years

A recent blurb caught our eye: A cassette of Ilford B&W film had survived, unprocessed, for over 50 years! Yet another amazing tribute to film emulsion technology...

Posted by covey22 at 5:49 PM

November 21, 2005

New Apple Store Opens in UK

New Apple store coming to United Kingdom tomorrow

PMA Newsline - Along with three Apple Stores opening in the United States this weekend, Apple's newest international location opens on Nov. 19, reports Macworld. Apple Store Trafford Centre opens in Manchester, United Kingdom, tomorrow.

Apple Store Trafford Centre is located on Peel Avenue, on the upper level of the Trafford Centre mall. As usual, the first visitors, the first 1,100, to be exact, will get a free t-shirt to commemorate the store's grand opening. Visitors can also register to win the Grand Opening Sweepstakes with the grand prize a "Digital Lifestyle Collection" valued at GBP1,855 (included is an iMac, camera, video camera, iPod nano and printer), says Macworld.

Events scheduled for the opening week include workshops in Apple applications like iPhoto, iLife '05, iTunes, GarageBand and more. They're also offering workshops in FileMaker Pro, .Mac, Mac OS X Tiger and more - visit the store's Web site for details.

Apple Store Trafford Centre is Apple's fourth store in the United Kingdom. Apple has opened locations in Kent, Birmingham and London, as well.

Posted by covey22 at 3:27 PM

November 10, 2005

Holiday Gift List for Photographers

As the holiday season approaches, BellaOnline has a great gift suggestion list for shutterbugs. If you're a photographer, make sure to send the list to your friends and family!

Posted by covey22 at 3:29 PM

November 3, 2005

NYT Offers Advice To Electronics Makers

Columnist Daniel Pogue of the New York Times offers a humorous but cutting "Top 10 List" of practices that electronics makers can do to improve the customer experience this holiday season. (Posted Nov. 2nd, NYT will archive such articles after one week)

Posted by covey22 at 4:52 PM

End of the line for Bronica MF camera brand

Tamron USA, Inc. announced today that they are discontinuing the production of the Bronica RF645 range finder camera. They are also discontinuing production of its lenses and accessories. This announcment marks the end of the Bronica brand, which had been a player in the MF camera business since 1959. Tamron USA indicated that they will continue to service Bronica equipment for seven years after the official discontinuation date of each model. Customer service can be reached in the United States at (631) 858-8400.

Posted by drjay32 at 2:27 AM

November 2, 2005

Photo-Me Takes in Agfa Labs

Portions of the destitute Agfa brand have finally landed a new owner. Photo-Me International, maker of automatic photo booths and other photographic equipment, has purchased Agfa's Wholesale Labs, based in Munich for USD 10.8 million (GBP6.1 million). The division is responsible for the production of high volume photo-finishing equipment.

Posted by covey22 at 4:45 PM