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November 3, 2022

Short downtime 03-NOV-2022

7day_images_haircut_110.jpgWe are going to have a short downtime for maintenance today at Nikonians, 03-NOV-2022 approx 08:00 UTC+0 (03:00 AM EST). We expect the downtime to be no longer than 10 minutes. Image (c) by 7dayimages.

Posted by bgs at 3:00 AM

October 15, 2022

IT maintenance continues this autumn

Rack-Photo-Partial_2022-1.jpg The IT team at Nikonians is working on migrating our systems and conducting maintenance as we move major functional components to different hardware.

Nikonians IT landscape is quite broad and we are running the various servers of the community in virtualized environments. As we are continuously revamping and improving aspects of our systems, we will have some shorter down times throughout this autumn. These maintenance windows will (yes, they really should) be announced up front in the forums.

A shout out to all of you on a paid membership: You are making it possible for us to stay online and to continuously improve. Big thanks!

Posted by bgs at 9:30 AM

October 12, 2022

Maintenance of our blog done


We are now done with the maintenance of our blog system. Thank you for your patience!

Should you notice something that is not working as expected, please report that in our About Nikonians Forum

Posted by bgs at 2:01 PM

December 4, 2018

Platinum or Gold member? Don't forget your ID

NikoniansPhotoID_110px-sq.jpgReminder to all of our Platinum and Gold members: Don't forget to request your personal Photographer's ID Card. You can do that under "My Profile" and "Membership" tab. We are doing one more batch of badges this year, prior Christmas.


Posted by bgs at 12:54 PM

October 1, 2017

Inspiration and mastering the art - We are back to weekly

question-guy-bgs-110px.jpgInspiration, mastering the art of photography, professional tips and industrial news: The publishing of our weekly newsletter stopped mid July after we'd experienced some unplanned changes on the team. We are now getting back on track again and expect to be publishing weekly starting coming week.

The main items from this weeks newsletter are included in this blog below. The upcoming newsletter will be structured a bit differently, but we are working very hard trying to make it an easy to read, not too long & wordy.

bgs and jrp, the two founders of the Nikonians Community, doing a podcast at the Crazy Horse Memorial.

If you are not subscribed to the newsletter and want to get inspiration, mastering the art of photography, professional tips and industrial news, sign-up for it today.

1. We are now advertising free.
The reason? The value of the advertising, for you as a member and for the community over all, is diminishing. Many of us are using ad blockers and if we do not, we hardly interact with the ads or view them. Let us know what you think In the About Nikonians forum (login required)

2. We now support (really) large file uploads in the forums
Starting right now, all of our forums allow for upload of files larger than the recommended 1200 pixel width for landscapes and max 900 pixels height for portraits. If the file is larger than 3MB in file size, it will automatically be resized as well. Motivation for this is to make it easier for you to upload files without having to bother about exact size of the original file, just because you wanted to share something. More in our blog

3. Our fundraising is up
We have already raised over $5,000 since we started early September. Our fundraising page has more info

4. Last days for the 50% discount on upgrading to a Gold membership
Last days to take advantage of a heavy discount on our popular membership level. Go head :-)

5. New, inspirational photography from members
We have some new articles up on inspirational photography and the members behind it
Kathy Cavallaro and Lawrence Treadwell

6. New functionality: Ask for critique on images directly from the galleries
We are running an open beta of a new functionality, making it possible to include images from your gallery for advice & critique. The new functionality is available to all members on Gold and Platinum. More info in the blog

7. Some more buttons, forums time-zone aware, comments on your images & more info on your membership
In case you've missed it, we now have a "Post a reply" button top right corner in the forums.
We further introduced a "Cancel" button in the post message window.

You can now set your timezone in your profile and you will see all posts with your correct time.

If someone posts a comment on an image of yours in the galleries, it now shows under the
"Heart" menu as well.

More details on your membership now showing under your profile, "Membership" tab.

Posted by bgs at 1:23 PM

April 11, 2017

Newsletter not scam

emsp-11--AQ.jpgOur thanks to alert Silver member Tom Canning (tcann) from Florida, USA for spotting a potential email scam. The good news he spotted it. The better news-- it isn't a scam.

Tom posted a question about emails he's been getting from our Chief Editor, Tom Boné (flashdeadline). They looked a bit suspicious and he asked:


At the top of the email is the logo without the circled R, .org or the statement under 'nikonians'. This makes me suspicious. I just delete the emails. Is anybody else getting these? Are they legitimate?

Well, yes, they are legit. We answered his question:

We've migrated to a "quick and simple" style in the emails because the founders have found the large number of images and links in each email (and to a very large subscription base) was often being filtered out from the subscribers as potential junk mail. The new style leans towards shorter emails with no images and very few links. Instead of coming from an organization, it was decided to take the editor out from the shadows.

The very first link leads to more details plus images.....

You can read the full response here

Thanks again Tom!

Posted by flashdeadline at 1:44 PM

February 26, 2017

Please change your Nikonians password

Due to a bug in a 3rd party system, which also Nikonians uses called "", data sent to Nikonians, specifically passwords, may have leaked. We have no indications that this is the case and this request for password change is precautionary.

Please do change your password. This can be done in your user profile. Click the "Change password" link.

More info on this bug here.

More background info:
We are not using cloudflare for payment pages. Payment related data thus not affected. Login pages are running through cloudflare and thus potentially at risk.

Posted by bgs at 2:37 PM

April 18, 2016

Server issue 2016-04-18

We are having an issue with our servers making several parts of and related sites not reachable. We are working on this issue and expect it to be fixed within the next few hours. Please try accessing us in a while again.

Posted by bgs at 8:22 AM

March 18, 2014

Social media sharing a click away

Social-THU.jpgIn case you haven't noticed it, links for sharing to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now available in our forums.

Social-Contacts-BLK_250.jpgJust look to the upper right hand corner of any discussion forum post and you will see the familiar logos for these popular social media sites, right next to our in-house links for emailing members, private messaging, profiles and friends list additions.

For our new members, here's a closer look:

With most browsers you can get the same information on any of our membership icons just by hovering over them.

Another hint for our newer members:
You may notice we have two examples showing both a white lettering on black background (above left) and our newer black lettering on black background (below) .

If you want to switch your "skin" just go to your User Menu and click on the preferences Tab.

Preferred-skin_450.jpgThere you will find (the second item listed) your option to change from the classic white on black, to the newer black on white, called Nikonians V2.0.

Posted by flashdeadline at 7:59 PM

March 5, 2014

Membership benefits explained

Shield-Silver_THU.jpgNikonians founders J. Ramón Palacios (jrp) and Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs) are happy to welcome the large number of new members joining us in the past few years. They have also noticed an interesting trend.

It seems many members are not aware of the specific additional benefits that come with each level of community membership. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum levels each have unique benefits, and in the coming weeks we will highlight them, one by one.

First, let's have a look at one of the most popular levels.

Shield-Silver_250.jpgSilver membership is only $25 USD per year (less than 7 cents per day).

As a Silver member, you receive the following benefits (above the basic trial membership):

▪ Upload and store images in forums

▪ Show personal gallery images in forums

▪ Access premium content area with how-to guides and more

▪ Access to Fine Art Nude Gallery

▪ Access to Fine Art Nude Forum

▪ Access our forums via RSS

▪ Send email to another member

▪ Access to our classifieds section, where you find many good items to buy and friendly, quality-minded members interested in buying your used gear

▪ Receive immediate rewards for being a Nikonians member: discounts for photo equipment, accessories and software from our sponsor partners. See also our Rewards Program.

Logo_Nikonians-Contests-kl.jpg▪ Access to all of our photo contests. Participate in the Nikonians Photographers of the Year and in monthly contests. Prizes are awarded throughout the year as well as in the contest finals.

▪ Get your personal Membership Certificate

▪ Membership valid for 12 months.
Receive 15% off on membership if signing up for three years.
Bonus for upgrading: If you upgrade to a higher level, e.g. from Silver to Gold, whatever is left of your currently paid period will be converted to the new level as well.

▪ Access to our Nikonians Photo Tours and Workshops at very attractive prices, held throughout North America and in Europe

▪ Search for other Nikonians

▪ 10% discount on Annotate Expert Software (list price $79)

Membership-Shields_300.jpgHere's a tip: -- if you want to see the full memberships benefits listing, check our comparison chart.

At the top of that chart, you will see a message from our founders explaining the community support you will be making through your choice of membership:

"Nikonians is a not-for-profit community. All capital generated through our operations (the Nikonians Community, the PhotoProShop and the Nikonians Academy) are reinvested to sustain our growth. Each membership counts and we take this opportunity to thank you for your support!"
---Bo Stahlbrandt and J. Ramón Palacios, Founders of Nikonians.

Posted by flashdeadline at 2:34 AM

June 19, 2013

Are you concerned about your privacy?

You might want to switch to a search engine that claims they are not storing data of their users. I personally have switched to DuckDuckGo which seems to work well. There is an interview with their CEO here. Btw DuckDuckGo has a plugin for Firefox and other browsers.

Posted by bgs at 4:03 PM

June 20, 2011

Nikon Ending D3 Buffer Upgrades

Nikon has announced an end-date for offering the buffer upgrade for the D3 DSLR. The buffer upgrade enhances the performance of the camera by increasing the number of photos it can temporarily store before having to stop and write them out to the memory card. The buffer upgrade will only be available until July 20th 2011, so if you've been holding off on this update, get it now while you can!

Posted by covey22 at 4:51 PM

March 19, 2008

USPS Sees Green: Electronics Recycling Pilot

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, the United States Postal Service has launched a pilot recycling program that will allow owners to safely dispose used, broken or obsolete electronic items through the mail.

The list includes "inkjet cartridges, PDAs, Blackberries, digital cameras, iPods and MP3 players" and can be shipped by using postage paid envelopes found in post office locations. The service will be available in several major cities but could expand nationwide depending upon it's success.

Nikonians interested in this program should ensure that their personal data is removed before recycling any devices. A good resource to start with is this page at MIT, as well as the device maker's support channels.

Posted by covey22 at 3:44 PM

March 14, 2006

OpenRAW Survey about to end

The OpenRAW initiative started a RAW survey on January 31st, 2006 about experiences, requirements, preferences and concerns regarding RAW imaging technology.
As strong supporters of open RAW documentation standards, we encourage you to spend just 10 minutes to fill out the survey - even if you might not agree with OpenRAW or don't shoot RAW.
This is the last chance, the survey is scheduled to close March 15th, 2006 24:00:00 GMT.

Posted by jrp at 6:38 AM