Update on software upgrade options

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     Last entry I was pursuing alternatives for my catalog/DAM program Expression Media Pro.  Frustration had become fully developed and with the upgrade of my MAC OS flaws in the tool had become more than annoying.

     Sometimes the value of a technical capability is just not understood or valued for it's explicit uses by management teams not familiar with the culture or environment where their tools are being applied.  Microsoft clearly didn't value the community or understand the existing user base sufficiently to keep the tool current.  Instead they harvested value from the technology for their own culture and exploited it for the community which they did understand and may have gained sufficient value from their  new suite of web tools that they finally realized that further investment in the photographic community wouldn't yield profits enough to make the business case.

     I count myself with the creative folks and many people who find business cases helpful, but would rather rely on customer understanding and software which is developed with creative innovative quality and competence.  iView supported its customers with 'style' and understood the community they served.  The testament to their effort is reflected in the fact that no major upgrade over the 'conversion' to Msft. was released and yet their software remained a leader in the genre.

I did find a couple of very good competitors but had not committed to any when the acquisition by Phase One of my favorite DAM software was announced.  This is the best news in four years.  Phase One has purchased the software and we iView Media Pro/Expression Media Pro folks can now have renewed hope and a tangible investment again.  So, ok I'll give them a chance to show what they can do, and surprise, out of the starting gate a good faith offer to retain the community and give us something tangible.

I took advantage of their offer of Capture One 5 as a free download for licensed EM users had a great initial experience and a flawless install of their first integration upgrade to incorporate the catalog/DAM with their fine photographic workflow software.

  I am impressed with their capability and am willing to give them a chance to redress the years of neglect in the hands of folks who didn't get what they had and mishandled the product badly.  I am very pleased to communicate a very positive experience as a new user of Phase One's products.  This is hopefully the first notice of positive improvements in my own personal workflow.  I'm looking forward to what is coming in the future.

Meanwhile, the rain and colds have put a damper on the photography,  I am hoping that our northwest summer will kick in by the 4th of July.

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