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The last year has been crazy.  My photography is not staying still, the Nikonians community has seen a great influx of folks.  My participation is reduced significantly, offset by the development of a local Puget Sound Nikonians chapter.  They have gotten my out of the chair a couple of times and shooting seriously.  The spring shoot of the Tulips in the Skagit Valley, and our recent shoot at the Museum of Flight in Seattle were great fun.
The Software issues are not fully resolved but better.  The Expression Media conversion was avoided by the purchase by Phase One of the package and their release of Media Pro, fixing some significant issues and providing significant assurance that continuing with their product will enable me to keep my workflow intact.  
I am also discovering my iPhone camera in the spirit of the 'best camera', what fun.
For now I am satisfied just pushing my photography forward.  I your reading this I hope you too can find a place for you passion in your life.  sometimes it just takes others to pull you ahead.  I appreciate the Puget Sound Nikonians for getting me moving again.

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