Darrell Young's Master Your Nikon D5100 eBook

I have recently decided to write a new ebook in Kindle, ePub, Apk, and Mobi formats. The book will be very similar to my NikoniansPress/Rocky Nook published print books, except published by NikoniansPress only.

The Nikon D5100 is a fine little DSLR camera for people with smaller hands, those who want a great camera for hiking, and for macro with the built-in maneuverable LCD screen. The camera has 16.2 megapixels and most of the controls found in the Nikon D7000, but with less robust build (polycarbonate). Of course, the price with an AF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens is still cheaper than the D7000's body-only price so the camera is appealing to a lot of shooters on a budget.

Here is a look at the cover of the book:

MasterYourNikonD5100_FrontCover4_600px_FINAL.jpgThis eBook is an entirely experimental publication. If it sells well you can bet that we'll have dozens of NikoniansPress eBooks on the market on a variety of photography subjects, as quickly as possible. I like the fact that an eBook takes months less time to get on the market.
The book world is changing fast. Most of us still love a good printed book. However, the pace of life these days make it important that books on cameras are out quickly and are available on multiple devices, like Kindles, iPads, and even iPhone and Androids. An author has more options than ever and so do readers.

These are exciting times. Do you have a favorite eReader? Do you use eBooks?  What do you think of this cover design? Please contact me at the Contact link of my new website www.PhotographyWriter.com.

Keep on capturing time...
Darrell Young