Something is Coming ... From Nikon (or is it?)


New Nikon release rumors are swirling again. This time there is a website to back them up:

Here is a look at the webpage there:

Mysterious webpage at

If the rumors are true, at about 1 p.m. New York Time on Wednesday September 21 there will be an announcement from Nikon. Will it be the new ILC/EVIL camera promised by them? Maybe a D700 replacement? Who knows! If the website above is not a fake site, tune in to this blog because you can bet that I will have an article up on whatever arrives. Get ready! 

Of course, if this is a fake website nothing will show in tomorrow at 1 p.m. except more disappointment. I did a whois lookup on the website and it is out of Bangkok, Thailand on an Apache server having the IP address: The domain appears to be owned by a company named:

This NewMediaEdge company appears to be involved with various marketing campaigns, with listed customers including: Samsung, Microsoft, Pepsi-Cola, and Unilever. Is Nikon also a customer?  Could be. The company seems legit from outward appearances. Here is information about them on their website:

"Digital Marketing Strategy - We create, implement, and execute measurable digital marketing strategies that match your marketing objectives to your target audience by demographics, statistics, psychographics, geo-locations, context and language."

Here is their address and phone information:

The New Media Edge (Thailand)
The New Media Edge Company Limited
946 Dusit Thani Building, 8th floor,
Unit 801,Rama IV Road. Bangrak, Bangkok,10500

Telephone: +(662) 237-2737
Fax: +(662) 237 2742

Okay, NewMediaEdge (and Nikon) you have our attention. Our checkbooks are out, our Visa's are ready. Give us Nikon product!

Keep on capturing time...
Darrell Young