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Creating a video?

video-storytelling-projects-cover-110.jpgAre you thinking about creating a video? Maybe a new youtube or vimeo venture?
Team member Obregon has reviewed four books on this topic and this is interesting, short reading.

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Is your photo ID up to date?

We are running a new batch of the popular, classic Nikonians Photo ID's prior Christmas 2023.
Cut-off date for this batch is 06-DEC-2023. You can apply for yours online.

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Getting too old for lugging all that gear?

bangkok_paul_cameras-110.jpgMember mklass is thinking about selling his "trinity" of great Z Nikkor glass and replace with something lighter.

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Behind the image

mklass-490290-110.jpgHow was that great Editor's Choice image you see on Nikonians homepage made? Which steps did the photographer take to achieve it? Are there any tips and tricks to be learnt?

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Nikon Z9 Setup Guide

z-9-34-l-110.pngA new version of the comprehensive Nikon Z9 Setup Guide has been published.

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Nikon Z8 technical advisory

Z8_FTZII_Fisheye8-15_3.5-4.5.low-110.jpgThere is an issue with the lens mount on some of the Z8 bodies. To identify if your Nikon Z8 is affected, please visit one of these official Nikon sites.

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Setup your own portfolio and share your best work

BelleInPA-BeeOnHeather-110.jpgAt Nikonians you can have your own portfolio which is being shown on prominent locations in the community. Your portfolio is a great way to showcase your best work and to easily share it with others, no matter if they are on Nikonians or not.

There is no practical limit to the size of your portfolio and you can easily select a top image to give it extra visibility.

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Current contests July 2023

Here at Nikonians we have 5 monthly competitions and our monthly photo assignment. Each month a new theme is presented and a thread is opened for submissions. The following month 4 to 6 finalists (depending on the number of entries, could be as many as 12) are chosen by the previous months winner and a poll is set up for all members to vote. At the close of voting the winning images are posted in our Winners Gallery. The winners will be recognized in our blog and will receive a printable Certificate of Photographic Achievement.

These monthly contests are the preliminary rounds for the The Best Nikonians Photo Contest. So, if you want to participate in this annual photo contest, Please be sure to enter one of the monthly competitions listed below.

Our contests are open to Silver, Gold and Platinum members.
All registered members are allowed to vote in the contest polls.

All ongoing contests - details

The Best of Nikonians 2023 Photo Contest
The 2022 segment themes are as follows:

April - May: Doors and Windows --->> Winners Announced
June - July: Age of Industry (Open until July 15)
August - September: Agriculture - Lets' Go Farming
October - November: Unique Gradients

Special Edition Contests:
- Black and White Challenge - Winners Announced
- Nikonians Portrait Challenge - Winners Announced
- Nikonians Self Portrait Challenge 2023 Open through August 15.

Current Wildlife Photography Contest
July > The Predators

Current Landscape Photography Contest
July > A City with a View

Current Macro / Close-Up Photography Contest
July > Plants & Flowers

Current Travel Photography Contest
July > Wide Open Spaces

Current Digital Artistry Contest
July > Plants & Flowers

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Photo Assignment: Black & White

rmigliaccio-16477UBS_B_115JPEG-2-110.jpgJoin us for our July & August 2023 assignment: Your assignment is to capture an artistic shot and convert it to B&W.

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Using older Nikon gear for max results

vfnewman-2023-488099-110.jpgFreelance sports photographer and team member Victor Newman talks about getting the most out of older Nikon focusing on sports, with tips & tricks on settings & button configs, including the latest cameras, the Z9 & Z8.

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Best of Nikonians 2022

487995.jpgGet to know the winners of The Best of Nikonians Annual Photo Contest 2022.

In our 25th webinar held 28-MAR-2023 07:00 PM EDT, We got to know the winners, their photography and had the chance to ask questions.

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What is the Z9 capable of at 120fps?

gbaylis-z9-120fps-478806-120.jpgTeam member GBaylis has been testing his Z9 at 120 fps and it seems to be a very capable machine.

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