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I have not used this blog much, but thought I would add a few thoughts today on the 3rd anniversary of getting my first Nikon digital camera to see what comes of it.  My original intent was to include information and thoughts about photography from time to time, however, I haven't been doing that on this blog.  Now, though, I would like to just share with others especially among my Nikonians what I consider to be an interesting evolution in my photography.



Prior to retirement, back in June, 2010, for about a year I worked to plan and develop a way to ensure I would be sufficiently occupied during retirement.  To that end, I evaluated my options for staying busy.  Photography, while I once had done some, it never was something that I pursued with gusto over the years.  Yet I knew I loved it.  It really was more about being so intimidated by others who could do it so well. 

Bryce Canyon Trail.jpg


Nonetheless, about a year prior to retirement, I refurbished my old Nikon fully manual FM2 film camera and even the old aperture priority EM.  Each camera was about 30 years old.  I ensured the EM was workable just because I wanted to see what the experience would be like after so many years of it not being used.  It was my first film SLR.   I discovered it was fun to use again.  Likewise the FM2, which was my first camera, of long ago, again demonstrated how great it was in capturing images especially the quick shutter speed of 1/4000s if the light was right.  I even purchased through eBay a motor drive for the FM2.  Now that was some fast chatter when I fired away some repeating image shots.

I bought a D90 in March 2009 and started taking digital photography classes at the local community college.  I now started truly enjoying taking pictures because I began to understand the process.  Indeed, I truly fell in love with photography this time around in a serious way.


Shooting through the Purple.jpg


When I retired, I started traveling a lot and then additioanlly, started taking a lot of online courses to learn more about exposure, composition, and post processing.  Just recently I earned a pro-photographer certification.  Pretty soon, I had purchased an array of post processing software from Lightroom to CNX2 to CS5 and various plug in software such as Nik.  I also purchase more DX lenses, flashes, and array of supporting gear.  Then early last year I purchased a D7000.  I figured the D7000 would become my primary camera and the D90 would be the back-up.

Behold My Chicago!.jpg


All during this time, I was becoming more and more active in camera clubs, Nikonians.org and the Photographic Society of America.

Last October I went on my first Annual Nikionians Photographic Adventure to Zion NP and Bryce Canyon.  I took both the D7000 and the D90 with me.  I sure was glad I had both, since on the first day, I had an accident which meant I would have to send the D7000 to the repair shop.  This was for me one of the finest trips I have had purely devoted to photography.  In fact I felt like it was the Rosetta Stone course in Photography since I was so totally immersed in the experience and sharing with the 30 or so other photogaphers with us on the trip.

Bee and Gladiola.jpg


The experience of being around individuals that use the FX format, placed me in a position that I decided on returning home to purchase a Nikon D700 and a few suitable FX lenses.  Now I have the best of both worlds (DX and FX) and continue to grow and learn about many aspects of photography.  Indeed, each day, I discover how much more I need to learn and it is a splendid adventure.




Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge after Fall Snow.JPG


About 9 months ago, I started my own website at www.jdroachphotography.com as well as a blog at https://blog.jdroachphotography.com and so I welcome any of you reading this short blog to stop buy and take a look.  For me, it is a way to display the ongoing growth I have taken in the last 3 years. 


Delicate Curves--PSA EID 2-8-12.jpg 

I owe my Nikonians so much for allowing me to enjoy retirement in a meaningful way.  I thank Bo and Ramon the co-founders of Nikonians for creating a fine photograpy community that allows someone like me to discover possibilities and grow in developing skills in the art of capturing light.  Therefore, all I can say is thank you!


John D. Roach

March 5, 2012


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