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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Nikonians Blog.  I'll try to use this space to keep everyone informed about what is going on with my photographic love affair. I love capturing life as it happens. I specialize in weddings & events, but will shoot anything and everything  You can also check out my website at

I used to be an electronics engineer until 1992 with Georgetown University and decided that I never really loved that it wasn't a bad thing when it ended..we ended our divorce on good terms. I currently am a IT administrator and even better a photographer.

I took one bw photography class through our local community college and the rest is history. I used to always have a point & shoot camera in my purse & my family sometimes hated to see me show up for gatherings..because before they could see me, they saw the camera..but they survived. The rest of my formal training has come from reading all things and anything related to  "photography". I have since graduated from the world of point & shoot to that marvelous world of DSLR land and those pretty lenses that make it what it is. I was introduced to the world of Nikon with the purchase of a Coolpix 995, so when it was time to purchase an SLR, I didn't even need to look at any other brand. I started my wedding photography service in June 2004, so everyday I am still learning and the Nikonians website has been nothing short of amazing.

I have 2 lil ones..a daughter 30 years old & a son 24 years old (ok so lil ones depends on your perspective). We have been blessed with our first lil grandson, born on Jan 9, 2009.

Thank you for visiting my blog and we'll speak again soon.

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