Gear Wishlist

---- Camera WishList ---- DX
Could we someday have a DX sensor with the high iso performance of the current D3 or D3S (or even better when post-bayer arrives?). For now I will plan to order a D400 as soon as it is announced on the assumption that I will get better or same resolution as the D300 but more important to me, better high ISO. Note - now that the D3S is out and seeing what Nikon did there, it is too bad they did not apply the same voodoo to the D300S. A D300S with one-stop improvement over the D300 would have caught my attention!
How about in five years time a high megapixel FX sensor (maybe post-bayer), more frame covering focussing points than current models, and a better than D3-level high iso performance? Lets say an FX camera with D700 size, D3X sensor detail, and D3S high ISO ;-) Oh right, and D-movie with very good AF capability on both my DX (wildlife) and FX (theatre) cameras! To sum up, due to continuing sensor improvements that I find very useful, I expect to continue to upgrade both my cameras for years to come. I find the price difference when selling the previous model and buying the new one tolerable. And the monthly cost of ownership (factoring in new price less sold price of old model) is reasonable measured against the great pleasure of shooting these cameras!
--- Long-term Lens WishList ----
- Nikon 14-24mm - what a lens! - a 24mm PC-E (by the time I'm ready, one that tilts in both orientations) - a 24-105mm f4 N VRII might be nice, but then again if I'm going out shooting with one lens only, perhaps a 28-200mm f3.5-5.6 VR makes more sense? Maybe a Tamron 28-300mm VC, I tested one once and I felt the resulting images were very good! Plus I like to spread my business out to the odd third-party supplier too, even though I generally love my Nikon gear. - 85mm f1.4 AFS and I would like it to be VR for theatre and portraits - Tokina 100mm macro perhaps as a reasonable stop-gap?
- longer-term a 200 f4 VR micro and a Kirk macro focussing rail (was about to order a used 200, but I don't have enough shooting time right now to truly devote to macro, maybe when I retire...) - And you know, I would love that 200mm f2! It is such a great image making machine, but I don't have the shooting time/opportunities to justify that price unfortunately, whereas I get out and and use my wildlife stuff all the time. - 300-800mm OS (Sigma). Before the currency crashes this was an absolute bargain! But they need to add tripod-mode OS perhaps to make it a can't miss lens?
Have you noticed there are a LOT of agonizing decisions in trying to assemble an all around lens kit ;-) I need a Kirk FatBag or BLUBB beanbag or similar ---- Software I need to add over time ----
Vincent Versace Capture NX2 instructional DVD
NIK Software Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro

(the following need to develop stand-alone or Capture NX plug-in versions since I don't use Photoshop)
Topaz filters (especially Simplify and NR)
Portrait Professional
Genuine Fractals

Plus I want to try out pano/stitching at some point too!

Meanwhile I am a committed Capture NX2 user still with lots to learn. Also I just got Photomatix Pro for HDRs, so will be shooting a lot of 5-shot bursts from here on in ;-) ---- Lighting Wishlist ---- - Nikon's A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting DVD
- I also would like to add an SB-900 and future SB-700 (for a total of 3 units including my SB-800), plus an umbrella and softbox and other strobist stuff. I am always very impressed with mastery and control of artificial light, and would love to learn this side of photography!

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