What Camera Should I Buy


There are two questions I get asked a lot as a full time photographer;

What camera should I buy and why did you buy Nikon? Well hopefully with this post I will answer these two questions.

Now for what camera should I purchase?

This is such an open question, its like asking what flavor of ice cream should I buy. We all have our own personal needs and favorites that for one reason or another we like or dislike.

My advice to you just starting out in photography or need some guidance is before buying a camera is to ask yourself;

What type of images are you looking to photograph, sports needs fast glass and fast frames per second, where portraits, wedding and landscapes do not. Just like, do I want a fast (Ferrari), family (MPV), or go anywhere (4x4) car, so the first question you really need to ask yourself "What's the subject I want to capture".

Once you have decided on the type of photography that interests you; for me it's all about knowledge and support. Yes you can always go to the manufacture's web site and ask questions (good starting point) or buy more books and manuals, but wouldn't it be better for free one to one help. That's why I say, join your local camera club, there will be lots of people more than willing to help you with your choice of camera and gear. You should be able to try out their cameras, see how the camera feels in your hands, is it too heavy to large and you never know that they may have special deals with a local camera store.

So you have now found a camera you like, do you know anyone else with that brand of camera, ask them for their opinion, if there friends with you ask to borrow their camera for a weekend. If the camera costs lots of money, why not hire one for a week and really see if that's the camera for you? If you have a group of friends whom are already into photography, you never know you could have an agreement to share gear, experiences and spend time together capturing images.

So your just about ready to buy, now check out the Internet, read reviews and watch video's. Please remember the content you read, just like this blog post is an opinion of that person / company, not necessarily true or correct.

STOP, you are going to buy, have you thought about USED, there are some great deals for pre owned camera equipment, try the classified sections in magazines, photography websites and auction websites. You could get better gear at the same price or your chosen camera at a lower cost. Please remember most private sales are sold as seen, no warranties, but there are some great third party warranties out there. Traders should or will offer a warranty on used gear, normally 3 months plus.

Now before you join in on the Internet to buy from a web  site, give your local camera store a try, you should have a great experience, the guys and girls in these shops will know their gear and you should build up a good relationship with them. They should also allow you to take photos using Demo cameras within the store with your own memory card. Most camera shops will price match an Internet price.

If you don't click with your local camera shop, then buy of the internet, remembering with mail order, in some countries you get a cooling off period, so if you don't like your purchase as long as the goods are in new condition, you may be able to return it.

But what if I already have a camera,  if so are you generally happy with this. The feel, the camera's performance, if you have a D-SLR any additional lenses and lighting etc. If so and you are happy with the gear you already have I think best advice would be to enhance your gear by buying newer better equipment, don't necessary buy new.

Remember they want your money, customer is KING.

Now why did I choose Nikon? Well their cameras feel right in my hands plus the F - mount that is used to hold the lens to the body of a D-SLR has fundamentally stayed the same, with just Nikon adding to the F - mount over time. This means I can take a used lens from 35 years ago, it will fit and basically work on a brand new camera today.

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