D700 in print

By Martin Joergensen | June 30, 2008 4:34 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 0)

The D700 seems more than likely now, as the German magazine ProfiFoto has it on print (but not online) in its latest edition - alongside with the news of a new flagship flash from Nikon, named the SB-900.
It's the German blog PhotoScala that reports on the D700, and they have almost been run down by the stampeding, newshungry web crowd.

The camera is as expected a full frame (FX) body with an optional vertical grip (uses the same as the D300). It's rated at 5 fps (8 with the grip) and ISO's up to 6400.

This is far from a D3, but certainly a good contender for the role as a competitor for the very popular Canon 5D. With the same high ISO performance as the D3, a price tag in the 2,600 Euros range and facilities in the space somewhere between D300 and D3, Nikon should have a pretty sure succes with this new camera.

A few people are whining about the launch not being a D3x with much higher resolution, but my guess is that they won't have to wait long for Nikon to offer something in this range too.

But for now we're just waiting for Nikon to make this fully official.


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