D700 is happening...

By Martin Joergensen | June 26, 2008 11:11 PM | Permalink


...or is it?

The rumor smiths are now totally boiling over with confirmations of the existence of a new full frame Nikon body. Online announcements, price lists, spy pics of catalog prints, even pictures of the camera itself. The number of indications seem almost overwhelming. The specs are very precise and seem legit to such an extent that it really is plausible that Nikon is launching a new D300-like FX-body any day now.

And I must admit that the evidence seems rather substantial, even though Nikon has been very successful at keeping the camera a secret until just a few days ago. The Danish price that leaked for a short while was DKK 19,995.- placing it well above the D300 at DKK 11,995.- but on the other hand far below the harrowing price of the D3 - 33,625,- Danish kroners or 7,100 USD

Bear in mind that Danish prices are generally insane, so a mere calculation based on currency won't do it. But since the D300 body is somewhere in the range of 16-1700.- USD in the US and the D3 is about 5,000 US dollars, that will place the D700 in the neighborhood of 2,800.- or maybe 2,900.- USD if the same relation between the prices rule in the US as in Denmark. In Denmark the list price quoted for the D700 translates into 4,250 USD, so be happy you Americans!

Under all circumstances it seems likely that a D700 will be announced sometime right after the weekend. Several magazines have postponed their July issues and it seems that a large number of journalists have been summoned to Nikon press meetings July 1st. Add to that a couple of PC-Nikkor lenses and a possible new flash - SB-900 says the rumors - and there's a good reason to fear some severe NAS in the near future.