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By Martin Joergensen | June 24, 2008 10:08 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 0)

This is the first entry in my new blog. Well, it actually isn't because I wrote a few samples to test the format and demonstrate the possible content, and these first entries are perfectly valid and can still be found below and in the archive.

But this is the first official entry in connection with the launch of the blog, and its purpose is to introduce the blog - and perhaps myself a bit.

The idea with this blog is for it to become a place where I can publish the many things that I tumble with in my daily photography. Both as an enthusiastic, semi-professional photographer, as a magazine and book reader, as a media consumer and as a podcaster on the Nikonians I constantly bump into interesting subjects that I would love to share with others. It happens almost every day, but the more substantial issues may be a week or less apart. Interesting news that deserve a comment, a discovery, a technique or a tip, a surprising experience, a good (or a bad) photo, a piece of gear that I acquired (or more likely: desire), people I meet. There's always something going on, and much of it seems worth sharing.

A blog is a perfect channel for publishing such thoughts, comments and pictures, and the Nikonians is the perfect place for such a blog.

My plan is to be fairly personal and opinionated. Consider that a warning, but also an invitation. I would love for this to develop into a dialog or a conversation between myself and fellow Nikonians. I do not intend to remove discussions from the excellent forums found on this site, but rather open a more personal and hopefully entertaining and educating valve.

Some of you may already know me as the host of the podcast "On Location with Martin Joergensen". I'm the person behind the voice that tries to concentrate on both taking pictures and saying something meaningful about it at the same time. Not always easy, but hopefully both entertaining and educating.

I shoot quite a lot and quite often. I don't make my living from it, but do sell enough pictures to keep myself with gear - and then some. My history with photography goes back some 35 years or more - and yes, film, light meters and manual winding is an important part of my photographic upbringing. I will probably return to that several times in the future.

But as it is now I'm digitized. I stopped using film a few years back and never looked back.

So, with these few introductory words, I'll leave you for now.
Welcome to this new blog!


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