HDR sunset walk

By Martin Joergensen | July 17, 2008 12:05 AM | Permalink | Comments ( 0)

Sitting at the computer looking out the window earlier this evening I noticed one of the great advantages of the unstable summer weather we have right now: beautiful sunsets. The drifting clouds and broken cloud coverage mixed with the long, light evening and slow Scandinavian sunsets means long lasting and usually very nice sunsets.

As this evening. I quickly packed a tripod, the camera and the dog and drove a bit into the countryside to find a suitable location. While driving I could witness the sky going more and more colorful and bright, but once I reached a suitable place and set up, the best part was over.

On the other hand I had some nice colorful flowers in the foreground, a cloudy sky and the sun still playing.

I shot a bunch of bracketed series for HDR-work, strolled with the dog and returned home. These are the best frames from that small trip. All shot with the D200 and the Sigma 10-20mm at f18 and shutter speeds between 1 and 10 seconds or so.

And yes, I will return to HDR in one or several future "On Location" podcasts.


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