Nik Silver Efex Pro

By Martin Joergensen | July 16, 2008 2:03 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 2)

silver-efex-pro.jpgNik Software is the company behind the U-point technology used in Nikon Capture NX, which is also available in the comapny's own Viveza software - a plugin for Adobe Photoshop and Apple Aperture.
Nik has its own products, mainly in the form of plugins for photo editing programs such as Photoshop, Capture NX and Aperture.

Nik has just released Silver Efex Pro, which is an advanced B/W conversion program, that can take your color or existing B/W photos and transform them into exceptionally beautiful B/W photos.
I have downloaded the 2 week trial and taken it for a ride, and while it's fun to make Cyanotypes and Holga versions of your pictures, the program really excels in recreating the tonality, grain and colorcast of certain film and paper types. You can create your own profiles by adjusting structure, paper color, silver grain color and many other aspects, and of course select and adjust film characters from a list of the most common current and old B/W films. This adjustment includes such exotic features as fine tuning the color sensitivity of each of six colors and setting the tone curve of the "virtual film".

It's an amazing piece of software and for an old film buff like myself, going down the Tri-X or HP5 lane again does bring out a lot of memories. And if I want to add a yellow filter and press it a stop or two in development? Well, Silver Efex Pro lets me do it - as close as I can get in this digital world.

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Hi Martin, got a shot this week on holiday that summed up the indifferent weather we're having in the UK this summer and given the lack of saturation on the original, gave it a go using Silver Efex. Great software great fun playing around with the shot and so many options!



Yeah, the Nik software is great fun. It gives you pictures you didn't imagine you could make - as well as help you get some results you might have been able to envision, but have had a hard time obtaining.