No movement, no color

By Martin Joergensen | July 10, 2008 8:52 PM | Permalink

I'm grounded these days. Not much moving about. I was unfortunate enough to fall over a network cable running across my living room door, and that cost me at least one strained toe and a swollen knee. Doctors orders: pain killers and rest.

Well, I'm resting. Not able to get around means fewer photo opportunities... or does it? I honestly don't think so. I can't stop taking pictures just because I'm confined within the four walls of my home with the occasional pop into the garden.

I armed my D40 with an old 50mm f1.8, and had some fun. Yes, that means focusing manually, which is actually great fun and reminds me of the old days. The focus ring is just ridiculously small on the 50mm, and I actually think I'll construct an attachment I can slide over it to get some more grip.

Apart from that it works like a charm, and the softness and bokeh you get at full open is amazing. I love B/W and routinely thought in B/W when I shot and converted the images in post. The result may not be great art, but a fun drill when you can't get around as you want to.