Shooting bottles

By Martin Joergensen | July 6, 2008 1:18 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 0)

MJ0_6162.jpgRight now the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival is at its peak. There is music all over Copenhagen - and really good music too. No matter your taste in jazz you can find something, and should your favorite music not be in the jazz realm you would probably be able to find something to listen to anyway. And if you don't want to listen, you can just suck in the atmosphere, which is really nice and warm.

I wanted to shoot some concert shots, but haven't really had the time to pursue this. I also wanted to do some street shots during some of the afternoon outdorrs concerts, but haven't attended any, so all'n'all my Jazz Festival production is very limited.

MJ0_6159.jpgI managed to sneak out one night for a small intimate concert with sax player Benjamin Koppel and his band, and had a fine time there. I did shoot a few images of the band, but the venue was very small, and too much photographic activity in front of the stage would have been very disturbing as you can see on the image right here.

But the place where the gig was played - Kruts Karport - is one of the whiskey meccas in Copenhagen, and I have always been fascinated by their wall of bottles behind the bar. They currently have a selection of 100-120 different kinds, and an ever changing program of these golden drops. All lined up in front of a mirror behind the bar.

I agreed with Erik - the guy who runs the place - that I would return some quiet day and shoot this mirrored wall. That would be a great challenge and a lot of fun with off camera flashes and daylight, reflections and tonnes of ambiance.


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