The Hot Shoe Diaries

By Martin Joergensen | July 14, 2008 8:55 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 0)

the-hot-shoe-diaries.jpgWith a title like that and an author called Joe McNally, I think we have a winner. This is allegedly the title of the upcoming McNally book, which will be on small flash usage, and is bound to become a bestseller amongst us small strobe lovers. It's due in December this year according to Amazon, who is already taking preorders.
McNally's publisher - New Riders/Peachpit doesn't even have it on their list yet, so Amazon is certainly quick here.

So the title and the cover is all there is for now. "The Hot Shoe Diaries - Creative Applications of Small Flashes". Coming from McNally that sounds right to me. I loved his previous book, "The Moment it Clicks", and if he continues the style from that volume, the new book is bound to be stuffed with great tips and inspiration.


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