What the world eats

By Martin Joergensen | July 30, 2008 1:36 PM | Permalink

peter-menzel-equador.jpgI browse a lot of images on the web, and very often bump into photographers or individual images that fascinate me. But rarely do I find pictures that leave an impression like Peter Menzel's series "What the world eats". This is a very simple concept, which has been brilliantly executed by Menzel and has resulted in a large series of images, that not only illustrate the point extremely well, but also in all aspects are very well done. Great photography, human warmth, clear and bright signals and no judgment on the wealthy or false compassion for the poor.

Menzel has traveled the world and asked families to display what they eat and drink in a week. A simple concept: in their home, gathered around a table or on a carpet, in a kitchen, a living room, in a tent, outdoors on the ground or wherever suitable.
Mali, Greenland, Germany, Japan, Bhutan, Mexico, France, the US, UK and dozens of more countries. One family each place and one picture showing people, environment and food. It's heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. Facts follow the images: money spent and favorite foods. Such a simple idea and still so complex and with a lot of logistics.

As many times before (and many times to come) I probably break all kinds of copyright laws by bringing a couple of the images here to illustrate my post, but I take my chance, and if you want more there are plenty to find in Menzel's book "Hungry Planet", on Menzel's website, on Time's homepage (part I, II and III) and many other places.

Do visit Peter Menzel's homepage and browse the galleries. There are literally thousands of great pictures.