A day at the races

By Martin Joergensen | August 2, 2008 11:14 AM | Permalink | Comments ( 2)

complete-kit.jpgI made sure to get a press credential for the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix - a car race with classical cars, which takes place the next couple of days here in Copenhagen. I want to be sure that I get access to this major sports event in Copenhagen - unlike my unfortunate venture at the Copenhagen Marathon.
The race is run in the city streets, and cars dating back to the 30's and onwards to cars, which recently competed in the 24 hours of Le Mans, will be present - on display and running in the races.

I'm an avid racing fan and love all kinds of motor sport, so this is quite a treat. And not only is the horsepower in the cars OK, but my photography horsepower will match it. I have just assembled my kit for the shoot.

My Kata R-103 backpack is bulging with gear: two D200's with grips, 70-200 f2.8, 17-55 f2.8, 1.7x TC, Sigma 10-20 and an SB-800 flash (two if I can fit one more in) - not to mention a D3 armed with a 300mm f2.8, which in no way is going to fit into the bag. Add to that a truckload of 4 Gig memory cards, and you have a decent setup for fast paced sports. Loaded with this and a monopod I will be off to the race track in short time. Today we have time trails and the first heats and tomorrow the final races. There will also be lots of cars on display, lots of other activities and probably lots of people.

I will bring my mp3-recorder and make an "On Location" podcast from my shoot.



Hi Martin

How do you get about getting a press credential to a show like this ? Do you have a press card ? And lastly what is your opinion of the d3 ?


Press credentials are generally given to journalists, press photographers, tv crews etc. - and sometimes to people who just have the nerve to ask! I called the company handling the press contact and told them I was doing podcasts, articles and slideshows for the Nikonians (which is true), and they put me on their list with further ado.

Sometimes a press card and newspaper or magazine references are required to get that far. Sometimes not. I used to have both, but not any more, so nowadays I just ask.

I will return to the D3 soon, but in short: I want one!