Bless weather seals

By Martin Joergensen | August 24, 2008 12:09 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 3)

DSC_4195.jpgI went shooting in the rain yesterday- recording an "On Location" podcast about shooting in the rain. And of course it rained... that was the whole idea. Now, rain and cameras probably isn't the best combo, but you can get some really nice pictures when the weather is rough, and there is only one way to get them: get out there!

So I did. Went out in the worst rain we've had all August, and apart from having a fun day shooting, I got some decent pictures - and a wet camera. I shot with my D200 and my 70-200mm f2.8.
Both have "dust and moisture countermeasures" as Nikon puts it, and I'm sure that has saved me lots of times. I usually don't bother much about rain and dirt, and my philosophy is to get that camera out and shoot some images - no matter the weather or the conditions. OK, it has cost me a few point&shoot cameras but (knock on wood) I still haven't sacrificed an SLR to the gods of the elements.

I went shooting again today with the same combination of gear - in great weather by the way - and it all worked like a charm.



I was also out photographing in the same rain (kind of) yesterday on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in Malm?. Used the same lens (The only weather sealed lens I have and dared to use) on a D3 and it worked great. Had the camera out for two hours with no protection from the pouring rain and had no problems.


I saw the images and your short report on your blog. I wasn't able to join the photowalk in Copenhagen yesterday, but look forward to checking up on the images from here as well as the images from all over the world from this amazing event.


Another great podcast!

Here's one I took a while ago while waiting for a break in the rain to get some windfarm shots!

Don't suppose you know anyone who can give me the gist of this article? My shot was used to illustrate it but it's all greek to me!