Coolpix G9.... eh... P6000

By Martin Joergensen | August 7, 2008 1:11 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 0)

nikon-p6000.jpgI have always been envious at the folks carrying around a Canon G9. The G9 is a cool little Point&Shoot camera - almost bordering on a real rangefinger. Nice resolution, great build and a great facility set - including a hot shoe for external flash. And it produces some really nice images.

Nikon buffs can soon get an almost similar camera in the long rumored and just announced P6000. And it seems like a nice camera: GPS, optical VR, hot shoe for accessory flash, manual focus option (but not on the lens), user defined shooting modes, menus like the DSLR's and much more. You also get RAW, but it seems to be a format, which is not compatible with NEF. That makes very little sense to me. Unless the RAW-files can go into the usual workflow and be converted with the same programs that I use already, RAW isn't really a viable option. And one of my main reasons to upgrade my P&S would be RAW. According to Nikon's press release the RAW-files can only be converted in ViewNX and only on Windows. And Macs? Not right now... Not really good, Nikon!

The camera touts a decent sized 13.5 megapixel sensor. Now, I have never really understood what anybody would want with a 10-and-above megapixel sensor in a Point&Shoot camera. Personally I would prefer a lower resolution and better noise control. Of course I don't know whether Nikon has pulled off a smaller sensor with good noise control in the P6000, but reality is that small sensors and large megapixel counts lead to lots of noise at high ISO's. So unless Nikon has pulled a "D3-stunt" with the P6000, I'd expect noise.
The camera has 3200 and 6400 ISO, but with smaller image sizes - ridiculously small actually: 3 megapixels. That renders the images useless for most of us. The low end at 64 ISO is more interesting. That will enable some low aperture shots in bright light conditions.

Well, a mixed bag it seems from the initial specs. I will still be looking forward to handling one.



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