Gotta love that lens

By Martin Joergensen | August 11, 2008 8:42 AM | Permalink | Comments ( 1)

I was together with my family this weekend and had a great time with nice weather and a barbecue. The morning after our dinner it was raining and everything was covered in soft light and raindrops.

So I dug out my 85mm f1.8 and started shooting the remains of the night before as well as other things around me. I oftentimes use this lens at full open and shoot with a very shallow depth of field. I love the way it renders out-of-focus areas - AKA bokeh - really soft. The way this lens registers things, you can imagine how the even more praised 85mm f1.4 works. Creamy! But the price difference is huge. I got my f1.8 lens for about 300 US$ or 200 Euros used, which is cheap here. It's listed at US$ 650.- from new in Danish shops! You get it for 400 US$ as new in the US shops, while the 1.4 version is 1000 US$, so a significant difference.

The images came out with a lot of variation in color saturation, so I converted them to B/W using a simple Channel Mixer with varying filter settings.

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Great blog and pictures. I just got the canon verision of the 1.8 and it's awesome as you describe. Thank you.