By Martin Joergensen | August 9, 2008 10:56 AM | Permalink

MJ0_7254 copy.jpgYesterday I was shooting at night having fun with light painting together with a bunch of other photographers. I will return to that in a later post.

But the evening's activities reminded me that I have to make up some kind of method to avoid being Over-ISO'ed.
I was shooting next to Silas and had a nice setup that gave some fine shots at f11 and some 15 seconds. For some reason he was getting way dark images at even though we shot exactly similar lenses and almost similar cameras.

We couldn't see what the difference was until I checked the ISO on my D200. Duh! 1600! No wonder I had had problems with noise in the dark part of many of the images I shot for my flash modifier theme the day before. I had been going steady on 1600 ISO for days...

Duh! I turned it down to 200 and got some longer exposures at smaller apertures but also way more useful images. 1600 ISO and 20-30 seconds on a dark night. Can you say noise!?

I have done this before. I need some kind of routine that forces me to check the setting on my camera before I start shooting or remember to set it to some standard before starting. Recently I shot for several hours with the camera on bracketing before realizing the reason that I constantly had to compensate the exposure.

I do have the reset-button (Qual and exposure compensation pressed simultaneously), but even though it takes care of bracketing, it does not affect ISO and it resets a lot of things that I don't want reset.

I may just have to remember... every time.