That's what I mean

By Martin Joergensen | August 13, 2008 4:19 PM | Permalink | Comments ( 1)

I recently mentioned Chase Jarvis in my post about the low value of images and what you can do about it (Why your images are worthless). His name popped up in connection with my advice about making a difference and adding value to your brand as a photographer. Here is an excellent example of what Jarvis is doing.

Join a gathering of photographers, provide space, gear and experience and have everybody fire left and right. Learn, teach, share and have what seems to be a *beep* good time. This is the Seattle Flickr Roundup - a gathering of photographers, models and gear.

By helping out at such venues Jarvis again emphasizes his name as a professional photographer making a difference. He underscores his willingness to share, boosts his popularity and certainly increases his value in the market for what he really does: selling pictures for money. See images from the shoots here and here.



Thanks for the kind words, Martin. Hopefully the my peers and other pro photogs out there take into consideration that we're creating the professional environment in which we're working... Thus if you want to exist in a positive, collaborative environment, then we've each got to contribute something to that environment. If you want the old acerbic days of professional photography to change, you've got to be that change.

Love your blog Martin!