iTTL Pocket Wizards?

By Martin Joergensen | September 29, 2008 9:45 PM | Permalink

PocketWizards.jpgDuring Photokina I had the pleasure of talking to Pocket Wizard's Sales and Marketing Manager Lorenzo Gasperini, who told me something very interesting.
I mentioned that the current Pocket Wizard line had no exposure control, and even though Lorenzo pointed out that the MultiMax has some control - the ability to turn flashes on and off - he admitted that exposure control per se was not available.


The interesting part was that Lorenzo mentioned that Pocket Wizard was working on something that could change that. As he pointed out, many people seem to think that Pocket Wizard is a fairly slowly progressing company and that the products are not cutting edge. This might be true, but then again may be the exact reason why these reliable remotes are so immensely popular amongst working pros and so wanted by savvy amateurs.

Lorenzo said that it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for Pocket Wizard in 2009, and more than hinted that Radiopoppers quite possibly wouldn't be the only flash trigger product with support for exposure control in the future.
Indeed an interesting development, if you ask me, because even though Pocket Wizards do their job very well and many pros swear by fully manual flash exposure, Radiopoppers sure has upped the ante regarding control. I will personally keep a close eye on Pocket Wizard.

You can hear my interview with Lorenzo Gasperini in my podcast from Photokina.